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MARCH 2018


03012018 The Republic of Amalfi, one of the most powerful sea republics in the Middle Ages, was one of the first places on the Italian peninsula to come into contact with papermaking, and with the Canneto River bubbling down the mountain slopes right through town to the sea and the bustling port ready to export goods, a thriving paper-making industry was quickly established there in the first half of the 12th century. Italy's Handcrafted Paper | Concierge in Umbria
03022018 We're staying in Hotel Santa Caterina, in Amalfi itself , which bags the best spot on the coast. Boasting sweeping views of the Bay of Salerno, its elegant, antique-filled interiors and lush gardens dotted with orange, lemon and lime trees and fragrant bougainvillea, are the epitome of old-school glamour. Italy: Vintage Italy is a teen’s dream | Daily Express
03032018 If you are running out of time and you have to select one city to visit, put Agropoli on your list. Agropoli is the largest town of Cilento and its main harbour. The beautiful region of Cilento in Italy |
03042018 The queen loved the version that had tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese — and just happened to match the colors of the Italian flag. So much so, Esposito named the pizza after her. (You can still get pizza Margherita today at the pizzeria in Naples where it was created, which is now called Pizzeria Brandi.) 5 Things You Didn't Know About Pizza | HowStuffWorks
03052018 There is fierce competition for the title of Naples' best pizza. Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba is widely believed to be the oldest pizzeria in world, opening its doors to the public in 1830. The sliced vine tomatoes on this pizza are roasted to perfection and the colours look absolutely fantastic. Fifth generation owner and maestro pizzaiolo Vincenzo Luciano has done an excellent job preserving the quality of this long lasting family business. National Pizza Day 2018: Instagram's most mouthwatering Neapolitan pizzas | TV Three Ireland
03062018 The exhibition serves as a paean to Naples, celebrating contrasting Neapolitan themes of death and rebirth, decadence and despair. Whether every show will offer such an insightful take on its surroundings remains to be seen, but the gallery space is worth a visit nonetheless: it’s in a stunning Liberty-style building above the seafront, and from the glass veranda, visitors can look out across the glittering bay to Capri and beyond. The local’s guide to Naples’ art scene: 10 top tips | The Guardian
03072018 Jacqueline DiBiasie Sammons serves as the Field Director for the Ancient Graffiti Project, a digital resource that is working to increase public access to graffiti from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Help Build a Database of Ancient Graffiti from Pompeii and Herculaneum | Hyperallergic
03082018 You will have the chance to tour the galleries of the wonderful Naples Museum, walk the streets of Herculaneum, and explore the beautiful villas and saltwater baths of Baiae to see for yourself how Rome’s senators, gladiators, slaves and citizens lived 2,000 years ago. Get to know the REAL Romans: Introducing the ultimate Italy holiday with Prof Michael Scott | Woman&Home
03092018 It’s Sunday evening in Santa Maria di Castellabate and along the pedestrianised Corso Matarazzo families are showing off babies while they chat with neighbours. Old men sit outside gelato parlours, licking impossibly elaborate ice creams, and Eighties pop music blasts from shop doorways. Discover the seaside town the Italians keep to themselves | The Times
03102018 The hilltown of Trentinara it's worth a visit for two reasons... First, it has the best views of the mountains and the Gulf of Salerno. Second, it's the home of the newest zip-line in the region: The Cilento in Volo. The Cilento: Beaches, Mountains, Grottoes and Ghost Towns |
03112018 Irpinia is the new Tuscany for wine tours complete with gorgeous views, green, lush mountains and spectacular DOCG wine. The food is local, authentic. July is hot in Southern Italy, but not in Irpinia which enjoys much cooler, drier summers due to the high elevation. Discover Irpinia Food & Wine Tour | Feast on History
03122018 In the middle of the insanely picturesque Cilento National Park. Located between the towns of Paestum, Stio and Giungano San Salvatore's land has become a space where a community has been built on the strength of wines that are both a love letter to the land and a culmination of over 2,000 years of viticultural evolution. Why You Should Drink San Salvatore Wine Right Now | Wine for the 99
03132018 Daniela treated me to these Campania-style cavatelli dressed with tomato and wild herbs. This dish and the entire meal at Pietro alone would have been worth the journey. And note to Italian wine connoisseurs: a deep-reaching cellar brimming with older vintages of Taurasi, including the 1998 Terredora that I enjoyed thoroughly. The wilds of Irpinia and Daniela Mastroberardino’s extraordinary wines (Terredora’s is a story yet to be told) | Do Bianchi
03142018 Our lunch at Nonna Pina, a country house in the town of Bagnoli Irpino, consisted of products grown just below the terrace where we dined. The rest of the meal, including the salami, cheeses, wine, truffles and wheat for the pasta, originates within a kilometer of our table. Irpinia in Campania - Italy's Next Hot Spot | never stop traveling
03152018 Last weekend in Ischia, I had a chance to bump into Chef Pasquale Palamaro of Indaco Restaurant. Eccolo! There he is! In the midst of his mini brigade. Work on his dish Cannellone napoletano dripping – Neapolitan cannelloni dripping style. Fantastic First - Neapolitan Cannelloni, Chef Pasquale Palamaro, Indaco Restaurant, Ischia (Na) | andiamotrips
