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"MERENDA NELL'OLIVETA" A study of the ancient olive trees on Capri has led to the discovery of previously unknown olive varieties. The research followed more than a decade of restoration work done by L’Oro di Capri in the abandoned olive groves on the western part of the Italian island. Ancient Olive Groves on Capri Are Reservoirs of Biodiversity | Olive Oil Times

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SUN AND SEA, ALONG WITH WILD NATURE, ANCIENT RUINS AND MEDIEVAL SANCTUARIES. From a piazza in the town of Castellabate on the Cilento coast of Italy, you may lift your eyes over the rim of your cappuccino and drink in a panorama of sky and Mediterranean Sea from Salerno to the Gulf of Policastro. Of course, people do die in the Cilento, but they also live longer than most, thanks to the Mediterranean Diet, first studied in these parts. Cinematic, Undiscovered, Cilento | The New York Times

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ALL THE MAGNIFICENT SCENERY (AND TRAVEL TIPS) Guidebook author Laura Thayer: "Sundays spent reading are my favorite days. This is a detail from a ceramic panel in Amalfi that I walk by every day. It depicts the procession of Sant’Andrea in Amalfi. But only recently did I notice the woman reading in the lower right of the busy scene. She’s me! Now I notice her every time I go by." I've lived on the Amalfi Coast for 17 years. Here are the 7 mistakes tourists should avoid making while visiting. | Business Insider

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MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH NAPLES The director Paolo Sorrentino is back in Cannes festival for the seventh time with “Parthenope,” a love letter to his native Naples but also, as he puts it, a film about his “missed youth”. Is Sorrentino’s first female-centric film. Why? “In thinking of a modern hero, it came naturally to me that it would be a heroine. The protagonist, is your alter ego of sorts in this feminine epic, a film so clearly around a woman. Paolo Sorrentino on Making His First ‘Feminine Epic’ With Cannes Film ‘Parthenope’ and Directing Gary Oldman: He’s ‘One of the Top Five Actors in the World’ (EXCLUSIVE) | Variety

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"WE EAT TOMATO WITH PASTA, NOT PASTA WITH TOMATO." Elsewhere in the world, pasta al pomodoro is seen as Italy’s “symbol of national identity par excellence,” an Italian historian writes in “A Short History of Spaghetti With Tomato Sauce”, despite its origins as a regional specialty predating Italian unification by several decades, a creation of Naples. The dish was brought to the United States by Neapolitan immigrants in the late 19th century before it was fully embraced by their compatriots in the Italian north. How a ‘Strange,’ ‘Evil’ Fruit Came to Define Italy’s Cuisine | T Magazine

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THE MINESTRA DI PASTA MISTA CON CROSTACEI E PESCI DI SCOGLIO One of Gennaro Esposito’s signature dishes. At La Torre del Saracino, in the seaside town of Vico Equense, the chef uses more than a pound and a half of Mediterranean rockfish, shrimps, squid and prawns (slow-cooking, then squeezing them). Once all the seafood and San Marzano tomatoes are left to simmer on the stove top, for several hours, he adds a mix of as many as 15 different pasta shapes. The 25 Essential Pasta Dishes to Eat in Italy | The New York Times

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IT'S NAPLES MANIA All flight schedules from John F Kennedy International , New York , USA to Naples International Airport, Italy. This route is operated by 1 airline(s), and the flight time is 8 hours and 55 minutes. The distance is 4414 miles. Naples Capodichino Airport (NAP) is the fourth largest airport in Italy. You can fly to 125 destinations with 44 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic. Direct (non-stop) flights from New York to Naples |

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THE SCENT OF COFFEE AND TYPICAL CAMPANIA PRODUCTS BY CANNAVACCIUOLO At Naples Capodichino Airport (NAP), the new space, located on the ground floor in the Boarding Area, welcomes travellers with authentic signature street food and ready-to-wear pastries that represent the roots of the chef. Babà, snowflake, shortcrust pastry, Neapolitan pastiera for dessert; supplì, cuoppo, cuzzetiello, parmigiana. Antonino Il Banco di Cannavacciuolo | Gesac - Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli

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AN 'ARCHAEOLOGICAL' DENTAL BRIDGE FROM THE FINDS OF TEANUM SIDICINUM Located in a strategic position on the Via Latina, Teano was considered by the ancients as one of the major cities of internal Campania. Strenuous opponent of the Samnites first and later the Romans, the city was finally conquered by the latter. Roman medicine laid a solid foundation for successors to build upon, and many Roman medical practices are still used today albeit they have been upgraded in various ways. 5 Ancient Roman Medical Practices Still in Use Today | The Collector

