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APRIL 2011


04012011 It is true when people say one of the best ways of learning a language is to go and live in the country where the language is spoken. I spent a month learning Italian in Sorrento. I really lived la dolce vita in Sorrento. I had Italian lessons every weekday from 9am-1pm in a small class with 2 other girls from America and Australia. Sorrento Lingue is a reputable language school and the teaching quality was fantastic. Living & Learning Italian in Italy | My Jet Set Life
04022011 On an Italian course in Naples, the one thing you can be sure of is that you'll eat well! Neapolitans are considered to make the best pizza in Italy. One of the best things about Naples is discovering its many neighbourhoods - from the friendly chaos of the old town, to chic boulevards cooled by sea breezes, Naples offers something to suit all tastes! Experience Italian opera at the oldest opera house in Europe. Learn Italian in Naples | Language Courses Abroad
04032011 Avachinsky, one of Kamchatka's most active volcanoes, rises above Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka's largest city . Avachinsky consists of a late Pleistocene edifice, destroyed by a large horseshoe-shaped crater. Avachinsky's edifice resembles the Somma-Vesuvius complex, that is why the old part of Avachinsky sometimes is called Avachinsky Somma. Avachinsky |
04042011 Take inspiration from the jet set and movie star lifestyle of the 70's. Create an exciting juxtaposition of expensive with pretty, traditional with contemporary, and rich with relaxed for an impact that is dreamy but dramatic. The Capri Mystique bedroom from Dulux | Ideal Home
04052011 The Lost Gardens of Heligan, near Mevagissey in Cornwall, are one of the most popular botanical gardens in the UK. In the Northern Gardens you will find: The Italian Garden with its summer house and formal pool was inspired by the discoveries being made at Herculaneum and Pompeii at the time they were created. The Lost Garden of Heligan | BloggersBase
04062011 The Acuto di Soprano was excellent and although I had heard of the producer Struzziero, I had never heard of a label with this proprietary name. Taurasi is made from 100% Aglianico grapes, the noble varietal of Southern Italy, grown in Campania. This wine was created for HBO by Struzziero to sell as a souvenir from the Sopranos (something about Anthony Soprano’s lineage and a wine he discovers in an episode of the show). Wow Cleveland! | Do Bianchi
04072011 The two Pallagrello varieties (nero and bianco) were favored by the Bourbons, but were all but wiped out by phylloxera. Casavecchia, however, has much more ancient origins with possible connections to the Oscans. The legend goes that an old vine was found in the ruins of a garden with an unusually large trunk. Cuttings were taken (or maybe even seeds), and the variety was reborn. Galluccio DOC | my life italian
04082011 Good Spring farmhouse is located in Scala (SA) Amalfi Coast, few minutes away from Ravello. If you have decided to have a simple, informal wedding Italian style, this is the place where to do it! Here you will taste real traditional recipes made with the produce gathered daily from the surrounding private gardens and naturally their own home made wine. The Farmhouse Good Spring | Wagner Tours
04092011 Descend into the ancient catacombs of San Gaudioso in Naples with Context Travel Art historian Fiorella Squillante. These catacombs were built in the Middle Ages inside ancient Roman water cisterns, remaining today as testament of the changing religious and political phases of the city. Ancient remains, like mosaics and frescoes, play backdrop to ghoulish corpses from the 17th and 18th century. Tour of the Catacombs of San Gaudioso | Atlas Obscura
04102011 Good morning from Tony in Naples! I scream, you scream, we all scream...for Tony B. | fuck yeah tony bourdain
04112011 Get in the saddle to your mountain bike and discover the magic of Vesuvius, green meadows, cool forests, fresh air, strenuous climbs and descents, fun, clear and cold water sources in drink, delicious wild fruit trees which refresh ... this is the spirit that characterizes the fantastic sport that is the soul of mountain biking and bikers who practice it. Ask about bike rental services and safety kit. Mountain-Bjke on Vesuvius | Costa del Vesuvio
04122011 The “Campi Ardenti”, testimony to a violent volcanic process, represent one of the largest and most fascinating archaeological areas in the world. From Cuma, the first Greek settlement in Campania with it’s extraordinary acropolis and the so-called “Cave of Sibilia” to Baia, a settlement much favoured by the ancient Romans as testified by the spa centres and imperial villas, boasts an imposing Spanish castle which itself was probably built on the site of residence of the Emperor Nero, the area is embarrassingly rich in history. Zona archeologica di Baia | Pierreci
04132011 "Capri was her favourite island; more so than Skorpios, which was a private residence. On Capri, Jackie O and Onassis would go to dinner at La Pigna, La Capannina and Da Gemma, with their guitarists and chansonniers. Their favourite was Peppino Scarola, who’d serenade them with Neapolitan folk songs - O Sole Mio, Torna a Surriento and Luna Rossa. The Liberation of Jackie O | The Times
04142011 Lindsay Lohan has to win the prize for man-eating starlet of the party season. The Mean Girls actress, who spent several stints in rehab in 2007, was in Capri for a film festival when she hooked up with not one, not two, but three Italian stallions in quick succession. Lindsay was seen kissing waiter Allesandro di Nunzio before getting cosy with rugged older actor Eduardo Costa just a few hours later. She ended the evening in the arms of Dario Faiella, the son of Italian musician Peppino di Capri. Just Her Luck | Glamour
04152011 Naples may be famous for their Neapolitan pizza, but it wouldn't be the first place I looked for a fine example of metodo classico. I was taken by surprise recently when I tasted two examples from Feudi di San Gregorio in Italy's Campania region. This winery has been famous for making authentic modern wines from such indigenous grapes as Falanghina, Fiano di Avellino, and Aglianico. Italian Stars | Ciao Italia
