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08012020 Yes, once upon a time at the San Pietro di Positano there were penguins, foxes, toucans, a myna bird, a magpie, parrots. Guests enjoyed the multiethnic bedlam, with inhabitants from the North Pole, Africa and Asia spread out through the gardens. Once upon another time | Il San Pietro di Positano
08022020 Jutted out into the bay of Sorrento is a little restaurant Zi’Ntonio Mare where you can enjoy the authentic seafood perfection. Try the calamari, olive bread, Il pesce San Pietro or homemade pasta with seafood. It’s a true epicurean delight! How to Plan the Perfect Trip to The Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, and Capri | Helene In Between
08032020 Set in old fishermen’s houses forged into the coastline, the Eaudesea Experience Rooms. Separate from the main hotel building, these rooms overlook La Gavitella Beach, where you’ll find a dedicated area for Casa Angelina guests. 20 of the world's best boutique hotels with standalone rooms | Small Luxury Hotels
08042020 Amongst age-old ferns, Saracenic towers, breathtaking views and the enchanting legends of Ulysses and the sirens serving as the perfect background. All of the starting points for these itineraries are easily reachable by Sita buses, the line covering the whole coastal area. Breathtaking trails on the Amalfi Coast | TIPSonNaples
08052020 Tu Vuò Fà L'Americano was written in 1956 by Renato Carosone. The version I’ve chosen here was recorded by Sophia Loren for the significantly worse set-in-Italy film, It Started in Naples (1960). For some reason I like listening to actors-who-sing-but-aren’t-singers. Italy: full of Italians | Marklands
08062020 "Coffee in Italy is not only a drink but it expresses a true culture, an entirely Neapolitan ritual that has given birth to traditions spread everywhere, such as that of caffè sospeso that evokes the sense of hospitality, solidarity and conviviality.” Italy applies to register the culture of Neapolitan espresso coffee on Unesco List | Comunicaffe
08072020 The enduring appeal of Naples as a source of inspiration and as a brand that sells – and sells well – on the world stage. The (pre-pandemic) rise of Gomorrah and Ferrante-related toursconfirm the allure of the dark side of Naples. From the Grand Tour to My Brilliant Friend: how Naples captured our imagination | The Conversation
08082020 Napoli’s blue shirts are a representation of the sea, so important to the city’s history. In addition to the azzurri (blues), the team is also known as I ciucci, which means 'the donkeys' in the local dialect. They were called that after a particularly bad season in the 1920s, but have proudly kept the name! The lowdown on SSC Napoli | FC Barcelona
08092020 Yes. This is Italy. This is Naples and you have to see it before you die. Streets of Naples | Kinga Leftska
08102020 Sit at a café bar for a drink in the Piazzetta or on the terrace of the island’s grande dame. All the Capri hotels are boutique but my favorites belong to the Morgano family and include the “Grand Quisi” as well as Casa Morgano and Scalinatella. Memories Of Capri | Luxury Travel Advisor 
08112020 “Ischia, like most islands, attracts tourists between April and October. But the weather is temperate year-round, and the hot springs are ideal even in the winter months,” says Luca D’Ambra, the president of Federalberghi, a hospitality association for the island of Ischia. Ischia Is More: A New Campaign Promotes Sustainable Tourism To The Island | Forbes
08122020 A glass funicular whisks you up to this hotel-in-the-sky, high above the Amalfi coast resort of Maiori. Along with eagle-eye views of rugged cliffs and glittering sea, this five-star aerie offers many of the facilities of a luxury hotel. Hotel Botanico San Lazzaro | The Telegraph
08132020 On few occasions Gio Ponti’s research on the use of ceramics in architecture have matched so masterfully as in the case of Sorrento’s Parco dei Principi hotel. The 27 motives elaborated by Ponti share the same three-color palette. Mediterranean hotels: timeless classics and overlooked gems from the 1960s | Domus
08142020 Italy emerged as the most popular country thanks to its unrivalled abundance of ancient history, world-class food and 'Instagram-able' beaches found everywhere from Sicily to the Amalfi Coast. Travellers name the ONE place they'd visit in the world if they could go right now - so is your dream location on the list? | Daily Mail News
08152020 Locally, it’s used for both medicine and food thanks to its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. Here this tomato-enriched pulieio pesto dish is a terrific reminder that in Irpinia, food doesn’t just provide sustenance—it’s seen as medicine, a fact that is reinforced by the menthol and balsamic notes of the sauce. Tomato and Wild Mint Pesto | Taste
08162020 Anna enjoyed a meal on a budget in the town of Sorrento. The Amalfi coast certainly isn’t cheap – but it is possible to visit on a budget | The Sun
