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01012016 Among my favorite locations there are definitely Casa Malaparte, where I had the privilege to access several times, the Lighthouse of Punta Carena, where we shot some scenes of the fiction “Capri”, and Il Riccio, nestled on a cliff just few steps from the Blue Grotto. Shooting in Capri | lespritdefinesse
01022016 Elle Accessories Director Maria Dueñas Jacobs recently traveled to the island of Capri in Italy, sending us postcards of rosé-filled lunches and boating excursions across pristine turquoise waters - all of which made us want to bite the bullet and buy a flight for ourselves.  A Fashion Girl's Glamorous Guide To Capri | The Zoe Report
01032016 The falanghina grape thrives in the Irpinian hills of Campania, to the east of Naples. The vines thrive in the porous volcanic soils around Mt. Vesuvius and the warm Mediterranean climate. As a wine, falanghina can have a slight pine scent and is better known for its citrus blossom aromas, in particular, bitter orange. On the palate it typically shows classic apple and pear flavors, depending on where it is grown, with spicy or mineral notes. The Resurgence of Falanghina | The Italian Tribune
01042016 When most people outside Italy talk about Greco they generally mean – as I do here – Greco di Tufo, a generally full-bodied, pale-skinned grape. As with Campania’s other great whites – notably Fiano and Falanghina – Greco is a specialty of Campania’s foremost producers, such as Mastroberardino and Feudi di San Gregorio. A few to add to the list: Bambinuto, Donnachiara, Pietracupa, Terredora, and Villa Raiano. Greco: This grape is awhite jewel of Italy’s Campania region | The Globe and Mail
01052016 Where Falanghina is lively and high-toned, Fiano is cool and deep. It welcomes you with a nice, soft golden straw color and offers notes of almond, spice and a hint of tropical fruit. While being fuller bodied than Falanghina, these wines still retain a bright acidity, allowing the minerality to shine through and holding all the flavors and aromas together. There is also a comfortable weight on the palate that can sometimes give off a slight smoky note, due to the volcanic soils in which the vines grow. Land Of Stunning Affordable White Wine | VinePair
01062016 A good place for an afternoon drink is the Circolo dei Forestieri, otherwise known as The Foreigner’s Club, which is just a short distance from Piazza Tasso. The tables overlooking the sea have fantastic views of Vesuvius, Capri, the Bay of Naples and the craggy coastline around Sorrento. Sorrento – Drinks in and around Piazza Tasso | The Gannet
01072016 Li Galli, a tiny private archipelago of three atolls off Italy’s Amalfi Coast, is dubbed “the dance island,” and not just because it’s shaped like a jumping dolphin. Its most famous owner was Russian ballet star Rudolf Nureyev, one of the most celebrated dancers of the 20th century. Now you can rent the whole place to yourself, if you have money. Inside the luxury private islands once home to Rudolf Nureyev |
01082016 In 1996, Giovanni Russo bought Li Galli, (along with the incredible resort hotel in Positano, Villa Treville, where Liz Taylor stayed with her many husbands), and spend the next 15 years and €28 million restoring it. He also began opening up the villa to the public, allowing boat tours and swimming around the island - and for the lucky few who could afford to rent it, a chance to call the island their temporary home. Inside Dolphin Island: Uncovering the Mediterranean’s Most Private Paradise | Messy Nessy Chic
01092016 In one of the valleys of Positano there is a hidden nearly untouched piece of paradise on earth. Here, protected by 300 meter high cliffs, animals and plants can flourish almost without the interruption of human beings. This place is as valuable as a chamber of gold for the nature because of its rich biodiversity, and here one of the most diverse flora and fauna of Italy can be found. The valley, even though the area is not that big, has one part where Mediterranean species thrives and one more humid part  with a waterfall and a small river where other kinds of species flourish. Vallone Porto, a hidden paradise in Positano Amalfi Coast | Biodiversità
01102016 We were floored that our first pie was only One Euro and served like a burrito – pizzarito, anyone? It was so simple and so incredibly soft, wet, chewy and delicious, but we held off getting another so we could try out another spot. The first was more of a street stand style pizza while the second was a sit down joint. We loved tasting the two different styles and can now say that we really do think pizza in Naples is the best we’ve ever had. The 5-Pizzarito Lunch Tango through Naples | Live Your Legend
