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JULY 2018


07012018 At the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, the grove of limone di Sorrento is a star in its own right. These vibrant orbs are plucked and used for their zest, rind, and juice in meals served at on-property Michelin-starred restaurant Terrazza Bosquet. They grow upon royal ground, widely thought to be the location of Roman emperor Augustus’ villa (preserved ruins can be spied near the outdoor pool). A Taste of Sorrento | NUVO
07022018 Naples has become a hub for tech ventures and, in the process, has gathered support from the corporate sector: significant in this sense has been the announcement from Apple that it will be locating its first European app development centre in the city. The surge in venture capital in the country has coincided also with the outpouring of public finance by Invitalia. This combined effort has contributed to kicking off a number of promising startups and tech-based businesses. 10 Naples-based startups to watch in 2018 | EU-Startups
07032018 Of course, for me, the main event for any trip to Naples is pizza. Or Pizza; I feel that in Naples it deserves that capital P. Because it is Naples that gave birth to what we today know as pizza. Yes, I know there is a world-class archaeological museum to be seen, as well as new modern museums and infinite art-filled churches. But. Pizza. Right? Naples: Where All Roads Lead to Pizza | The Daily Beast
07042018 My absolute favorite Lo Scoglio in Nerano. You can arrive there directly by boat, but they have a little farm and terrain behind the restaurant and they get the absolute best fish from the local fishermen like pezzogna that you can only catch in deep waters far off the coast. Sailing Capri and the Amalfi Coast | Santosha
07052018 Meet the “flying farmer” whose unique lemons (sfusato amalfitano) are farmed nowhere else on earth — And discover why his lemon trees are literally saving the Amalfi Coast from ecological disaster. Amalfi Coast Lemon - A “How Does it Grow?” Special: The Flying Farmer | True Food TV
07062018 BACAS Created in New York but with its home at Castello Macchiaroli, a 12th century castle located in the medieval town of Teggiano, located in the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni. Mission is to encourage and sustain interdisciplinary collaborations between established, mid-career, and emerging artists and scholars from all over the world. A Dream is Starting with BACAS at Castello Macchiaioli! | i-Italy
07072018 The Lemon Tour gives you the chance to plunge in the old rural life for a day, Learning about the cultivation of lemons. You will walk into the terraced lemon groves, you will taste typical delicious delights focused on Lemon. Finally, by turning your sight, you will discover the sea, framework and  protagonist of a unique earth, The Amalfi Coast. Our Story | Lemon Tour De Riso
07082018 Take a train from Naples to Sorrento and you’ll find yourself in a jungle of lemon trees, softball-sized fruits dangling over the tracks. “The intensely flavored and succulent lemons of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast are a celebrated culinary symbol of Campania”. Here, the fruits are sliced thinly and marinated overnight. Insalata Di Limoni Di Sorrento | Food & Wine
07092018 I remember that even as a little girl I wanted to visit this place very much. I used to be a fan Tom & Jerry fairy tale and I remember one episode was in Naples. I loved it for the atmosphere and beautiful animation in this cartoon. So I had my imagination about this city. Naples – I want to come back! | Women of Poland
07102018 Negombo is the new kid on the thermal park bloc and it shows - in a good way. The complex is ultra modern and features an haute cuisine kitchen in additional to the more traditional thermal baths. All of the typical treatments including Kneipp therapy and saltwater pools are available here. Many of the pools are built into natural rock outcroppings making a visit here all the more romantically suggestive. Five Best Thermal Spas of Ischia | Sauced & Found
07112018 On our Naples day-long adventure we will bring you to taste them in places many tourists don’t know about. We will go in-depth into local culture, stroll in the sun gazing at the Mediterranean Sea and castles intertwined in our food meanderings. We will explore vibrant neighborhood markets and small shops, stopping for some of the best espresso coffee you will ever taste, chat with vendors and food artisans not commonly featured in the guidebook. Day trip to Naples from Rome | Italy Food and Wine Tours
07122018 Ischia is a magnificent destination for a vacation. 1. You will eat the best meal of your life.  2. You will get some history lessons to boot.  3. It may be the only place in the world where one can truly relax. (...) 10 Reasons Americans Should Visit Ischia | Italian Mamma07132018
07132018 With just one day to see what Ischia had to offer, we headed immediately for the sight I most wanted to see, the iconic Castello Aragonese. From Ischia Porto we meandered along the main street lined with shops and restaurants until we arrived at the beaches of Ischia Ponte. From Fisherman’s Beach, we had great views of the citadel that has stood for nearly 2,500 years. Italian Island-Hopping in Ischia Italy | RTWin30Days
07142018 The white varieties like Greco has a great personality and is capable of expressing diversity with interesting potential for evolution and aging, from fresh to more structured versions. Among the red varieties, Aglianico stands out from the rest. It has found its home in Campania after the Greeks took it with them in the 7th century. It is cultivated in many areas of the region and it gives diverse expressions according to the types of soil, the microclimate and the unique techniques of the oenologists. Campania Stories 2018 in Naples, Italy | The Chosen Table
07152018 With its tangles of bougainvillaea cascading over parched rocks, lizards darting between slabs of volcanic tufa and cliffs rearing up over indigo waves, Ischia feels more like a place Odysseus might have visited. The best thermal spa by far is Negombo, not only for its pools but also for its setting amid gorgeous gardens scattered with unusual works of art. Ischia: Italy's island with the best beaches | Condé Nast Traveler
