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12012020 Marisa Cuomo and her husband Andrea Ferraioli own one of the Campania region’s most interesting companies. Overlooking the sea, Cantine Marisa Cuomo dominates a section of the Amalfi Coast. Here the wines age in a wine cellar dug by hand into the dolomitic-limestone rock: a fascinating, cool and damp cavern. Italy’s Amalfi Coast in the Aftermath of Covid-19: Still Paradise, Waiting for You! | La Voce di New York
12022020 While you can buy ceramics in many of the towns in the Amalfi Coast, I’d recommend taking a ferry to Salerno and catching the bus to Vietri sul Mare or taking a taxi over to experience all the cute shops where the shopkeepers are often seen hand-painting their ceramics as you try not to buy one of everything! A Complete Expat's Guide to the Amalfi Coast, Italy | We Are Travel Girls
12032020 Naples is the third largest city in Italy with roughly one million residents. The metropolis is one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas in Europe, with Bronze Age settlements established here in the second millennium BC. Daily Overview | Revue
12042020 The European label and a strict specification defining the characteristics of a unique product whose cultivation is favored by the combined action of the soil and the Mediterranean climate. The Sele Valley is the most important production pole in Italy for rocket, but in general for all baby leaves. The 'Rucola della Piana del Sele' currently covers an area of about 3,100 hectares, distributed over 8 municipalities. The Italian 'Rucola della Piana del Sele'|
12052020 For the presence of vineyards and rock-cut units, as well as for the production of wine amphorae during all phases of island life, Ischia represents a perfect area for the study of the ancient production cycle, from the cultivation phase of the vine, to the production of the containers and trade, from the Greek colonization until the Late Antique period. Ischia and Gulf of Naples | Immensa Aequora
12062020 Dawn Mattera shows us that “we have the power to create a happy and meaningful life no matter what the circumstances are.” Several trips to Italy over the course of 22 years taught her about resilience. We can see the spirit of compassion with the Neapolitan tradition of caffe’ sospeso. “Life goes on…” "The Italian Art of Living": An Inspiring Author Interview | Italy Magazine
12072020 Since 1948, Carthusia has been capturing the scents of the Amalfi in bottled form. Their dreamy fragrances draw inspiration from the region’s most memorable spots like Via Camerelle, named after the famous boutique-lined boulevard of Capri, and Teatro di San Carlo, an ode to the oldest opera house in the world in Naples. 18 Best Shops on the Amalfi Coast | The Slow Road Luxury Travel Blog
12082020  The animated family finds itself in front of its own casts, immortalised in the explosion of volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius. The episode has been rescheduled in these days following the recent discovery of two bodies at the famed archaeological site, which made headlines around the world. The Simpsons pay tribute to Italy with visit to Pompeii | Wanted in Rome
12092020  A network of local tourism businesses launched a project focused on sustainable mobility; a way to promote electric vehicles to safeguard the world we live in. DriWe, together with EV2GO designed a plan to bring twenty new charging stations in the fourteen municipalities of the Amalfi Coast Tourist District. Five reasons why the electric car is the perfect fit for the Amalfi Coast | Authentic Amalfi  Coast
12102020 The surroundings of our 5 star hotel in Sorrento are every bit as magical, from the elegant gardens with their tall palms and age-old trees, flowers and plants, to the sea and the private beach. Hotel Parco dei Principi | Italian Event Planners
12112020  The names of Alessandro Scarlatti, of Paisiello, Traetta, Piccinni, Sacchini, Pergolesi, Jommelli, Porpora, are not household words nowadays. But in the world of opera they are the Neapolitan School, and their works were known everywhere. The Conservatorio di Musica San Pietro a Majella is full of their scores, and countless others. Music, Italian Style | Harward Magazine
12122020 “It’s a study project but also more of a permanent engine to understand our terroir," says Antonio Capaldo. Vineyards here are small parcels, tucked away between woods, olive groves and aromatic herbs. Irpinia holds the treasure of centuries-old pre-phylloxera vines, survivors thanks to spots of volcanic, sandy soil. Italy’s Irpinia Wine Region: ‘A Huge Genetic Database’ | Forbes
12132020 The Nativity scene (presepe in italian) depicts “a miniature utopia, a city that is at peace with itself,” said Marino Niola, an anthropologist at Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples. “It is at the core of the Neapolitan idea of Christmas.” For One Prized Italian Tradition, Covid-19 Deals Heartbreaking Blow | The Wall Street Journal
12142020 “Following the sky and the stars.” To push towards the hypothesis of an Etruscan foundation, explains Osanna, are hundreds of amphorae, vases and ampoules including over 70 cups with inscriptions found in the excavation of the sanctuary built along the road that connected the city al mare. Pompeii, the latest excavations reveal the mystery: “It was founded by the Etruscans” |
12152020 Modern chefs like Isabella de Cham are elevating pizza fritta from its rustic roots by using ingredients like octopus. She opened her eponymous, all-women-run restaurant two years ago in Naples’ Rione Sanità neighbourhood after working at Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo at and La Masardona, both hot spots hailed for their pizza fritta. Travel - Italy's beloved 'fried pizza' | BBC
12162020 Take a look at the Fondazione FOQUS Quartieri Spagnoli, which is seen from afar before a green lawn, which is now at the heart of redeveloped areas with schools, social enterprises and active cooperation across the territory. The Hidden Secrets and Beauty of Naples, a City of Contrasts | Elle Decor
