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11012011 Andiamo is one of the first words I learnt in Italian. It means, "let's go!". It's also a word I use every day - many times a day. It's something I say a lot to my little boy when we're leaving the house, getting out of the car, leaving day care. It's a precious but fun family favourite. And so I was so excited when I saw a book called Andiamo when I visited Ariel bookshop in Paddington not too long ago. Of course the book was about Italy - but it was about my favourite part of Italy - the Amalfi Coast. Andiamo by Kelly Barber | daily imprint
11022011 Fresh back from our honeymoon in Italy I thought I’d share some images from two of my favorite places. First, I’d like to introduce you to the beautiful and magical island of Capri. In Capri we stayed at the fabulous J.K. Place where we were spoiled silly and had the grandest time. The interior decor is flawless and full of design inspiration at every turn. Every morning when we would head downstairs for breakfast, I felt as though I was waking up in a home decor dream. Viva Italia | Impetuos Style
11032011 A married couple from Pompeii have been reunited with the recovery of a missing piece of a 2000-year-old marble puzzle made of several inscribed fragments. Broken apart and buried during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., the pieces belonged to a tomb inscription. Smashed to pieces by the eruption, the inscription, or what remained of it, was stored in the huge deposits of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Although there are some other small pieces missing, the inscription is now legible and reads: "Lucius Catilius Pamphilus, freedman of Lucius, member of the Collinian tribe, for his wife Servilia, in a loving spirit." After spending nearly 2,000 years apart, Lucius Catilius Pamphilus and Servilia were finally reunited. "What makes the story so beautiful is the way the inscription was fragmented, with the name of the wife separated of that of the man, and the 'in a loving spirit' bit left with the wife's fragment," Kruschwitz told Discovery News. Pompeii couple reunited in marble inscription | Discovery News
11042011 Father Borelli was a young Italian priest his work for the urchins of Naples never ceased. 'The Scugnizzi' meaning the spinning tops had no place to eat, sleep or go to school. They slept in the gutters and during the day they darted about stealing to survive, they were known to have done many worse things to stay alive. For months the young priest dressed like them and behaved like them to gain their confidence. He found refuge for the boys in a crumbling disused church determined not to leave them in the lurch. Graham Green the author asked Gracie if she would go along and sing to them and she agreed although she felt rather nervous. What could she sing to a bunch of boys and youths hardened to a ruthless fight for existence before they were ten, not love songs, not sad songs, gay songs then. The boys eyed her their faces quite expressionless some noisy others looked furtive. She commenced with a Neapolitan ditty after the second song the boys joined in giving her a happy grin. Father Borrelli | Our Gracie
11052011 For his fave hotel, Jonathan Adler picked La Scalinatella which features 30 rooms, each with terraces that offer amazing views of Capri and its dazzling blue sea. I love that the design of the hotel is bit trapped in the 80s. With the blue, yellow, and white palette, kitschy accessorizing, paired with the dolce vita of Capri, it’s totally the Eccentric Glamour that he and Simon are fans of. Jonathan Adler Checks Into La Scalinatella | Hotel Chic
11062011 The top three most expensive can all be all be found in Italy. Marina Grande on the island of Capri costs the princely sum of €2,585 per day. “Many yacht owners are surprised that Capri is more expensive than Porto Cervo and that Puerto Banus charges higher prices than Monaco,” said Harry Peralta, Managing Director at Engel and Völkers Marbella. Spain Has 3 Of World's 8 Most Expensive Marinas |
11072011 Monte Nuovo (140m. high) is the youngest mountain in Europe and was formed after a volcanic eruption on 29 September 1538. This eruption, preceded by numerous earthquakes, swallowed up the village of Tripergole on the east shore of Lake Lucrino and caused the depopulation of Pozzuoli. In 1996 an interesting Wildlife Reserve was inaugurated on its slopes, in order to protect the geological, botanical and zoological resources of the Phlegraean Fields. Monte Nuovo |
11082011 Last week Jennifer Williams of "Basketball Wives" rolled to Capri, Italy for a little fab vacay time with her girls Mashonda, her publicist/agent Deanna, and Bow Wow's mom Teresa Caldwell. The ladies shopped it up and chilled with friends. And looked fab while doing so. Pics inside from their Italian coast getaway.... The ladies hired a paparazzo were spotted along the streets of Capri town last Friday. They (and their cute maxi dresses) shopped in boutiques, ate dinner at Villa Verde, and supposedly had the Italian men gawking at their presence. Capri Candids: Jennifer Williams, Mashonda, & Bow Wow's Mom Teresa Get Fab In Italy! | The Young, Bl
