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09012020 The Sorrentine Peninsula juts into the Tyrrhenian Sea like a knobbly, pointing finger, its rugged shores sprinkled with some of Europe's most spectacular beaches, its bucolic interior moulded by the limestone Monti Lattari. Sorrento, Italy - The Sorrentine Peninsula | CN Traveller
09022020 Naples’ Funicolare Centrale has been running since 1928 and is one of the most heavily trafficked cable railway lines in the world. A total of four funiculars are currently in use across the city – namely the Centrale, Chiaia, Montesanto and Mergellina – serving some 13 million people every year. In pictures: the world’s most beautiful funicular railways | Railway Technology
09032020 The new Classic Fusion Chronograph Special Edition Capri, dedicated to the beauty of Italy’s famed Blue Grotto. Reflects the colour found in the cave’s waters, the timepiece is only available in the Hublot boutique on the island. Hublot honours famous Italian beauty spot with new chronograph | WatchPro
09042020 Gin, many don’t realise, is as Italian as aperitivo. Its origins can be traced to a monastery on Italy’s Salerno Coast in 1050 AD, Monks blended locally foraged juniper with spirit in the monastery kitchens for medicinal purposes. Noble spirit: how gin became the essential aperitivo cocktail ingredient | The Guardian
09052020 Italian businessman Giancarlo Giammetti, the co-founder of the Valentino fashion house, enjoyed some quiet time on his yacht on the coast of Italy. He shared a picture of himself behind the helm at dusk, gazing into the waves off the volcanic island of Ischia. Socialites make the most of the summer by picking quiet destinations for their lavish holidays | Daily Mail
09062020 The exhibition 'Napoli Napoli, di Lava, Porcellana e Musica' has been extended until September 20, which contains pieces from the museum and the Teatro di San Carlo. ''In the future, Capodimonte will regain its stature as royal residence everywhere,'' the Museum and Royal Wood of Capodimonte director said. Naples Capodimonte museum reopens with 'slow visits | ANSAmed
09072020 Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi, an address of pure luxury, century-old and family-run. Guests flock to the hotel, especially at dinner time, when the transalpine cuisine, largely based on produce from the garden, is fabulous. The most beautiful hotels in Italy as captured by Slim Aarons | Vogue
09082020 If you're happy to splash out, Sorrento in Italy is an increasingly popular wedding destination. Expect warm weather, great food and plenty of historic, romantic wedding venues - from cliff side resorts to luxury hotels. The best places to get married in Europe in 2020 – our top 10 revealed | The Sun News
09092020 “Capri, in the imagination, is still linked to the ‘dolce vita,’” said Michela Giovinetti, 46, a location manager who has lived on the island for 20 years. Nearly all of her projects involve working with people from abroad. So far this year, she has had only one request for her scouting services. Capri, a Getaway for the Rich and Famous, Misses Its Americans | The New York Times
09102020 Directed by Sonia Ezgulien and Alessandra Pierini, this book focuses on quality seasonal products and recipes accessible to all. During a trip to the rich Italian regions, from Gragnano to Naples, a whole art of living is dissected. 5 great Italian recipe books to invest in this summer | Vogue
09112020 Caseificio De Gennaro, an artisanal cheese manufacturer in the hills above Vico Equense, is a great place to kick off your journey on the Sorrentine Peninsula with a taste of the region’s renowned Provolone del Monaco (a PDO, protected designation of origin product). An Epicurean Travel Guide To The Sorrento Coast | Forbes
09122020 Ischia was nicknamed the ‘Land of Wine’ by the Romans. The grapes used to produce the wine are native to the island. The best place to sample the indigenous wines is a wine house called Casa D’Ambra in the south of the town of Forio. Ischia Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things To Do In Ischia, Italy | Out of Town Blog
09132020 We're were in Sorrento at Restaurant O' Parrucchiano (restaurant of the parish priest), which was established in 1868 by Enzo's great uncle, a seminarist, who was also the creator of cannelloni. We sat in the vast garden amidst lemon, pomelo and orange trees strung with fairy lights. Italy: Savouring the flavour of the off season in Amalfi | Stuff
09142020  A redevelopment of the port can deliver exactly that – economic, social and environmental progress. This hybrid port plan outlines a holistic approach to a multi-dimensional port area, combining urban and commercial development, easing traffic and developing more accessible green space in the inner-city. Naples’ chance for a green recovery | Revolve Media
