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10012016 In the village of San Leucio there were the silk factories for the Bourbon court. Inside the complex, in fact, you can visit the workshops where silks was produced and  that made San Leucio products famous throughout the whole Europe. Several machines have been expertly restored and are still working. Caserta and the silk production of San Leucio | Viaggi & Delizie - blog di viaggi
10022016 Acciaroli in south west Italy is no ordinary place. It is home to an extraordinarily high number of centenarians. The research team is yet to discover the cause of the phenomenon, but believe it is closely related to diet and exercise.  Scientists ‘find key to longevity’ in Italian village where one in 10 people live beyond 100 years | The Independent
10032016 We detected new points of carbon dioxide emissions in the Gulf of Naples, which is quite common in geothermal and volcanic areas such as Naples. And here we have discovered six volcanic structures (cones and domes) with a diameter of 800 meters, unknown until now. Six new underwater volcanoes discovered just miles from deadly Vesuvius in Italy | Strange Sounds
10042016 Although mountainous Irpinia, inland from Naples, has good looks, great food and three of Italy’s finest DOCGs (the designation for the highest-quality Italian wines), it is remarkably untrammelled by tourists. Sipping the wines that grew from molten lava | New Statesman
10052016 Cult wines such as Mastroberadino, Feudi di San Gregorio, Montevetrano, and Galardi are a feature of this terrific wine region, along with many other labels waiting for you to discover them on this full-day wine tour. Irpinia Wine Tour from Naples | Le Baccanti Tours - Wine, Food and Cultural Tours & Events
10062016 One of the last remaining workshops for the design and production of artistic fabrics. The company was founded in 1985 by the creative genius of an art daughter, Annamaria Alois, heir of a family from Briano, an hamlet overshadowed by the close Caserta’s Royal Palace. Direct line to the Bourbon dinasty | IFDM Il Foglio del Mobile
10072016 The views are breathtaking as you wind down the mountains towards Praiano. As you walk past terraces and vineyards you come across the Convent of St Domenico. We stopped here for a little break to rest our legs and admire the view. Hiking the Path of the Gods on Italy's Beautiful Amalfi Coast | The Aussie Flashpacker
10082016 Stepping onto Capri start with Insalata Caprese (Tomato, Mozzarella, Olive Oil and Basil). Then try Pasta alla Caprese (Ricotta Egg Pasta and Parmesan). For dessert indulge on your own with Torta Caprese (Almond Cake and Chocolate). Capri (Italy) | Explore Mediterranean
10092016 Here is a countryside piece of southern Italy, a hilly sweep that stretches out in the area between Benevento and Avellino. This is Italy or just a glimpse of it. A country defeated by years of indifference and carelessness that still shows off her insolent and gaudy beauty. My Insolent Italy | Food Recipes HQ
10102016 This time, one of our favorite hikes was up to a huge, round hole in the mountain that towers above Positano. There were no other people in sight, and we sat looking down on Positano below, listening to the traffic and boat horn barely echo up from the beach below. Amalfi Coast: Positano, Capri, & Ravello, Italy - Travel Guide | A Couple Cooks
10112016 The Capresi, despite the constant flood of tourists, are remarkably nice. This isn’t life in a fishbowl. It’s life in a sardine can. It’s that crowded. Piazza Umberto I had so many people preening, strolling, eating, diners seemed to swing their forks away from bodies to reach their mouths. Capri lives up to the hype as 10,000 tourists a day can’t all be wrong | Go4TravelBlog
10122016 You shouldn’t leave without a taste of the local specialty, the torta Caprese, a flourless, chocolate-almond torte which originated here on the island, simply sublime. I have a recipe here if you can’t make it to Capri! A day in Capri | Flying Fourchette
10132016 Chef Gianluca D'Agostino serves refined Neapolitan dishes that don't veer too far into contemporary that they lose their sense of territory. Pair dishes, such as cavatelli with beans, broadtail shortfin squid, and cured pork and mullet with braised fennel, with bottles from the local craft beer list. Naples travel guide | Australian Gourmet Traveller
10142016 This week, Apple, the biggest technology company in the world, will open a new academy in Naples – the first of its kind – that will teach 200 mostly southern Italian students how to write code and launch apps on Apple technology by the end of the year. Silicon Valley comes to Naples: Apple prepares to open Italian academy | The Guardian
10152016 Ischia has long been renowned for its volcanically heated springs: islanders claim that the thermal waters can cure all manner of ills. If you’re not in the market for a fancy spa, head for Il Sorgeto, a cove of natural hot springs, where you can lounge in the bubbling water for free; some of the rocky pools are so hot that the locals bring their lunch to heat it up in the water. 58 places to visit from the 58 guides we published this year | Rough Guides
