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APRIL 2017


04012017 We hiked up to Giardino della Minerva, a multi-level outdoor garden that grows plants with medicinal properties. The centuries old property boasts beautiful panoramic views of Salerno, and also serves a refreshing lemon granita and sweet ginger cookies at the cafe on site. We later walked down to the beachside promenade and shady park. Amalfi Coast: Tasting The Sweet Life | Peace, Love and Adventures in Italy
04022017 Virtuoso notes that an exhilarating way to explore Amalfi’s iconic cliff-hugging coastline is by car. Advisors can map out custom adventures that might include flying into Naples, heading for Amalfi and Ravello, then fitting in Salerno before departing. What Are Your Top Ten Travel Dreams? | Travel Pulse
04032017 Excellent Neapolitan cuisine focuses on simplicity, on substance and not form. An exemplar of this is Mangia e Bevi (the aptly named “Eat and Drink”), our ideal place for eating out in Naples. No frills, all substance. Mangia e Bevi | Culinary Backstreets
04042017 Let’s try to live like locals, so we booked a room at the top-rated B&B Villa Monica, atop a hill in Sorrento. As our host opens the balcony door for us, a vast stretch of the Campania region unfolds its quiet beauty. The gulf of Naples lies below, Napoli marking its presence from far away with a string of lights. We can spend endless hours sitting here. Sun-kissed tales from the Amalfi coast | Hindustan Times
04052017 Located at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site, the new Marina d'Arechi in Salerno boasts 340,000 square metres of water basin dedicated to yachts with a scenic backdrop and an eco-friendly design. 9 New Superyacht Marinas To Discover Around The World | Boat International
04062017 Afterward, pause at Pasticceria Pansa, a classic cafe in the shadow of the cathedral that is popular among Amalfitani as much for the prime people-watching as for the delizie al limone, a domed, lemon-scented confection. 36 Hours on the Amalfi Coast | The New York Times
04072017 The palazzo - mostly an 18th century construction but dating in some parts back to the 12th - is not the only one to house a high-end hotel on this stretch of coast, but it must rank as one of the finest and most spectacularly set. Is the Amalfi Coast the perfect honeymoon destination? Stay at Palazzo Avino and it won't be far off (just don't get married in July) | DailyMail
04082017 If you are planning on checking out its museums, further savings can be made with the Campania Artecard Napoli, which costs €21 for three days and covers admission to more than 40 different sites, including Naples’ Castel Nuovo, a medieval fortress overlooking the ocean. Italy and France: Naples | Travel Weekly UK
04092017 La Brace is a big, jolly pizzeria with a friendly, laid-back feel, with wooden tables and red-and-white checked tablecloths. They do pretty much every wood-fired pizza under the sun. Cheap restaurants on the Amalfi Coast | Italy (Condé Nast Traveller)
04102017 Salvatore Molettieri, the talented owner of the estate, comes from an old farming family and manages his estate together with his son Giovanni, a trained oenologist. Salvatore Molettieri produces Taurasi of a grandeur to rival the greatest wines of Piedmont and Tuscany. Irpinia Aglianico | Marc de Grazia Selections
04112017 We spent the rest of our time walking around the city, visiting the small shops, enjoying the views, and drinking more wine of course. We left a little piece of our hearts in Positano and can’t wait to return someday! 3 Days in Positano | Aloha & Arrivederci
04122017 Calling it Italy’s chardonnay might be oversimplifying things, but there are many similarities between these grapes. Both make table wines that are textured, mineral and nuanced, and they produce fantastic sparkling. Fiano makes very good wine throughout Campania, but it’s in the sand, stone and clay around Avellino that it reaches the next level. Bill Zacharkiw: Campania white wine one of Italy's best-kept secrets | Montreal Gazette
04132017 Some of the cuisine of Campania includes shellfish and seafood. Combine mussels with the white wine within the pot. Bring to a boil and cover until mussels open. We enjoyed these mussels as an appetizer, but you can combine them with pasta. Campania Food & Wine Pairing; Mussels with Feudi di San Gregorio Falanghina | Vino Travels
04142017 Coppery body and white and pink striated soul, the Onion of Montoro is beautiful at the sight, perfumed, sweet, tasty, delicately aromatic and persistent, raw or cooked is one of the special products of Irpinia, not to be missed, with the great white wines of the Province. The irresistible Ramata of Montoro | Insolita Italia
04152017 There were several interesting guests at this party. One of them was Alfonso Cuomo, sales director of Pasta Cuomo, a pasta-making company founded in 1840 in Gragnano, the worldwide capital of pasta-making. (Gragnano is to pasta as San Marzano sul Sarno is to tomatoes.) Pasta Cuomo | Pensieri Meridionali
04162017 I always look forward to coming here though as the region, known as Irpinia, is very famous for its viticulture, in part due to the temperature changes made possible by its mountainous location. According to my research, this old school place is the best restaurant in town. I came for a blowout Sunday lunch and really enjoyed it. Having a good time in Avellino | The Gannet