09152020 Seen here in Amalfi on Italy’s western coast, the highly secretive Quantum Blue can reach a top speed of 20 knots. Superyacht Quantum Blue in Amalfi | SuperYacht Times
09162020 Folklore and tradition in the mural by Jorit. An impressive portrait of San Gennaro, with marked features, an olive skin and a very earthly look: it is a mere mortal Gennaro, a worker taken from the streets of a district of Naples, Forcella, one of the most ancient and animated. The face of Naples |
09172020 Elle is playing Catherine the Great, a Russian empress who plotted to have her husband assassinated so she could rule without him. 'The Great' will follow Catherine's plot to overthrow her husband. Elle Fanning rides a donkey as she makes her filming debut as Catherine II of Russia for new series The Great | Daily Mail
09182020 In addition to keeping Luigi Vanvitelli occupied until the end of his life with finishing out the royal palace at Caserta, Ferdinand and Maria Carolina enlisted him to design a Royal Park worthy of such a palace. Postcard from Caserta, Italy | Gayle Spencer
09192020 An intimate hotel with the most glorious vistas. Dining on the balcony of the on-site restaurant La Sponda, lit at night by hundreds of candles, with the many pastel facades of Positano below. The Most Instagrammable Hotels In The World, According To The Fashion Crowd | Vogue
09202020 Victor Osimhen is in line to make his Serie A debut having been included in the Napoli squad for their 2020-21 campaign. The 21-year-old’s goalscoring start to life at the club has caught the attention of the Archbishop of Naples, Crescenzio Sepe, and he hopes to see the Nigerian score more goals. Osimhen named in Napoli squad to face Parma |
09212020 Among the most beautiful and evocative aperitifs in Naples, the Bar del Mare di Posillipo. For its location, one of the most evocative locations in the city, Riva Fiorita, one of the places from which to enjoy the majesty of Vesuvius in all its glory. Aperitifs in Naples | Be Boheme
09222020 Marina d’Arechi organizes the IV edition of the Salerno Boat Show from 10th to 18th October 2020. The Exhibitors can make business activities, B2C and B2B meetings and boat test. The new edition includes two exhibition areas berth slot or stand. The Boat Show | Salerno Boat Show
09232020 Pastel houses tumble down to the pretty ports of fishing villages, and the serenity of the Ischia island inspired WH Auden to pen a poem singing its praises. Dozens of natural hot springs and thermal pools offer welcoming wallowing spots. The 15 prettiest islands in Italy | CN Traveller - Condé Nast Traveller
09242020 The places of Caravaggio’s exile had all become significant flash points in the immigration crisis. He’d gone to them because they were ports. Naples bookended Caravaggio’s years of exile, plied with offers and welcomed into the highest Neapolitan artistic circles. In Dark Times, I Sought Out the Turmoil of Caravaggio's Paintings | The New York Times
09252020 Basso Fedele e Figli are based in Campania and have been making oil since 1904. That same dramatically terraced landscape that cascades down the hillsides to the sea and produces superb grapes and lemons, also produces perfect olives. The variety for this oil is Minucciola. Some beatiful olive oils | Quentin Sadler's Wine Page
09262020 It was in Gragnano that some of the first drying rooms were invented. Specifically regarding the drying process - but the rules weren’t strict enough - the Consortium Gragnano Citta della Pasta states that the pasta much be dried from 6 to 40 hours, at from 40 to 80 degrees Celsius. Making Pasta in Gragnano | Elizabeth Minchilli
09272020 The Ischia Questionnaire is a glocal tourism marketing operation, which integrates a vast Content Editorial Plan, designed to present Ischia to foreign tourists, with a concrete international Media Advertising Plan. Together we can truly change the future of Ischia... sorry, Iskiah! ISKIAN™ |
09282020 An impressive mass of tufa gives rise to La Pietra di Tommasone, a company of Lacco Ameno, who for five generations honors the Ischian viticulture. In Ischia, the vineyards are impervious, but Lucia Monti is not scared, she is a veteran of heroic viticulture. Explaining territory. The art of Lucia Monti |
09292020 The movie will deal with Sorrentino’s youth periods in Naples in the 80s. However, if we consider that Maradona played in Naples in those years and was one of the symbols of the city, it is really a question of how this movie would be without Maradona. Maradona, Netflix's Nes Project | Regard News
09302020 A fresh tailoring perspective heading into winter. Gaiola continues its personal evolution in designing wearable and relaxed clothing typical of the Neapolitan roots of its namesake island. Gaiola: Rich tones from the relics of Naples | The Rake

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