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MAY 2021


05012021 The MGallery Habita 79 Hotel & Spa is just 200 metres from the entrance to the Unesco World Heritage Site of Pompeii. Guests will be able to enjoy the ultra-contemporary rooftop, which commands views out over Pompeii’s archaeological site and Mount Vesuvius, and relax in bright, modern interiors housing 79 roomps and suites with tailor-made design. 2021 hotlist: Accor’s top five hotel openings | TOPHOTELNEWS
05022021 Konami pens exclusive rights on SCC Napoli, the top-tier Italian football club, in their future games (eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer series). Starting from the 2022/23 football season, the eFootball PES series will be the only real-time football simulation game. Konami has skillfully fought an industry giant (EA Sports FIFA series) when it comes to licensing, by allowing players to import club kits and badges, change names, etc. Konami announces long-term partnership with SSC Napoli | AltChar.com
05032021 The new I Rossi range works well with Armando products, the high-quality pasta line made exclusively with Italian wheat. Grown in Valle dell'Irno in Cilento, Armando yellow plum tomatoes have a sweet delicate flavor. Small in size, they are placed whole in water and salt to preserve their intense flavor. Ideal for gourmet pizzas and fish or vegetable dishes, or in salads. Armando introduces new range of plum tomato products | FreshPlaza
05042021 Take Furore, so named after ‘the sound of the raging sea pounding against the valley below’. The fjord here has been a natural harbour, known for its flourishing trade, for centuries, but the town is also known as the Italian Neverland, or the country that does not exist, as it has no centre — it’s merely a collection of homes and buildings. The Amalfi Coast: ‘There is more to see and do here than any words could ever give justice to’ | Country Life Magazine
05052021 In Sorrento, people still buy from the fishermen who pull up at wharves along the coast, and there are lemon orchards for limoncello that’s still made the old fashioned way. We found potters, artists, and cafes where even the service feels Italian, offering classic espresso (caffè) and cappuccino to enjoy as you walk, or sit on a patio. The joys of authentic, historic Italy | Powell’s Travels |  The GATE
05062021 The Italian initiative comes ahead of the launch of the European Union's (EU) digital green certificate. Italy is home to many of the world's greatest works of art, architecture and gastronomy, and has more Unesco World Heritage cultural sites than any other country. Among its popular attractions are Pompeii, where visitors can walk in the footsteps of ancient Romans. Italy has unveiled plans to welcome travelers in May | Lonely Planet
05072021 Here’s a typical scene in Minuta, one of the most beautiful spots in Scala. Time seems to stand still in this quiet piazza - that is until the clattering of hooves accompanies donkeys and mules passing through. Sometimes they stop for a drink from the fountain and it’s cool mountain water. Advice for Choosing a Place to Live or Visit Like a Local in Italy | Rediscover Italy Podcast 
05082021 W.H. Auden sums up the holiday spirit in his poem, Ischia, ‘your ambient peace/ is a cure for, ceasing to think/ Of a way to get on, we/ Learn to simply wander about.’ Issimo is one of our favourite blogs – with recipes and an excellent travel guide to Campania to get you in the mood. An Amalfi State of Mind | A Little Bird
05092021 With all of its fragrances strictly related to Capri—think: the environment, plants, and flowers of the island—Carthusia has a storied history with the beautiful destination. The company’s offerings are dedicated to a sophisticated traveler who seeks elegance and tradition in a perfume; someone who would like to immerse themselves in the olfactory heart of the island. Beauty Made in Italy Spotlight: Carthusia | Daily Front Row
05102021 Since the world is opening again, so is my beautiful city Napoli, its islands and Amalfi Coast. I made extended guides with the new feauture of instagram of all my favorite places. It almost feels like I wrote a book (...). Go check it out and book your trip! katkerkhofs | Instagram
05112021 The Cilento is definitely one of the most beautiful and wild areas of Campania, in Italy. In 2021, 13 beaches of Cilento were awarded blue flags, thanks to the clear and clean sea, the beaches, marinas and excellent quality services. The most beautiful beaches in Cilento, Campania, Southern Italy | Live Salerno
05122021 Santa Maria di Castellabate is a fishing village along the Cilento coast with an historic center and the tower of Palazzo Perrotti built at the edge of the water. And what a beach. Punta Licosa is widely regarded as having some of the clearest water in the Tyrrhenian Sea, perfect for diving. 7 Of Italy’s Most Affordable And Beautiful Beach Resorts | Forbes
05132021 There’s Chiaiolella beach, unencumbered by steep cliffs and facing the open sea, and Ciraccio, with its two colossal rock stacks on the west coast. I head to Spiaggia di Chiaia - writes Kate Wickers - a narrow stretch of sand with beautiful vistas to the pastel higgle-piggle houses of Marina di Corricella that lies at the bottom of cliff-hugging zig-zag steps, descended to from Via Pizzaco. This is a local haunt popular for an early evening swim. Picture Perfect Procida | Italia! magazine
05142021 The people of ancient Pompeii believed their town had a divine patron: Venus, the goddess of love. Wandering Pompeii’s ruined streets today, or visiting the nearby National Archaelogical Museum in Naples, you are struck by the abundance of images of the goddess. Rewriting the women of the ancient world | Reader's Digest
