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02012021 The tiny island – renowned for its ancient maritime traditions – is the quintessential Mediterranean paradise, an absolute vision of seaside homes and picturesque piazzas. Lose yourself in colourful Terra Murata, a walled medieval village that’s perched staunchly on a hill. There you’ll find the15th-century Palazzo D’Avalos. Discover Procida, Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2022 | Il Globo
02022021 A photograph of Le Sirenuse posted recently on Instagram made us sit up and take notice. “Here we’re using a waterproof camera housing with a glass dome at the front that allows you to take pictures or shoot video half in and half out of the water”. Jeremy Austin and Angie Villa: how to make that photo pop | Sirenuse Journal
02032021 Italians favor its rugged landscape, millennia-old thermal baths, enchanting beaches, and literary pedigree. Some of the best spots to eat and drink are accessible only by cliff paths. That proclivity for all things natural inspired hotels such as Mezzatorre to band together. Where to Go in 2021 | Bloomberg
02042021 The classic Capri Palace looks dreamily across the Gulf of Naples. Prestigious contemporary art works adorn its dazzling white walls, while its two restaurants have notched up three Michelin stars. To its litany of facilities (including a world-class medical spa), Jumeirah has added a Dior pop-up store. The hottest hotels in Italy that you should know about, from Lake Como to Capri | The Telegraph
02052021 In one of the most ‘dolce vita’ islands of the Mediterranean, surrounded by a garden that could only be found in fairytale, chef Nino di Costanzo seduces his guests with his innovative vision about the very best ingredients and suggestions of the Campania region elevated to the finest culinary art. Art is everywhere at Dani Mason, from the one-off plates to the modern paintings on walls, from the circus dessert display to the object trove in the garden. The 10 Coolest Restaurants For 2021 | Forbes
02062021 Procida is famous for its lemons, which are larger and sweeter than other varieties. The Procidani prepare them in dozens of sweet and savory recipes, and a signature dolce is the Lingue di Procida, or tongues of Procida, lemon-flavored, cream-filled pastries. What to Eat on the Island of Procida | La Cucina Italiana
02072021 Just around the corner from the Piazza del Plebiscito is one of Italy’s most celebrated, historic coffee spots. The Gran Caffè Gambrinus retains the air of a literary salon and art gallery (works still adorn the walls), with marbled floors and high, art nouveau-style ceilings that, like sirens. The Best Local Cafes in Naples, Italy | Culture Trip
02082021 Professor Paologiovanni Maione, scholar, and musicologist of international renown who teaches History of Music at the Conservatory in Naples, opened the inaugural concert. “Nothing has been able to stop the Conservatory. In 2020, we have continued to produce art and culture in an extraordinary way, and also using new technology didactically”. Music Live Streaming from the Conservatory San Pietro a Majella in Naples | The Theatre Times
02092021 Rome, the great city with a standing similar to Alexandria or Carthage, and the mythical Pompeii will star for the first time in a show focusing on the intense relationship between the two most famous cities for archaeology. "Pompei 79 d.C. Una storia romana" will open on Monday until May 9 at the Colosseum. Rome and Pompeii star together in Colosseum show | ANSAmed
02102021 Born in Naples, a city known for its saturated, exhilarating colour palette, Lucia grew up among rugged black volcanic landscapes, sun bleached multicoloured houses, painterly frescos and the deep ceruleans of the Mediterranean. Appointed Global Creative Make-up and Colour Designer of Chanel, Lucia designs products that challenge and inspire modern make-up wearers. lucia pica: “what even is an imperfection?" | i-D Magazine - VICE
02112021 What first springs to mind when you think of Italy? The dish not only took off around the world, but has put Naples on the map for countless visitors wanting to eat a "real" pizza. "Neapolitan pizza doesn't have inventors, fathers, or owners - it springs from the ingenuity of the Neapolitan people" says Paolo Gramaglia, Michelin-starred chef in Pompeii. The 2,000-year history of Italy's favorite dish | CNN
02122021 Until the early ‘900 pizza and pizzerias remained a Neapolitan peculiarity only and only afterwards, gradually began to spread throughout the world. One of the inventors of Google, Sergey Brin, before he started creating the world’s most famous search engine, tried to set up the first home pizza service ordered by fax. World Pizza Day - The most famous and loved Italian food in the world | Concreta
02132021The Palace of Caserta is intended to leave its visitors gobsmacked.This is the Baroque as wielded by Italians: everything is massive, the famed gardens are less contained, the halls are grander, the fountains are more exuberant. Where Versailles is balanced, restrained, and stately, Caserta is unabashedly lush. World Heritage Site to Visit: Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy | Orange Coast
02142021 Perched on the splendid bay of Marina Piccola, not far from the Scoglio delle Sirene, overlooking the Faraglioni rocks. Historic seaside resort, restaurant and important meeting place in Capri, La Canzone del Mare has always been one of the most romantic venues on the island. Today it has become one of the most exclusive and sought after wedding locations on the island. La Canzone del Mare | Mr and Mrs Wedding in Italy
