Sunday, July 31, 2011

JULY 2011


07012011 It was only later that we discovered that we should have gone to Antica Pizzeria Brandi, the birthplace of Pizza Margherita in 1889, which was named in honor of the queen of Italy at the time. We spent the afternoon meandering through the colorful streets and piazzas, soaking in the ambience and hunting down restaurants for dinner tonight. Along the way we picked up some vino and some goodies for an aperitivo on the balcony of our hotel room, where we relaxed and watched the sun slowly disappear for the evening. Cruising into Napoli | Pétanque & Pastis
07022011 From Kid Dandy, O'MAST is a documentary film based in the Naples focused on the Neapolitan tailoring traditions. In those traditions the film highlights the Neapolitan's perspective on culture, the concept of time with a subtle hint of the architecture, that can all intrinsically be found in the structure, design and stitch of a suit. Gorgeous History Of Italian Tailoring In Naples, Scored with Jazz And Italian Accents |
07032011 The glory days of Maradona's scudetto-winning sides may be gone, but a visit to Napoli's huge bowl-like Stadio San Paolo is still one of Italian football's more rewarding experiences. Napoli represents an entire city against the world, the club carrying the hopes of the people of this much-maligned southern madhouse. SSC Napoli | FourFourTwo
07042011 There is an old Italian saying dating back to the 19th century that translates roughly as ‘see Naples and die’. Far from being a blunt threat, this was a reference to the breath-taking beauty of the city. Perhaps the phrase needs to be updated for 2011. ‘ See Naples and die, but not before you get the chance to see Napoli at the San Paolo’. See Naples and die! Brilliant Cavani treble kills off Old Lady | Serie Aaaaargh!…
07052011 This delightful hotel is nestled amid the fragrant pinewoods of Ischia, the largest island in the Gulf of Naples, renowned for its natural hot springs and healing thermal waters. The Moorish architecture of ‘Il Moresco’ complements the natural surroundings, with the white tower of the main building peeking through a mantle of trees offering glimpses of the Mediterranean in the distance. Hotel 5 stelle ad Ischia Porto - Hotel Il Moresco Terme |
07062011 A host of pasta sauces include anchovies to produce sensational comfort food. Top of the list for me is spaghettini alla puttanesca. It is alleged to have sustained Neapolitan ladies of the night (puttana means prostitute), though it has also been asserted that the name came from a late-night request made to an Ischia restaurateur in the Fifties: "Make any kind of rubbish" (puttanata). Anchovies: Small fish, big impact | The Indipendent
07072011 Thoroughly out-glitzed by neighbouring Capri and Ischia and all the nicer for it.... It is just four sq km and the main harbour town of Marina Grande is everything you'd want from an Italian harbour port; coloured houses, washing lines and rocky inlets. An especially enticing part of the Gulf of Naples, Procida's film-set quality has been been immortalised in The Talented Mr Ripley and Il Postino. Another island, Vivara, linked to Procida by a walkway, is a nature reserve. 20 undiscovered island gems | The Observer
07082011 The Amalfi coastal paths are renowned as some of the most beautiful and dramatic in Europe. Mountains rise steeply out of the Mediterranean, while picturesque towns nestle in isolated coves. Mule tracks and old paths winding through little hillside villages, plus lemon groves and deep gorges make it a walker's paradise. You can even add in a walk up Vesuvius, the volcano which erupted and buried ancient Pompeii. TV star has us all taking in the fresh air | News of the World
07092011 More great value here, this time for a really elegant and distinctive white wine from the southern Italian region of Campania. Made from the falanghina grape variety, what's particularly appealing here is the balance between the kind of mineral freshness and acidity you get in a decent Muscadet with some rich candied fruit. Wines of the week | The Observer
07102011Wow... there are some absolutely gorgeous photographs of Italy floating around Pinterest at the moment, all of which take me back to a beautiful honeymoon the hubby and I spent in Sorrento back in 2007, amazing... We managed to squeeze in visits to Amalfi, Ravello, Capri, Pompeii and many more. Here's a little sneak peek... Sorrento, Italy... Sorrento, Italy... | loveprintstudio
07112011 I've been shooting an editorial in Sorrento over the last couple of days. The Amalfi coast of Italy is truly a special place, with a huge romantic quality to the whole region. If you have never been, GO! Take the coastline drive to Positano and Ravello and if you have been…then go again! Brohen Heart | UK
07122011 A couple of weeks ago, Aaron and I decided to hop on a train from Naples (parking at the Joint Forces Command JFC – base near a train stop) and head on over to Ercolano/Herculaneum to check out another city that was buried during the 79 A.D. eruption of Monte Vesuvio in Naples. This particular city is much smaller than Pompeii, but is better preserved due to the method of how the ash/mud/etc. fell on both cities. Ercolano! | Carpe Vinum!
