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10012020 It’s been a dream of mine to go to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Sarah and I went for 4 days and to be honest, it was the perfect amount of time for me. We stayed at the famous Hotel Santa Caterina and it was as heavenly as it looks in photos! I was in Italy! | Eimear Varian Barry 
10032020 I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to work for the past two months from my home back in Italy, which is dotted along the countryside of the Amalfi coast. The windows open onto the valley where you can see the sea, and the loud sound of crickets accompanies the whole scenery. Today’s Office: Olga de Giovanni on her ‘rustic’ home office in the Amalfi Coast |
10042020 70 exhibitors, including designers, companies and international artisans. A section for young designers and emerging brands. Then there is the EDIT Cult appendix set up in the most beautiful spaces of the city such as the San Carlo Theater, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and the Filangieri Museum. 8 cool things to do in October with your friends around Italy. Ready? | Web24 News
10052020 The preservation efforts have been a success so far. Nearly 40 structures are now open to the public, including the Schola Armaturarum, in addition to those that have never been closed, such as the forum and surrounding buildings, theaters, and amphitheater. Pompeii's most recent finds reveal new clues to city's destruction | National Geographic
10062020 Every room and every terrace looks onto this famous Caprian landmark, the Faraglioni. Ceramic tiles outside Villa Thun, Capri | CONTESSANALLY
10072020 A neuron, along with its axons, is visible in vitrified segments of brain tissue. "The results of our study show that the vitrification process occurred at Herculaneum" said Pier Paolo Petrone, a forensic anthropologist, in a statement. Glassified brain cells found in victim of Vesuvius eruption | Live Science
10082020 Relax in the natural pools of Cavascura, as the Romans did, or, for something a little fancier, gently stew as you dangle over the Med at the Aphrodite Apollon thermal park. There are dinky villages (like Sant’Angelo, a hamlet with almost more beach than pavement). Three alternative Italian weekend escapes | National Geographic
10092020 Virgiliano Park, in the Posillipo neighborhood. Besides it’s reputation as a clandestine spot, the sea view from the main terrace is breathtaking: It offers a gorgeous panorama of the island of Nisida and all the Phlegraean Islands. A Guide to Picnicking in Naples, Italy | Culinary Backstreets
10102020 Italy’s Amalfi Coast is home to everything under the sun—beaches, hotels, seaside cuisine, and now an entire scooter-rental system. Elettrify is the first electric scooter-sharing company to officially lay ground in one of the most popular tourist destinations. Startup scene: Bringing e-scooter rentals to Italy’s Amalfi Coast | Joyride
10112020 The Botanical Garden of Naples is a research facility of the University of Naples Federico II (Department of Natural Science). The premises take up about 15 hectares and are on via Foria, adjacent to the gigantic old Albergo dei Poveri. Unesco: Botanical Garden of Naples | Italy Magazine
10122020 Salted anchovies from Cetara on the Amalfi Coast in Italy served on a warm bruschetta bread with Normandy butter, paired with a refreshing sparkling wine. A wonderful appetizer, that matches perfectly with Champagne, or a more local choice like an Asprinio d’Aversa Brut. Unfiltered: Alessandro Giani, Angler | The Drinks Business
10132020 All the vineyards are small, fragmented, and hidden,” Brunella says. “Will always use the grapes that are born here, in Irpinia.” Federico says the small plots provide more diversity and the ability to experiment with micro-vinification and single-vineyard bottlings. Irpinia Is Campania’s Beating Heart | Forbes
10142020 Cristiano Di Martino’s works are strongly influenced by his Italian heritage. Born at the foot of Vesuvius in 1989, he witnessed a dark Christian obsession with death that has long been an everyday companion for many Neapolitans. He uses the iconographic symbols that surrounded him as a signifier of sentiment. Cristiano Di Martino | James Freeman Gallery
10152020 The Farm D'Apolito is located in Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, one of the municipalities in which it produces the Carmasciano. The area offers a wide variety of typical wild herbs. But the singularity is given by Mefite, a lake of sulfur origin and its fumes – through the rain and the winds – influence all land surrounding. Pecorino Carmasciano | All'assaggio!