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FINALLY! Naples (ITALY) - The intervention is part of a broader program of intervention proposals aimed at relaunching the Campania capital: in particular, it is an integral part of the project called "Napoli Porta Est", which also includes the infrastructural upgrade of the intermodal exchange hub Centrale/Garibaldi. The opportunity to implement the urban regeneration of the abandoned railway yard, developing new public and private functions in a strategic and highly interconnected area. Naples Garibaldi-Porta Est Complex and the Urban Regeneration of the Railway Areas and Design of the New Headquarter of Regione Campania | arch daily

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PROFESSOR ALICE ROBERTS JOINS THE TEAM USING TECHNOLOGY TO UNRAVEL THE SCROLLS Channel 5’s documentary followed the project to digitally delve inside the only surviving library from the ancient world. The 1,800 papyrus scrolls of the title were found in Herculaneum, which lies a few miles along the Italian coast and was also hit by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.  But Pompeii is the name that gets bums on seats, so she’s lumbered with it. Lost Scrolls of Pompeii: New Revelation, review: a misleading title − but a fascinating subject | The Telegraph

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BIANCO, BIANCO, BIANCO. "Hello my lovelies! There is so much I need to share with you, but first things first, let’s wrap up this story together with Positano outfits, shall we? As the warmer weather approaches, especially during summer, I always gravitate towards lighter hues. There’s something about these colours that makes me feel lighter and happier." 3 white outfits I wore in Positano | Glam & Glitter

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BUBBLES AND COCKTAILS ON THE ROOFTOP, AMIDST THE ROTATING LANTERN Faro Punta Imperatore is a must-visit destination on the island of Ischia, and now houses a boutique hotel with plus the gourmet restaurant. Guests savor the cuisine of Antonio Monti, a true Ischian chef, the son of island restaurateurs. It all starts with a historical dish by Antonio, U’ cala cala, a reinterpretation of the bargain that took place between Procida and Ischia, exchanging sea and land products. Punta Imperatore: The Centenary Lighthouse Where You Can Sleep and Enjoy Gourmet Dining in Ischia | Reporter Gourmet

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BEACH HOLIDAYS AT THE HOTEL GARDEN RIVIERA The Cilento coast is studded with small seaside towns, overlooking the blue flag beaches. Santa Maria di Castellabate is just such a place: fishing boats return early in the morning to supply the town’s restaurants. Days can be spent lazing on the sands or following hiking trails into the Cilento national park, with the nearby archaeological sites of Paestum and Velia. 10 of the best beach towns in Europe, with places to stay | The Guardian

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THE FIRST PASSENGER CATAMARAN WITH A QUADRUPLE IPS 30 INSTALLATION Volvo Penta and Giove JET kick off the IPS season for the catamaran. "What we saw in the Port of Naples (Beverello pier) is in fact the first application of its kind for passenger transportation in Europe with a Volvo Penta IPS IMO III quadruple installation." Solar panels for on-board services were also installed on the Giove Jet. High-pressure electronic injection engines placed for optimized combustion and lower fuel consumption and emissions. Volvo Penta successfully installed a quadruple IPS on a catamaran | Powertrain International

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A HISTORICALLY INSPIRED CONTEMPORARY HOTEL Higher up the hill, Scala look out over the Tyrrhenian Sea from lofty mountainside perches. It’s here that the Palazzo Pascal has stood for centuries, first as an aristocratic residence, and now as luxurious but low-key seven-suite boutique hotel. Some of the suites have little French balconies, others proper terraces, but all have views of the spectacular Amalfi Coast. There’s a proper restaurant as well: Gli Ulivi, serving upscale versions of the traditional local flavors, as well as wine tastings and cooking classes. Palazzo Pascal | The MICHELIN Guide

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LA DOLCE VITA, INDEED. By reputation, Capri is by far Italy’s most glamorous island – and most dramatic. From the iconic Faraglioni rocks settled in the azure Mediterranean to the scent of the island’s many flowers, it’s almost sensory overload. The 36 most beautiful places in Italy | Condé Nast Traveller