11092011 When I was young, I lived in Naples, Italy for several years. To be exact, for the first year or so I lived on Capo Posillipo on the northern edge of the bay with Vesuvius on the far side. The apartment we lived in was right at the water's edge in a repurposed old fortress called Villa Volpicelli. Shopping was generally done in three ways; going to market, sending to market, or buying from vendors. Going to market with Teresa was like going to the theater. She was a small woman but she loomed large in her stubborn intent to not pay more than she wanted to. Like many Neapolitans, Teresa was flamboyantly voluble. She would be operatically horrified that a quarter of a bushel of ripe peaches direct from the orchard was going to cost 200 lira (32 US cents at that time), she would press the back of her hand against her forehead and start to swoon like a Victorian lady with "the vapors", only to instantly recover and start to scream at the shop owner for having the gall to try to rip her off. Day 11/180: Napolitano style | A Solitary Herbivore
11102011 Monocle continues their collaborative work with some Salvatore Piccolo (Napoli) button-up shirts. Two shirts were available but it would seem that only the light blue striped remains. Piccolo is garnering more love across the Atlantic as we set our sights on Italian tailoring for our next focus. Find them in the Monocle Shop. Salvatore Piccolo for Monocle Shirts | Selectism
11112011 A wedding in a converted convent on the Amalfi Coast in Italy was perfect fitting for true romantics, Audrey Stenson and David O’Brien. After looking at a number of hotels in Sorrento and Amalfi, the couple decided on a converted convent from the 13th century- the Hotel Luna Convento. They were married by the parish priest of Amalfi who was aided by an official translator. As the church was in the same building as the hotel, guests followed the bride and groom through the lemon tree grove to the reception where they were greeted with champagne and cocktails. Serenades and Sunsets | Confetti
11122011 Today while twisting and turning along the Amalfi Coast-from Sorrento, through Positano then up and out of the town of Ravello, we were treated with a pre-Thanksgiving surprise! Our eyes were fixated on the explosion of vibrant colors that flooded our minds. A little bit of exploring filled our afternoon with joy! I share with you my falling in love with an Italian fall! As we leave Ravello, we took the route that brings you through the town of Angri. It leads you out from the Amalfi coast and into the heart of the foliage. It gave our eyes a cornucopia of colors. Falling In Love | gibsonchop
11132011 The dreamy Le Sirenuse at Positano where one man (a waiter named Raffaele) arrives promptly at 5:00 p.m. every evening & lights 450 candles by hand & then when all the guests have left (el jeffe & i being last) he gently extracts the remains of each and every candle so that their containers can be carefully washed and new candles placed within – ready for lighting the next day. Amazing. 29.11.10 | the narrow
11142011 Linda Fargo: Once upon a time, there was a magical island, far away, that rose impossibly steep out of water impossibly blue. Happily that wasn’t a fairy tale, but rather, my recent and very real trip to the isle of Capri—Italy’s storied jewel in the sea. There’s Caprese salad, Caprese style, and Caprese life—all authentic, effortless, and essentially Italian. Highlights? The opening of the Tod’s sponsored Jackie O photo exhibit: Jackie! What a quintessential American style original! Who would have thought that simply a headscarf, sunglasses, t-shirt, and flat sandals could be so chic?! Then there’s the extra long vino bianco and pasta vongole lunches, laying lazily on the rocks, intermittently reading Patty Smith’s memoir, and taking in the vista under the blue striped umbrellas at La Fontelina beach club. Also, the day boat with Captain Vittorio, swimming in the Blue Grotto, and late nights watching everyone who’s anyone on the island stroll by on the Piazzetta. Bergdorf Goodman's Linda Fargo Goes to the Idyllic Isle of Capri | Racked National
11152011 People began warning us about our plans weeks before we left. Then it came to us, late one night in front of the TV: Brigitte Bardot, hair fluttering as she sailed across sapphire waters to a villa perched on the sparkling cliffs of Capri. "Fabulous," I murmured, delighted by Bardot’s glamour and style, the whole dolce vita thing. Scott was focused on the sun in the waves and the curve of the boat. Did it matter that we were looking in different directions? Or that this particular scene was from a Jean-Luc Godard classic titled Contempt? All I knew was that finally, here was a place we both wanted to be. Off-Season Capri: Paradise Regained | More