03162018 Vietri sul Mare coast. This was a lovely city where you can see a lot of ceramics (which is famous for) in all rainbow colors and above. just splendid. Travel: Heading south – Amalfi coast  | MissAthletique
03172018 Andrea Pansa is a beautiful pastry shop in the center of the Town of Amalfi. We dropped in to try a famous regional type of Sfogliatelle called Sfogliatelle Santa Rosa. Said to have originated in a convent, this version is unlike traditional Sfogliatelle in that it is filled with Cream rather than Ricotta, and includes Cherries. Look at it on the bottom left - delicious and majestic! Also try Delizie al Limone - another stellar sweet of the region that includes light sponge cake that is filled with Lemon Custard. When in Rome - Culinary Recap: The Eternal City & Beyond | Neurotic Kitchen
03182018 Whenever someone says “Italian Beach”, I’m sure that the first image that pops into their head is of the beautiful Amalfi Coast just south of Naples in Italy. Imagine deep blue water, melting gelato, scooters zooming around the hillsides, the freshest seafood anywhere and scents of lemon wafting down from the hills above. Amalfi Coast Honeymoon | Snippet & Ink
03192018 We walked back down and hiked the other side of Valle delle Ferriere. This time, we stopped at the abandoned mill for X to grab some shots before heading back. After the hikes, I felt that we deserved a treat and so we went to grab some ice cream! All the flavours are hidden inside the containers, which is very different from other gelaterias which like to “show-off” the flavours they have. Amalfi - Day 5 in Naples and Amalfi Coast, Italy | Foodie Baker
03202018 This 5 star hotel is located on the island of Ischia. The main tower houses a lobby, spa and some of the rooms overlook the blue sea. The other 50 rooms are spread out in a series of buildings on the grounds surrounded by woods.  There is a private beach which is only used by the guests of the hotel. Hotel Highlights! MezzaTorre Resort and Spa in Ischia | Gourmet Getaways
03212018 “I believe that Naples Airport, the city and the region it serves are finally seeing the traffic volumes and the touristic flows they deserve,” enthuses Armando Brunini, CEO Naples International Airport. “We had an unexploited potential and we triggered growth with a well thought out and convincing marketing proposition to airlines.” Naples Airport – the fastest growing airport in Italy | ACI EUROPE Airport Business
03222018 The composer Sir William Walton and his wife, Susana, were lucky to secure the advice of the illustrious garden designer Russell Page. Where Page was cool, thoughtful, orderly and practical, Susana was energetic and brimming with ideas. His calm professionalism balanced and overlaid with her effervescent style has produced, gradually over many years, one of the great gardens of the world. Giardini La Mortella: A lost world of near-tropical beauty tucked away on an Italian isle | Country Life
03232018 It was an extremely windy drive along the Amalfi Coast. We hired a taxi driver for the afternoon, who was kind enough to be our tour guide and show us all the best view points and beaches along the way. Amalfi & Ravello | Egg Canvas
03242018 A recent study, published in the scientific journal International Psychogeriatrics, suggests exceptional longevity can be achieved through a combination of positive attitude, resilience to overcome adversity, and close ties to a personal purpose like family or religion. The study was conducted in nine villages in the Cilento region of southern Italy. Research suggests positive attitude may be secret to long life | CBC/Radio-Canada
03252018 The first voyage begins on June 14 with stops in Italy, France, and Spain. Guests will be able to visit Salerno, on Italy's Amalfi Coast. This New Disney Cruise From Rome Will Be the Most Magical Way to See Italy | Travel + Leisure
03262018 Cantina Del Taburno is a consortium of grape growers located on the slopes of Mount Taburno, in the province of Benevento in Campania, southern Italy. Since 1999 winemaking has been under the direction of Professor Luigi Moio of the University of Naples. Taburno Falanghina Del Sannio DOP 2014 | cara rutherford
03272018 A photographic exhibition dedicated to the eighteenth-century masterpiece by Giuseppe Sanmartino. Nino Migliori brings his "Lumen" project on vision to Naples: consists in photographing sculptural works using candlelight as the sole light source. Lumen | Cristo Velato | Museo Cappella Sansevero
03282018 Archaeologists have discovered what they believe could be the remains of Naples' first port in the waters by the Castel dell'Ovo. A team of divers found four tunnels about ten metres below the surface, which they believe could have been used to moor ships some 25 centuries ago, when the water level was lower. Remains of ancient port discovered under Naples seafront | The Local
03292018 Roscigno Vecchia is an example of a 19th century rural town developed around a central square and a church unmodified by modern architectural or infrastructural changes. Now open for tourism, the ghost town was declared an eco museum in the early 21st century. Cilento National Park’s most interesting villages |
03302018 Mountain Biking in Cilento is a selection of more than 50 routes for those who want to cycle all year long will bring you from the seaside to the mountain ridges of the amazing National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni. A rugged, unspoilt landscape, with breath-taking views. Mountain Biking In Cilento | Versante Sud
03312018 The Convento stands on the upper floor of a 10th century Byzantine Monastery (the Badia di Santa Maria Olearia, now owned by Italy’s Ministry of Culture) which is itself built into a natural grotto. Acting as a shelter, the grotto provides some of the open areas and terraces from which to enjoy the simply breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast and Ravello. Il Convento Bizantino XI |

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