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SAN MARZANO'S HAVE BEEN JUDGED TO BE THE GOLD STANDARD Sarno, Italy - After decades of promotion, the tomatoes of San Marzano in southern Italy have taken on a gastronomic status as having no equal anywhere when it comes to intensity of flavor, natural sweetness and a balance of acid. American companies use whatever names they like for canned tomatoes, including “San Marzano”. This goes against the European Union’s DOP, overseen by the Consorzio di Tutela del Pomodoro San Marzano”. What’s In A Name? The Fight To Protect Italy’s “San Marzano” Tomato Appellation | Forbes

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NAPOLETANITÀ IS NOISE, REVELRY AND HUMAN CONNECTION While all italian claim their own distinct identity, only 'Neapolitan-ness' makes it into Italy's revered Treccani dictionary. According to it, napoletanità is defined as both the condition of beeing and feeling Neapolitan, as well as 'the set of traditions, customs, qualities and spiritual attitudes that constitute the historical heritage of Naples and the Neapolitans'. In Naples, hearts are worn on sleeves, ears are pricked up, and life is played out for all to see. On Napoletanità | Southern Italy - Lonely Planet

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A SYMBOL OF MATERNAL LOVE Italian jewellery is the great protagonist of Open, the exhibition that Tarì in Marcianise dedicates to new collections for the summer season. During the days of the fair, the exhibition ‘La Corona di Re Carlo di Borbone’, the reproduction of the famous crown with which Charles III, King of Naples and Spain, was crowned in 1734 will be on display. It disappeared mysteriously, but was reproduced thanks to a team of art history scholars, gemologists and jewellery craftsmen. Italian jewellery is the star of Open: Tarì hosts the historic fair from 3 to 6 May | Preziosa Magazine

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 AN OVERVIEW OF THE VOLCANO-TECTONIC EVOLUTION OF THE ISLAND The map was based on the most recent geological and volcanological cartography of the island of Ischia, on new volcanological and hydrogeological field surveys, on the INGV database and on a detailed survey of the natural and thermo-mineral springs. The volcanic system of the island is characterized by intense hydrothermal activity. The island's fame, in fact, is largely linked to the seventeenth-century study by Giulio Iasolino which represents the first systematic analysis of the island's thermal springs for therapeutic purposes. ISCHIA | The first map of the island's hydrogeological complexes has been published |

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TOKYO RESEARCHERS FIND LOST VILLA OF EMPEROR AUGUSTUS The ruins of a Roman villa near Mount Vesuvius, discovered under the remnants of another villa built above it many years later, may have been where Augustus, the first emperor, died. The site corresponds with writings by historians, who recorded that Augustus died in A.D. 14 at his family's villa near Nola. Archaeologists from the University of Tokyo have worked at the Somma Vesuviana site since 2002 but only announced their discovery of the earlier villa in April this year. Villa near Mount Vesuvius may be where Augustus, Rome's 1st emperor, died | Live Science

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ALLEYWAYS, COURTYARDS, ARCHWAYS AND THE 'SCALINATELLE' The setting for Netflix's 2024 series "Ripley", Atrani serves as the ideal backdrop for the title character's cons and escapades. Mystery and murder aside, the show's popularity has already seen a boom in travelers and "telephiles" flocking to the relatively undiscovered location for a firsthand taste of la dolce vita. The Quaint Village Of Atrani, Italy Just Became A Travel Hotspot For Summer 2024 | Explore