10162016 Ischia holds 103 thermal springs, 69 fumarole aggregations, and more than 300 separate bath establishments. Ischia’s water is rich in noble elements and mineral salts: sodium, one of the basic elements for the vital activity of living beings, potassium, essential for muscle dynamics, sulphur, essential for joint elasticity and calcium, which has a sedative action on the nervous system. Ischia – Healing with Thermal Waters | InLove
10172016 We were seated in a very blue room with a variety of musical instruments on the wall. We ordered the Pizza Vegetariana (without cheese) and the Orange Fennel Salad. Vegan Travel: Capri, Italy- Part 2 | - Keepin' It Kind
10182016 On the beautiful volcanic island of Ischia (pronounced Ees-kee-a). If it’s time for a swim and your morning caffé, look for a sign just before Sant’Angelo that says Cava Grado. This is a small beach with a café run by a mustachioed guy wearing a gold chain over his bushy chest. He’s not too busy either and bides his time playing cards with his pudgy grandson. A Vacation Guide to (some of) the Island of Ischia | blue dot
10192016 It has a peel of a medium thickness, rich in essential oils that makes it very fragrant. Is very used in regional “cuisine”, and is used  to flavour the typical dishes of the Sorrento peninsula: starters, main dishes, side dishes and a lot of  special desserts (lemon baba); we can find even lemon coffee, as is in the case of the Amalfi Coast with its typical “sfusato” lemon. Sorrento Lemons | I Love Italian Food
10202016 “We're delighted the cooking equipment  have finally been put back on display where they were found and we're certain they will be appreciated by modern tourists, eager to learn how people lived in antiquity,” said the  Archaeological Superintendent of Pompeii. Visitors can now marvel at a carbonized loaf of two-millennia-old bread and admire a metal pot containing the fossilized remnants of a bean and vegetable soup. Restored Pompeii kitchens show how Romans cooked | The Local
10212016 The margherita pizza was created for a queen consort, and the royalty of the Italian tomato world is the San Marzano, the sweetest grown in the rich soils of Mt Vesuvius. It is estimated that 200 hectares of true San Marzano fruit is grown today, known by local growers as the capital city of the tomato. Campania, Italy's birthplace of pizza where the tomato is king | Financial Review
10222016 The 19th Mediterranean Bourse of Archaeological Tourism in Paestum will run October 27-30 and will be dedicated to the Syrian city Palmyra. Sponsored by the Campania regional government, it aims to draw attention to the conflicts tearing apart the Middle East. Paestum Tourism Bourse to focus on Palmyra | ANSAmed
10232016 Once at the top, the trail goes around Mount Vesuvius. It doesn’t go the whole circle, but it does go to about 3/4 of the circle. It was a nice hike. Sights of Naples | The Footprint Diary
10242016 Procida is tiny. There are a few beaches, that were not quite open yet, a few stores and restaurants and that is about it. Mark loved being able to walk from end to end of the island in a few hours. A Weekend in Pretty Procida | Gillian's Lists
10252016 The beach has a plenty of colorful houses and this scene would be a symbol of Procida Island. Along the beach line of 4 km, you can see pink, sky blue and lemon yellow buildings. About Procida | amoitaly.com
10262016 Just fior di latte cheese, organic tomatoes and basil. Nothing more. Nothing less. And how much will two of the best pizzas in the world with two waters set you back? Sorbillo: The Best Pizza in Naples | An American in Rome
10272016 This lovely old palazzo, once the residence of the owner’s aristocratic forebears and now a stylish and intimate boutique hotel, offers a central location near the Villa Comunale, a top-class restaurant and the atmosphere of a rather grand private home. Palazzo Marziale Sorrento, Campania, Italy | The Telegraph
10282016 Museo Correale in Sorrento has some of the most precious fine art collections in Italy. As you stroll through the museum you will think that you are in an old mansion as the museum is not limited to just paintings, but also has other types of art such as porcelain, glass, and furniture collections. Top Ten Things to Do in Amalfi Coast | Tripedia
10292016 Zucchini flowers make one of the most delicate and enchanting antipasti during their season. On the Amalfi Coast you will find all sizes  from the small and delicate zucchini ones to the “jumbo” pumpkin flowers! And once they have been stuffed and property cooked they are a culinary delight. My favourite thing to do on the Amalfi Coast… | My Amalfi Coast
10302016 Madre is a top local destination for contemporary art lovers, and one of the best contemporary art museums in all of Italy. The impressive three-storey building that houses the collection is situated in the very heart of Naples’ historical center and was renovated by Portuguese ‘starchitect’ Alvaro Siza. Naples' 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries and Museums | Culture Trip
10312016 ROOFTOP TERRACE I make no bones about having a soft spot for Italy’s Bay of Naples and its neighbouring resorts. This is a part of the world we visit annually, but with good reason. The weather’s great. The food’s delicious. There’s an ancient site at every turn and the lush plains and mountainous scenery is as good as anywhere. Travel: I left my heart in Naples | Birmingham Mail

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