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JUNE 2016


06012016 On April 25, Hadid’s first posthumous project, the new Salerno Maritime Terminal, was inaugurated in the Italian port city. “Like an oyster, the terminal’s hard, asymmetric shell protects the softer elements within,” ZHA writes in a project description, “sheltering passengers from the intense Mediterranean sun during the popular tourist season.” Zaha Hadid’s First Posthumous Building Was Inspired by an Oyster Shell | Slate
06022016 "Hostel of the Sun really made my trip to Naples. The entire staff was enthusiastic and welcoming, and they helped me plan out my time in Naples. Twice a week they have a delicious free dinner with cheap sangria, and since it's a fairly small hostel it was really easy to meet people!” The 10 Best Hostels in the World | Grabr
06032016 In the Bay of Naples, every island has its own distinct and delicious cuisine. Capri has recently emerged as a showcase for contemporary Campanian cooking, and its carriage-trade clientele provides an eager audience for young chefs looking beyond such classics as spaghetti alle vongole. Naples is a street-food city par excellence, but the only acceptable ambulatory eating in Capri is an ice cream cone. Go on a Culinary Island-Hopping Trip in the Bay of Naples | Robb Report
06042016 The Aglianico grape, blended or alone, makes interesting wines all over southern Italy, but in Taurasi the volcanic soils and altitude make a wine of extraordinary power, complexity and freshness. The Lonardo family makes one of the best examples of Taurasi I have drunk, cleanly made but complex, intriguing and fine. Contrade di Taurasi | Oliver McCrum Wines
06052016 Cilentano ai fichi is one of the most ancient types of cheese made by a Casa Madaio dairy farm in Cilento, Campania, Italy. Mixture of sheep, cow and buffalo milk is used to make the cheese, which is then covered with figs and dried on bamboo racks with natural ventilation. The cheese has a milky aroma infused with a mild buttery flavor and a hint of figs. 31 Italian Cheeses: Goat, Cow, Buffalo and Sheep, Oh My! | Grand Voyage Italy
06062016 On a recent visit to Acciaroli, Cilento park area, dr. Maisel noted two dietary habits all the residents had in common. “Everybody ate anchovies,” he told NPR. “Also, every meal, they have the plant rosemary in almost everything they cook with.”Longevity is due to a combination of good genes and healthy eating. Maisel also observed that Acciaroli’s residents don’t seem overly preoccupied with exercise.  Secrets of an Italian village that's home to 300 people over 100 years old | Fox News
06072016 Cilento has crystal clear waters on the Tyrrhenian sea, Greek ruins, protected national parks and beautiful seaside towns like Castellabate. So then – why is Cilento little known globally? Cilento was the setting for the well-loved Italian comedy, Benvenuti al Sud. If you haven’t heard of/watched the movie yet, I insist you do (with subtitles, of course!). Benvenuti al Sud: A Weekend in Cilento, Italy | Happiest When Exploring
06082016 Start your delectable spa day immersed in the natural hot springs of Sorgeto. The underground volcanic heat rises, steams and bubbles in the rock pools creating a natural Jacuzzi with a breathtaking panorama. Embrace the experience by using some of the naturally formed volcanic mud as a face mask and allow your skin to drink up the essential vitamins and minerals. A Superyacht Spa Day in Ischia | MY Starfire
06092016 A number of the exotic plant species in the world famous Mortella gardens, created by British composer Sir William Walton and his Argentinian wife, Susana, will certainly give a narcotic high. But the highest geographical spot on the island is Mount Epomeo (789m, 2589ft), which towers above Ischia. A path leads to the summit from the traditional village of Fontana, giving spectacular view of the island and the Bay of Naples. Ischia, Italy | Let's Travel Magazine
06102016 Dining outside on a balmy summer evening, I watch luxury yachts bob up and down in the Ischia marina as a guitar player gently strums away. Breaking the peace, chef Raymond appears holding a fish the size of a small child. "You're going to eat this fish for every course!' he proudly declares. "It will be delicious." Lauren Taylor samples the delights of Italy's Ischia island |
06112016 The Etruscans were the first to discover the wonders of the thermal waters and healing muds of Ischia, and everybody's been enjoying them since. Rheumatism, stress, and skin disorders are just some of the battery of ills that can be alleviated by these therapies. Yes, the very therapies that my grandfather used to do for ten days every summer in Italy. But I was surprised, really surprised, by how much I loved my treatment. Forget Capri. We'll Take Volcanic Ischia Instead | Fathom
06122016 This 12th century seaside castle is the oldest fortification to survive standing in the city of Naples. According to a famous legend, Roman poet Virgil placed an egg under it; were it to break, hardship would fall upon the city's inhabitants and the city would suffer unspeakable chaos. Thankfully, it appears that's just a folk tale. Top 10 Dream Castles in Italy |
06132016 Chiaia (say kiy-ay-A) beach in Forio is one of the most child friendly beaches on the island of Ischia. Close to town with a panoramic view of Forio and the bay, this wide stretch of beach is lovely and flat and leaves ample space for kids to run around and build sand castles, not to mention playing with all the other kids whose parents had the same idea. What To Do With Your Kids In Ischia | Ischia...from the back of a Moped
06142016 A quiet scenic boat ride along the Sorrento Coast will take you to the burred city, for a guided tour of the ruins in the discovery of Roman civilization: an extraordinary reliving of history, art and nature. Explore the majestic and poignant mount of Vesuvio that always looked over the Neapolitan landscape. Sorrento to Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius by Boat | TourTipster
