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APRIL 2019


04012019 Set amidst lush greenery and an enchanting bay, is Ischia’s biggest thermal water park, named for the Greek God of the Sea. Taking the waters and soaking up the sun on Poseidon’s private beach is following a great tradition that stretches back over thousands of years of pleasure seekers. 10 Reasons to Experience Ischia, Italian Island of Legends and Love Stories | Fodor's
04022019 Meghan Markle grins while on holiday in Positano, Italy. Positano, Madrid and Ibiza…Here’s how to holiday like Meghan Markle (and what she packs in her suitcase) | The Sun
04032019 In his painstaking book Native Wine Grapes of Italy, Ian d'Agata wrote of aglianico: "Along with nebbiolo and sangiovese, it is generally believed to be one of Italy's three best wine grapes, but in my opinion, it is far more: At the very least, it's one of the world's dozen or so best wine grapes." Aglianico in its own right | The Business Times
04042019 Under Poosh’s health section — the site also touches on wellness, style, and home and entertaining — and in between posts covering ways to cut sugar from your life and the foods to flatten your belly is a list of organic wines worth trying. It spans regions to include both a cabernet sauvignon from Paso Robles and a falanghina from Italy’s Campania region that’s airy and packed with stone fruit notes. Kourtney Kardashian’s Organic Wine Recommendations Are  Good | Eater
04052019 His winemaking emphasizes indigenous yeasts, minimum intervention and low sulfites added at bottling. Cilento Aglianicos tend to be more approachable than the austere wines made in nearby Taurasi. A lover of jazz De Conciliis' Naima, an elegant Aglianico is named after a John Coltrane song, while Donnaluna, a play on the Charlie Parker/Miles Davis bebop jazz standard “Donna Lee”, is a zingy Aglianico with 10% Primitivo added in some years. The Soulful Wines of Bruno De Conciliis |
04062019 Bacchus amat colles, said Virgil, i.e. wine loves the hills.  Few places are as steep as the Amalfi Coast, with terraces on all potential exposures. These ancient terraces transcend the work of those who created them and have become the image of beauty.  The soils are mainly limestone, although in Tramonti they are sometimes covered with old lava from Vesuvius. The Amalfi Coast, the paradox of the terroir | Selectus Wines
04072019 A well made Greco di Tufo offers sublime minerality and plenty of power; it just doesn't show it in obvious ways. Greco also ages extremely well. At Pietracupa, winemaker Sabino Laffredo sums up Greco quite succinctly; "Greco is a profound wine." Underrated, Underappreciated and Underreported Italian Wines And Producers  | Forbes
04082019 Halaban collaborates with her subjects, lighting and directing the scenes, turning them into actors in their own homes, to create the images in Italian Views, recently published by Aperture. “Palazzo Donn’Anna, Naples.” Gail Albert Halaban's New Photo Book Offers View into the Windows of Italians | PDN Online
04092019 The white grapes for Villa Campagnano DOC Ischia Bianco Superiore Antonio Mazzella come from vineyards that climb up the aide of the mountain on the southern side of Ischia. The sun, salt and freshness in Antonio Mazzella wines | DoctorWine
04102019 Put your self-care higher on your priority list (if it’s not already), and practice to live in the moment; this will vastly improve your quality of life. Pause to be grateful. Acknowledge what satisfies you. Stop and smell the roses (seriously), or at the very least. [Location credit for this post is Villa Tre Ville, Positano.] Daily Habits To Lead A More Mindful Life | Poosh
04112019 Sepe is the fourth-generation owner of Antica Cantina Sepe, a small wine shop in the working-class neighborhood of Sanità. on a Thursday night, you will find people spilling out of the shop – it’s a veritable street party. This is Francesco’s “AperiSepe,” his take on a classic Italian aperitivo, an after-work ritual of drinks and snacks. Antica Cantina Sepe | Culinary Backstreets
04122019 All ingredients are top notch, Ciro is using the same super quality tomatoes (casa Marrazzo), extra virgin olive oil and cheeses he’s used to offer in Naples. Very well matched wine list, plus a good espresso. What are you waiting for? 50 Kalò London di Ciro Salvo | Gambero Rosso
04132019 The Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte in Naples presents an exhibition this week that looks at the explosive impact that the Baroque painter’s late works had on artists in the southern city.  Seven works by Caravaggio with 19 paintings by Baroque artists active in Naples during and after his time there, including Battistello Caracciolo, Louis Finson and Jusepe de Ribera. How Caravaggio brought naturalism to Naples | The Art Newspaper
04142019 While ferries buzz in from the islands of Capri and Ischia, just off the coast. Watch the world go by with an ice cream in your hand – or simply sunbathe on the special floating decks created for the sun-worshipping Italians. Sorrento | Food and Travel Magazine
