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11012016 Ancient Roman aristocrats bathed in these hot springs, and today a few people continue the tradition of cooking in them, bringing eggs and potatoes along on day trips to simmer in the salt water. The water in Ischia’s springs, at about 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and beaches where the sand underground is as hot as 350 degrees. In Ischia, Italy, Cooking Is Done in the Sand, Not the Stove | The New York Times
11022016 Sporting Ristorante, the Regina Isabella’s lunch restaurant in Ischia, epitomizes the hotel’s defining ethos of retro glamour. Opt for the buffet, a smorgasbord of specialties including mozzarella di bufala, fritto misto, grilled vegetables galore, and a bounty of fresh seafood. The Best Hotels In Italy: The Hotel Regina Isabella In Ischia | Forbes
11032016 This summer in Italy I walked the trail between Ravello and Pompeii. This trip was between one to three walking hours a day, that includes a climb 400 metres above sea level via hundreds of years old stone stairs to begin. My walk took seven days as I spent a good day in each place along the way. From Ravello To Pompeii: Walking Italy For Beginners | Junkee
11042016 Cassandra suggested we start our day and spend most of the morning in Ravello, since it had a relatively flat pedestrian center we could access and explore. She also suggested visiting the Villa Rufolo. Traveling Italian Style: A Day Trip Through the Amalfi Coast | History in High Heels
11052016 If you ask, Eidos creative director Antonio Ciongoli will tell you that he designs a New York brand. But Eidos is all made-in-Italy, is owned by storied Neapolitan tailoring house Isaia, and has in many ways been defined by its early, excellent lookbooks, shot in soaring spaces elsewhere in Italy. The Season's Coolest Made-in-Italy Collection Features a Writer in Exile and Very Few Suits | GQ Style
11062016 The best context for Naples, which only Paris rivaled for sophistication, is Museo di Capodimonte, the largest museum in Italy. Right now may be the best time to visit Naples since the 1700s, when it was an important stop for artists and writers on the Grand Tour. Why Naples's Museo di Capodimonte Is the Most Underrated Museum in Italy | Condé Nast Traveler
11072016 In Cilento, the most beautiful yet relatively undiscovered southern part of the region, a handful of fine producers are raising the bar for wines of local grapes Fiano, Aglianico and Piedirosso. People like Bruno De Conciliis and Luigi Maffini have inspired a new batch of young producers with wines of character that reflect this land and complement its delicious food. Decanter travel guide: Cilento, Italy | Decanter
11082016 Planted around the house-cellar on an extension of just one hectare and a half, the rows of Fiano di Pietracupa lay on a clay and limestone soil that gives minerality to the great wines produced here. The vinification techniques used is a perfect summary of the expressiveness of the Avellino area. Winemaker Sabrino Loffredo’s Pietracupa Wines | Drinking German Wine in America
11092016 In Naples I heart this famous pizzeria, even though it’s a bit of a trek. They have a very impressive range of fritti, including a delicious Frittatine di Pasta which is a deeply satisfying, deep fried mixture of spaghetti, pork and smoked buffalo mozzarella cheese. Naples – Materdei | The Gannet
11102016 One hundred and fifty meters from the large public square of Piazza del Plebiscito in central Naples is an entrance that descends about thirty meters under the ground. Today, these tunnels with their accumulated debris have been turned into a gallery known as Galleria Borbonica, where the public can see interesting displays of vintage cars and motorbikes, old shelter spots, ancient cisterns and much more. The Forgotten Tunnel Under Naples Filled With Vintage Cars | Amusing Planet
11112016 Overlooking one of Italy’s most picturesque gulfs, Salerno exemplifies how a smart city can develop quite soundly despite the economic woes of its southern location. It is the first Italian city for the amount of generated renewable energy per capita - 160kWh per inhabitant - relates Giancarlo Savino, energy manager at Salerno municipality. Italian cities: not only beautiful, now they want to be smart | CORDIS
11122016 Up the coast and down these parts of the Italian coast were more popular beaches, bigger ones, with loads of people and fancy hotels nearby, and  much more likely to win the popular vote for “best Italian beach.” But we loved our little beach at Santa Maria di Castellabate. Italian Beach in Salerno | The Travel Belles
11132016 Our base in Procida was the sumptuous La Suite Hotel and Spa. Its contemporary design could comfortably grace the pages of a high-class interiors magazine. Worth a mention is the hotel’s evening shuttle service to the island’s main tourist spots of Marina Corricella, Marina Chiaiolella and Marina Grande. Travel: Procida - an undiscovered beauty in the Bay of Naples | Birmingham Mail
