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01012021 A renowned chef and his family bring the sunny flavors and warm hospitality of Campania to the world. The restaurant Don Alfonso 1890 is nestled beside the church in the village of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, which straddles a hill along the Amalfi Coast. Heart of Italy | Tasting Kitchen - TK1
01022021 The guide certainly does a good job of selling the town, saying it "stands near the centre of a most beautiful bay, on an angle between two hills, blowing over a vast expense of sea, render the air mild". According to the book the bay itself is comparable with that of Naples in Italy. Bathing, billiards, and a bay like Naples: An 1820s travel guide to Swansea | WalesOnline
01032021 For example the great gallery of Lucio Amelio showed many well-known contemporary artists. Also the Museo Madre. There are great museums and sights – from Herculaneum, to Capodimonte, to the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli – that should be much better known, but also remind us of the history of art, which in this contemporary world is important. Thomas Dane | Alain Elkann Interviews
01042021 Calling Positano the “quintessential Mediterranean village,” Carla Sersale tells us about her glamorous life on the coast, her work as a designer, and her vision for the hotel’s future. My husband Antonio is the decision maker at the Sirenuse hotel and I am in charge of the stores, and now, the fashion brand which I have created. Industry Interview: Carla Sersale | Local Foreigner
01052021 The vast bay is called Golfo di Policastro, with its imposing hills sloping towards the sea, peaceful mountain villages and crystal waters that consistently win Blue Flag eco-awards. Just outside Sapri there are interesting sites: less wall-diving and more on pinnacles and rocky outcrops, with the water bluer and the vis even better than on the Scario side. Antonio discovered a cavern there that he named Grotta Chiacchio after himself. On the Cilento Coast | Divernet
01062021 The gozzo sorrentino is the typical wooden fishing boat of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrentine peninsula.Today only a handful of artisanal boatbuilders keep the tradition alive, among them Bottega del Gozzo, which still operates out of the old Sorrento fishing port of Marina Grande. Bottega del Gozzo: Sorrento's traditional boatbuilders | Sirenuse Journal
01072021 One of Italy’s largest, oldest, and most colourful cities, and like any Italian city, it’s full to bursting of centuries-old art. Naples is ancient, and also modern. It’s classical, but also edgy. And the street art and graffiti, daubed as it is on top of the historic buildings, perfectly sums up that contrast and contradiction. Frescoes, Graffiti and Street Art in Naples, Italy | Passport & Pixels
01082021 The director of the Naples archeological museum, Paolo Giulierini, said "with the start of the restoration of the Alexander the Great mosaic, we will write together an important page in the history of MANN's history, and of the conservation of the whole of Italy's cultural heritage. Pompeii's Alexander the Great mosaic set to be restored | ANSA
01092021 Vico Equense is quite short on beaches, actually. Gourmands can choose from the two Michelin-starred Torre del Saracino (which has a small stretch of pebbles in front of it), or a humble pizza a metro, where slices are sold by the metre. Also home to an annual three-day pizza festival. Quiet European beach destinations to visit in 2021 | The Independent
01102021 A common sight in Cilento Salella trees - with dark green leaves and smooth trunk - make this particular area of Campania a unique and fascinating panorama to drive through while exploring. A Longlife Elixir | Why in Italy
01112021 In Naples, the city of tomorrow is first and foremost the city of yesterday,  a geological-tectonic continuum that urban history has stratified, even as a continuously excavated material where the city constantly reconstructs itself starting from itself, matter has the same root as mother, mater. Naples, the city of ultra-modern archaism | Domus
01122021 La Reggia di Caserta with 1,200 rooms and an area of more than 500,000 square feet, it’s the largest royal residence in the world and imposing on the grandest scale. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the costume drama The Great, we see its endless façade, the sweeping marble staircase and theatre inside, and the considerable gardens, including its five monumental fountains. Where was 'The Great' filmed? | CN Traveller
01132021 The Sorrento lemon is a product unique in its kind, it differs from other types for its medium-large caliber, its exceptional aroma and flavor and its long shelf-life. The cultivation, which takes place on the Sorrento peninsula, is carried out under pergolas, harvesting is made by hand and the leaves are not removed. The Sorrento PGI lemon season is in its early stages | FreshPlaza
01142021 The island's delegation, led by mayor Dino Ambrosino and the candidature's director Agostino Riitano, will present the program called 'Culture does not isolate' created with the active involvement of Procida residents. It includes 44 cultural projects, 330 days of events, 240 artists, 40 original oeuvres and eight renovated cultural spaces.  Procida auditions on Friday for Capital of Culture 2022 | ANSA
01152021 The MANN, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, will inaugurate a beautiful one on March 8, 2021 exhibition on Gladiators. The great exhibition will be hosted in the beautiful Hall of the Sundial of the Museum and will contain approx 160 extraordinary finds including the MANN's exceptional collection of 50 weapons. At the MANN in Naples the digital preview of the exhibition on Gladiators | Napolike
