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06012019 Atrani deserves a mention as one of the beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast. The village is firmly wedged between 2 hills that run along the Dragone River, which as you have guessed means Dragon River. Naturally, there is also a legend about a fire-breathing dragon that would spend hisdayshiding there. You Must See These Beautiful Places On The Amalfi Coast | Gastrotravelogue
06022019 Since AD 79, the volcano has also erupted repeatedly. There have been no eruptions since 1944, and none of the eruptions after AD 79 were as large or destructive as the Pompeian one. Aerial shot of Mount Vesuvius, 9 km east of Naples, Italy | reddit
06032019 I planned a nine-day trip to Naples, Capri, Amalfi and Rome. Why an old-fashioned European honeymoon beats Indian Ocean insta-bliss | The Telegrap
06042019 The Baia castle is one of the few places in Europe where very small areas infused archaeology, history, myths, and even Geology! It stands on the Western extremity of the Bay of Naples at Capo Miseno near Cuma, the first permanent Greek colony on the Apennine Peninsula. The Museum of the Phlegraean fields in the Castle of Baia|
06052019 When you think eating healthy is a punishment, that means you have never been at Mangiafoglia. A place where the vegeratian tradition made in Campania is made by vegetables from Vesuvio. Mangiafoglia | The Sooper
06062019 This claim draws on the distinctive U of Universiade and the fact that once you set foot in Napoli, it is a unique city. It cannot be forgotten that setting up the Athletes’ Village on cruise ships is something that has never happened before for a major international multi-sport event. Tradition and innovation set to converge at Summer Universiade 2019 | FISU
06072019 Use Naples as a starting point to embark on a scenic road trip from Sorrento to Salerno along the Amalfi Coast, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique blend of cultural riches and extraordinary landscapes. O Solo Mio: United To Operate Direct Flights to Naples | Forbes
06082019 Refugees and asylum seekers from a hosting and reception center in the Italian city Caserta received training. As part of the special project "Pizza against racism", Ouattara together with other pizza chefs and a group of 20 migrants from the local SPRAR, was invited to take part in a training at Gino Sorbillo's pizzeria, one of Naples' iconic pizza places. Migrants learn the art of pizza-making at popular restaurant in Naples | InfoMigrants
06092019 Crunchy deliciousness when it comes to streetfood, from stuffed courgette flowers to alici fritti (fried anchovies) and crocche’ di patate, essentially fried mashed potato. I urge you to try anything and everything you encounter battered and fried. Naples Food Map: where and how to eat in Italy’s culinary capital | Spectator Life
06102019 Campania, where Vesuvius remains an explosive threat and in the meantime turns out some of the nation's most unusual wines. Why Italy's Volcanoes Matter To Its Wines | Forbes
06112019 Away from the busy beach towns and thermal spas that have lured Europeans for generations. We passed vineyards, lemon trees, palms and pines, bougainvillea pouring over walls built centuries ago from blocks of porous volcanic rock, or tufa, fitted together so perfectly they didn’t even require mortar. Here’s How to Plan a Trip to Naples and Ischia | Travel + Leisure
06122019 Rihanna was also seen enjoying some water sports the day before in Capri, zooming across the sea on a motorboat-led raft. These shoes aren't made for boating! Rihanna slips off her precarious platforms to board her luxury yacht in Positano | Daily Mail
06132019 The two wines that really illustrate the potential of Cenatiempo great winemaking on this small island are the Kalimera Biancolella sourced from an old parcel of Biancolella at high elevation and also the small production Forastera bottling w6hich is more reminiscent of a mountain wine from the north. Cenatiempo | Polaner Selections
06142019 Goodbye Ischia and let's all put pen for a great welcome to Iskiah! Some locals at the island and marketing experts in Naples made this change of name because they mean this writing retouch is necessary to facilitate a correct pronunciation – and still recognizable. Hear The Sound of Iskiah and New Magic Name | King Goya Travel Magazine
06152019 Guests still come for the sea views and the thermal spa—one of the largest in the region—where the island’s mineral-rich thermal waters and mud are used for treatments. Today’s guests can take an aperitivo in the bar, enjoy meals at the Michelin-starred Indaco restaurant, and soak in the pools. The 7 Most Luxurious Suites on the Amalfi Coast | Architectural Digest
06162019 Belmond Villa Margherita, set in the hotel grounds but with its own private gardens, has two master suites with frescoed ceilings, a vast living-dining-lounging room with tall French doors opening onto mint costiera vistas. Amalfi Coast villa with glamour to spare | How To Spend It