11142016 Just a 45 minute drive outside of Amalfi, we began our journey wandering through the vines themselves while Cristian discussed the benefits of pergola cultivation, the weather and seasons dictating the conditions of a great wine, and the requirements for DOCG and DOC wines in Italy. Swirl the Glass – Amalfi Coast Wine Tastings and Tours | GoodTravelerKarma
11152016 Christian Fusco likes to point out that “nature does 80% of the work when it comes to winemaking”. He’s currently leading a group of twenty Sirenuse staff on a tour of some of Italy’s top wineries to help them understand the alchemy of winemaking. A tough job - Le Sirenuse Positano | Sirenuse Journal
11162016 The new architectural design for Michelin-starred Zass restaurant is the most sophisticated in fine dining. After a walk through the organic vegetable garden taking in the aromas of thyme, basil, and cherry tomatoes guests arrive at an ultra-modern culinary museum built on two floors. 5 unique things to do around the Amalfi Coast | A Luxury Travel Blog
11172016 Sapienza is a sprawling maze of narrow streets, punctuated by explorable buildings and dominated by a huge clifftop mansion that boasts its own observatory, crumbling castle ruins and secret underground lab. Why Italy’s Amalfi Coast provides the backdrop for one of Hitman's most memorable levels | GamesRadar+
11182016 Along the coast to our next destination: Amalfi! We stayed at Hotel Santa Caterina, which was everything a hotel should be and so much more. Hanging over the cliff, and steeped in history, it was timeless and perfect in every way. Italy: Amalfi and Ravello | Lauren
11192016 After dinner on Amalfi’s main beach, head to Masaniello Art Cafè, which opened last year, for live music (bands play everything from jazz to classic Canzone Napoletana) and a nightcap. 36 Hours on the Amalfi Coast | The New York Times
11202016 Lisa Hyde stunned in a baby blue bridesmaid gown on Monday as she attended a wedding of a close friend in Ravello. Love is in the air | DailyMail
11212016 I am on the Amalfi Coast intending to cycle between the medieval town of Ravello, which perches up in the clouds at almost 1,200 feet above sea level, and the stunning seaside town of Amalfi. Amalfi Coast: daredevil cycling on Italy's south-west shores | The Independent
11222016 La Pignasecca is a fabulous choice if you need some Neapolitan street food deliciousness in your life. For the highest concentration of street food in the market, stop at Fiorenzano. La Pignasecca Market in Naples: Street Food in Napoli | An American In Rome
11232016 In Naples fefore you do anything else, have a hot sfogliatella (shell-shaped pastry) at Attanasio. Mario Batali's Guide to Naples | Food & Wine
11242016 You don’t need to be physically in Sorrento to experience the heavenly gnocchi of Sorrento. The potato dumplings are tender and mix well with succulent tomato sauce and then sprinkled with shredded parmesan cheese, which makes it a lovely vegetarian delight. 6 Must Eat Foods in Naples | Wet Nose Escapades
11252016 A few days ago, the company shop in Naples launched its Archivio collection: a line of ties printed with the patterns that were used between 1930 and 1980. Marinella sees double digit growth by selling ties the  old-fashioned way | ItalyEurope24
11262016 A few Saturdays ago, at 7:30am, I found myself sitting on a Frecciarossa train as it streaked towards Naples. To begin understand the culture of Naples, I reasoned, I had to also understand its food. Streets of food: Naples in a day | Verbalized
11272016 With hairpin turns and narrow lanes that zigzag around the cliffs, with scant safety protection on the coastal side. The homes and churches appear to be carved into the hillside with a picture-perfect landscape dotted with neat gardens and umbrella pines. The views of the sea lapping at jagged boulders and sandy beaches make each corner irresistible for a photo stop. Postcard from the Amalfi Coast |
11282016 The ground has been moving upwards over the last decade, raising 38cm in the last 10 years. The movement at Italy's Campi Flegrei has raised concerns of an impending eruption, but scientists have now said this is not necessarily the case. Ground around one of the world's most dangerous volcano systems is raising up | IBTimes
11292016 The first is to promote sales of the excellent wines of her family winery, DonnaChiara, named after her mother. The second is to raise awareness of the wines of her native Campania. In this she has her work cut out for her; although winemaking was bought to Southern Italy by the Greeks more than 2,500 years ago, the concept of quality winemaking. Winning Italian White Wines Shine In New York | Forbes
11302016 Falanghina, the signature white wine of Italy’s southern Campania region is light, crisp and delicately fruity and floral, an eye-opening match for pizza margherita, the classic pie topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. Falanghina: A delicately fruity white that's an eye-opening match for pizza margherita | The Globe and Mail

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