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MAY 2017


05012017 For our final day in Naples we visited another ruinous site called Herculaneum. In some ways, it was even more fascinating than Pompeii. It was also a lot quieter. It has been better preserved due to the different composition of fallout from the volcano. There are complex structures and detailed murals everywhere, and even organic material like wood has been preserved. What’s amazing is you can smell the scorched wood to this day, nearly 2000 years after the eruption. Naples, the City of Pompeii and Herculaneum | Peter Buncombe Photography
05022017 Surprisingly, despite the volcano’s tremendous power and the passage of nearly 2,000 years, some bone and teeth do survive as part of the casts. Ongoing studies have demonstrated that the ancient Pompeians had a diet low in sugar and had excellent teeth. Family History | Archaeology
05032017 Back in Naples, we walk the ragged length of La Pignasecca, the city's oldest street market. Lining the street are old-style vendors - tripe sellers, specialist grocers and pastry shops - so we have a chance to assess the region's best produce in a single location. Everywhere are tomatoes: golden explosions of spunzillo, clusters of dark red piennolo from Nocera, and knobbly oxhearts streaked with green and red often used for Caprese salad. In search of Naples' perfect tomatoes | Gourmet Traveller
05042017 The unmistakable outline of Totò, stylised and impressed in a sculpture entitled Monolite by sculptor Giuseppe Desiato in Largo Vita, is the new gateway to the Rione Sanità district in Naples and the great urban reclamation project carried out by its inhabitants. Naples, Rione Sanità: two piazzas restored to Beauty |
05052017 As you’ll easily see from these 10 photos that will make you want to travel to Capri, during the summer the scenery is simply amazing. The blue water is impressive, and you have many places you can admire it from different angles. 10 photos that will make you want to travel to Capri, Italy | Earth's Attractions
05062017 Italy's Amalfi Coast is a magical destination in itself, but there's even more reason to make the trip. A dolphin-shaped island called Li Galli is a small, private archipelago made up of three atolls between Capri and Positano. This Gorgeous Island Off the Amalfi Coast Looks Like a Dolphin — and You Can Visit! | PopSugar Celebrity
05072017 Ten miles from Alife, she traveled to a new pizzeria, Pepe In Grani, where she met the pizzaiolo, whom she knew preferred local ingredients. Franco Pepe was overjoyed when he heard about the resurgence of the Alife onions. Ever since, the two have been partners in crime with Franco using Antonietta’s signature onion cream as a spread on several of his creations. Discovering the World’s Best Pizza (and Onions) in Caiazzo, Italy | The Daily Meal
05082017 Gaetano Petrillo is an excellent driver, which is fortunate, because his small business, the Wine Bus, offers the sort of access to Campania’s wineries and restaurants which no authority seems bothered to provide. Sipping the wines that grew from molten lava | New Statesman
05092017 Another beach town near us and just south of Marina Casal Velino is Ascea. Ascea has beautiful beaches as well. There are rocks by the water but they are beautiful. They have a dark grey color with white stripes running through them. The clubs offer umbrellas, lounge chairs and a table for your admission. The food you can order is wonderful. Ascea, Italy | Travel in Italy Blog
05102017 I always considered Ravello’s Palazzo Avino to be one of the finest hotels I’ve ever stayed at, and the service is some of the best I’ve experienced – let’s just say a crisis that involved a full camera disc and at least three more days of photo-shooting was sorted out beautifully. Then there’s the Michelin-starred restaurant Rossellini’s, with its fabulous wine cellar. Ravello | Jan Fuscoe
05112017 Earthy, volcanic and sensual, characteristics bought out by the generous time in the bottle. Not an intellectual wine but a visceral wine of the rugged hills of Campania washed by the Mediterranean sun. 10 Great White Wines Under $20 To Drink Tonight | Forbes
05122017 Ravellian scenes are sketched out in a short story by Forster, the famous author of Room with a View. In Ravello David Herbert Lawrence wrote numerous chapters of Lady Chatterley’s Lover and, Andre’ Gide set a part of his novel The Immoralist. Naples and the Amalfi Coast | Enrico Massetti
05132017 Of all the stunning places along the Amalfi Coast, Ravello arguably claims the most panoramic vistas for photos or just watching the day go by. Ravello: Italy’s mountainside treasure has a view for every occasion | Communities Digital News
05142017 Consider the Monastero Santa Rosa: formerly a 17th-century convent, built as if defying the laws of gravity, perched on the edge of the dramatic promontory of Conca dei Marini. Bianca Sharma bought the property, then spent a decade renovating the building and its terraced gardens, finally opening the Monastero as a small hotel and spa in 2012. Amalfi coast guide | Harper's Bazaar UK
05152017 The landscape is now under threat, with competition from cheaper, less aromatic lemons from abroad driving prices down and forcing Amalfi’s farmers to abandon terraces that their families have cultivated for generations. 'Flying' lemon farmers face land erosion on Italy's Amalfi Coast | The Telegraph
05162017 Kara likes to cook. Her food genre of choice? Italian, which might have something to do with the fact she was born in Naples, Italy. Kara McCullough: Everything You Need To Know About Miss USA 2017 | Hollywood Life