06172019 The white interior is shaped with Moorish arches and curves, creating intimate pockets that perfectly frame views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Palazzo Avino exudes an understated elegance and glamour without ostentation or manufactured grandiosity. Living la dolce vita in a 12th-century palazzo on the Amalfi coast | The Australian Financial Review
06182019 Capri is an ancient island of two halves, Capri and Anacapri. I make a torta caprese in two layers. The lemon and chocolate cakes, united by almond, go beautifully together. Clams, baked bream and torta caprese: recipes for an Italian summer feast | The Guardian
06192019 First Dates Hotel is based once again in Southern Italy, specifically at the Aquapetra Resort and Spa in Campania. "This hotel has the perfect mix of luxury and old-fashioned romance in arguably the most passionate country in the world.” What time is First Dates Hotel on Channel 4 tonight, who is host Fred Siriex and where is the show filmed? | The Sun
06202019 This linguine from Rummo is the company’s “No. 13,” which refers to the bronze die they use to make the pasta. (Most of the brands on the list use bronze dies for their pastas.) They use durum wheat and “the purest water from the Sannio valley,” according to the website. 11 Best Gourmet Pastas You’ll Love (2018) |
06212019 High up on a hill on the fringes of the city is the Museo di Capodimonte, filled with traditional Neapolitan painting and sculpture, as well as works from Italian greats such as Caravaggio and Titian. The terracotta palace is just as beautiful on the outside, with palm trees swaying gently on the lawn, and the terrace offers a smasher of a view across the city. Why you should visit Naples this summer | The Independent
06222019 La Guardiense "Janare Senete" Falanghina del Sannio DOC. Made from the ancient Italian grape variety Falanghina by one of the largest co-operative wineries in Italy. This crisp white offers the best of both worlds — the patio-perfect appeal of a quaffable quencher as well as the depth, concentration and complexity of a serious dinner party wine. New releases: Five spectacular and undervalued wines | The
06232019 Utilizing as natural and sustainable practices as possible in the vineyard, Fulvio and Imma Cautiero pay careful attention to the surrounding flora and fauna, wildlife, soils, and climatic influences, in each step they take. Cautiero Azienda Agricola 2014 Trois Sannio Greco DOC Review | The Wine Spies
06242019 Procida has pioneered electric bicycles, or e-bikes. Wherever you walk, the swift, almost silent machines breeze past, their riders relaxed and upright, cruising up the kind of hills that would have seen the hero of "Il Postino" give up and walk. An electric revolution on Procida, the Italian island time forgot | CNN
06252019 An hour and a half later, I pulled into Forio, on Ischia’s western coast, and spotted the Pensione Di Lustro, the couple’s former residence, just opposite the small, palm-tree lined harbor. “It is the pleasantest pensione in Forio, an interesting bargain, too,” wrote Capote in his 1949 essay “Ischia.” Retracing Truman Capote’s Moment in the Mediterranean Sun | The New York Times
06262019 For the first time the Morra Greco Collection will be shown in Naples, through curatorial approaches and focusing on the single artists, aside the residency program and commissioned productions, starting with artists Jimmie Durham, Peter Bartoš and Henrik Håkansson. The Beneficial Catastrophe of Art | NERO Editions
06272019 We've traveled all over the world, and Ischians are some of the kindest people on the planet. Before the tourist boom almost 50 years ago, Ischia was a poor island where the people got by with very little and formed a very tight-knit community. 9 Reasons Ischia Should Be Your Summer Vacation Destination | Allure
06282019 Biancolella is a white variety planted near the sea in Campania, most notably on the island of Ischia. The variety has high acidity and offers aromas and flavors of lemon, citrus and candied fruit; the wines have a saltiness and distinct minerality; the wines are generally not oak aged. Italy's Indigenous Varieties - Part One | Forbes
06292019 "Bicento" is the name of this important red wine, which translated literally means “twice 100”. It is named as such because the grapes for this wine come from 200-year-old ungrafted vines that are grown on volcanic soils on the Taurasi hills, 500 metres above sea level. Nativ Bicento 2013 (Campania) - Wine Review | Vintages Wine Picks & Reviews
06302019 On the fitness influencer's page, the star reveals they are staying in a hilltop private apartment in the town of Ravello, which has its own swimming pool, huge sun terrace with panoramic views and even a mini maze in the garden. Inside Lucy Mecklenburgh and Ryan Thomas' romantic Amalfi Coast getaway |


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