06152016 I went directly to Fornillo beach from Rosa dei Venti. Although it’s still Fornillo, I’ve never walked down these stairs that take you directly to Fornillo beach so it was nice to see a different side to this area. There were a lot of stairs down, then again this is Positano and the one thing you should know is that there are stairs everywhere. Weekend in Positano, Amalfi Coast - Snapchat stories | BrowsingItaly
06162016 I could not, and decided to dress up these striped aubergines in a pickle following a traditional recipe from Naples. In Italy vegetables such as aubergine,  cauliflower and zucchini are often prepared alla scapece which basically means they are marinated in vinegar and frequently also spiced with garlic. Striped aubergines in a pickle | Italian Notes
06172016 We arrived at Pizzaria La Notizia, tired and hungry, to a 30 minute wait. Only in Naples will you find basil the size of shiso leaves and sweet, bright red tomatoes that taste like they’ve been kissed by the sun. As good as the pizza was, the calzone was a revelation – a puffy torpedo of goodness featuring creamy buffalo ricotta covered with fatty strutto, a Neapolitan form of cured lard. Naples Italy – The Best Pizza in the World | 2foodtrippers
06182016 This laid-back boutique hotel — one of the most stylish spots in the Sorrento area — has a modern, bright and breezy Mediterranean look, sea views to die for and the best breakfast in town. Maison La Minervetta Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Italy | The Telegraph
06192017 Irpinia boasts an exceptional artistic, historical and archaeological heritage which makes it one of the most surprising areas of the Apennines. There are six archaeological sites, including the ancient Abellinum (the town from which Avellino derived its name). Immersed in a natural setting of great beauty, Irpinia is a land of feuds, principalities and baronies, and home to numerous castles and fortresses. The Best of Italy in Irpinia | The Italian Tribune
06202016 Soon we were allowed to walk on board and look around this little ship which had blue furnishings and was cool and welcoming on board. Many of us chose to sit up on one of the canvas-roofed open decks to benefit from the sea breeze. The sun shone, the sea sparkled and there was lots to look at as we sailed at 10.35 a.m. from Ischia towards Procida and Naples. Rosa d'Abundo, the concluding piece | Haynes World
06212016 Campania, Canyon of Furore, Amalfi Coast, Italy. Can’t afford a house with a private pool? How about a beach instead? | Travel Bucket List
06222016 An old lime kiln has been converted into a bar and gift shop, the old houses have been renovated, and a museum tells of the industrial heritage and botanical diversity of the fiord of Furore. On midday, the sun manages to break through the narrow gorge and shines on the short beach just a few meters wide, attracting a lot of people. Furore: An Italian Village Hidden in a Fjord | Amusing Planet
06232016 Even the elusive, internationally-renowned street artist Banksy has left his mark on Naples; his Holy Virgin in Piazza Girolamini remains largely intact and looks like a shrine (the city has recently approved plans to actually restore the artwork). Art in Naples | ConnVoyage
06242016 Graf­fi­ti, sten­cil, mu­ra­ls, paintings, sacred and profane images stand out on the screen, forcing us to acknowledge what was buried under idle routines. Tommaso reminds us that "Naples, however, is most of all a city of traditions and talking about street art means above all digging into the sacred imagery that is typical of local culture". A Documentary Among The Walls Of Naples | Cafébabel
06252016 Today we want to tell you more about one of the oldest Italian cheese: the Conciato Romano, produced in Castel di Sasso, in the province of Caserta (Campania). They say its origins date back to an ancient italic civilization called "Sanniti". The cheese is produced with a coagulation based om natural goat curd, performed at room temperature. After braking it by hands, it is pressed and placed in the baskets of wicker. Conciato Romano cheese |
06262016 Conciato romano is a pickled cheese - dating back to the Samnite civilization. Sitting  down with Lombardi and family as he opened up a terracotta amphora with that strong intense aroma was moving.  It was as if, after a year of ageing, he was presenting it to the world for the first time. Agriturismo Le Campestre's Conciato Romano - A Cheese with a Humble Past and a Glorious Future, Castel di Sasso (Ce) | andiamotrips
06272016 Procida’s most picturesque village, Corricella, tucked cozily into one of the island’s old craters. It’s an absolutely gorgeous vision of pastel paintbox hues, so the fishermen can identify their flat-roofed homes from the sea. Think Positano or Portofino with more character and without the designer shops, tour groups or steep hills! Procida, the prettier little sister to Capri and Ischia | L'Italo-Americano Newspaper
06282016 You can take your pick of restaurants in Corricella for lunch. This is your chance to enjoy a range of Mediterranean specialities, including fresh fish and favourite local dishes such as spaghetti with sea urchins or lemon salad. I enjoyed great meals in Procida at La Lampara, which also has splendid views of the bay. A day out in... Procida | The Local
06292016 The area is known for its limoncello - an easy assumption, once you catch a glance at the lemon grove -spotted valleys. And taking in such sights is easy. You can drive along the Amalfi Coast's main road, Strada Statale, or you can hop in one of the local (and readily available) ferries or boat excursions. 25 Photos of the Amalfi Coast That Will Spark Your Wanderlust | Travel + Leisure
06302016 Saying the food in Naples is extraordinary is like saying the sky is blue. It’s a given. Naples is the birthplace of pizza. Another Naples original is sfogliatelle, a ridged, shell-shaped, cream or custard-filled pastry. Cities Less Traveled: Revealing “Real” Italy in Naples | The Working Mom's Travels

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