APRIL 2024

04012024 The Archaeological Museum of Stabia “Libero D’Orsi” reopens to the public with a new layout, enriched by a wider path and a school of education and digitization. Now 507 artifacts are on display. The operation to enhance the Reggia di Quisisana, an old Bourbon royal site, "intend to build a virtuous model of dialogue with the territory, a good practice based on interinstitutional synergy and experimental scientific research." The Stabia Archaeological Museum reopens expanded and with a new layout. Depots can also be visited | Finestre sull'Arte
04022024 Anacapri, Italy - The palatial surroundings feature a medical spa, a restaurant with two Michelin stars and, down at the shore, Il Riccio beach club, with an incredible array of seafood to choose from. One of the most luxurious hotels on the island, Capri Palace, now a part of the Jumeirah collection, has enough to keep guests entertained for days. The luxury edit of Capri's chic hotels | Harper's Bazaar
04032024 A dive into the past and into the history of Italy and the Italian railways in four episodes. The magnificent setting of the Museum’s pavilions and rooms, straddling the municipalities of Naples and Portici, provides the backdrop for the stories that retrace almost two centuries of Italian history. The comic book is available at the Railway Museum’s official bookshop. A comic book tells the story of the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa | FS Italiane
04042024 Sorrento. It's a medieval fishing city with a port, and it's a very walkable town that has an antiquated feel to it in a good way—it didn't seem hyper touristy, and there were really good local restaurants. A lot of these places are multigenerational, they've got a dynasty of family members that are continuing a tradition. Where Chefs Eat on Vacation: Michael Solomonov's Road Trip Along the Amalfi Coast | Condé Nast Traveler
04052024 Agritourism is flourishing across Italy, and if you’re looking for a holiday, the nation’s farmstays are hard to beat. Among our top picks are a house that teeters on a terraced hillside high above the Amalfi coast. Just below your strip of lemon trees is the gorge that deepens into the Furore fjord. The three simple bedrooms are pretty and air conditioned; the perfect place to rest your feet after walking the nearby Path of the Gods. 25 magical Italian agriturismos | The Times
04062024 Continuing the journey will take you past various idyllic villages and rest stops, but it's not until Furore that you'll want stop again. Aim to get here earlier the day, since the gorgeous hidden cove of Furore Fjord. If you've got the time - and the leg strenght - it might also be worth scaling the hiking route nearby towards the trailhead of Path of the Gods. Amalfi Coast, Italy | Ultimate European Road Trips
04072024 An American designer on where to hang out on the Italian island: “Grand Hotel Quisisana – it’s quintessential Capri. The views are fantastic and the location is unbeatable, in the very heart of town on Via Camerelle. It originally opened as a sanatorium in 1845 (its name translates to ‘here one heals’), but went on to become a fashionable hot spot." Postcard from Capri: Michael Kors shares his favourite hideouts on Italy's glitziest island | Condé Nast Traveller
04082024 The gang of truly bizarre crime caper A Simple Favor is about to reunite for an equally madcap sequel. Production on the glossy mystery – which is expected to be released on Amazon Prime Video – is due to kick off this spring. "Along with the glamorous guests, expect murder and betrayal to RSVP for a wedding with more twists and turns than the road from the Marina Grande to the Capri town square.” Blake Lively And Anna Kendrick Are Heading To Capri For A Simple Favor 2 | Vogue
04092024 From boat rides to ‘miraculous’ little restaurants and handmade sandals, follow in this pair’s footsteps. Partners in business and in life, Marina Sersale and Sebastián Alvarez Murena in 2001 decided to create a fragrance that would capture the Le Sirenuse hotel and the Amalfi Coast. Eau d’Italie was a hit and has since expanded into bath and body products and 16 more fragrances. How this power couple spend their weekends in Positano | The Australian Financial Review
04102024 It's impossible to watch the cinematography of Netflix's Ripley and ignore the Caravaggios. It's a full circle moment, bringing Caravaggio to his end and Tom Ripley to his beginning, to the city of Naples, where Highsmith's protagonist would start his journey and begin his path of violence and obsession. And ultimately, Caravaggio is the perfect artist for Tom to worship: a man of violence worshipped by a man of violence. Netflix's 'Ripley' is full of Caravaggio references — here's why | Mashable
04112024 The climate is extremely particular and the most important reason behind the fascinating wines that Irpinia produces. Another remarkable aspect of Irpinia is the vast amount of old and extremely old vineyards. There are many vineyards 80-90-100 years old, but others are 150 years old and a few of them even 200 years or older. It makes Irpinia a museum of some of the world´s most antique vineyards and this alone can be a reason for many international wine experts to visit Irpinia. Irpinia, Strong and Unique | Paul Balke
