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11012017 ”To stay healthy, you just need a joyful mind, rest, and a moderate diet.” The Salerno health regimen was based in the humoral theory of medicine, which is focused on keeping balance among the body’s four humours—blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. I Tried a Medieval Diet, And I Didn’t Even Get That Drunk | Atlas Obscura
11022017 Marina d’Arechi is the newest marina in the region of the famous Amalfi Coast, located in Salerno, only 3 nautical miles from the picturesque town centre. As modern yacht harbour, Marina d’Arechi offers an extensive variety of services and facilities. Marina d’Arechi | PMK Yachts & Moorings
11032017 Our second night, we went to our favorite restaurant – Da Vincenzo. I first heard about it from a coworker and had added it to the long list of restaurants I wanted to visit. But then after our taxi driver on the way into Positano said it was her top pick in the area, Da Vincenzo quickly made its way to the top of my list. Travel Recap: Positano Italy | Sugar and Sage Blog
11042017 With its steep cliffs, Sorrento doesn’t have a beach as such, but down along the waterfront there are piers jutting out into the water where you can swim or sunbathe during the summer months. Most are owned by hotels or restaurants so you might have to buy a drink or hire a deckchair to bag a prime spot. Sirens and sunsets: What to do and see in Sorrento | On the Luce
11052017 The trip was made all that sweeter by copious amounts of cafes and cake shops on every corner as well as the most delicious Italian pizza, which we definitely binged on plenty! On our last morning in Naples we set out into the labyrinth of narrow streets of the Old City to shoot this stunning Rejina Pyo dress. Nocturnal in Naples | Kate Tik
11062017 Park Virgilian offers a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of Naples’ main centre. This green oasis is dedicated to the Roman poet Virgil, who is buried in a tomb in the grounds. The gardens themselves are gorgeous, however the main reason to visit is for the terraces, which offer stunning panoramic views across the Bay of Naples. Free Things To Do in Naples | Citalia
11072017 The car parks are critical on the Amalfi Coast: all the coastal towns have both public and private parking spaces. Here are some tips to find a parking space in Amalfi, spending a limited budget! Where to park in Amalfi Coast | Live Salerno
11082017 By the end of our month in Naples, we were coffee drinking pros with our favorite cafes and baristas. For better or worse, we couldn’t get enough of the Naples cafe culture with those little cups of bitter yet rich espresso simply referred to as caffè (coffee in Italian). Sometimes we stayed for a second cup of coffee. The Art of Drinking Coffee in Naples Italy | 2foodtrippers
11092017  We also ate at Taverna Antonio Di Antonio Cervera in Ischia Porto which was a great value dinner. Starting with a smoked mozzarella bruschetta (dreamy) we then had a table of seafood pasta for our main. We also had seafood gnocchi – this consisted of tiny gnocchi balls in a seafood and tomato sauce, studded with mussels, clams and prawns. What to eat in the Bay of Naples: Ischia and Capri | Gills Gills Gills
11102017 Among the projects underway there is a new museum. David W. Packard Junior is a former professor of Latin and Greek. He has been dreaming about this museum since 2000, when he visited Herculaneum for the first time, deciding, the following year, to devote himself to saving it and making it flourish again. Good Practice at Herculaneum | Abitare
11112017 During the lunch and tasting of the wines (typical white wines of Campania, such as Fiano di Avellino DOCG, Greco di Tufo DOCG, and the classic reds made from the Aglianico grape (Irpinia DOC, Taurasi DOCG, and Taurasi Riserva DOCG) Ilaria told her story. Tasting wine with Ilaria Petitto of DonnaChiara | A Wine Story: Wine Reviews
11122017 Lioni was one of the most affected town by the Irpinia earthquake on November 23th 1980. The city was awarded with the Gold Medal for the Civil Merit as it shown an incredible motivation and merit in rebuilding the entire city. Hyuro’s wall was painted on one of the few houses that remained up. Hyuro in Lioni, Italy | StreetArtNews
11132017 According to Carrington Italia — the only luxury villa specialists with a local office in the heart of Positano — travelers today are seeking more personalized, authentic and culturally immersive vacation experiences than ever before. Experiential travel on the Amalfi Coast: site-doing and sightseeing | Markets Insider
11142017 Our vlog from Positano is finally here! I got to say. Wow! I really want to go back there asap. And for next time I’m also bringing André with me. But this time me and Silja ( my babygiiirl) explored this beautiful place. Positano Vlog | Angelica Blick
11152017 Vongole at Antichi Sapori Partenopei, my favorite non-pizza meals in Naples. This was the most delicious bowl of vongole I’ve had in a long time, and I consider myself quite the connoisseur. The table next to me were so enraptured with the beauty of my dish that they ordered it for themselves too and then actually finished it before I did. Hah. Eating in Naples |