04172017 Irpinia is best discovered gradually, on a journey through the wilderness that whispers of ancient times, when this land was inhabited by Samnites, Romans and Longobards. Ancient villages are nestled in the green of the valleys that begin at the feet of the Partenio and Terminio Mountains. covered by beech, fir, oak and chestnut. Province of Avellino | Made in South Italy
04182017 Situated on the border of Basilicata and Campania, 'Tenuta Le Cascine' is an agriturismo in the true sense of the word. Pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks and geese are bred for meat and cheese. Vegetables and fruit are grown and all the food is made on site for the large, rustic restaurant where fresh, local dishes are served. Tenuta Le Cascine | Understanding Italy
04192017 La Campania had ricotta di bufala Campana DOP on the pizza dough, topped with marinated heirloom tomatoes and zucchini flowers. It was finished with grated caciocavallo Silano, a stretched-curd cheese made from sheep or cows milk produced in the province of Avellino. Le Pizze Regionali at Don Antonio by Starita | Charles Scicolone on Wine
04202017 Grown on the volcanic soils around Mt. Vesuvius, this wine is made from 100% Pallagrello Bianco grapes. The grape is native to Campania and was an important grape prior to the phylloxera epidemic, then it declined and was thought to be extinct only to be rediscovered in a vineyard in 1990. Neapolitan Pork Chops & Autochthonous Grapes of Campania | foodwineclick
04212017 Naples is not for the faint of heart. At first, the relentless disorder is overwhelming. But, by my fourth day, the vibrant, gritty city began to grow on me. From archeological ruins and ancient catacombs to the planet’s best pizza and world-class art, Naples has something for even the most discerning traveller. Naples showing signs of shaking bad reputation | The Globe and Mail
04222017 This lovely wine poured a beautiful golden yellow into the glass and met the nose with an array of aromas from stone and orchard fruit, with white floral notes and minerality. On the palate this crisp wine crafted of 100% Greco Bianco grapes offered flavors of apples, pear, fresh herbs, minerality and a touch of spice notes and honey. Exploring Campania with #ItalianFWT | Rockin Red Blog
04232017 I suggest a stay on Vomero Hill, an upscale part of Naples where you’ll not only have plenty to see and do (and shop for), but you’ll also be looking down on all creation. Do you know what is very interesting about staying on Vomero Hill? Nearly every hotel or B&B is rated very highly by visitors. It seems to be a non dud zone. Naples Vomero Hill: Looking Down on Creation | Wandering Italy
04242017 All my dishes represent a different area of Italy, but especially the Campania region, which is where I’m from. I am now based in a territory – The Amalfi Coast – where the mountains blend into the sea, so I feel it’s important to have dishes that represent these ‘two souls’, too. Interview: Chef Raffaele of Belmond Hotel Caruso | Elite Traveler
04252017 Rachel had booked a two-bedroom apartment for us near the main town Ischia Porto, where our ferry from Naples had docked. It was hidden off a winding sidewalk draped with bougainvillea and a short distance from Spiaggia degli Inglesi, a small beach at the base of a craggy set of stairs. Ischia, the setting for 'My Brilliant Friend,' is also a brilliant choice for a respite | Los Angeles Times
04262017 The entire underwater park offers the wonder of wandering through submerged roads decorated with columns and mosaics crystallised by the water. Tourists can explore the underwater park through tours with some local diving centres, including the Centro Sub Flegreo. 'Underwater Pompeii' of Baia featured in documentary | AnsaMED
04272017 Rumor has it that Poppaea, wife of the infamous Roman emperor Nero, spent her days in extravagant luxury in the Villa Oplontis, a Unesco World Heritage site located on the shores of the Bay of Naples. Excavations that continue to this day have unearthed a Roman estate that boasted an Olympic-sized swimming pool, lavish  baths, and more than 100 rooms filled with sumptuous frescoes. 10Best Finds Romance Along Italy's Bay of Naples | Usa Today
04282017 And so to Sorrento, the good man and I, and the thrill of finally revisiting our own honeymoon destination. Little had changed in the intervening years: the pastel-washed houses still clung like limpets to their teetering cliffs; bus and taxi drivers still zoomed like maniacs around vertiginous mountain bends; and the air was still thick with lemons the size of turnips. Sorrento's such a gorgeous setting for a family wedding | The Irish Times
04292017 If visiting Naples, be sure to visit Sorrento even if its for a day of shopping and dining.  The foods of the region are fresh vegetables, wines, seafood, lemon/orange citrus, limoncello liquers, pastas, Margherita pizza, mozzarella, tomatoes and of course the olive oil. Seeing Serene Sorrento | Ciaotraveler
04302017 Katie and Ian were married at Villa Fondi, a quiet secluded garden, surrounded by their closest family. Their intimate service followed through in to the late afternoon zipping around the coastline in a vintage Volkswagen beetle. They eventually finished the day at The Foreigners Club for a yummy 5 course meal and of course a meal in Sorrento wouldn’t be complete without Limoncello. Intimate Italian Wedding Villa Fondi Sorrento | Sarah Beth Photo

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