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MAY 2018


05012018 Taurasi is a municipality in the Irpinia region. The soils here are calcareous and friable, prone to decay which gives rise to soils rich in minerals, mixed here and there with tuff and volcanic ash (the altitude of the vineyards, between 400 and 700 metres). The greatness of Taurasi wine is also down to the Aglianico variety. Taurasi, son of Aglianico: an ancient and versatile grape | Italian Wine Chronicle
05022018 Photography for a book about the food of gods, pizza. Pizze - Photographer: Tuukka Koski | Koski Syväri
05032018 Lunch is at Chez Black and I order spaghetti ai ricci di mare because they bring it in an dish shaped like a sea-urchin and I've always loved the spectacle it creates as the waiter lifts the cover. I practically drown myself in the fizzantino and am nursing a euphoric drunkenness when our group decides to take a boat out for the afternoon. Creative Writing: The Perfect Day in Italy | Questa Dolce Vita Lifestyle Blog
05042018 For the Cilento Ride and Cilento Journey you should be capable riders. The pace varies depending on the terrain but you should be confident at walk, trot and canter. Beginners can be accepted on the Campania Relaxed Ride. Italy - Cilento Ride | In The Saddle
05052018 The finest mozzarella being produced in the Campania region, the area surrounding Naples, the city and region are one of the best spots on earth to savor an authentic, fresh mozzarella, especially mozzarella di bufala, the finest mozzarella obtained from buffalo milk. Mozzarella, Sfogliatella, Tazzulella: three Neapolitan classics beyond pizza | Slow Italy
05062018 The most famous and important food product of the area, especially in the towns of Battipaglia, Eboli and Paestum is by far the Mozzarella di Bufala. The buffalo are treated well here... they even have self-service massage machines that the buffalo can go to whenever then need a little spa treatment. The Cilento: Beaches, Mountains, Grottoes and Ghost Towns - Part 1 | Grand Voyage Italy
05072018 Today, on the sun-kissed western shores of Italy, mermaids are once again stirring up trouble as two rival destinations battle it out to lure tourists with claims of being home to the mythological fishy creatures. In one corner is Naples, with a glittering gulf that stretches to the Sorrento Peninsula. In the other is Ventotene, a tiny volcanic isle far out in the Tyrrhenian Sea west of Naples. Italy's mermaid battle: Naples vs. Ventotene | CNN
05082018 This 10 year old festival celebrates Cilento's link to the sea, and the fishing communities of the local area. Fish and seafood is prepared, cooked and eaten around the harbour and there’s a packed timetable of entertainment over the course of the 3 days. Among the many delicacies to try one must not miss '' la Paranza fritta'' (frying of small fish) and the pasta with beans and mussels. Food festivals of the Cilento Park | ExpertoItaly
05092018 The Naples NinetyNine Foundation is a private non profit organization formed with the primary objective of contributing to the knowledge, to the promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage of Naples and Southern Italy, on the initiative of Maurizio Barracco and Mirella Stampa Barracco. Fondazione Napoli Novantanove | Google Arts & Culture
05102018 Head further south towards the more remote Cilento region, past the beaches at Castellabate and down to Pisciotta and Acciaroli. The Cilento National Park has a 100km long coastline dotted with waterfront restaurants and charming fishing villages that overlook Caribbean-style clear waters. Stay at the beachfront Hotel La Pineta in Acciaroli or at the Hotel Marulivo in the cliff top village of Pisciotta. Italy's top Blue Flag beaches | ExpertoItaly
05112018 We, and a crowd of about four, stand and stare … soaked in colour. From there old, narrow streets lead us out of the piazza and further into the town. It’s a hot midday but there’s shade and many of the tight, tiny streets funnel the wind. A trip to the hilltop town of Castellabate in Cilento, Italy | The Phraser
05122018 The southern Campania region (around Naples) ranked third, reaching 18 blue flag beaches thanks to three new locations included in the list. 368 beaches in Italy awarded Blue Flag in 2018 | China Xinhua News
05132018 Vesuvius has erupted several times since then and is still an active volcano only 5 kilometers from the metropolitan area of Naples with 3 million inhabitants. You can even visit a vineyard on the side of the mountain, taste wine and have a lovely lunch with some of the best tomato sauce you will ever taste due to the rich volcanic soil. The Wrath of Vesuvius | Kimberly's Karry On
05142018 From sunday, May 20, VitignoItalia 2018 will start, the XIV edition of the Italian Wine and Vine and Wine Territory, as usual, in the wonderful scenery of Castel dell’Ovo , in Naples. Three days, until Tuesday 22nd May , entirely dedicated to the nectar of Bacchus, with tastings, conferences and meetings. Naples will be capital of the Italian Wine for three days | Ritmo DiVino
05152018 When visiting the charming island of Ischia, consider Albergo della Regina Isabella your home base. Founded in 1956 by renown film maker (and eventual book producer), Angelo Rizzoli – he was enchanted by the island’s rolling, verdant terrain and fascinated with its restorative thermal waters. Visit This Hidden Gem Off Italy's Coast Before Everyone Else Does | Forbes