04122024 A banquet room replete with well preserved frescoes depicting characters inspired by the Trojan war has been unearthed among the ruins of Pompeii in what has been described as one of the most striking discoveries ever made at the southern Italy archaeological site. Gabriel Zuchtriegel, the director of Pompeii’s archaeological park, said the mythological figures had the explicit function of entertaining guests and providing talking points during feasts. Banquet room with preserved frescoes unearthed among Pompeii ruins | The Guardian
04132024 The factual series, commissioned by BBC Two, with three hour-long episodes, will broadcast this year. “Told through cinematically filmed stories of discovery, with a compelling cast of archaeologists and experts, ‘Pompeii: The New Dig’ is set to reveal a wealth of buried secrets and unsolved mysteries that are waiting to be discovered beneath the volcanic ash.” PBS Boards ‘Pompeii: The New Dig’ as All3Media Intl. Signs New Deal for Lion Television Project (EXCLUSIVE) | Variety
04142024 Montevetrano maintains its timeless nature throughout the years, in good vintages and in bad. This is one of the original “super Campania” wines. Managed by the dynamic Silvia Imparato, Montevetrano is one of the iconic wineries of Campania. There are five hectares of vines inland at about five kilometers from the sea on the slopes of the Monti Picentini. Montevetrano - Rosso Colli di Salerno IGT Italy | Vias Wine
04152024 By Scabec a unique opportunity to discover lesser-known places in Campania but full of charm, taste Campanian wines, and enjoy the beauty of wineries that, although "very young", carry forward a centuries-old wine tradition. At the Cantina San Giovanni a Doglie was possible to taste three types of wines, platters of typical irpinian cold cuts and cheeses, during the performance of tarantella dancers. Emerging Wineries: A Journey through Campania's Wine, Music, and Free Guided Tours | Il Mattino
04162024 “When we talk about Falanghina, we are talking about the most widespread white grape variety in Campania, where two very different varieties are grown under this name,” says Pasquale Carlo, the director of Sannio Academy. Falanghina Beneventana and Flegrea present evident differences, starting from the shape of the bunch, while DNA studies have highlighted that the two varieties differ in 34 ampelographic characters out of 40.” Why Falanghina Is Winning Over Winemakers | SevenFifty Daily
04172024Group of Seven foreign ministers are meeting on the Italian resort island of Capri, with soaring tensions in the Mideast and Russia’s continuing war in Ukraine topping the agenda. Under Italy’s rotating stewardship, the G7 leaders are expected to issue a united call for Israel to exercise restraint after Iran’s unprecedented weekend attack. Italy seeks G7 message to de-escalate Mideast tensions as foreign ministers meet in Capri | The Hill
04182024 Like the Dead Sea Scroll found at Ein Gedi, the Herculaneum scrolls were damaged by heat and could not be unrolled. But scholars knew that inside were the tantalizing remains of a rich Roman library, perhaps filled with works thought lost to time. So, scholars hung on to them and waited for a way to unlock the contents. The Vesuvius Challenge announced another contest for 2024. These ancient texts were once unreadable. Now technology is decoding them | National Geographic
04192024 Rage, slaughter, death, regret …  a one-painting blockbuster. This is a great drama played out in the depths of night – which has come to the National Gallery from Naples Gallerie d'Italia - stages it that way. The Martyrdom of Saint Ursula is hypnotic.  A cameo from Caravaggio himself, in the last self-portrait he ever painted, standing behind Ursula. The Last Caravaggio review – a gripping and murderously dark finale | The Guardian
04202024 Ischia isn't dominated by international hoteliers, but independent boutique hotels. "Some great attractions including the exquisite La Mortella Gardens created for composer Sir William Walton, Ischia's Castle which is the best I've ever visited and the Negombo Spa Park for some relaxation in hot thermal pools in the most beautiful setting." The beautiful Italian island that's a 'cheaper and less crowded' version of Amalfi Coast | Daily Express
04212024 The boutique hotel and restaurant welcome back customers in an atmosphere of hospitality linked to a new concept of "luxury". The dishes now arriving in Sant’Agata sui due Golfi are the result of team work: laboratory of ideas, cosmopolitan. At the core remains the inspiration for Mediterranean cuisine. The balance between Campania's gastronomic tradition and a spirit of innovation. "Don Alfonso reopens, set to be among the world's most sustainable gourmets: 'Zero waste and healthy shifts'" | Reporter Gourmet
04222024 Pompeii is shining a light on mysterious rites thanks to terracotta-style solar roof tiles installed on one of its most famous villas. The traditional-looking tiles have solar photovoltaic cells inside, allowing the UNESCO World Heritage Site to preserve its aesthetics while generating clean energy to illuminate its frescoes. Ahlux, the Italian company behind the lights, patented the system in 2022 and produces both curved and flat panels varnished in terracotta tones. Ancient Roman' solar roof tiles power Pompeii villa | The Standard