01112016 We took Rick Steves’ recommendation on Napoli’s best pizza place and ate at L’Antica Pizzeria “da Michele.”  It was a fifteen minute wait to get a table at 1:30 pm.  We happily took our ticket, waited our fifteen minutes on a nearby street corner, and before we knew it, we were being called inside. Napoli the Birthplace of Pizza | Earth Trekkers
01122016 You may be wondering why the pizza was so life-changing.  I heard quite a bit about this place’s pizza that was centrally located in Naples, the birthplace of pizza.  The first time I read about it was in “Eat, Pray, Love” and it was also featured in the film with Julia Roberts. I read reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp and the like and was sold on what many said was…. well, life-changing pizza. Napoli Inspired Pizza Dough | Grandbaby Cakes
01132016 Nestled in the Gulf of Naples alongside her chi-chi celebrity sister, Capri, Ischia is just an hour’s ferry ride from the city of Naples. Locals say that the best time to visit is early September when the weather is still good and the sea is warm, but the beaches are less crowded. However, whenever you go, it’s relatively easy to escape the masses, as I discovered during my stay at Albergo Il Monastero, one of the most atmospheric, serene and stylish hotels I’ve ever stayed at. Unwind in Idyllic Ischia | Stylist
01142016 It was time for a day rest and relaxation and I hoped to achieve it at the Giardini Poseidon Terme, a thermal spa with multiple pools of  naturaly heated water and water jets. But just before I entered, a man with a fruit cart (more like a fruit van?) outside had me distracted and I ended up entering the spa with a bag of the juiciest cherries and sweetest giant figs. Then it was an afternoon of soaking and napping and soaking again. Eating in Ischia | Tamarind and Thyme
01152016 Many, many people believe in the curative and healing power of these natural, heated mineral waters from within the Earth and flock to places like Ischia in search of well-being. While it is possible to access some of these waters in public spaces, Ischia is covered from end-to-end with thermal spas offering pools of waters at varying degrees as well as a host of spa treatments from foot massages to nasal treatments. The first spa we visited, Parco Termale Aphrodite Apollon, is situated just above Maronti Beach around the corner from St. Angelo. six days in ischia | 3inGiro
01162016 The Vesuvio Piennolo cherry tomato is a tomato variety grown in the southern region of Campania, around Mount Vesuvius. It is one of the oldest and most typical variety grown in the region. It has an elongated, oval shape, slightly resembling a pear, and features a pointed tip (spongillo). The skin is thick and the flesh firm; it can be stored for a long time. As described by Slow Food, which protects the Vesuvio Piennolo through one of its presidia, its flavor and fragrance become more intense and concentrated as time passes and the tomatoes dry out. The Piennolo tomatoes are commonly hung up in bunches tied with hemp string, hence the name “piennolo”, meaning “hanging” in Neapolitan dialect. Sweet Tomato from Mt. Vesuvius: Pomodorino del Piennolo | Italy Magazine
01172016 So, where will your captain be taken in Campania this March? How do Positano, Amalfi, Capri, and Procida sound? A highlight: cruising the Punta Campanella Marine Reserve. Underwater grottoes, ancient ruins, and colorful flora and fauna are all found here. It’s a popular diving spot, too. Cruising Campania, Italy: Calling All Captains | Megayacht News
01182016 Situated on a gorgeous terrace with breathtaking views over Positano, the Champagne & Oyster Bar is an idyllic place to meet for an aperitif or a light dinner. Between the breath taking sweeping views of the sea and city lights twinkling below, and mandolin music floating in the background while enjoying culinary delicacies and exceptional wines – you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable romantic evening at La Sponda. La Sponda Offers Unforgettable Dining Experience | Italia Living
01192016 Honestly, I feel that all I did in Positano is eat and drink. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  Everything I ate and every place we went were top notch. We started off at a restaurant called, Chez Black for a slice of pizza and a bottle of wine... the perfect way to start a vacation. Positano, Ravello and the Amalfi Coast | GoGoEm
