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MARCH 2021


03012021 Nestled among the Lattari Mountains, which form the backbone of the Sorrentine Peninsula, Agerola sits at about 1,970 feet (600 meters) above the sea. Situated in this scenic mountain setting, the town is divided into hamlets dotted with church bell towers. Agerola: exploring the Land of the Gods | Authentic Amalfi Coast
03022021 A poignant reminder of death stands in Naples, where the old Roman road meets the main college street. The spire of San Domenico — a stone obelisk topped with a statue of the saint — is one of Europe’s “plague columns.” Such monuments were erected after devastating epidemics to memorialize the religious figures believed to have interceded to stop the spread of disease. Naples memorialized its 17th century plague with a festival for healing | The Conversation UK
03032021 The romantic Amalfi Coast is known for its picturesque cliffside towns and the giant lemons that riddle the land. Pastry chef Sal De Riso reimagined the tart fruit into one of the country's most sought-after desserts: the lemon delight. The treat features a cake that is filled and topped with a variety of creams. Stanley Tucci's Searching for Italy: Guide to Best Dishes |
03042021 When you enter a Caffè Mexico – there are three in Naples – an extraordinary smell envelops you. The main source of this smell is coffee (the Passalacqua brand, named after the café’s founder), both from the grinder, operated by a dedicated member of staff, and also the retail counter, where coffee beans are constantly being scooped and weighed and packaged, releasing their aroma throughout the room. Caffè Mexico: a Coffee Dynasty in Napoli | Culinary Backstreets
03052021 Tapping into this rich artisan heritage, Romeo Hotel, situated within walking distance of the upscale shopping districts of Via Chiaia and Via Toledo, has started offering guests personalised tours of some of the tailoring greats, including the ateliers of Attolini, Rubinacci, Kiton, Marinella and Isaia. In this age of online shopping, these tours offer a fascinating chance to connect with how and where our clothing is made. A Sartorial Guide  to Naples | Italia! magazine
03062021 Here in the laid-back, agricultural interior of Campania, is where Luigi Moio has worked his craft for the past 16 years, producing silky-smooth, single-variety Aglianico reds. Quintodecimo’s two single-vineyard riservas from the Taurasi DOCG, along with an Aglianico from the larger Irpinia DOC, have consistently scored 90 points or higher in WineSpectator blind tastings. Southern Italy’s Wine Professor | Wine Spectator
03072021 A spirited debate over which variety of onion is best for Genovese. The sweet "cipolla ramata di Montoro," grown in an area south of Naples between Avellino and Salerno, is generally considered to be the allium of choice for this sauce. Pasta alla Genovese (Pasta With Neapolitan Beef and Onion Ragù) recipe | Serious Eats
03082021 This small island of Ischia is every natural spa lover’s dream. Located in the Bay of Naples, the place boasts over 100 hot springs in the middle of a lovely garden. The Negombo spa has over twelve different types of hydrotherapy that people love to enjoy. With gorgeous views accompanying the relaxing experience. Relaxation And Rejuvenation In Natural Spas of The World | CEOWORLD magazine
03092021 Whether the dish is perfectly cooked pasta topped with a delicious sauce, a pizza bursting with the flavors, or a creamy soup, the tomatoes make all of the difference in quality and taste. Tomato farmers growing, harvesting, and selling San Marzano DOP tomatoes follow multiple, specific guidelines, including only using seeds dating back to San Marzano DOP tomato’s original strain with no genetic modification. Any Italian Tomato is Not a San Marzano DOP Tomato | Food & Beverage Magazine
03102021 Veronica Etro: "A favourite is Hotel Excelsior, on the tip of coast beside the port of Santa Lucia – the ocean views are magical. It’s one of the city’s original grand hotels, with belle époque ballrooms and marble everything. For relaxation, the best hotel is Mezzatorre on the nearby island of Ischia. It has more of that riviera charm, with striped parasols and swimming pools built into the rock." Postcard from Naples | Condé Nast Traveller
03112021 The eight-strong range taken on by Jascots Wine Merchants includes Radici Taurasi 2016 and Radici Taurasi Riserva 2014 as well as a selection of the estates’ white wines from Fiano di Avellino, Falanghina del Sannio and Greco di Tufo. “Mastroberardino’s wines are without doubt the finest wines I’ve tasted from the region,”  said the head of purchasing. Jascots adds Campania producer Mastroberardino | Harpers Wine & Spirits
03122021 On the lower slopes of Monte Avvocata, is a terraced natural amphitheatre, planted with pergola-trained vines, olives and lemon trees that seem to float above the blue-green sea. Raffaele Palma makes four wines here, among them a lovely floral white called Puntacroce, a blend of native varieties Falanghina, Biancolella and Ginestra. Le Sirenuse Guide: Amalfi Coast Wines | Le Sirenuse Journal
03132021 Its best known villages are the beautiful Santa Maria di Castellabate, Acciaroli, Velia, Palinuro, Marina di Camerota, Scario, Policastro Bussentino. Equally fascinating are the cities and the small inland villages such Vallo della Lucania, Roscigno, Morigerati, Laurino that offer travel experiences to rediscover nature and traditional country. Cilento National Park: a destination not to be missed | Unesconet
03142021 “Diversity is what makes Italy beautiful, we need Milan as much as we need Bisaccia, my village,” he points out, underlining how important both communities are to Italian life. Franco Arminio, poet and ‘paesologist’: “Small villages are a great opportunity for Italy” | The Adecco Group
03152021 The most iconic of the Italian islands is the honor of a new book by Jean-Pascal Hesse, with a preface by Brigitte Bardot. A small and welcome escape to Italy, before the arrival of the summer holidays. Capri, l'éternelle: The new book that makes us dream of Italy | Vogue
