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01012019 My holidays on a green island – 19 miles from the city of Naples – as water is the element of my zodiacal sign and fire the ascendant.  All the benefits of the thermal waters on Ischia have high mineral salt content and are very hot. South of Italy; Naples My City – That´s real amore! | King Goya Travel Magazine
01022019 Cartaromana for the elegance and have dinner in a restaurant near the sea, the best one for me is “Eden Garden” – Via Nuova Cartaromana, 62 – in front of the suggestive Aragonese’s Catle. Best place after dinner is Sorgeto, here you find a natural pool with sea-water thermal, and in the night you can swim under the stars. Carla about Ischia; My perfect island for holiday | King Goya Travel Magazine
01032019 The history of Maison Cilento is rooted in the 18th century, and started with textile industry tradesmen and entrepreneurs from the area around Salerno; it developed in the early 1900s in the Campanian capital, with the inauguration of the boutique and tailor’s located in Palazzo d’Aquino di Caramanico. Maison Cilento in Naples: tailoring and tradition | Italian Ways 01042019 What you really want is calm – and that’s exactly what we experienced at Napoli’s Hotel Micalo. The bedding too is a soft and warm bespoke design chosen by Michelle, the breakfast set is again another local design which you’ll find yourself not wanting to put down, not forgetting the soft olive oil-based soaps that too have been made with the Naples area. Private, Small, Personal – Our Love for Hotel Micalo, Naples | Slow Vegan Travel
01052019 In the heart of Campania region you will find some of the best Italian wineries, one of which is Mastroberardino. Enjoy the full experience of the tasting, tour and lunch (4 course meal with wine pairing) at their gourmet restaurant Morabianca. The restaurant is set in captivating surroundings where you can rediscover the beauty of nature and savoir traditional foods and genuine local cuisine. Wine Tours | Swirl the Glass
01062019 For a long time mistaken for the most well known Coda di Volpe, the vine Caprettone came to prominence in 2014 with the inclusion of the variety in the national register of vine varieties (Mipaaf), capturing the attention of many sommeliers and connoisseurs, who are effectively contributing to the positioning of wine in major international markets. Caprettone, Lo "Scugnizzo Doc" Vesuvius |
01072019 In Naples we took the time to see some crafts outside of menswear - in this case, jewellery. Barbarulo in its modern incarnation is closely associated with menswear. It is best known for cufflinks, and its Italian site is actually called - the Italian for cufflinks. Barbarulo 1894 – Neapolitan handmade jewellery | Permanent Style
01082019 We offer Italian-themed photo booths and props, limoncello carts, pre or post-wedding vineyard tours, pizza making parties, sunset cruises and beach BBQs in the Bay of Marina del Cantone along the Amalfi Coast. The latter includes entrance to the beach club and transportation to and from Sorrento. That's amore: Citalia on its new Sorrento wedding product | Travel Trade Gazette
01092019 For the new collection Alessandro Michele and his Gucci design team were once again inspired by Italian and international cultural heritage. The famed Italian fashion brand has teamed up for the new shoot with the archaeological parks of Herculaneum and Pompeii for a shoot by photographer Harmony Korine. Lookbooks: Gucci Pre Fall 2019 collection | Design Scene
01102019 A few weeks ago I was in Sorrento in the spectacular Hotel Parco dei Principi to be exact. Of the many dishes I tried and admired, this Neapolitan classic - Candele Pasta alla Genovese - stood out.  I had a chance to hang out in the kitchen as the chef and brigade were plating up. Fantastic First, Chef Vincenzo Piacente, Gio Ponti Restaurant, Sorrento (Na) | andiamotrips
01112019 Lucia Pica, looked to her home city of Naples and the ever-changing landscape and history. It provided the mood for colours and techniques that offer a warm and rich approach to sunkissed beauty. The name Neapolis – or ‘New City’ – reflects Naples’ origins as an ancient Greek colony clashing with contemporary lifestyle that Pica reflects in her choice of greens, yellows, golds, reds and blacks. First Look: Chanel Neapolis Makeup Range | Adam&Eve (a&e) Magazine
01122019 Hosting more than three thousand different species of plants. You won’t believe how green and luxuriant the flowers and fruits can be in cold times. Between January and February you can see camellias blossom and soon after the oriental magnolias will turn the Gardens into a real fairy-tale location. Why you should visit La Mortella Gardens in winter | Platypus Tour  - Experiential tourism
01132019 If there in winter (we visited in early December — highly recommended!) I would not miss the local broccoi, called friarelli. Unlike any broccoli, broccolini, or broccoli rape I ever tried, this delicous green was sauteed with olive oil and garlic. I could have eaten a whole bowl. 12 Must Try Foods in Naples –  Eat Like a Local in Naples | Spanish Sabores
01142019 In Campania, they use a local squash called cocozza, which looks rather like a butternut squash with variegated green skin. Rather than cooking the pasta separately, water is added to the sautéed squash to make a kind of broth in which the pasta cooks and absorbs the flavor and color of the vegetable. Pasta con la zucca alla napoletana (Pasta with Winter Squash, Naples-Style) | Memorie di Angelina
01152019 FAI, in collaboration with the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina, is promoting a training course targeting mainly foreign citizens on Neapolitan history and artistic and historical heritage. Starting from the works of the Museo Madre collection, the course aims to train new artistic-cultural mediators. Migrants to be guides at Naples' Museo Madre | ANSAmed