02152021 I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few days with them along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. As you know I’m fond of intimate weddings. So when this lovely Australian couple from London asked me to photograph this very special moment of their lives I was 100% bought in. Lexy & Cheyne Intimate Amalfi Coast Wedding. Amalfi & Praiano, Italy | Jean-Laurent Gaudy
02162021 The Garden of the Dukes Guevara di Bovino (Villa Porfidia), a few steps from the Royal Palace of Caserta, has its origins in the 1700s and represents the fusion of different styles: the geometric one, typical of the Italian garden, and the informal so-called "English" one. Photos awarded at the IGPOTY 14th edition | Vincenzo Di Nuzzo
02172021 “The Valley” created by Russell Page, it’s characterized by a subtropical climate being moist and protected from the wind, and “The Hill” or Superior Garden, it’s rich in vegetation coming from Mediterranean areas. The background of everything is the charming landscape of the Bay of Forio! La Mortella Gardens | The Golden Scope 
02182021 Every episode is stuffed with regional specialties. Il Focolare: Tucked away on the island of Ischia, a ferry's ride away from Naples, this restaurant draws crowds thanks to its coniglio all'ischitana, made with local wild rabbit. 'Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy': What's on the menu | CNN
02192021 “Cosa vorresti mangiare?” our server sputtered as he arrived at our table. My stomach gurgled. A creamy green zucchini spaghetti passed by our table, leaving a trail of parmesan snow, an edible Monet. It was Conca del Sogno’s signature dish - Spaghetti alla Nerano. We all started salivating. Six Course Meal: Amalfi Coast | Peter Greenberg
02202021 At the end of the hike, you have two options to reach Positano: take the bus from Nocelle or walk down a long set of steps. Once we made it down the stairs, we wanted to pick up some sandwiches and take them down to the beach. Our friend recommended getting lunch at Vini and Panini – The Wine Shop and getting this sandwich. Path of the Gods: Amalfi Coast | Chow Bella
02212021 Naples is the birthplace—and, as any Neapolitan will tell you, the spiritual homeland—of pizza. There are 15,000 pizzaioli in Naples, and the virtuosos are like pop stars, admired, even revered, with fervent followers who seldom stop arguing about their favorite’s place in the pizzaioli pantheon. Inside Naples' World-Famous Pizza Culture | Travel | Smithsonian Magazine
02222021 Drawing on last September's annual Campania Stories event, Aldo Fiordelli examines the region’s development across vintages and varieties, sharing 30 wines from Campania that showcase its diversity. Campania: regional profile plus 30 great wines to try | Decanter
02232021 I mostly look for smaller producers with sustainable farming and winemaking methods. They seem to have a closer connection to their region. The first bottle we popped was Coda di Pecora, a very rare grape native to Campania. Italy – Organic Wine and Rare Grapes In Campania | Savor the Harvest
02242021 Among Procida’s most scenic beaches are Pozzo Vecchio, whose black sands were made famous in Il Postino; spiaggia Chiaia, to the east, which overlooks Ischia and features clear, shallow waters and a backdrop of rocky cliffs (plus the excellent seafood restaurant La Concjigliab); and Ciraccio, the longest and most secluded. This Tiny Island Was Named Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2022 | Condé Nast Traveler
02252021 Technically, Hotel La Palma is not a new hotel. It is a rebirth of Capri’s first hotel built in 1822, formerly called Locanda Pagano, which Oetker Collection is transforming into a 50-room and-suite property that is to be the brand's first 'Masterpiece Hotel' in Italy. "We are truly committed to creating a sense of timeless hospitality, deeply rooted in family spirit and genuine kindness.” Hotel La Palma by Oetker Collection to Open in Capri, Italy in 2022 | Tatler Asia Group
02262021 At the end of the path, we saw a tile attached to a rock, displaying a poem originally penned by D.H. Lawrence. “The great loop of the Amalfi coastline that looks towards the West, towards the Island of Capri, that precipitous coast, steamy hot, with the crystalline mountains where the gods of today are foresaken and you find a lost self again, Mediterranean, before you.” Positano - Path of fhe Gods | Liliana Battle
02272021 The main section of the fresco depicts a lion pursuing a bull, a leopard pouncing on sheep and a wild boar charging towards some deer. Experts believe the owner of the town house, or 'domus', had a connection or fascination with Egypt and potentially also the cult of Isis. Pompeii: Scientists use lasers to remove stains on 2,000-year-old fresco in the House of the Ceii | Daily Mail
02282021 An extraordinary find beyond the walls to the north of the ancient city of Pompeii. A large ceremonial chariot with four wheels, along with its iron components, beautiful bronze and tin decorations. The scenes on the medallions which embellish the rear of the chariot refer to Eros (Satyrs and nymphs), while the numerous studs feature erotes. Four-Wheeled Processional Chariot Found In Pompeii | The Archaeology News Network

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