04152019 The balmy 40° waters of the 22 swimming pools at the famous Giardini Poseidon are said to possess beneficial healing properties, whilst the myth goes that a dip in the picturesque springs of the Fonte Delle Ninfe Nitrodi beautifies hair and skin. Wandering the rural paths that connect the towns of the island, it isn’t uncommon to come across white clay rocks emitting sulphurous steam jets. Travel: Ischia & Capri | Olivia Swash
04162019 Photographed by Tyrone LeBon over the course of several days in a private house on the Neapolitan island of Ischia, each image expresses a sense of intimacy, a summer spent on the coast of Italy. Bottega Veneta’s SS19 Campaign | Flaunt
04172019 As you approach the stone breakwaters separating the sea from the yacht-studded harbour. Azure blue contrasts sharply with a white-dominant town rising up a stony cliff. Brilliant blues will tempt you in the island of Capri | 100cobbledroads
04182019 Fontanavecchia’s success is the result of selecting the best grapes in the vineyard and winemaking carried out with the support of enologist Angelo Pizzi, a Falanghina expert. The wine speaks to the nature of the vintage, with a subtle and lingering range of aromas from green tea to mountain herbs. Wine buy of the month: Fontanavecchia Falanghina del Sannio 2017 | Gambero Rosso
04192019 Delia’s restaurant is mercifully open in spring, but only in the afternoon – which is arguably the best time to eat there, given the view from the stone terrace over orchards on one side and the Tyrrhenian Sea on the other. Weeks later I’m still dreaming of the mixed fish antipasti. Weekend Wanderlust: Simple pleasures in Cilento, home of Italy’s Mediterranean diet | The Local
04202019 It can take a while to walk through and see the Royal Apartments at Caserta Palace – although not quite as long as I expected. You see, the building has five floors and 1200 rooms! However, the section that is open to the public is only a fraction of that – about one quarter of one floor. Visiting Caserta Palace | Time Travel Turtle
04212019 The modern version of pastiera was probably invented in a Neapolitan convent. And while the cake is certainly beloved its deep, rich flavour, it’s also highly prized for its symbolic value. The main ingredients - whole wheat berries, ricotta, eggs and orange flower water (or zest) are staples of Napoli cooking, and the wheat and eggs symbolise the new life we celebrate at Easter. From an ancient goddess and convent kitchens, a beloved Easter dessert | SBS
04222019 The heart of everything is Candida (that means “white” in Italian), a small Irpino village of 1,100 inhabitants. There, the wineyard soil is pure, calcareous, always suited to the production of Fiano grapes. Amazing Fiano experience by Maura Sarno from Irpina Land in Southern Italy | TheWineReporter
04232019 Hidden within the maze of wholesale warehouses in the industrial area of Gianturco, to the east of city, is the historical Stingo ceramics workshop. Family-run since the 1700s, it is the last Naples producer of the original Majolica tiles. The local’s guide to Naples’ art scene: 10 top tips | The Guardian
04242019 On this organic farm in Italy’s Campania region, you can taste cheese and meet the cows who produce it. They live a very nice life which includes eating clover and getting massages. 8 Off-the-Beaten-Path Italian Experiences You Must Have| Postcard Academy
04252019 Multicolored braids, scaly legs, green eyes, and a smiling face is the mascot of the Summer Universiade 2019: the siren Partenope. The sports event will be held in the Campania region between July 3 and July 14. Universiade: siren Partenope named mascot | ANSAmed
04262019  Acquera Yachting has announced that it has been granted the commercial rights to manage the superyacht berths in Casamicciola Marina, as well as the sole helipad on Ischia Island. The marina, a 15-minute flight from Capodichino Naples, has 158 berths that can accommodate yachts up to 90m. Acquera Yachting awarded the commercial management of Ischia Island | SuperyachtNews
04272019 Sea views are on offer at this Capri villa by architect Francesco Della Femina, which sits on the slopes of Mount Solaro looking out towards Vesuvius. A clifftop villa with sea views hits the market on the island of Capri | TheSpacesmag
04282019  So the Unesco-listed Royal Palace of Caserta (Reggia di Caserta) is what happened when an Italian King visited France, sighted Versailles and decided he wanted to build a palace so grand that it becomes the largest building in 18th century Europe resulting in an Italy v’s France showdown. Places: The Royal Palace of Caserta | Yumi and Achille
04292019 From the minds behind Il Pellicano’s Tuscan resurgence comes a new project: a stunning seaside hotel on the island of Ischia built around a 400-year-old watch tower. Inside the Retro Charm of an Italian Island’s Chicest Hotel | The Wall Street Journal
04302019  In Cilento, dried biscuits are used to make a bread salad called Aquasale, a name which reveals the clever origins of these biscuits.  Women in Southern Italian coastal villages would twice bake halves of bread so that their husbands could take them along on their fishing boats. The biscuits were easily carried and then when it was time to eat, they could simply dip them in the salty sea. Acquasale: Bread and Tomato Salad | Feast on History

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