05162018 If you like the great outdoors and the uncommon destinations: Mount Vesuvius hike! A regular bus ride with EAV Bus will do the trick. The buses to Mount Vesuvius leave from Piazza Piedigrotta in Naples and reach the ancient active volcano after one hour and half. Why hiking Mount Vesuvius should be on your bucket list | Traveling Dany
05172018 A UNESCO World Heritage site dating back to 470 B.C., this part of Naples has many incredible attractions, including three enormous castles, a royal palace and more churches and cathedrals than you could ever imagine. The main street that divides the historic center is called Spaccanapoli or Via San Biagio dei librai. This is always a hub of activity, and from the main pedestrian zone you can wander among a string of narrow, winding streets which lead to churches, shops, and other historic buildings. Things to do in Naples, Italy | Mapping Megan
05182018 Picturesque landscape, delicious food and superb wine! One of the most anticipated events of the Italian culinary calendar returns to the Amalfi Coast this year as the Festa a Vico festival prepares to welcome thousands of tourists, gourmands and chefs to the sunny town of Vico Equense. Festa a Vico: The food festival that turns an entire Italian town into an open kitchen | The Week UK
05192018 Ischia is mostly a local’s escape dominated by cobblestone streets, farmland, winegrowers and fisherman. To spot the type of fishmongers HBO was on the lookout to cast, head to Ischia Ponte where fishing boats anchor and sell their daily catch directly to locals. Visit the Island of Ischia: The ‘Lesser-Known Capri’ HBO Is About to Make Famous | Observer
05202018 Ischia is a fantastic sailing spot in Spring and Autumn and sailing around the island is a really great experience. Entrance of Porto Ischia. The old city was initially built around this natural lake. In the Port of Ischia – the main town of the island – you’ll find the largest number of inhabitants and the largest number of hotels and facilities. Sailing to Ischia, Italy | Blog Aureus Yachts
05212018 A university course to train experts in wine and food, a key economic sector in southern Italy, is the objective of the University Federico II in Naples, which is starting a new three-year graduation course in the 2018-19 academic year in Mediterranean gastronomy science. The course will be held at the department of agriculture at the campus in Portici. University course on Med gastronomy in Naples | ANSAmed
05222018 Pork products are a regional specialty thanks to the indigenous Caserta pigs that have been raised there for millennia. According to the book, “Casertano pigs are an ancient and rare breed whose origin dates back at least to Pompeii and Herculaneum (based on paintings found at those sites).” A Recipe Road Trip Through Campania | Food & Wine
05232018 A great grape must have several features. These include an historical pedigree; the intrinsic qualities of the variety itself; the ability to produce wines that can age; and the ability to express differences of location or to transmit terroir. Aglianico in Campania | Decanter
05242018 Carlo Ancelotti has been named as the new Napoli boss. The legendary gaffer, who has managed the likes of Chelsea, Real Madrid and AC Milan, takes over from Maurizio Sarri, who was axed just hours earlier. Napoli confirm Carlo Ancelotti as new boss just hours after sacking Maurizio Sarri | The Sun
05252018 Neapolitan creativity is the outcome of tradition, history, but it is also a sign of the contemporaneity of thoughts, cultures and talents in the Mediterranean. And this sums up the essence of Italy's presence at Expo Dubai. These past few days the Festival delle Luci in Naples joyously connects many squares of the city, the same spontaneous connection we will create between Expo cities. Naples and Florence - art cities for Expo Dubai | ANSAmed
05262018 The best hotels & places in Naples. What is the best area to stay. Best Places to Stay Naples Italy | Google
05272018 My grandfather’s family had a pasta factory right outside of Naples. Setaro is one of those companies that’s still family run and still in that same exact building. It’s phenomenal. They don’t have modern machines — it’s cut with bronze cutters — so they can’t make as much; the texture, the flavor, the size, the shapes, they’re all very unique. Where Giada De Laurentiis Loves to Go in Italy | The New York Times
05282018 We went to Sorrento by rail from Rome, switching to a local, suburban train in Naples.  And then of course there is the sea, which, like true Brits, we couldn’t resist swimming in, taking the bus a few miles south of Sorrento, where the locals thought we were mad. Best family holidays: Why Italy is the place to go with the kids | The Independent
05292018 Lacco Ameno (this Ischia harbour is only suitable in calm weather). In Lacco Ameno, you’ll find the largest spa resort of the island. For some time ashore I advise you to visit the elegant Villa Arbusto with its park and its “Museo Archeologico di Pithecusae”. Sailing To Ischia, Italy | Aureus Yachts
05302018  If you’re keen to sample a typical Italian seaside holiday but not so hot for the mainland crowds then Ischia might be the summer destination for you. A favourite haunt of Angela Merkel, Ischia nestled in the Bay of Naples has been welcoming famous names and Italian holidaymakers for decades with its purifying hot springs, gorgeous scenery and quaint villages. Where to go this summer: 5 alternative destinations | YM Liverpool
05312018 “We are not interested in quantity, but in quality” Antonio Caggiano tells us. “Micro per macro. One must read how much work, suffering and love are in a glass of wine”. Taurasi Vigna Macchia dei Goti | Marc de Grazia Selections

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