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JULY 2019


07012019 It’s just full of life with locals enjoying the ritual passeggiata, groups of youngsters chatting and and tourists getting a real feel for the town. Make sure you arrive in time for an aperitivo at the little kiosk of Santa Teresa beach for a spritz with a view. What to see in Salerno, the gateway to the Amalfi Coast | My Italian Diaries
07022019 The exhibit includes Panathenaic Amphorae, vessels decorated with representations of different sports disciplines, frescoes of the Vesuvian cities with depictions of fights and chariot races, marble sculptures of athletes and inscriptions from ancient Naples. MANN takes the field for Napoli 2019: the "Paideia" exhibition | Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade
07032019 The San Paolo stadium is transformed into a great gulf. The gulf and the Vesuvius, water and fire, represent the main elements of the stage set. The seating area for the athletes is set up in the shape of a big U. University Games 2019 Opening Ceremony: Live Stream and How to Watch Summer Universiade Napoli |
07042019 The imposing Sacra Famiglia church was originally built in the 15th century in the city’s historical centre but now sits proudly in the well-maintained neighbourhood. It was moved there brick by brick in 1934 – a gift from the Catholic Church – and contains the Eternal Father, the only other work in Naples by Sanmartino, sculptor of the famous Veiled Christ. Tunnel visions | Big Issue North
07052019 This Sorrento-style cannelloni recipe is Italian comfort food at its best, with roasted peppers and aubergines nestling against gooey fior di latte cheese. Sorrento-style cannelloni | Great Italian Chefs
07062019 Calling on locally-sourced ingredients and a bounty of produce grown on site the newly-appointed head chef delivers traditional cuisine with a contemporary twist. Indulge in freshly grilled fish, homemade pasta and seasonal dishes in Al Mare as the sea laps against the coast right under your feet. Hotel Santa Caterina Amalfi: When life gives you lemons | The London Economic
07072019 A special netting for their best vineyards used for their Taurasi DOCG wines which would not affect the sunlight or aeration yet could be pulled down when their was a threat of hail during the spring. Also, the netting can be pulled all the way back so it does not collapse from too much snow collecting during the winter. Bringing Engineering To Volcanic Wines In Campania, Italy | Forbes
07082019 I enjoyed Pompeii but found everything to look the same after a while. Herculaneum is completely different. I literally walked into every single courtyard, house, and ruin that I could when there. Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Herculaneum from Naples | Megan Starr
07092019 The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for a reason! It’s so romantic and charming. The cobblestone streets and cozy restaurants– ahh it’s like a movie! the amalfi coast vs santorini & mykonos - which vacation was better? | Katie's Bliss
07102019 While Zimmermann dresses usually take center stage at any event, it was the exquisitely designed tables and lemon arbor that stole the show. Chic in Capri | Habitually Chic
07112019 What makes Naples’ nightlife cool is not a slew of hipster bars furnished with pallet furniture and bare light bulbs, but the very absence of these kind of places. Italy’s coolest city: why Naples is the place to be right now | Lonely Planet
07122019 Naples is now humming with visitors. In this Mediterranean capital watched over by the still-kicking Vesuvius volcano, tourist numbers have more than doubled since 2010. 36 Hours in Naples, Italy | The New York Times
07132019 Trekking through Naples, Italy as the Palace crew does in this lookbook captured by famed photographer Juergen Teller. Palace Skateboards Summer 2019 Lookbook | The Source Magazine
07142019 It's the perfect spot to strike a pose, take a selfie, and get the all-important food shots all in one place. The #Positano hashtag has been in the captions of more than 1.5 million Instagram posts, and that's without mentioning the times it has been tagged as a location. Positano — the colorful, Instagram-famous town on Italy's Amalfi Coast | Business Insider
07152019 If there’s one place to enjoy a quintessential summer holiday, it’s in the south. Eat the best bruschetta at Ristorante Pizzeria Aglio olio & Pomodoro. A photographer’s guide to southern Italy | Vogue Australia
07162019 Probably the best beach club in Ischia, Bagno Teresa is also a great bar and restaurant spot; think of it as a high-end one-stop-shop. Midweek, it’s all about romance – but that changes as soon as the weekend hits. Where to Drink + Dance in Ischia, Italy | SUITCASE Magazine
