Mastroberardino - Via Manfredi, 75-81, 83042 Atripalda AV
Recreating the wines of the ancient inhabitants of Pompeii within the walls of the site from native grapes. @Campanica

Gesualdo - 83040 Province of Avellino
The medieval castle of prince Gesualdo is where musician Carlo composed a great number of arias and madrigals. @Kampanika

Avella - 83021 Province of Avellino 
The hazelnut is a typical product of the millenary tradition in the Avella-Partenio massif area. @Kampanika

Pro Loco Cairano - Via Cupa, 83040 Cairano AV
An ethnographic research project and event in Cairano, the smallest village in landlocked Alta Irpinia. @Kampanika

Società Agricola Donnachiara Srl - Via Stazione, 83030 Montefalcione AV
Raised on an Aglianico vineyard Ilaria, Donna Chiara's daughter, is responsible of keeping alive the tradition. @Campanica

Calitri - 83045 Province of Avellino
Irpinia is famous for proposing a first dishes with homemade pasta of various shapes and sizes. @Campanica

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