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11012020 Three islands (with a small 4th and an extra rock) make up the grouping off the coast of Positano, Italy known as Li Galli. The Roman tower on the middle of the island dates from 12th century, while the other two main houses and chapel date from the early 20th century. The islands have strong ties with Russian ballet. Nureyev’s Italy: Then and Now | Cote de Texas
11022020 As they say in Naples: ‘people wait for pasta, not the other way round.’ Overcooked pasta is a cook’s worst nightmare, while pasta eaten cold when it should be hot is not much better. Spaghetti with creamy lemon sauce by Skye McAlpine | Cookbook Review
11042020 With “The Life Ahead,” the material touched Loren on an emotional level. True to the novel, this latest adaptation is told from young Momo’s point of view, calling for a kind of subtlety that appealed to the passionate performer, with her extroverted Neapolitan personality — which is to say, “The Life Ahead” reveals a side of Loren most audiences haven’t seen. Sophia Loren on Her Triumphant Return to Movies With Netflix’s ‘The Life Ahead | Variety
11052020 Descending about 5m deep, we swam over a wall that once made up part of a villa. We were both equipped with tablets. Statues began to appear out of the misty blue water. This was the Nymphaeum of Emperor Claudius, a place where the 1st Century AD ruler would have strolled and admired statues. Travel - Baiae: A Roman settlement at the bottom of the sea | BBC
11062020 It differs from other apple varieties, since it ‘s harvested when still unripe and then placed on the so-called melai, wide straw beds covered by shading cloths to protect apples from the harsh sunlight. Here apples are turned by hand, so they ripen properly. Annurca Apple Crumble | La Dani Gourmet
11072020 The view from the terrace surveys an expanse of vivid turquoise sea on one side and the stacked slopes of Positano on the other. From this vantage point the town looks particularly beautiful. A lift plunges down to reception, beyond which is a wide, hibiscus-strewn terrace. Visiting Positano - Condé Nast Traveller Guide | The Capsule
11082020 Sorrentine Peninsula juts into the Tyrrhenian Sea like a knobbly, pointing finger, its rugged shores sprinkled with some of Europe's most spectacular beaches, its bucolic interior moulded by the limestone Monti Lattari. Mario Lanza, Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli have all sung about Sorrento. Sorrento and The Sorrentine Peninsula | CN Traveller
11092020 A special collection of the hazelnut cocoa spread comes with a side of virtual travel experiences. The areas highlighted include Italy’s diverse range of settings, from villages and mountains to islands and cities. Nutella Celebrates the Beauty of Italy With 30 Limited-edition Labels | Travel + Leisure
11102020 After all, the velvety, spicy red made by the Salerno area’s leading estate, Montevetrano, is one of my favorite southern wines. Launched in the early 1990s, Montevetrano is about half Cabernet Sauvignon, blended with Campania’s potent native Aglianico, as well as Merlot Mythmaking in Southern Italy: A Tour of Campania, Part 1 | Wine Spectator
11112020 FRS For Restless Sleepers Mezzatorre shirt portrays the quintessential pajama style, cut in hammered silk it’s a unique must-have! Mezzatorre Pajama Shirt | Issimo
11122020 Enjoy the scenery while you eat —the quaint seaside village, colorful wooden boats drifting in the sea, and Mount Vesuvius on the horizon. Try the ‘gnocchi alla Sorrentina’, follow up with the frittura di pesce ‘Paranza’, (mixed fried local fish and seafood— straight from the bay). Mixed Fry Fish & Seafood| Our Edible Italy
11132020 All you have to do, really, is close your eyes, and you’re there. Might be the vertiginous cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, where pastel-hued villages cascade down to pebble beaches and secret coves. Italy Is Travel + Leisure's Destination of the Year — Here’s Why | Travel + Leisure
11142020 The legendary brand  Antonino De Simone has been passing on the love for coral manufacturing for 190 years, giving everlasting fame to the city of Torre del Greco. The work is mainly handmade, coral is not their only product: the list includes turquoise, pearls, lapis lazuli and agates. Antonino De Simone | Tips on Naples
11152020 Welcome to the world of a Campanian artist, sculptor and poet who has lived and worked in Praiano since 1993, in a circular tower that seems to merge organically with the rock it’s built on. This charmed spot above the waves, rich in symbolic energy and folk-tale associations, is an indissoluble part of the pieces he creates here. Paolo Sandulli and the Ladies of the Tower | Le Sirenuse Journal
11162020 Made entirely with organically farmed Aglianico, this juicy vibrant rosato doles out wild red berry, citrus and white-peach flavors. It's crisp, with bright acidity while a hint of wet stone accents the tangy finish. San Salvatore 1988 2017 Vetere Aglianico Rosato (Paestum) | Wine Enthusiast