10162020 You can enjoy quiet and semi-seclusion along with the extraordinary setting. Holing up in one of the tiny village boutiques here (in Furore, that would be La Locanda del Fiordo) will make you feel as if you’ve discovered a secret place, though you’ll be within one of the world’s most popular destinations and only a short ride from Positano and Amalfi. Italy's Amalfi Coast | Business Jet Traveler
10172020 My favorite white wine comes from a small town called Furore on the Amalfi Coast. It’s a blend of four grapes made by Marisa Cuomo, one of the top winemakers of Italy. I had a chance to visit their winery to do an unbelievable wine pairing lunch, on a mountaintop restaurant that faces the Tyrrhenian Sea and the cliffs. 10 Questions for Destination Wedding Photographer Kenny Kim | Rangefinder
10182020 Winemakers from the north rediscovered the coveted volcanic soil and temperate climate of the Campania region. They began to experiment in applying modern techniques and technology to the production of wines from ancient grapes. A Virtual Trek Thru Italy: Campania’s Unknown Grapes | The Examiner News
10192020 Villa La Pagoda lies on the seaside, in one of the most exclusive areas of Naples. This historic house was a hunting lodge for migratory birds. Its unique shape is wrapped all around by some spectacular terraces, like in a hug towards the sea. Posillipo, Naples, Is Classy, Historical, Affluent—And Not on the Main Tourist Trail | Mansion Global
10202020 Deep below a royal plaza, hundreds of vintage cars and motorcycles line an underground passageway built in the 1800s. In the center of Naples, Italy, that scene comes to life with abandoned 1940s vehicles and motorcycles lining a tunnel more than 30 yards below your feet. There's a 160-Year-Old Tunnel Full of Rusting WWII Cars Under the Streets of Naples | The Drive
10212020 The Vico is the most recognizable symbol of the city. To see the real Napoli just walk down these narrow streets and you will see the hiatus of daily life in the city. For a tourist, it's amazing to walk along these historic streets were rainbows of laundry wave in the wind. How Would You Describe Naples? | Al Bawaba News
10222020 This is undoubtedly an excellent year for the Cilento white fig tree, given the favorable weather conditions. In October, the figs will be available to the consumer with well-appreciated products such as dried figs stuffed with pistachio nuts. The fresh Cilento Dop white fig is distributed to retailers in Italy. The Cilento white fig reaches European markets | FreshPlaza
10232020 The Colatura di Alici di Cetara is the liquid from the maturing of anchovies in salt. The DOP regulations: how the anchovies are obtained and processed, from the catch to the pouring of the liquid in line with local traditions in the Amalfi coast area. Cetara anchovies sauce to get EU protected origin status | ANSAmed
10242020 The French fashion house founded by Sophie Mechaly has teamed up with Ceramica Assunta Positano to offer an inviting range of homewares. Of course pieces don an Italian colorway and are decorated with good luck cultural symbols to spread the positivity. Catwalk Brand PAUL & JOE Launches A Range Of Tableware Inspired By The Amalfi Coast | Forbes
10252020 Le Sirenuse offers spectacular views while you sip on a cocktail or enjoy lunch. Overlook the famous cathedral of Positano, Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta. 48 Hour Guide: Positano and Praiano | The Taste Edit
10262020 This was a local Campania regional derby, but also the first battle of brothers between Lorenzo and his younger sibling Roberto. Everyone was waiting for Lorenzo Insigne, but it was his little brother who broke the deadlock at the Stadio Vigorito. Benevento 1-2 Napoli: Lorenzo wins Insigne battle | All Football
10272020 Head east of Amalfi to the weathered little fishing port of Cetara, famous for its production of salted anchovies and their by-product colatura fish sauce, similar to the Roman garum. Like many of the villages in these parts, Cetara’s pastel-hued buildings cling to a deep natural gorge, its sloping main street leading down to a small sandy beach and working harbour. The prettiest small towns in Italy | Condé Nast Traveller
10282020 “Good day, I am convinced that these pebbles that I brought from Italy bring me bad luck. For this reason, I am sending them home so that I can be free. Thanks and have a good day.” Curious tales of why tourists have been returning “cursed” items to Pompeii | Lonely Planet
10292020 The goals of the project are to reconstruct a virtual environment that anyone can visit and collect data on human interaction with space, in this case Pompeiians in their homes and markets: Where do people go and look first? Where do they spend the most time? How do gender and ethnicity affect a person's movement? Online Virtual Pompeii Testing From The Tesseract Center | University of Arkansas
10302020 Francesco Martucci, considered one of the best pizza chefs in Italy, creates his masterpieces in Caserta, the home of Buffalo Mozzarella. Is famous for his pizza “a canotto,” with a thick bordering crust, or outer edge. A connoisseur of pizza fillings, he uses his light and nutty crust to showcase elaborate toppings. I Masanielli Pizzeria Da Francesco Martucci | Xtreme Foodies
10312020 Ciro Scognamiglio, also known as Ciro Poppella, poses with his signature fiocco di neve in front of Pasticceria Poppella. He started working in the family shop in Sanità at a young age and entered the spotlight when he came up with the fiocco di neve recipe. A culinary guide to Sanità, the atmospheric Naples neighbourhood on the up | National Geographic
10022020 Falanghina wine is perfectly adapted to current wine taste preferences for bright, fresh and and aromatically complex white wines. The Benevento Region produces over 1/2 of Campania’s wines and Falanghina is by far the most important white. Falanghina del Sannio DOC, Campania | Wine Beat

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