04162011 Our day trip via high-speed train to Pompeii, the town near Naples that was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79, was high on Emma's list, but a combination of pouring rain, barely functional audio guides and lack of overview/explanatory materials to help make the ruins meaningful to a kid resulted in a cranky day for her and, alas, her parents. Trips are for kids... | Chicago Tribune
04172011 Biking along the ancient crossroad between Cumae, Nola and Stabiae destroyed by Vesuvio eruption in the AD79. Ride through the way that connect Vesuvio To Pompei so you will see two landscapes. A wild atmosphere that combine the historic ruins of Pompei with the majestic Vesuvio. What to Visit in Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius | bicycleitaly
04182011 The Pompeii bike pedestrian and cycle route makes it possible to visit the archaeological site on foot or by bike. You can use your own bike or hire one free of charge, complete with helmet, at the entrance to Piazza Anfiteatro, at the infopoint run by the FIAB (Italian federation of bike friends). The route starts in Piazza Anfiteatro and ends at the Villa of the Mysteries, following the walls that circle the ancient city, and offers a chance to visit the archaeological sites and new domus, restored and open for the first time. Pompei bike | POMPEIVIVA
04192011 The Herculaneum Conservation Project was set up by David W. Packard, President of the Packard Humanities Institute, with the aim of supporting the Italian State, through the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Napoli e Pompei, in preserving this uniquely valuable, but at the same time fragile, archaeological site. The overall aim of the Herculaneum Conservation Project is to support the Soprintendenza to safeguard and conserve, to enhance, and to advance the knowledge, understanding and public appreciation of the ancient site of Herculaneum and its artefacts. Herculaneum Conservation Project | The British School at Rome
04202011 Cultural and folk events on Amalfi Coast..... On this picture American painter Peter Ruta in Positano. Positano on Amalfi Coast | Cultural-Hub
04212011 The breathtaking coastline of this area stretches approximately 50km from Sorrento to Salerno. The beautiful towns of Amalfi and Positano entice and tantalise visitors with crystal clear blue waters whilst Ravello soothes and charms from its hill-side perch. I have also stayed in the wonderful village of Praiano and fondly remember wonderful seafood meals at the waterfront restaurant Il Pirata, perched above the ocean, enjoying the open air dining and the sound of waves lapping whilst enjoying a meal. A summer in Italy | Getaway Guru
04222011 For their actual honeymoon, they ventured down to Positano, Italy. Amanda and Doug were lucky to have met Franco Sersale, the owner of the Sirenuse Hotel in Positano, at a wedding they attended. Franco hosted the couple and showed them the sights on his boat -- allowing the newlyweds to take in the beauty of the area, with plenty of local touches. Real Weddings Follow-Up: Amanda and Douglas | The Bride's Guide
04232011 La Minervetta, in Sorrento, the largest town on the Amalfi coast, is a Fifties-built, 12-room boutique hotel, where each room has a feature window framing the incredible view. Décor-wise, rooms combine stark white walls with bold splashes of turquoise, orange and navy blue, and elegant homely accessories. Bowls of lemons, eclectic objets and architecture books are artfully scattered around the communal lounge. La Minervetta, Sorrento, Italy | Livingetc
04242011 Positano enjoys a stunning location, its pastel-coloured houses clinging to towering cliffs, tumbling down all the way to the sea. It’s a maze of steep lanes and steps with bougainvillaea and orange trees leading down to a dark sandy beach. Positano is a favourite jet set resort, the place to see and be seen sipping cocktails on the promenade or tucking into a fresh platter of seafood. There are trendy restaurants and boutiques draped in silk scarves and designer clothes, hand painted ceramics and gorgeous flasks of lemon scent. Positano, Jet Set Top Italian Resort | Suite101
04252011 Capri island is known from the day of the Roman Republic. Its scenes of sun rising really increase the worth of nature. There are several festival that start from April to September which really appeal the tourists. Here is main attraction is Blue Grotto, that is cave which open into sea and its starting point is at edge of water, this cave is used for bath. Islands on Earth | Travel Attraction
04262011 Anthropologists studying the ruins of Pompeii unearthed plentiful evidence of lentil consumption; villagers purportedly believed the quick-cooking legumes helped foster an even, nonvolcanic temperament. Based on what we now know about protein and blood sugar, it seems that the ancients were right. Timeless Lentils | Experience Life
04272011 Fruit has a long history of being used as an adornment to grace a tabletop: A first-century fresco in Pompeii depicts a lavish table with a fruit centerpiece. Design a Fruit Centerpiece | Martha Stewart Living
04282011 Often called the Barolo of the South thanks to its massive structure, complexity and marathon ageing capacity, Mastroberardino’s Taurasi Radici is made exclusively from the ancient Aglianico grape. The wine comes from a selection of grapes from top vineyards, and both modern and traditional methods are used in vineyard and cellar. It boasts earthy, smoky and floral aromas, and its rich yet restrained fruit flavours are impeccably balanced by firm tannins and notable acidity. Italy's 50 greatest ever wines | Decanter
04292011 “We traveled to some beautiful seaside destinations in Europe including Capri,” says Camilla Freeman-Topper, who designs alongside her brother Marc Freeman. “The main point of inspiration for the collection was the afternoons spent lying by the pool looking out onto the Mediterranean and watching the sunset.” Entitled Qvisisana, after the hotel they stayed in. European Vacation | Nylon
04302011 No one admired the skills of Guy Mascolo more than his slightly older brother. Toni has said of him: "Guy brought the creativity and artistry... while I brought the business sense. I really do believe Guy was the greatest hairdresser that ever lived." Those skills are in the breeding. The family comes from near Pompeii in southern Italy. Nicholas Owen meets Toni & Guy's Toni Mascolo | Surrey Life