11162011 Walking along the via Nuova del Faro, visitors reach the westernmost part of Anacapri, known as "Limmo" from the latin limen or boundary. Almost at the end of this road, the descent to the Fortino di Pino block house commences, next to which, on the left, there is the Fortino di Tombosiello, situated beneath the imposing lighthouse. After Cala di Mezzo, the route continues across the stone periplus and down a flight of steps carved in to the cliff face which links the Passo della Capra with the Fortino di Mesola. The last of the blockhouses on the route, the Fortino d'Orrico, is positioned above the promontory of the Grotta Azzurra. Here, the vegetation becomes thicker, contrasting with the crystal clear waters lapping the bay of Cala del Rio below. I Fortini coastal walk | italyTraveller
11172011 In the evening we went to the Grotta di Posillipo and reached it just at the moment when the rays of the setting sun were shining directly into the entrance. Now I can forgive anyone for going off his head about Naples .... Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The grotto at Posillipo – also known as the Crypta Napolitana – runs through part of Monte Posillipo. It is actually a narrow, 711-metre tunnel cut from the rock in the reign of Augustus to create a new coastal road to shorten the route between Naples and the Campi Flegrei. Nerly’s virtuosity in the handling of the compositional structure of the scene and his rendering of the effects of light in the tunnel are remarkable. The Grotto at Posillipo, near Naples by Friedrich Nerly | artnet
11182011 In a secret ceremony on Italy's Amalfi coast, Australia's queen of fashion married her prince. Avoiding the glare of Sydney's social scene, the 45-year-old designer and boyfriend Bradley Cocks, 34, slipped away to marry in the seaside village of Positano, with only Dinnigan's daughter Estella, 6, and a celebrant present at the super private ceremony. Married under a rotunda covered in bougainvillea - the bride's favourite flowers - they later celebrated at their favourite seaside restaurant. Collette Dinnigan marries Bradley Cocks in secret wedding in Italy | Daily Telegraph
11192011 The area is reached by only two routes – via boat or by the famed Blue Highway. South of Sorrento, the barely two-lane wide road winds its way along the cliff-side Amalfi Coast exposing incessant hairpin turns and dizzying precipices dropping straight into the sea. With vertigo inducing panoramas unfolding at every turn, The Blue Highway reminds us of the precariousness of life on the edge. Each curve, rounding each corner, you find the light, then lose it, then find it again. For a moment you’ll be bathed in blinding sunshine, then dark shadows. This coastline, you’ll discover, is all about finding the perfect vista and, hence, chasing the light. The light represents all things good – beauty, hope, inspiration, love. In fact, the scenery here is so inspiring that Italians decided to add three of its most picturesque towns – Positano, Ravello and Amalfi. The Bluest View | Getaway
11202011 Monocle continues their collaborative work with some Salvatore Piccolo (Napoli) button-up shirts. Two shirts were available but it would seem that only the light blue striped remains. Piccolo is garnering more love across the Atlantic as we set our sights on Italian tailoring for our next focus. Find them in the Monocle Shop. Monocle x Salvatore Piccolo Shirts |
11212011 The cavity of The Dog From Pompei was discovered November 20, 1874, in the house of Marcus Vesonius Primus, in the “Fauce,” the corridor at the entrance of the house. The house was located in Region VI, Insula 14, Nr. 20. During the eruption, the unfortunate dog, wearing his bronze-studded collar, was left chained up at his assigned place to watch the house, and he suffocated beneath the ash and cinders. Allan McCollum’s casts were taken directly from a mold made especially for the artist from the original second-generation cast presently on display at the Museo Vesuviano, in present-day Pompei. The Dogs From Pompei | Genetologic Research
11222011 Capri’s cuisine relies on simple, seasonal ingredients and outstanding seafood. Here are five of the island’s hottest restaurants, each with its own distinct flavor. Note: Reservations are highly recommended. La Fontelina. On the rocky beach of the same name is a sexy daytime spot that’s known as much for its voyeuristic scene as the simple, rustic food, like grilled langoustines and seafood stew. Capri: The best tables | The Daily
11232011 Da Luigi, the restaurant in this photo, is not far from the Blue Grotto on Capri. If I had only one afternoon to live, I think I would like to spend it here. Drift on in to the little cove in the boat you've hired for the day, drop anchor, and await the restaurant's launch that will bring you in to the sunbathing area. This is where I like to look around to see if my future wife is in attendance. From there, a chatty Italian waiter will escort you to your table, where you are encouraged to while away the afternoon over delicious food, wine, and plates of olives, prosciutto, and parmigiano. Ristorante Da Luigi: My Favorite Place on Earth | The Blue Grotto