07132011 Seven groups of historic buildings in five Italian regions join the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: from the Episcopal complex of Cividale del Friuli to the church of Santa Sofia in Benevento. Italy’s Longobard heritage added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites | CulturaItalia
07142011 The town that we are moving to next week is called Pozzuoli, also known to be Sophia Loren's hometown. You might also remember a guy named Apostle Paul, from the bible, Shay informed me last night that he stopped in this town on his missionary journey, on the way to Rome, he was here for a week! FYI | Gibsonchop
07152011 Perhaps eternal happiness doesn’t exist. But spending a couple of days in the Relais and restaurant Don Alfonso 1890 will definitely give you a taste of what it might feel like. It’s not only the beauty of the surroundings, or the extraordinary cuisine, or the sweetness of the air. The secret to what makes this place so special lies in the family that owns it. Meet the Iaccarino family | Fine Dining Lovers
07162011 Few restaurants have gone further in the eternal pursuit of the ultimate ingredients as Don Alfonso 1890. In 1990 the family bought a farm called Le Peracciole nearby Punta Campanella so that the restaurant could get its own produce of ingredients. Today do Don Alfonso 1890 serve most of their ingredients from their organic farm. Very few had any sort of organic thinking compared to what it is today. The flavours of the vegetables and the natural herbs is something all food lovers must tryout at least once in a lifetime. Don Alfonso 1890 – the essential ingredients |
07172011 In Naples, the best tomatoes are grown especially for bottling or tinning. The elongated San Marzano tomato is the most famous; grown in the volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius, these cook down to a lovely sweetness. They are on Slow Food’s “Ark of Taste” along with other “heritage” ingredients from around the world. San Marzanos are rare; those from the Sarno valley south-east of Vesuvius have DOP. Passata makes the difference for pasta | The Telegraph
07182011 And if you are itching to relax on a beach, Maiori is the place for you. A ferry service will take you there. Hotel Santa Lucia in Minori: if you are traveling with the kids and looking for somewhere more budget-friendly; also located close to the beach. Planning your trip to the Bel Paese | Panoram Italia
07192011 Armitage Gone! Dance performs selections from Made in Naples, a new work by acclaimed choreographer Karole Armitage, inspired by the Neapolitan character of Pulcinella. Pulcinella is known for his ever shifting nature—from bawdy to aristocratic, romantic to rebellious. Made in Naples | flavorpill
07202011 The Festival, now in its fourth year, is evolving, with a new fall session to be added to the summer schedule. A total of 33 performances and 135 replicas will be staged, and the Festival will once again have a strong international component. Once again, the city of Naples becomes a huge international stage for some of the most renowned figures from the world of the performing arts. A new season for the Napoli Theatre Festival | CulturaItalia
07212011 At the Museo Archeologico in Naples there’s an incredible mosaic of a big battle with Alexander. I was stunned by one fallen soldier staring at his metal shield next to him, his face reflected in the shield, watching himself die. It was the most amazing moment of stillness and observation that humanized this grand thing of bodies and horses, pageantry and desperation, schematically worked out. A moment of witnessing your own death. I’m sure that’s the first time reflecting on a reflection in a work of art was done. Eric Fischl: Soldiers on a break. | db artmag
07222011 Slim, slim, slim Aarons. Capturing the late 60's and 70's jet set and doyennes in their natural habitats, he might just be one of the original paparazzi's without actually being a paparazzi. And yes, that's Capri in that first print. Object of my affection: Not by the hair of my Slimmy Slim Slim... | The New Diplomat's Wife
07232011 The Swiss label Akris, whose collection was one of my favorites for Resort 2011, combined simple aesthetics with vivid shades of orange, blue and green. Designer Albert Kriemler also incorporated prints into a few looks and one dress even has the paysage of Capri printed onto it. In the Spirit of Capri, I present you with my favorite looks from the collection. Akris Resort 2011 Collection | The Fashion Observateur
07242011 Akris hosted a fashionable cocktail fete in honor of Pamela Fiori's new book, In the Spirit of Capri. The book features a collection of classic shots of the island by renown photographers like Slim Aarons. In it you'll see images of international jetsetters including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Valentino, Marisa Berenson, Brigitte Bardot and Babe Paley, as well as pictures of the gorgeous landscape and scenery. Capri Chic |
07252011 This is where it all started. The ugly Isle of Capri. If you rotate the image vertically, it looks very much like a Capri-panted Cankle. If only it had gone the way of another Mediterranean isle. Island of Evil | ihatecapripants
07262011 Hotel Capo La Gala is situated in the enchanting Sorrento coast, beautifully immersed in a mountain descending right to the sea, perfectly in harmony with the Mediterranean scenery. Bar Capri takes its name from the naïve artist Carmelina di Capri; her paintings cover the walls of the bar making the atmosphere very charming and rétro. Capo La Gala Hotel - Vico Equense | TheRealHotels
07272011 Carmelina di Capri, Italian, b. 1920, Town in Capri, Signed Carmelina A. and inscribed Capri (ll), Oil on canvas 31 3/8 x 38 7/8 inches, The Estate of Beverly Sills Carmelina di Capri - Past Auction Results | artnet
07282011 On the island of Capri, in 1903, the first ballerina of the Tarantella was Carmelina, a stunningly beautiful 14 year old, originating from a farming family. Such was her charm and talent that she never failed to entrance the tourists with her dancing and drum playing, called the Tarascone.The Neapolitan Tarantella | Scialapopolo Capri
07292011 The inhabitants of Tiberio, in the top part of the Municipality of Capri, are such proud depositaries of authentic life in Capri. Neither can Villa Jovis be forgotton, the most pompous among the imperial Villas, or the legend of the “Beautiful Carmelina”, the extraordinary “landlady”, who attracted whole generations of romantic travellers to the Villa. Piedigrotta Tiberiana | Capri Tourism
07302011 Gorgonia corals as trees, a red star, sea urchins cracked open, and other gifts of Poseidon and bring it on board for the lucky convivium. The urchins’ eggs were sweet, briny, rugged, creamy, delicate, ever-so-slightly pungent, umame, sensual on your tongue… They must have been the food of the sirens (not surprisingly legends says that the sirens Ulysses heard lived right on the coast of Sorrento where I grew up). Savoring Summer- Guest Post from Z Tasty Life | Sippity Sup
07312011 Neapolitan drivers are notoriously allergic to traffic and parking rules and regulations. The Mayor intends to use municipal police to increase the sense of security in the city on the part of citizens and tourists by increasing the number of policemen on patrols. Mayor de Magistris gets tough on security | Naples Politics