11172020 The bottle was still half full, prompting the study. Research conducted by a multidisciplinary team, allowed to verify for the first time the authenticity and molecular identity of a sample of olive oil preserved inside the glass bottle which was buried by the Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD. At Mann in Naples experts find oldest olive oil in the world | ANSAmed
11182020 “Can I create a T-shirt, starting from the image that represents the Antica Pizzeria?” Such an exciting proposal has not been slow to become a reality. Junya Watanabe By Comme Des Garçons Celebrates Neapolitan Pizza With The Most Incredible T-Shirt In Fashion History. | HH Italy
11192020 Il San Pietro in Positano is certainly one of my go-to locations for a weekend getaway. What I like about it’s the southern hospitality, which I believe is intrinsic to Mediterranean tradition. 11 Hotels to Visit in Your Dreams | The New York Times
11202020 The most romantic home is arguably Villa Donn’Anna, an early, half-finished 15-century beachside palazzo on rocks that jut into the sea and with views of Mount Vesuvius. Once a hotel, the haunting building is now subdivided into apartments. Posillipo, Naples, Is Classy, Historical, Affluent—And Not on the Main Tourist Trail | Mansion Global
11212020 The visiting place of crowned heads from all over Europe together with artists of every nationality for whom a stop in Sorrento was an obligatory part of their tour of Italy, if for no other reason than to pay romantic homage to the birthplace of their spiritual father Torquato Tasso, born in the old Mastrogiudice Palace which was later incorporated into the present Tramontano Hotel. Sorrento: A city... | Surrentum
11222020 Luxury could also be simple, and that it was just as attainable as that incredible mozzarella that Khalid lived on. "I am importing the finest mozzarella from Caserta, near Naples and through KD luxury, we are looking to have a few sections of the finest ingredients out of Italy to really put the producers in particular on the map.” Heart Of Gold: Khalid Dahbi On Luxury, Charity, And Mozzarella | Italics Magazine
11232020 The Hotel Caesar Augustus was once the villa of a Russian prince. Today, it’s a family-run five-star hotel with some of Capri’s most memorable views. “The owner greeted us upon check-in and wanted us to feel at home at his hotel,” wrote one reader of the family’s hospitality. The Top 10 Italy Resort Hotels | Travel + Leisure
11242020 Set in the hills just below the ridge that divides Sorrento from the sheer southern coastline lies the village of Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, named for its domination of the gulfs of both Naples and Salerno. These days it's a busy agricultural community famous as the home of Don Alfonso 1890, one of southern Italy's great foodie institutions. Sorrento and The Sorrentine Peninsula | CN Traveller
11252020 The Alfonso Artiaco gallery takes up a wing of the second floor of Palazzo De Sangro di Vietri, in the heart of Naples’ historic center. A peculiarity of this palace is that it is one of the few to have two piani nobili. The real Naples in the environs of Palazzo De Sangro⁠ | ITALICS Art and Landscape
11262020 Considered the most beautiful trail in Italy, this hike is suitable for many people. Me and my guides will be happy to show you the best spots and talk about local legends. Hike with me to Paradise through the Amalfi Coast | Zia Lucy
11272020 Capri has a lot to offer to its superyacht charter visitors: Michelin-starred restaurants, romantic strolls along its Via Camerelle, the luxury high-end shopping street, and local night clubs. Experience a yacht charter in Capri | Yachting and Co
11282020 If you could have one feast right now? 'I would arrive on my friend Pippo’s wooden gozzo boat to the floating pier at Lo Scoglio on the Amalfi Coast, having spent the morning swimming around the islands of Li Galli.' The best places in Italy according to Bellini Travel Founder Emily Fitzroy | CN Traveller
11292020 This pasta dish is an homage to Campania’s most unspoiled coastline -  the Cilento’s Tyrrhenian Coast - where olives and capers grow beside a sea teeming with anchovies. The tube-like paccheri “scoop” up all the savory sauce, than fry the bread crumbs in a pan. Paccheri alla Cilentana, A Pasta Dish Inspired by Coastal Campania | Katie Parla
11302020 Karen Lohrmann & Stefano De Martino have restored and converted the 17th-century building using natural materials, turning it into a home. Connecting it to its surroundings, set on the Sorrentine Peninsula. A converted olive oil factory with raw interiors is for sale in Italy | The Space
11032020 From Naples to you. Since the 1920’s, Ariston has delivered true Italian flair with its bright, crisp colors and unique patterns. Ariston Napoli fabrics collection includes pied de poule, plaids, squares, camouflage and diagonal lines that make any garment stand out from the rest. Ariston | Rex Fabrics

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