11162017 Established in 1986 in Sorbo Serpico, within the Irpinia region, Feudi di San Gregorio is named for Gregory the Great, reflecting the Roman, Greek and papal history of the area. Among Feudi’s most highly acclaimed wines is its Serpico, crafted solely with Aglianico grapes and produced in limited quantities (only 10,000-12,000 bottles produced annually). Summer sippers (and others) from Feudi di San Gregorio | It's A Winederful Life
11172017 Located right in the commune of Taurasi are about seven and a half hectares of prime Aglianico vineyards that young Raffaele Guastaferro has had the good fortune to take over from his father. Two and a half of these consist of pre-phylloxera vines of between 175 and 200 years of age. Yes, you read that correctly: 175 to 200 years old, on their own roots. More on Campania’s Golden Triangle | Tom's Wine Line
11182017 These bottles belong to the collection of fine wines produced by the wineries Cantine Catena of Montefalcione, a wonderful hilly area in the heart of Irpinia. The packaging designed is capable of conveying the preciousness of the product, thanks to the strong lettering and to the metallic printing. Traccia / Origini | Packaging of the World
11192017 A semi-hard, aged cheese made ​​of spun paste with a slightly spicy flavour, Provolone Del Monaco PDO is produced in the Sorrento Peninsula from the raw milk of Agerolese dairy cows. The cheese takes the form of a kind of small melon, and it can weigh between 2.5 kg and 8 kg. 16 Must Try Local Foods in Southern Italy's Campania Region | FineDiningLovers
11202017 Lachryma Christi can be found in most bars and wine cellars in Campania, but we recommend doing the short hike up Mount Vesuvius to the top of the crater for a unique experience and a breathtaking view of the bay of Naples. Only after this will you fully appreciate a well-deserved glass of Lachryma Christi in the city center. Food of Campania: Eat like a local in Naples | Musement
11212017 I arrived searching for pizza, as you’re supposed to do in Naples. But by day five traveling through Campania, I’d had my fill of pasta, flatbreads, and variations of dough stretched, fried, baked and boiled, slathered with tomato and cheese. My tongue craved something spicy. The Cruel Fate of Being Tired of Pizza in Naples | Roads & Kingdoms
11222017 Caseificio Barlotti produces some of the area’s best organic mozzarella di bufala Campana DOP (Protected Designation of Origin status). On the farm is also a fine restaurant whose menu features locally grown seasonal produce, breads baked with heritage grains and, of course, mozzarella di bufala. Weekend escape to Cilento | Italy Food and Wine Tours
11232017 I’m sure you’re itching to go after seeing these photos. Below are my travel tips for your trip to the Amalfi coast and Cilento coast. 30 Photos That Prove Amalfi and Cilento Are The Most Beautiful Coasts in Italy| Dream Euro Trip
11242017 Lasagne e Ceci di Cicerale – pasta with chickpeas  a comforting dish with a subtle garlic and rosemary background taste. Freshly baked sourdough bread was available at the table. That reminded me how much I miss having bread on the table at every meal. I supposed it’s a Latin thing we always have bread on the table. Discover Cilento - Italian SupperClub | Hot and Chilli
11252017 My starter was a rabbit tortellini in a pumpkin consomme. Rabbit is not a heavy meat, cooked in a thin tortellini, with truffle caviar sprinkled on top works well, looks pretty as it is all small and appealing, served in a pumpkin shaped soup bawl, definitely worth a try. Indaco, Lacco Ameno, Ischia, Italy | Andri's restaurant adventures
11262017 One of the most stunning views of the trip! This cozy Airbnb features two terraces — one with a dining table surrounded by sprawling ivy and fairy lights and a higher one showcasing a true 360 island of Ischia view. One Perfect Day On The Italian Island Of Ischia | Jessie on a Journey
11272017 We loved the Castello Aragonese so much that we came back to eat at the fine dining restaurant located on the castle grounds. The prices are quite reasonable for the quality of ingredients. They have an organic garden on site that grows much of the food they serve. I went local while dining at Il Monastero, and tried the Ischia specialty of rabbit. Undiscovered Ischia Italy |
11282017 Walking in to Garden & Villas Resort Ischia is the closest I have ever come to entering the Garden of Eden. The rooms and suites are within a selection of larger villas that sit amongst acres of immaculately landscaped gardens. We made the most of the gardens by doing outdoor HIIT workouts every morning. Review: Garden & Villas Resort Ischia, Italy | The Travelista
11292017 The all white bedding and minimal yellow and blue-accented decor accentuate the Amalfi coast vibe. These blue and white cozy chairs lure you into a corner to relax and read a book. I rarely ever put my AC on and would just open the door, sit in one of these chairs and unwind from the day. Hotel Villa Franca Positano Personal Experience Review | BrightonTheDay
11302017 Move on to La Conchiglia: this place can be reached from the seashore, or by walking down the 182 stairs that lead you down to the bay in which the restaurant is located. And since Procida also hosts some of the most prosperous lemon groves in the region, also taste the island’s best granita at La Graziella‘s legendary stall. Island hopping in the Gulf of Naples: all the places to go in Capri, Ischia and Procida| The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni

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