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08012019 Seen from Camaldoli, the suburban sprawl of greater Naples sits atop a massive volcanic caldera that may be poised to erupt. Posillipo Hill, the dark ridge on the left, is part of the wall of the caldera, which stretches 12 kilometers across. A massive volcano beneath Italy is stirring | Discover Magazine
08022019 The hot springs of Ischia have been drawing visitors for centuries, and Il Mezzatorre’s wellness centre channels the restorative powers of the local water and mud. Il Mezzatorre hotel takes over a 16th-century watchtower on the Italian island of Ischia | The Spaces
08032019 Hotel Villa Franca’s ultra-swanky restaurant, Li Galli is quite frankly the very best fine dining experience to be had on the Amalfi Coast at the moment. Hurry and go now before Michelin catches on and reservations become impossible—there are only about 20 covers after all. This Chic Hilltop Hotel Is Positano's Best-Kept Secret | Forbes
08042019 Today, reggae sounds live in spaces such as Scugnizzo Liberato, a former nunnery and juvenile detention centre in Naples’ hilly Montesanto district. I pass through a graffiti-covered entrance and enter a courtyard full of the laughter of a group from Cape Verde playing football while kids play outside a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple. ‘Here, you fight for your life’: how reggae brought hope to Naples | The Guardian
08052019 World-class vineyards thrive at the foot of Italy's Mount Vesuvius. There are hundreds of varieties native to this region, where wine has been made for 9,000 years. Campania's world-class white wines | SFGate
08062019 Go cave-swimming, or just drop anchor (drop anchor! Imagine! Saying ‘drop anchor’ in real life!) by one of the many seaside resorts and silently hang out with the plethora of other boats stopping for a lunchtime ocean picnic. I survived the hydrofoil to Ischia to tell the tale | Lonely Planet
08072019 The botanical garden host 300 species of plants and flowers . Surrounded by greenery and many different fragrances you will also have the opportunity to taste typical infusions, macerates and biscuits. Salerno – “Minerva’s Gardens” | Petros Room
08082019 “The essential Mediterranean diet has not changed, and will never change,” Dr. Roberts said. “Wine never dies out, bread never dies out, and olives continue.” Stuffed Dormouse and Fish Gut Sauce: The Flavors of Pompeii | The New York Times
08092019 The Castello Aragonese perched on a rocky islet connected to Ischia by a bridge. Watch the sun set in a pyrotechnic blaze of colour as you wiggle your toes in the sand at a beachside restaurant, all the while sipping some fine wine. Here's Your Guide To The Ideal Italian Beach Vacay | Outlook Traveller
08102019 On the weekends Mamma Rita would take me down the peninsula, to Vico Equense or Sorrento. From that parallel reality, the gulf showed its true colors. Dark as squid ink and sweet-smelling, it truly was a black pearl, so beautiful that it made me feel sad. It was a reaction I couldn’t explain…or even admit to in such fashionable spots. Il mare di Castellammare / The sea in Castellammare | Heddi Goodrich
08112019 Directly in front of the shop, the Tyrrhenian Sea stretches westward to the horizon, and it's in these waters that Donatella's husband, and about a dozen local fishermen use menaica nets to catch mature alici, or anchovies. The Menaica Nets of Italy's Cilento Coast Saveur
08122019 After a quick breakfast, we set off along the coast. After about an hour, we arrived in Amalfi, stunningly located on coastal cliffs. Near Salerno, we decided to turn to the Italian mainland and use toll highways, where most fast chargers are located. Seasides & Volcanoes — Electric Van Road Trip, Part 3 | Clean Technica
08132019 Archeologists discovered the objects in a horde hidden in a room in the Casa del Giardino. The esoteric collection belonged to a low-born Roman or even a slave who used it for casting spells and engaging in rituals linked to fertility, seduction, child birth and marriage. Archaeologists in Pompeii find amulets and charms that may have been used by Roman sorcerer | The Telegraph
08142019 Everyone’s heard of the magnificent Isle of Capri, but the nearby Phlegraean Islands, formed by volcanic activity, are home to the brightly coloured town of Procida – a photographers delight. 18 beautiful seaside towns in Italy | Vogue Australia
08152019 Years ago Riccardo Faggiano opened this modern restaurant, following in the restaurateur footsteps of generations before him. The welcomes given here are even more memorable than the food, and the food is pretty hard to beat. They've taken the very best of local produce from tuna and anchovies to tomatoes and lemons. Vietri sul Mare: The undiscovered Amalfi Coast | CNN Travel
08162019 Top chefs feed the crowds at this year’s Festa a Vico: a salt cod sfogliatella, topped with purple potato and roe – a pleasure to destroy. Anchovy liquor and baby octopus: Food secrets of the Amalfi coast | The Independent