07162018 What many visitors do not realize is that the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Sorrento are two distinct geographic entities.  The region’s Monti Lattari separate the two and the cape where the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Sorrento join is called Punta Campanella. It has one of the best views in all of Italy. Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast | The Knot
07172018 The rooms in Pompeii and Herculaeneum were laser-scanned by Alex Turner, of the university’s archaeology department, to ensure that Catrin Huber’s brilliantly coloured aluminium panels would fit into the spaces without any risk of damage to the beautiful but faded, painted Roman walls. “These fantastic paintings have been studied by archaeologists and art historians, but I am responding to them as an artist,” said Huber. Artist brings a splash of colour to Pompeii and Herculaneum | The Guardian
07182018 La Gavitella, a few beaches up the coast from Positano.  The restaurant boat will pick you up at the beach club dock for yet another really sweet ride.  And the quality of the food even surpasses the commute – super fresh seafood, a great version of mozzarella al limone, and the grilled vegetables (mamma mia!) — plus a nice local wine list.  Don’t miss the cuttlefish with potatoes, a house specialty. Jetset Guide to the Amalfi Coast & Rome |  Wine with Dinner
07192018 A good base for exploring the rest of the region! Nearby, Santa Maria di Castellabate is popular with tourists for its white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and picturesque cliffs overlooking the sea. The neighbouring hamlet of Lago is particularly suitable for families, with excellent facilities, beaches and parks equipped for children. Cilento: Italy's untouched gem | The Straits Times
07202018 The movie Under the Tuscan Sun is based on Frances Mayes´ best-selling memoir of the same name. One of my favourite scenes is when the elegant Diane Lane arrives to Positano in order to surprise Marcello. In the pier, she calls over a policeman to ask if he could drive her through the town. You will love to hear the scene was filmed on a balcony at Hotel California. Under The Tuscan Sun Film locations - Positano | Pineappleislands
07212018  I highly recommend wasting as much time as possible at Da Gemma, a high ranking Italian restaurant worth the money. With an elegant indoor seating area and calm yet beautiful outdoor area, the ambiance was perfectly balanced. All the waiters are highly educated on all matters associated with the restaurant and food so don’t be scurd add to ask questions. Southern Italy Itinerary | SUNDAiLOVE
07222018 The Amalfi Coast is a popular side trip out of Rome, and for a good reason. The cliff-perched villages and umbrella strewn beaches are straight out of a postcard. Day trip to Positano from Rome | Newlyfleds
07232018 Aglianico wines are known for strikingly savory flavors of leather, white pepper, black fruits and cured meat that when aged, develop soft dusty aromas of dried figs and sun-tanned leather. For those of us who are a fan of rustic, earth-driven wines, Aglianico is a star. Understanding Aglianico Wine: Italy’s Next Red | Wine Folly
07242018 Aglianico throws an awkward ‘G’ in the works in an effort to thwart any attempt at sounding like a smart alec when asking for a bottle. Aglianico can offer you a seriously meaty red, boasting all sorts of dark fruit and savoury flavours, for a very reasonable price. The grape’s name is supposedly a corruption of the word Hellenic, or at least Ellenico which is Italian for Hellenic, as it was supposedly brought over by the Greeks when they ruled this part of the world. Best wines to try: It might be difficult to say but Aglianico worth seeking out | Belfast Live
07252018 The ancient Pallagrello Nero grape is one of Campania's most recent rescues and this bottling is the work of Giovanni Ascione, once Neapolitan wine journalist, then founder and vignaiolo of Nanni Copè winery (based on a childhood nickname) in Pallagrello Nero's hometown, the Campanian province of Caserta. Italy By The (Wine) Glass: Pallagrello Nero From Campania | Forbes
07262018 Disappearing for over 1700 years, ancient literature’s most famous wine – Farlernum – was revived here on the volcanic hillside vineyards of Villa Matilde in the 1970s. Indeed, wine is the beating heart of culture and tradition in Campania. And Villa Matilde warmly invites you to fully experience the flavours of a by-gone era and the finest culinary traditions of the region. 14 Romantic Trips for Wine Lovers - Tours, Tasting & Titillation | The Romantic Tourist
07272018 Buca di Bacco Restaurant: $$$ Ask for a table on their rooftop terrace with great views of the town and ocean. At Positano lemon granitas & limoncello are the best in Italy’s Amalfi Coast region and are a must try! The Globe Seeker's Guide to Positano | Girl Seeks Globe
07282018 Just beyond Ravello, a less touristy town Scala is located. It is a sleepy town, set 400m above sea level and is the oldest town on the Amalfi Coast. As the former outpost for the Amalfi Coast, there are many remaining palazzi (palaces) and a large duomo from the 12th century. It is a great place for people who enjoy hiking or would like to experience traditional daily life. DIY Amalfi Coast Itinerary - Positano, Amalfi & Ravello | Maketimetoseetheworld
07292018 Liquid Art Systems is a gallery I first spotted in Positano, but they have several in Capri as well. You’ll see a giant outdoor installation of a woman in a swim cap and intertube constructed by sculpture artist Carole Feureman who is from Connecticut. This is right in the center of town and you can also visit a couple of their galleries as you walk closer towards the beach. How To Visit Capri In 72 Hours | Chekmark Eats
07302018 I got this white top (sold out, similar) a while ago and had been dying to wear it! Positano seemed like the perfect place for it. Positano, Italy | Barefoot Blonde
07312018 Today, the Bay of Naples is littered with the ruins of large villas and their opulent gardens, buried and preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79.  Two of the best-preserved gardens are found at the Villa of Poppaea and the Villa Arianna, located at Oplontis and Stabiae, respectively. These grand spaces contained porticoes, footpaths, fountains, and a variety of trees. Villa Gardens | Archeology

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