05172017 On why they chose that particular venue for their wedding, the bride said: "Jonathan and his family have been going to the same place in southern Italy since he was six months old. When we started going out 15 years ago, he took me there and I loved it instantly. We have a lot of friends in Maiori and we don't have huge families so we thought it made sense to do it there, in a place we love." Check out photos from this romantic Italian wedding |
05182017 I realised there are no absolutes in the world of wine; that context is everything. Sure, pinot noir may well be a great, classic grape in Burgundy, but in the warmer, volcanic soils of Campania it is an ordinary grape in comparison to the clearly majestic aglianico. Journey begins with first bottle | The Australian
05192017 Stabia Main Port is situated in the city centre with a pier of 270 metres long and a draft of 7 metres, featuring water and power banks customised for superyachts, free wi-fi network and tennis court, gym and all services facilitating a modern city center. New dock for superyachts between Pompeii and Sorrento |
05202017 Coins are laid on top of the skulls by those looking for a change in fortune. Inside Naples’ terrifying Fontanelle cemetery where locals ask human Skulls known as ‘little wretches’ to grant miracles | The Sun
05212017 From the glorious 13th century cathedral in Amalfi to the historic little town of Atrani, you will be able to soak up as much Italian culture as possible during your trip. The Amalfi Coast is also a great place to explore other parts of Italy from. Pompeii is just a bus journey away and Naples is very accessible on public transport. 6 reasons the Amalfi Coast should be at the top of your bucket list |
05222017 Sorrento’s main appeal is the independence it offers travellers. There’s an easy to navigate rail service to Pompeii and Herculaneum as well as boats to neighbouring islands (over which the uber glamorous Capri reigns supreme). And you can be back in time for a wonderful dinner at one of the many fantastic restaurants. Review: Sorrento, Italy | Northern Soul
05232017 The water in the sea cave was a glowing, brilliant azure. Beautiful. As he rowed, he explained that sunlight passes through an underwater cavity and creates the blue reflection. He gave us some history, going back to Roman times, with another rower sang a chorus of “O Sole Mio,” rowed us one more time around the cavern, ordered us flat again and rowed us out. Blue Grotto or Bust | The Republican Journal
05242017 Take Don Alfonso 1890 in the Italian town of Sant’Agata, overlooking the Gulf of Naples. Started over a century ago by two young couples, the family run business has grown into a culinary favorite thanks to the Iaccarino family’s philosophy. This is where the two Michelin star restaurant’s signature sweet San Marzano tomatoes - a staple in its pasta sauces - are grown. Jet Set Bohemian: Foodie-Focused Hotels | Paste
05252017 The sky was immensely blue, the waters impossibly turquoise and the heat unbearable when we reached the island of Capri, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and off the Sorrentine peninsula of Italy. As a school girl, Capri had often occupied my imagination. Crystal blue persuasion | The Indian Express
05262017 In the remote but charming village of Vallesaccarda rewards the detour with superb dishes from the hills of Irpinia, an aptly named oasis of antique flavours. There are delicious and original specialities conjured with home-produced olive oil, soups, pasta and bread, such as an amazing ravioli with burnt garlic and walnut filling, with seasonal variations bringing truffles, mushrooms, baccalà (battered salt cod) and locally sourced meats including rabbit and boar, rich cheeses and expertly chosen wines. 10 of the best restaurants in Italy: readers’ tips | The Guardian
05272017 As the plane cruised into Naples at 09:30, we were greeted by the majestic sight of Mount Vesuvius. It was almost humbling to sense the fragility and resilience of the human race in the face of the unpredictable power of Nature. Who would imagine that seemingly benign mountain can wipe out entire cities … Naples – Capri – Positano – Everywhere in between: First Jot | The Meanderer Jots
05282017 I have too many memories of the little sights and sounds of Capri to be able to capture them in prose and to Capri I will return. Not once but every year. World Traveller: Why Capri Is A Pilgrimage | NDTV
05292017 The artist himself, acquired a lifelong culinary experience thanks to his family restaurant in Sorrento,  An expert fisherman and specialized in seafood cuisine, Salvatore often produces his own ingredients to cook his guests gourmet meals. Prawns, olive oil, fleshy tomatoes, and super smelling lemons will mix together to entertain the palate of even the most demanding. MasterChef expert. Yacht Charter Insight: Creating a Taste for Adventure | KK Superyachts
05302017 When traveling to chic Capri, join the glitterati jet-set in my boho Aime is reversible 8-way Zoe Dress in Fleur / Bold Blue to match the Azure sea! And don our reversible Audrey Turban a la Audrey Hepburn and soak in the sun. Below I’ve shared my picks of how to go from day to night in the reversible Zoe. Wear it with the deep-V in the front over your favorite bikini with jeweled flats (or get a pair of Capri sandals custom-made by one of the local artisans). Capri: A Reputation of Beauty |
05312017 Italy is an obvious choice for couples, but cities such as Rome and Florence are typical options when it comes to romantic getaways. So we recomended somewhere a little less known for foreigners: the Amalfi Coast. Unconventional honeymoon getaways for summer | ArabianBusiness

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