12172020 Pizza masters and chefs are travelling far and wide, opening schools to train local pizza makers. After the United States, Asia is the main target, especially Japan, where the consortium – the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, has dozens of affiliate pizzerias. Naples-style pizzerias have recently appeared in Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines. How Asia fell in love with real Neapolitan pizza, and the disciples who learn from Naples about true pizza making | The South China Morning Post
12182020 The first sensation arriving in Scala is one of peacefulness. With such a scenic setting, hiking is the best way to experience Scala’s natural landscape close up. Rino Mansi has been exploring these mountains since he was a young boy, he now leads excursions along the Amalfi Coast with his company ScalaandTrekking. The intensity of Scala | Authentic Amalfi Coast
12192020 When my partner and I got engaged we started planning an autumn ceremony on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. We plan to exchange vows next fall during golden hour with the Tyrrhenian Sea as the backdrop while 30 of our closest family and friends look on, before sitting down to a feast of grilled lobster and slices of Chantilly-cream-lined sponge cake chased with limoncello. The Best Destinations in the World: The 2021 Gold List | Condè Nast Traveler
12202020 Le Vigne di Raito produces two organic certified wines. The Aglianico grapes are cultivated using the Guyot method on a series of terraces carved into the mountain side. The Piedirosso grapes instead are cultivated on a traditional pergola. Both methods are typical of wines from the Amalfi Coast. Wine Tasting at Le Vigne di Raito | Vinthropology
12212020 Procida is small enough to explore on foot and could be easily be done in a day (there are frequent ferries to Ischia and Naples). However, if you wish to stay longer, there are a few small pensions, hotels and B&Bs available. Try the rustic, coral-bright Hotel La Vigna, set on a vineyard of local Falanghina grapes. These 5 Islands Are Italy’s Best-Kept Secret | Forbes
12222020 Tel Aviv-based architects has created a minimal interior for a boutique on the Italian island of Ischia, filled with references to local architecture and volcanic geology. Located off the coast of Naples, Ischia sits over an ancient volcanic crater, which gives it an abundant landscape of verdant greenery, thermal spas and natural springs. Paritzki & Liani Architects mixes architecture and geology in Grifo210 boutique | Dezeen
12232020 On her Instagram, the italian chef shared a beautiful video of herself preparing a Neapolitan dessert called Struffoli, and it looks splendid. Giada explain to us the magic of the “fried little dough balls tossed in honey, and made into a tower so it can be your centerpiece and your dessert.” Giada De Laurentiis Shares a Neapolitan Dessert Recipe From Her Childhood | Yahoo Lifestyle
12242020 For Christmas, a Neapolitan wants to eat three things: fish, seafood and more fish. So important are the creatures of the sea for the holy evening that Christmas is also referred to as the festa dei sette pesci. And while all fish are welcome at the table, one is especially dear to every Neapolitan’s stomach: dried, aged Atlantic cod. Somma Vesuviana, Campania's Baccalà Capital | Culinary Backstreets
12252020 For the first time, the Teatro San Carlo in Naples is offering shows to the public virtually. The platform will host concerts, documentaries, educational projects and conversations with leaders in the performing arts: to reach all those who usually do not approach the opera house for geographical or economic reasons. At the world's oldest opera house, the show must go on | CNN
12262020 Two ducks hanging by their feet, a rooster, a dog on a leash, all of them looking likethey were painted in 3D. The almost intact premises of a Thermopolium, a street food shop, with dishes of all kinds, from snails to a sort of "paella", return to light in Pompeii. Pompeii, a 'street food shop' emerges from the site | Ansa
12272020 In short, if Procida were to win the award as Capital of Culture 2022 this will contribute to having positive effects not only on its territory, but also on the territories connected to it, thus contributing to the development and enhancement of the entire regional territory. Procida Capital of Culture 2022: the Campania Region supports the candidacy | Napolike
12282020 Massimo Setaro of Casa Vinicola Setaro and his prize-winning Caprettone Spumante Metodo Clasico from Vesuvio. This unique and elegant sparkling wine, produced from the indigenous Caprettone grape. A Celebration of Wine & Culture in Naples | Wine With Wanda
12292020 In Naples, the tiny shop near the sea, with its wood-framed windows, chandelier, and counter where the red, blue, polka dot or diamond-patterned ties are displayed. Each Marinella tie takes about 45 minutes to make, with ten steps in all, from cutting the silk to doing the stitching, and adding the loop and label. 'A little corner of England in Naples': The secrets of a famed Italian tie shop | The Local Italy
12302020 Saetta is the stack attached to the mainland and the highest at 109 meters. Stella is the middle stack, with a central cavity 60 meters long. Scopolo is the outermost faraglione and has on its peak a famous blue lizard whose scientific name is “Podarcis sicula coerulea” and blends in perfectly with the sky and the sea thanks to its extraordinary blue color. Capri Faraglioni | Laqua  Charme & Boutique
12312020 The idea of ​​the Iskiah Boom Boom comes from the creative duo Pep Minichino (Campanica) and Vincenzo Notaro (Officina Mirabilis): a long drink made with Amarischia and Gassosa Arnone, two stories from the South united in the Plus. "Two tastes rooted in Campania culture - the fascinating botanicals of Ischia and the water with lemon and bicarbonate of Neapolitan street vendors". Iskiah Boom Boom - the new long drink by Il SudPlus | Horeca News

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