05152021 On the advice of Angelo Rizzoli, many Italians set their movies in Ischia. International fame brought more and more tourists, but many islanders had been recruited as extras in Hollywood movies, and were already well off. Hence the rise in the number of guesthouses and small and large hotels, with a consequent decrease in greenery, although it still dominates in many areas. The Amalfi Coast Is Worth Visiting, Even In Winter | HuffPost
05162021 Casa Morra and the Goethe-Institut Neapel are set to pay tribute to the German artist Joseph Beuys as this year marks the centenary of his birth. Reflecting on Beuys’ cultural heritage and travels to the Italian city between 1971 and 1985, “Beuys e Napoli” will host film screenings from the Mario Franco Archive, part of the Fondazione Morra archives, and will present a series of photographs by Gerardo di Fiore. Beuys 100 years: Beuys and Naples | Artvisor
05172021 The peninsula famous pastel seaside towns of Positano, Praiano and Amalfi. Their private beaches and iconic rows of parasols. The scorching heat of the sun on the concrete where locals sunbathed, lovers kissed and kids dove tirelessly. Photographer Mickaël Cornelus takes us to the Amalfi Coast | Russh
05182021 (...) imagine yourself on the beaches of Procida, eating a melt-in-your- mouth mozzarella di bufala in Paestum or taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling city of Naples. Bellissimo Magazine - Spring 2021 | ITALY Magazine
05192021 "It’s hard to say what my favorite place is! Each area is great for its own reasons — I love the energy of Rome, but I also love the sprawling Tuscan hills, and the Amalfi Coast and Capri will always have my heart.” Why Giada De Laurentiis Had Some Days in Italy With Bobby Flay Where She Thought ‘OK, I’ve Had Enough of Him’ | Showbiz Cheat Sheet
05202021 Touring the vineyard, under the skilled eye of co-owner Sara D’Ambra, a young and energetic woman with a great smile and a warm manner, is a must do when I visit Ischia. And then, after the tour, you enter the main office, where Sara breaks out a selection of her best wines and serves them with a platter filled with cheese, prosciutto, salami and oven-fresh bread. Five Things I Can’t Wait to Do When I Finally Get Back to Ischia | The Daily Beast
05212021 While the trail can be hiked in either direction, it is recommended that the trail be followed east to west, from Bomerano to Nocelle, rather than vice versa. This allows for the best views and for an easier hike. A Guide to the Path of the Gods on Italy’s Amalfi Coast | Be My Travel Muse
05222021 Two of Italy’s most popular drinks duet here: the gorgeous lemon liqueur of the Amalfi coast and Veneto’s fizz. Sorrento Sparkle cocktail recipe | The Telegraph
05232021 To try the local cuisine of the Amalfi Coast, in Cetara that of Trattoria Al Convento, with an outpost dedicated to street food in the square: La Cuopperia del Convento. Cetarii is a shop in front of the beach, selling canned fish and offers different types of tuna tastings, appetizers and sandwiches. A Dispatch From the Land of Anchovies | La Cucina Italiana
05242021 The largest among all the islands of the Phlegraean Archipelago. The mountainous Ischia has a roughly trapezoidal shape and measures about 7 km in length with a maximum width of 10 km. The island is primarily composed of volcanic rocks with the extinct volcano Mount Epomeo - of 788 m - in the heart of the island. Ischia | Worldatlas.com
05252021 For rookie chef Santa Montefiore, learning art of Italian home cooking was the perfect antidote to her busy life. "I have never been a good cook. But with Mamma Agata I learned to make a delicious Napoli sauce and a truly delectable lemon cake. But I think Mamma Agata's greatest gift is enthusiasm, and that's not something you can learn from a cookery book." Recipe for success | woman&home
05262021 Salvatore Molettieri makes three noteworthy Aglianico bottlings from his Cinque Querce vineyard, with barrel aging ranging from two to five years. “Aglianico needs time,” says Giovanni, the family’s enologist and agronomist. “Time in the vineyards, time in the winery, time in the cellar.” The Tractor of Montemarano (Touring Campania, Part 4) | Wine Spectator
05272021 Ischia offers the more authentic Italian experience. As Virtuoso advisor Jolene Detillion says, “It’s the Amalfi coast without the craziness.” Besides the blissful spa scene, the region is home to lively port towns, artists, seaside coves and sandy beaches, family-run wineries, and a culinary scene. Where to Find Italy’s Best-Kept Secrets | Virtuoso
05282021 Naples has long been known as the capital of Italian coffee, which developed the principles of dark roasting. The range of Kimbo product is diverse: they produce coffee in beans, ground, in capsules, in bag, in cans. The company implements noteworthy programs, one of which is "designer coffee". History of success. Kimbo | coffeeynya.com.ua
05292021 Suspended above the sea combining new art & design with that view. The place to be for sunset drinks. Franco’s Bar pays homage to Don Francesco Saverio dei Marchesi Sersale restless energy, his exquisite taste, his love of Positano’s cultured Mediterranean dolce vita. Franco's | FindGlocal
05302021 Pliny the Elder, living nearby Pompeii in 77 CE wrote of the “vine-growing hills and noble wine of Campania”. In 1996, the local Campanian winemaker, Mastroberardino, cultivated and processed grapes - like the Piedirosso - using Roman techniques and created the Villa dei Misteri wine: ruby red in colour with a complex taste. Pompeii is famous for its ruins and bodies, but what about its wine? | The Conversation
05312021 A villa built in the 1950s, just a stone’s throw from the bustling central piazzetta, as a contemporary family home. “I wanted to respect the primary design,” dell’Uva says of the original structure, largely defined by its undulating concrete roof—a modernist riff on a traditional Capriote vaulted stone dwelling. A Villa on Capri With Sweeping Views | Giuliano Andrea dell'Uva | Elle Decor

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