07172019 The narrow road follows a 32 mile stretch of coastline along the steep and precipitous edge of the Sorrentine Peninsular. In parts it’s cut out of vertical cliff faces which plunge into the sea below. The Amalfi Coast: a manic, yet spectacular coastal ride | Adventure Bike Rider
07182019 The coastal region of Campania has long produced some of the south’s most stunning white wines. The whites are generally made from Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Falanghina grapes and the local, coastal breezes keep these wines’ flavor profiles refreshing and saline. Southern Italy Some Stunning White Wines | Forbes
07192019 Italy’s latest hotspot. Ischia is becoming known for its thermal spas (the island has over 100 thermal springs), spectacular coastline and designer shopping, making it a favourite among the fashion set. 12 unsung alternative European islands to head to this summer | EveningStandard
07202019 With more than 3 million people living in its surroundings, the province of Naples is the most densely populated volcanic area in the world — and this peculiarity has forged the spirit of the city and its inhabitants over the centuries. The awareness of sitting on a time bomb makes life slower. Lands of Fire | Italics Magazine
07212019 A gentle coastal landscape, mountains, impressive gorges, wild rivers and wide plains – the northern Cilento area offers a variety of attractive hiking trails. The northern Cilento: Hiking – culture & cuisine included | Cilentano - Natürlich Süditalien!
07222019 Paestum is also home to a cluster of buffalo farms that produce Italy’s best mozzarella di bufala. Cilento, South Italy, the hidden treasure | Vittorio Sciosia
07232019 Biancolella grapes thrive on the island’s volcanic soil and the result is an assertively flinty white wine. September is wine festival month on Ischia and Casa D’Ambra welcomes visitors from all over the world. Phlegraean Islands: Ischia Highlights | Italia Magazine
07242019 The aqueduct Carolino or Vanvitelli was time off for the longest bridge in Europe, with its length of 41 kilometres. Had, indeed, the task of bringing the water from the foot of Mount Taburno (Benevento) up of the Royal Palace of Caserta. The conduit, long 1,2 meters high and 1,3 meters, It is marked by 67 torrini, with a square plan and pyramidal constructions. The aqueduct of Vanvitelli | Unesconet
07252019 Napoli is a city that loves people. It reminds me of Africa because of all of the warmth. My neighbors, they consider me like a son. Since I have been in Napoli, I am like another man. I am really at peace. We Are All Brothers | The Players' Tribune
07262019 Underneath the old buildings, flanking the roads, there are still Greek and Roman remains with their own stories to tell. And the stories told by the guide embrace 2500 years of intrigues, plots, murders, “monacielli” and poltergeist. The Greek-Roman ancient town of Neapolis | Elite Italian Guides
07272019 Borgo La Pietraia enjoys a majestic panorama of mountains and sea. It is a true paradise insulated with pomegranate and olive trees and scented by hedges of bay leaves, rosemary and other Mediterranean herbs and flowers. Paint and sketch on the Amalfi and Cilento coasts with a small group of fellow artists. | Feast on History
07282019 While Pompeii was a living, breathing metropolis, Herculaneum was a resort town for the Roman elite, Michele explained. I visited Pompeii and its less touristy sister town Herculaneum in a day, and the experiences couldn't have been more different | Business Insider
07292019 Even if visiting art museums isn’t quite your thing, I defy you not to gasp when you see The Veiled Christ laid out in the middle of the old chapel. It is chillingly lifelike and you can only wonder how the artist who created it managed to get the effect of seeing the form of Christ through a semi-transparent veil — all chiselled from a lump of marble. Take advantage of the direct flights from Cork and visit Naples | Irish Examiner
07302019 On July 13, China·Chengdu Panda Café, a café featuring panda elements, officially debuts in Naples, Italy. The café has quickly conquered the palate of local citizens and many people crowded in it to taste the unique “Chengdu Flavor” coffee. China·Chengdu Panda Café Officially Opens in Naples, Italy | Business Wire
07312019 Sant’Ambrogio is a hugely significant discovery in Byzantine heritage and a stunning example that illuminates this fascinating period in history. It deserves wider recognition so that more visitors to the Lombard region discover Montecorvino Rovella and its rich heritage for themselves. Byzantine expert visits Italy to help put heritage site on the map | University of Birmingham

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