01202016 Named after Antonio’s late father and legendary host, Franco’s bar sits just a few steps away from the hotel enjoying similarly expansive views across the Amalfi. As with the hotel, each detail has been meticulously considered bringing together artistic talents and craftsmanship from around the world from the tiled floor to the Murano glass tumblers. Positano: Le Sirenuse by: Caroline Lever | A Hotel Life
01212016 The most prized Fiano wines come from vines in the hills around the city of Avellino where the variety thrives in the mineral-rich, volcanic soil. Fiano di Avellino received DOCG status in 2003 and wines from this appellation are generally regarded as the best embodiment of the variety. The Modern Classical White Wines of Campania | Wine Words Wisdom
01222016 Taurasi must be aged for four years before release. The best producers of Taurasi include several already mentioned for their whites wines: Mastroberardino, Feudi di San Gregorio and Vinosia along with other small estates such as Antonio Caggiano and Salvatore Molettieri. Guide to Italian Wines: Campania | Wine Lovers Page
01232016 At Villa Treville, there was a small greenhouse located in the gardens. It was full of greenery and colorful orchids. It was painted green and omg those floors.  They played opera in this room all day and it was just a place to relax and sit. This was a dream room for me and is now embedded into my memory for my future greenhouse (which exists solely in my head at the moment, but still). Travel Snapshot: Positano, Italy | Flat 15 Design & Lifestyle
01242016 If you like exploring archaeological sites, but aren’t a fan of crowds, skip Pompeii and you’ll have the spectacularly preserved fifth-century Greek temples of Paestum all to yourself. An excellent on-site museum displays ceramics, friezes, and other artifacts, providing a window on ancient Greece in Italy’s Campania region. Italy Beyond the Bucket List | National Geographic
01252016 Aglianico is the principal grape of the DOCG Taurasi, which is grown in the province of Avellino. It is frequently blended with another Campania grape, Piedirosso, named for its red colored stems. The abundant tannins and high acidity of Aglianico-based wines make them perfect candidates for extended aging. Campania’s Top-Rated Aglianico Producers and Their Wines | Wine Review Articles
01262016 There are some grape varieties that, like Cary Grant and Catherine Deneuve, exude class. Aglianico, a speciality of Campania and Basilicata in the hinterland of Naples, is one of these. It makes firm red wines with real savour that is somehow more mineral than animal or vegetable yet they do not lack fruit, and have great structure that promises a long and generally rather glorious life. In praise of Aglianico | Jancis Robinson
01272016 We sat down for lunch at Buca di Bacco, a beachy-casual spot right on the water. And since Positano is a fairly-touristy town, we didn’t expect too much as far as food and service quality. But between the strong drinks, my fresh seafood platter, and Ryan’s large bowl of cacio e pepe (not pictured above, because, unfair), we were pleasantly surprised with Buca di Bacco — they delivered and then some. Picturesque Positano | On The DF
01282016 Being born to an extravagant Neapolitan family, Ambrosio had always been exposed to amazing style and fashion; with her grandmother running a boutique. She then moved to Milan to go to school at Istituto Marangoni. Now a brand consultant and designer; Ambrosio is becoming the center of attention, and we can see as to why! Style Profile: Gilda Ambrosio! | Lets Restycle
01292016 Founded in 1850, Gran Caffè Gambrinus is the most beloved coffeehouse in the city. Order an espresso — invented in Naples — and then imitate the Neapolitans: Take the spoon from the cup and leave a trail of coffee on the rim to get your tongue acclimated. Where to Eat in Naples | AndrewHarper
01302016 We stand by our assessment that the random espresso in Napoli beats the typical baseline quality standards at any other city in the world to which we’ve been (and we’ve been to a lot). Another expert look at the espresso in Napoli, Italy | TheShot
01312016 So Carnival is the feast of children and villages during which it is possible to escape from the rigid control of the family community. The pagan transgression consists in creating a dish which is able to allow you to forget hunger, to exorcize it. It is a plentiful and rich dish, it makes the Neapolitans forget the hunger and the uncertainty of the calories necessary for living which have been present beginning from the foundation of the city until the Sixties. The Neapolitan lasagne at Carnival time |

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