11242011 Approximately two hundred people attended, last night, the gala evening organized by Sorrento's Town Hall at the City of Taste (cittá del gusto) in Rome, for the presentation of the City of Sorrento international journalism award. Promoted in collaboration with the association of foreign press within Italy, presided by Tobia Piller, the award shall be assigned for the first time next year and shall be awarded to those journalist who will have helped promote the Sorrento Coast and Campania Region on a world wide basis via services and articles. Foreign press promotes Sorrento as one of the 'Italian wonders'. Foreign press promotes Sorrento as one of the 'Italian wonders | Sorrento Coast
11252011 I had an extensive list of places to see on this trip and Sorrento wasn't on it. However, while here, I got a message from an acquaintance assuring me that it had to be experienced. I could not be more pleased to have listened to her opinion. It is truly too beautiful to ignore. It is difficult to find the water while wandering through the city, but when you happen upon it, the views are stunning. I'll let you scroll through some coastal photographs. Be sure to click on them for bigger views so you can get a feel of the serenity that surrounds this place. Sorrento's Coastline | My Real Rome
11262011 I love absolutely everything about Capri—it is the chicest place on Earth and hasn’t changed a bit since the Jet Set ‘60s when Jackie O walked the cobblestone streets arm-and-arm with Valentino. That’s me at the very top of this column posing in front of the island’s famous Faraglioni (you probably recognize it from David Gandy’s ad for Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue fragrance). A few (there are way too many to mention all of them) of my other favorite spots include: the Hotel La Scalinatella, da Paolino restaurant, lunching/bathing at La Fontelina, and people-watching at a front-row table at Bar Tiberio in La Piazzetta (but only after the last boat of daytrippers has left the island). If you’ve never been, you must go! The Style Guyde’s “Favorite Things” | instinct
11272011 Immediately greeted by the sweet aroma of jasmine at the Marina Grande dock, my memory of this fantastic vacation is now forever cemented with this idyllic scent. With our ultimate destination, atop the limestone mountain, we boarded our next mode of transportation - The funicular - which charged up the 45-degree sloping silhouette at sunset. In search of our lodging, the gals and I exited the train and were immediately captivated by the scene onto which we stumbled at the path's first bend. It was like a Vogue photo shoot for a luxury, lifestyle brand. The warm glow, clinking glasses and company decked to the 9s required the girls to pinch me - bringing me back to reality. A scene perfectly described as 'Magic Hour'! The Capri Sun's Lemony Gift | the painted memory
11282011 Yes, the annual festival, which celebrates San Gennaro (the patron saint of Naples) and which is normally steeped in tradition (it’s fetched up on Manhattan’s Mulberry Street since the 1920s), has a very non-traditional addition this year: a 25-foot-wide-by-25-foot-long floating canopy that looks like a circus tent wandered into another dimension. “The brief for the project was to create a signature piece to act as a gateway to the north corridor entrance of San Gennaro,” architect Michael Szivos, principal of New York-based SOFTlab, tells Co.Design. A Huge Laser-Cut Wormhole Descends On NYC's Little Italy | Co. Design
11292011 Antonio Longo started Santomiele years ago, working with local women from his village. He sun-dries the figs on the roof of his house on large flat baskets, then works them in a variety of delicious ways and following old Cilento recipes, in his own words: “Our Cilento figs are unique: they are very sweet and more tender and fine-seeded, the best come from the comuni of Agropoli, Prignano and Ogliastro Cilento”. If you stop into his deliciously perfumed “laboratorio”, you will find ladies stuffing the figs with cinnamon, almond, lemon zest, walnuts, pistachios and bitter chocolate: all irresistible. Italian Dried White Figs | YUM!
11302011 Chefs Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo visit the region of Campania. Gennaro takes Antonio to his home town Minori on the Amalfi coast where he has an emotional reunion with his many friends and family members and, after receiving a lesson from his Great Aunt on pasta making with an umbrella spoke, reminisces on the food of his childhood. In Naples, they discover how pizza was originally considered inedible by anyone but the starving until it was endorsed by a queen. And in Gragnano, a pasta millionaire explains how this cuisine then took over the world. Poor Man's Food | BBC

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