04232024 The hand-painted ceramics were introduced 60 years ago at restaurants in Italy. Buon Ricordo plates, as a marketing tool for an association of regional Italian restaurants, feature designs inspired partly by restaurants’ signature dishes. At La Bettola Del Gusto, a restaurant in Pompeii, the meal came on a ceramic plate with a whimsical hand-painted design depicting the spaghettoni dish and a smoking Vesuvius. Lots of Italy, on Many Collectible Plates | The New York Times
04242024 100 million euros of regional funds to improve port infrastructure. The statement, made at Nauticsud in Naples during the conference organized by Afina (Nautical Supply Chain Association), attracted much interest and attention in the industry. The planned investment represents a step toward enhancing port infrastructure and services for recreational boating in Campania, a region with a strong maritime tradition and growing demand in the boating sector. Will Campania have better ports? De Luca believes in it and allocates 100 million | Giornale della Vela
04252024 Ilario Esposito and Taiwo Meghoma seek to keep a tradition alive. "Neapolitan tailoring is unique," said the CEO of Ilario Esposito Sartoria. His many clients include individuals in many lines of work. Celebrities, CEOs, and football players from all over Italy. Taiwo Meghoma is a Nigerian British fashion director and celebrity stylist. Want To See The Future Of Office Wear? Go To Naples | Forbes
04262024 The recent archaeological excavation in Sannio (Amorosi) has yielded an exceptional find: two mounds measuring 15 meters in diameter, accompanied by weapons, horse trappings, and a staggering 86 tombs. The necropolis primarily offers insights into landscape archaeology, where rivers – near the confluence of the Volturno and Calore – played a fundamental role. Extraordinary Archaeological Discovery in Campania: Princely Mounds and Tombs Preceding the Samnites | ArchaeoReporter
04272024 Atrani arises in the valley bottom created by Dragone river that coming down from mountains which surround Scala. Exactly on these mountain walls and especially on the one of Aureo Mountain there are numerous phenomenon of carsism which originate grottos more or less deep of which the major one, called Masaniello grotto. A nice mix of nature and history since inside it is possible to see traces of human attending. Emerged Nature | UNESCO AmalfiCoast
04282024 The Netflix series Ripley is a foreboding tale imagined in black and white. Dickie’s villa is portrayed by Villa Torricella on the island of Capri—and yes, it's bookable on Airbnb. Overlooking the sea, the property is separated into three residences, a white-columned gazebo adds to the villa’s grandeur. Is located right in front of the Hotel Excelsior Parco, which can also be spotted in the series. Netflix's Ripley: A Guide to the Filming Locations in Italy | House Beatiful
04292024 The film, in Sorrentino's words, narrates the long journey of Parthenope's life, from her birth in 1950 to the present day. An epic of femininity without heroism, but filled with an inexorable passion for freedom, for Naples, and the unpredictable faces of love. The real, the futile, and the unspeakable ones, which condemn you to pain. And then all the others, the Neapolitans, lived, observed, loved, men and women, disillusioned and vital. Parthenope: A Journey Through Life and Love | Il Mattino
04302024 He spends three months of the year overseas, researching, writing, recording, refining tours, updating guidebooks. During a day of meetings, Rick Steves went over new maps with Dave Hoerlein. He and longtime co-author Cameron Hewitt addressed problems like finding a “less glitzy” stop on the Amalfi Coast that’s not Sorrento. They discussed whether a place is worth visiting after it’s gotten too popular. The Rick Steves guide to life | The Washington Post

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

ANOTHER RICK STEVES QUEST ON LA DIVINA He spends three months of the year overseas, researching, writing, recording, refining tours, updating guidebooks. During a day of meetings, Rick Steves went over new maps with Dave Hoerlein. He and longtime co-author Cameron Hewitt addressed problems like finding a “less glitzy” stop on the Amalfi Coast that’s not Sorrento. They discussed whether a place is worth visiting after it’s gotten too popular. The Rick Steves guide to life | The Washington Post

Monday, April 29, 2024

"THE PERFECT SUMMER IN CAPRI TO IN YOUTH, WRAPPED IN CAREFREENESS." The film, in Sorrentino's words, narrates the long journey of Parthenope's life, from her birth in 1950 to the present day. An epic of femininity without heroism, but filled with an inexorable passion for freedom, for Naples, and the unpredictable faces of love. The real, the futile, and the unspeakable ones, which condemn you to pain. And then all the others, the Neapolitans, lived, observed, loved, men and women, disillusioned and vital. Parthenope: A Journey Through Life and Love | Il Mattino