08172020 Picariello’s Fiano di Avellino '906' is a single vineyard bottling from Summonte, the higher of the two communes where Picariello's grapes come from. The winemaking is very similar to the regular Fiano di Avellino, but the wine is aged longer on the lees and held in bottle for an extended period before release. Ciro Picariello | Oliver McCrum Wines
08182020 “For some of us, Greco is a ‘fake red.’” Try the Pietracupa Greco di Tufo—in my opinion, Italy's finest white wine, year in and out. The Remarkable White Wines Of Campania | Forbes
08192020 A Blue Flag award for Marina di Camerota beach, and a great parking system too. You're in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, right on the Tyrrhenian Sea in the South of Italy. HUB Bring Jupiter to Award Winning Italian Beach | Parking Network
08202020 The mosaic “is the discovery of discoveries,” the subject is Orion, a giant huntsman in Greco-Roman mythology. “This is a rare depiction of the way in which the Romans believed that mortals became Gods, by turning into constellations,” Professor Osanna said. The Latest Project to Preserve Pompeii Reveals New Treasures | The Wall Street Journal
08212020 This intimate, lavish hotel is in its third generation of ownership, La Minervetta is arguably the trendiest place to stay in Sorrento. With a gorgeous private beach and quirky nautical interiors, it's our pick for a joyous getaway in the sunshine. The Italian Summer Edit | Culture Whisper 
08222020 Bar Nilo, home to a shrine to Napoli’s most beloved football player, Diego Maradona. Come for an amusing conversation with the bar’s owner, Bruno, and enjoy a quick jolt of intense Neapolitan caffè while you’re here. Naples Food Map: where and how to eat in Italy’s culinary capital | The Spectator
08232020 From living on the Amalfi Coast, hiking in the Dolomites, chatting with Italians all over the country about love, food and happiness, documenting her years living in Rome or showing the beauty of the dolce vita, these are little films, recipes, interviews and advice. Stories from Italy | Kylie Flavell
08242020 Ferrante’s novels are part of a subgroup of pop culture that compels people to travel. Tour groups like Looking for Lila and Ferrante Fever Naples have popped up across Naples, where the series is set, and travelers report being amazed and delighted by their experiences. Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend doesn’t just compel people to read, but to travel | Vox.com
08252020 The most famous artists of the time were attracted to Naples, not only for the sun and the sweetness of the Gulf but also for its  Greco-Roman remains and the lively climate of Belle Epoque. In fact, in the XIX century the city was one of the most advanced cultural centers in Europe, a modern capital, tolerant of every lifestyle, in short Naples was gay-friendly. The Importance of Being Called Oscar | Grand Hotel Parker's
08262020 The master of neapolitan tailoring Rubinacci has become very well known for their beautifully crafted Saharianas. Worn by the Italian Police in Africa during World War II as a field jacket, it is still highly regarded in the world of menswear. Rubinacci | The Rake
08272020 "Wow! How beautiful is this hotel?" Kitty wrote as she gave fans a tour inside the luxury boutique hotel J.K. Place Capri, which features incredible sea views. The interior design is inspired by the coastline, with white and navy furnishings aiming to bring a nautical, Mediterranean feel. Lady Kitty Spencer's lavish Italian hotel is fit for royalty | HELLO! Magazine
08282020 Spaccanapoli runs in an arrow-straight, east-west trajectory, effectively slicing the old city in two. Many of Naples’ most celebrated sites lie within minutes’ walk of here; it would be easy to lose a day wandering, observing and drinking in the very Neapolitan atmosphere. The best things to do in Naples, from sprawling museums to lively markets | The Telegraph
08292020 Fountains, ponds, streams are scattered everywhere and allow the cultivation of a various array of water-loving plants such as papyrus, lotuses and tropical water lilies. The garden has three tropical greenhouses: the Victoria House, the Orchid House and the Temple of the Sun. La Mortella Garden | Ischia Luxury
08302020 You can find this sweet treat at many spots on the island of Procida, but the one with the best seating and view is in the marina at Bar Gelateria Artigianale Chiaro di Luna. Grab your favorite flavor, sit by the water, and enjoy a peaceful moment. This Island in Italy Is the Next Instagram Hotspot (and It's Still Under the Radar) | PopSugar
08312020 Li Galli (Rudolf Nureyev) Islands, Italy. “Nureyev [who bought this trio of islands southwest of Positano in 1988] had a talent for interior design, decorating the main villa with poetic and artistic feeling and a lot of ceramic tiles.” Oh, the Places I Go! | W Magazine

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