01162021 Rising techno star Anfisa Letyago explores the beautiful city she calls home, Naples, Italy. At ‘Via Tribunali’ you can find a place called TATTOO, which is an institution in the city. Not only can you find vinyl here, but also spent time reading books and other activities. City Guide: Naples With Anfisa Letyago | Magnetic Magazine
01172021 We use only lemon leaves of Procida. A plant unique in the world thanks to the properties of the land and the particular microclimate of the island. Fresh freshly harvested leaves to fully capture all the essential oils of the leaf. Fogliolì | Beverage Trade Network
01182021 The cul­ti­var name is derived from the town of Sessa Aurunca, the largest munic­i­pal­ity in the area. As a result of the mild cli­mate, vol­canic soil and the spe­cific char­ac­ter­is­tics of the Sessana cul­ti­var: it is renowned for its polyphenol content and its bit­ter and piquant taste. New Consortium to Promote Terre Aurunche PDO | Olive Oil Times
01192021 The tour begin by visiting the Pompeii excavations and showing the entire world how Naples was saved from the eruption of 79AC. Then continues into the entrance of the Anticaglia house, from a trap door which descends into the stalls of the Roman theater, the remains of the Teatro di Nero, and finally under the Basilica of San Lorenzo. Naples Underground Featured on the History Channel | Opera News
01202021 Whereas ‘Posi’ is shaped like an irregular Roman theatre, Praiano is a wedge, draping itself on either side of the hill that plunges into the sea at Capo Sottile. There’s very little tourism here and few hotels, and the whole place is dotted with kitchen gardens and orchards. Le Sirenuse Guide: Praiano | Le Sirenuse Journal
01212021 The Royal Palace of Caserta is open to the public every day, with guided tours of highlights including the royal apartments, the Grand Staircase, galleries and the impressive theatre. Meanwhile, the landscaped gardens offer up beautiful floral arrangements, picture-perfect lawns and impressive fountains, not to mention there's even an English Garden. Best royal palaces in Europe you can visit post-pandemic to see how royals live | Daily Mirror
01222021 “The joy of Italy often consists of doing ordinary things in extraordinary settings.” Erica Jong. From Positano to Vietri, 36 kilometres of paradise! Let's discover the Amalfi Coast. Amalfi Coast |
01232021 Walk into Trattoria La Tavernetta and you quickly realize family is as foremost as food. Five sisters, their parents, and their grandmother, assembling that lasagna, carefully layering one sheet of noodles, one ladle of ragu, one handful of tiny meatballs at a time. Lasagna classica Napoletana al forno. And, of course, polpette al sugo. Naples is known for its pizza. We went for the meatballs. | The Week
01242021 Kiton has long been recognised as one of the sartorial greats – an ultra-luxe brand upholding the artisanal skills of the local Campania region. The pinnacle of this ethos has to be their K50 suit, delicately created from start to finish by a single master tailor. These suits require 50 hours of intricate hand stitching. Kiton’s bespoke suits are haute couture for men | South China Morning Post
01252021 The Antiquarium Museum has reopened after 36 years. Its new exhibition includes a vivid audio-visual recreation of the moment the ancient city was destroyed. Featuring a permanent exhibition called ‘Sacra Pompei’ana’, dedicated to the places of worship in pre-Roman Pompeii, the exhibition continues in the Villa Imperiale, a luxurious building dating back to the first century AD never open to the public before. Pompeii museum reopens after 36 years | Euronews
01262021 The architecture of Villa Rufolo alternates an Arab-Nornan style with romantic details deriving from the restoration carried out by Sir Francis Neville Reid. What really attracts many visitors are its immense and well-kept gardens: several varieties of exotic plants, native species, and a large number of roses. What to see in Ravello: Villa Rufolo | Amalfi Luxury Tour
01272021 Most of the finest vineyards of Campania can be found on volcanic slopes usually with marl and limestone subsoils. An ancient variety, Fiano was almost forgotten in the 1970s. Now it produces inspiring wines, the best of which come from the volcanic soils of Avellino. As well as the excellent wine I recommend here, I also enjoyed the Terredora. Rediscover these southern Italian wines dripping with history | The Irish Times
01282021 Following a tour of the cellars, where large concrete tanks are the main vessels used, he took us to see these remarkable old aglianico vines. Some, considered to be more than 200 years old, had been trained at 8-10 feet (2.4-3.0m).  Ash from Mt Vesuvius (aka Vesevo) has endowed the soils of Avellino with properties favouring the vines grown there. Vesevo and Taurasi | Vintage Wine Tours
01292021 In consideration of some evidence, we can also speculate that the bone and shell matter found in the dolium in the newly unearthed popina in Regio V was destined for broth. To accompany the main dish, I chose to include mensae, a flatbread that was once thought to be used as both a plate and a utensil.  Reconstructing the Menu of a Pub in Ancient Pompeii | Atlas Obscura
01302021 If you like farm-to-table experiences, here’s an splendid situation waiting for you. At the end of the Path of the Gods trek a table was set for a most satisfying lunch in Mamma Luisa's dining room in the sleepy ancient hamlet of Nocelle resting above Positano. Mamma Luisa, Nocelle, Italy for lunch… | Splendid Market
01312021 Set within the Gulf of Naples, it’s surrounded by the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with its main city divided between the charming Ischia Ponte, with its towering Aragonese Castle, and the modern centre of Ischia Porto, where you’ll find an array of sophisticated bars, restaurants and elegant boutiques. The best Italian islands to visit for a luxury getaway | LLM - Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

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