03162021 Go to a bar in Naples three days in a row and the barista knows what you want without asking. Even if you’re reserved, it’s natural to chat with the person also buying wine or artichokes. Ask the waiter where she’s from. Ask to meet the chef. Visit the mozzarella maker, the focaccia baker. Take a few language lessons even if you’re in town only a few days. Join a cooking class with a local. Get a haircut. Travel - Frances Mayes on the enduring allure of Italy | BBC
03172021 Naples-born photographer, musician and lawyer Augusto De Luca (born 1955) photographs in black and white, with an attention to composition and the minimal elements required to tell a story, be the subject a person or a city. Sometimes realist, sometimes metaphysical, from De Luca we can learn how to approach an Italian city through a personal lens. Augusto De Luca: Photographing Italian Cities | ArtTrav
03182021 Da Paolino, we take pictures of the intimate dinner in a romantic American wedding. Under a wonderful lemon-scented, in the restaurant’s most popular and famous in Capri, a dinner shines among peonies and fresh flowers. Candles in Capri | Women In Wedding
03192021 Rome, Venice or Florence, trips to the beautiful Tuscan countryside or exploring its many gastronomic highlights via pizza in Naples or limoncello on the Amalfi coast — all of which are wonderful, but when it’s time to return, there’s a myriad of experiences you may not have considered — and our panel have lots of ideas to help you rediscover Italy. Travel Geeks online: cities, culture and cuisine of Italy — 27 April 2021 | National Geographic
03202021 High and low cultures stands at the center of the Neapolitan creative impulse. Music’s hold over Naples, Italy, has remained omnipresent throughout its history. It is, in a sense, a city founded on song. How Naples became Europe's great musical machine | The Wilson Quarterly
03212021 Staged at the Teatro Mercadante of Naples a concert of the Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini conducted by Riccardo Muti who will inaugurate the 14th edition of the Campania Teatro Festival, directed by Ruggero Cappuccio. The concert will be also available in free streaming. Muti and Cherubini to open Campania Teatro Festival Friday | ANSA
03222021 One of the first things you may notice on your visit to the Amalfi Coast is the scent of lemons in the air. The original version of the fruit was said to have been pretty much inedible, but farmers crossbred them with bitter oranges. The hybrid became the great-great-grandparents of the Amalfi lemons we know and love today. Everything you need to know about the Amalfi lemon |
03232021 Today, where in many countries "tomatoes" just means "tomatoes," go to Italy and you'll be assailed by a choice of myriad varieties. Some are best in salads, and some best used in cooking. That's where the San Marzano variety comes in -- that long, easy-peeling plum tomato, hailing from the sunny Naples and Salerno area of Campania, that top pizzerias shout from the rooftops. How this fruit became the star of Italian cooking | CNN
03242021 According to this  Tik Tok video, Styles was apparently spotted driving a vintage Alfa Romeo car in Maiori. He drives right pass the Casa Vacanze, so on your trip, take the same route. Go for a scenic drive along the same Amalfi Drive road in some matching white driving gloves. 5 Harry Styles’ “Golden” Music Video Filming Locations That'll Make You Swoon | Elite Daily
03252021 Naples became the city of coffee starting from the early 1800s when the Cuccumella, known as the “Neapolitan” coffee maker (because invented in Naples by the French Morize in 1819), it is fundamental for the birth of the “modern coffee” since the filter contained inside the coffee maker no longer releases the coffee powder inside the cup. For our coffee we need the Neapolitan blend (Arabica and Robusta), darker roasting and coarse grinding. Turkish Coffee Versus Neapolitan Coffee | Michele Sergio
03262021 Evo V8 was designed like a Russian matryoshka doll, hiding many surprises inside. With a design penned by Valerio Rivellini, Evo V8 springs from the desire to find the point of intersection between suggestions from the two worlds of sailing and motor yachts, with the aim of taking the best of both and revolutionising the cruising experience. Evo Yachts Unveils the First Renderings of Its Flagship Evo V8 | Yacht Harbour
03272021 The regenerating thermal water, the nature trails, and trekking paths, the underwater wonders, and the historical riches make the island truly unique. The island of Ischia enjoys a warm and temperate climate, typical of the southern Tyrrhenian Sea. Ischia All you can Stay | Romantica Resort & Spa Ischia
03282021 Since when the Greeks arrived on Ischia, the Island has been highly prized for her volcanic waters. The Romans created thermal baths in grottos. Today, the island’s famous thermal baths feature fresh and saltwater pools as well as water and mud treatments of every type imaginable. Top Five Thermal Spas of Ischia | Sauced and Found
03292021 One particularly striking colour combination is a copper green (verde ramino) with a lemon yellow, suggestive of the lemon groves found on the surrounding hillside. Some of the most famous ceramic producers in Vietri sul Mare now have signature designs which are recognised across the world. The Signature Ceramic Tiles of the Amalfi Coast | La Brutta Figura
03302021 If you’re in search of such a beach where you’ll find incredible scenery, head to the town of Furore, located in the Campania region of Italy, where a gigantic fjord opens up to create its very own hidden beach. This Hidden Beach Tucked Behind a Fjord Is Italy’s Best-kept Secret | Travel + Leisure Co.
03312021 Toast your marriage in the Champagne bar then dine at the fabulous restaurant, lit each night by hundreds of candles. Throw in a trip on the hotel's private boat, an oyster bar and celebrity clientele and you have the makings of an unforgettable weddingmoon. Weddings abroad: The best destinations for tying the knot | Cosmopolitan

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