01162019 There is a mild climate here all year round, lush and wild nature, crystal clear sea, dream beaches, and picturesque centers; in essence, Ischia is a microcosm of environments that are anything but homogeneous, but of equal beauty. And if all this is added to the thermal waters, the true natural heritage of the island. Ischia island of well-being | Alitalia
01172019 Naples for a holiday, even in winter – actually, especially in winter – is amazing. I have a friend and client, an Arab prince, who recently came for the first time in 10 years in wintertime and found it truly splendid; he said he couldn’t wait to come back and tour all of the museums. A long weekend in Naples with Mariano Rubinacci | | How To Spend It
01182019 Nestled on the hilltop overlooking the southern Italian city of Naples, the Castel Sant’Elmo is a popular must-see destination for tourists. The handrail, affixed to the wall fence of the castle at one of its viewpoints, features a poetic description of the view in Braille. “It’s genius. It’s so simple, yet so beautiful because it allows people who are not able to see the view to experience it”. Braille Fence at Naples Castle Offers Stunning 'View' | OZY
01192019 San Marzanos are plum tomatoes named for the town of San Marzano, near Naples. They’re prized by pizzaioli and sauce aficionados for their unique balance of flavor and the fact that they contain fewer seeds than most tomatoes. The designation guarantees that tomatoes labeled San Marzanos were grown in the San Marzano region, under specific rules of production, including that they be hand-picked. Where an Entire Day's Worth of Food Came From | Grub Street
01202019 Shadowed by colossal Mount Vesuvius, Naples' close proximity to Pompeii's ruins and Capri's glassy beaches make it a convenient italian tourism hub. City Highlight: Naples | World Travel Guide
01212019 Lying quietly between the Neapolitan mainland and the tourist haven of Ischia, the unspoilt island of Procida is the Bay of Naples’ best-kept secret… Viewpoint: Procida | Italia! 01222019 It is more of a woodland garden with an exceptional collection of trees, including some immense cedars of Lebanon and some Australian trees in the Araucariaceae family. Into Naples for pizza and to see more great gardens | Steve Whysall
01232019 A visit to Irpinia means travelling through the province of Avellino that is home to Italy’s finest features: monuments, churches, traditional food and wine, and natural parks. Irpinia region is just at thirty-minute drive from Naples Capodichino airport and has a wide range of accommodation facilities, delicious local delicacies and Campanian excellence in the production of three DOCG wines (Taurasi, Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino). Surroundings | Irpinia Land | University of Salerno
01242019 Take a narrow alley that winds upwards and soon you breathe again. The best direction is east, towards Monte Tiberio, the 300-metre-high headland on which Emperor Tiberius spent his last days in an opulent villa. Capri, a magnet for sirens of both myth and the silver screen | Post Magazine
01252019 As a Venus ruled sign, Taurus loves to indulge in sensual pleasures like good food and drink. Additionally, Taurus is an Earth sign and is connected to nature - so they'll really enjoy the scenic views between the port city of Salerno and clifftop Sorrento as they wind past grand villas, terraced vineyards and cliffside lemon groves. Taureans belong in the Amalfi Coast: Astrologer reveals where you should travel to in 2019 according to your star sign | Daily Mail
01262019 Welcome to the stage, the Neapolitan Riviera. This part of south west Italy is a beautiful patchwork of sheer cliffs, charming fishing villages, fruit groves and verdant gardens. The Hotel Santa Caterina, on the Amalfi coast, has been run by the same family since its opening in 1904. A restful retreat awash with terraces, gardens and citrus groves. Seven of the best European resorts for total relaxation | The Telegraph
01272019 The Hotel San Francesco al Monte was built at the end of the 16th century as the Santa Lucia al Monte Monastery to house hundreds of monks. Twelve years ago, Mario Pagliari transformed the left wing of the vast building into a four-star residenza d’epoca by combining the original monk’s cells into just 45 rooms, all with a panoramic view of the Bay of Naples. Luxury Italy: Naples, the NOLA of Europe | Luxury Travel Advisor
01282019 Salernitan viticulture amongst climate change and protection of the landscape and also biodiversity. Conversation to talk about and also share ideas and also actions for the development of the territory as well as its denominations of origin. The Wine Of The Diver Between Archeology And The Mediterranean Diet | WineToday
01292019 Cumpa Cosimo - Probably one of the most well known and beloved people in Ravello is Neta, the owner and cook of this family run restaurant. Wooden tables and chairs, wine served in jugs and the best homemade food served by an Italian mother eager to spoil you. Hearty pasta dishes are hard to beat, and the Veal with Lemon is scrumptious. 7 Amalfi Coast Restaurants Foodies will Love | The Travel Cocktail
01302019 The brand “Finestre di Luce”, up with with the coolest trends,  an idea of Carolina, Grazia’s daughter, a fresh look, like the one of Carolina, but already recognizable and precise. With its characteristic Moorish windows, Grazia and Marica Vozza, it’s much more than a store . It is an atelier. Jewelry Design made in Capri | lespritdefinesse
01312019 Fits just as well in a sunny Island garden as well as in the cobblestone streets of your favorite Italian village. It’s a passeggiata eyecatcher! By the way, we customize these straw bags so you can have in also in black or with another quote. Perfect welcome bags for Italian weddings! Straw bag Dolce Vita! Custom for Italian strolls | Italian Summers!

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