08172019 On the hillside overlooking the historic city center, the Hotel San Francesco al Monte is in a former 16th-century monastery. The hotel has 45 elegant guestrooms—once the monks’ chambers—each with a sea view. Best Hotels in Naples, Italy | Forbes
08182019 Feudi di San Gregorio has revolutionized Campania wine production through their contemporary interpretations of the centuries-old winemaking traditions of Irpinia. And this eye for the avant-guard, a fine-tuned ability to be stylish but never “trendy,” is seen most clearly on the labels and in the winery itself. Style and design in the world of wine | The Grand Wine Tour
08192019 They say when you come to Napoli you cry twice: once when you arrive and once when you leave. Lord knows, this city brought me to tears more than a few times. But I know a part of me will weep when we go. A dopo, Italia. Ci Vediamo, Napoli! | Little Girl, Big World 08202019 With a dramatic cliff-side setting, Monastero Santa Rosa has only 20 rooms and is still a bit of a secret address. Its most defining feature is the large infinity pool carved into the rock that seems to melt into the ocean in the distance. The 17 Best Hotel Pools in the World | Indagare
08212019 Designed by the architect Ludwig Van Wittel, who was later referred to as Vanvitelli, the palace was built in the mid-1700s. On a tour of the Palace of Caserta, you’ll find extravagant throne rooms and royal apartments, a theatre, and a stage that opens out into the surrounding park and is used for plays. 10 Old European Palaces You Can Visit Besides Versailles | The Travel
08222019 Here on the cliffs of Sorrento ancient Roman history has been merged with 19th century classical Roman architecture and the luxury trappings of a Relais & Chateaux resort. Under the guidance of the Russo family, this historic property has found a fabulous modern expression. Mimmo Jodice: Elegant fine dining at the Bellevue Syrene in Sorrento | Communities Digital News
08232019 This popular spot near Mergellina port in Naples first opened in 1840. Among the Sea Garden colorful umbrellas and beach huts and the half-ruins of Palazzo Donn’Anna, Lenù frolics in the sea, reads novels, and explores her sexuality with Antonio. 10 Filming Locations From the HBO Series ‘My Brilliant Friend’ in Naples | Fodors
08242019 At the end of World War II, Giovanni Russo founded his small winery.  This was a time when wine was transported by horse-drawn wagon to larger merchants, who supplied the larger shops and city restaurants. Today, Giovanni’s youngest son, Maurizio, runs the winery. Cantina del Vesuvio: My Italy Journey Continues with a Trip to the Lacryma Christi DOC |
08252019 Ischia immediately had us unwinding, and the Mezzatorre, with its lovely staff clad in bespoke safari-style fatigues and guests all sporting Sciò’s recent Birkenstock collaboration, felt like the most stylish summer camp imaginable. A Guide to Ischia, the Italian Island With Healing Hot Springs and a Dreamy New Hotel | Vogue
08262019 The Holy Wisdom Church is one of the most beautiful and original religious building of ltalian Middle Ages. The ancient façade of the church remembers a military Lombard tent. Walking from the centre of it, you can cross an hexagon with six columns decorated by ancient Capitals, to a decagon of eight columns, each of them parallel to the corresponding perimetrical wall. Benevento: Longobards in Italy. The places of power (568-774 d.C.) | Mirabilia
08272019 A resort town approximately 30km from Naples on Italy’s caldera-peppered west coast that catered to the whims of poets, generals and everyone in between. Powerful statesmen built luxurious villas on its beach, with heated spas and mosaic-tiled pools where they could indulge their wildest desires. Ancient Rome Had a Sin City at the Bottom of the Sea | BBCTravel
08282019 In Italy, happiness is dolce far niente, sweet idleness: second scoop of gelato, the strong caffè, the time with family and friends. Our readers savor the smaller moments—inhaling the lemony aroma of the seaside town of Sorrento. The Traveler’s Guide to Happiness | AFAR
08292019 Colatura is produced across the village of Cetara, but Nettuno's version can't be beat. "It's owned by a guy named Giulio Giordano, an expert who's been making colatura his whole life by carefully layering anchovies in salt by hand in wooden barrels topped with weighted lids and set aside to ageThe Best Anchovies, According to an Italian Food Expert |
08302019 Tenuta San Francesco in Tramonti: we began our journey wandering through the vines themselves while Cristian discussed the benefits of pergola cultivation, the weather and seasons dictating the conditions of a great wine, and the requirements for DOCG and DOC wines in Italy.  Swirl the Glass – Amalfi Coast Wine Tastings and Tours | GoodTravelerKarma
08312019 “Everything that is around you influences you. In Napoli, we have sun, sea." Luigi Madonna’s set at long-standing event series International Talent saw thousands savage the dancefloor at Arenile di Bagnoli. The music was solid but groove-laden, pared back but percussive, and made for the big stage. The techno sound of Naples |


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