Friday, November 30, 2012


11012012 What happens when a volcano that has been active for centuries suddenly stops erupting? South of Italy is famous for illustrious monsters such as Vesuvius (which stopped losing its head in 1944) and Mt. Etna (which is still fuming), but in the commune of Roccamonfina, it left behind fertile soil on which farmers cultivate chestnuts aplenty. Living in the fire bed of southern Italy | The Times of India
11022012 This burning territory that extends from Naples along the coast of the gulf of Pozzuoli is rich of fascination and history. Still today the Phlegrean Fields conserve are a place of entertainment, leisure, but also of cure and well-being of the body and the spirit. The climate and the terrain have permitted the cultivation of local wines that have the Doc marking “Campi Flegrei”. The Doc wines are Piedirosso and Falanghina, cultivated here for centuries; Biancolella and Coda di Volpe for the whites, Olivella and Sciascinoso for the reds. Wine Trails in the Phlegrean Fields | Tour Guide Naples
11032012 The wine we drank was a Bianco Terra del Volturno IGP 2010 called 3-tre, punto trentatre 33(3.33). It is 100% Pellagrello Bianco and the producer is Tenuta Pezza Pane. 3.33 refers to the bushel, the ancient unit of measurement used in agriculture in the province of Caserta corresponding to 3.33 sq. ft. Eating and Drinking Along the Costiera Amalfitana | Charles Scicolone on Wine
11042012 Instead of navigating overcrowded Pompeii, why not explore another intriguing ancient city—resting just five to 15 feet underwater off Naples. You’ll be snorkeling past eerily beautiful mosaic-floored villas at Italy’s Parco Archeologico Sommerso di Baia. Grab Your Scuba Gear | Business Insider
11052012 Clean the lens, rush up to rocks, capture photo, run away like a little girl before the wave crashed on me, check photo, adjust settings, clean lens - Wash – Rinse – Repeat…  That was the sequence of events yesterday evening as I tried to capture the sunset in Monte di Procida/Bacoli.  The conditions were pretty adverse, and sea spray was terrible, forcing me to wipe off the lens as best I could every minute.  For the photo below, I stood my ground a fraction of a second longer and paid the price…  Soaked. Soaked at Sunset | Catch the Jiffy
11062012 And then there is Cavascura always in the municipality of Barano. A place that still evokes deep impressions, with pools carved in the rock where flows water, which acquires its healing qualities by contact fire smoldering in the depths of the island. Spa and Wellness, the miraculous waters of Ischia | Visit Ischia
11072012 Cuma is probably the oldest urban settlement in Italy. The area was already inhabited in prehistoric times. The Greek colonization dates back to 740 BC The city was able to maintain a vast domain on the coast untill Punta Campanella (the extreme point of the Sorrento peninsula). Cumae |
11082012 The historic centre of Naples has earned the Unesco World Heritage Centre denomination. It has one of the biggest historical city centres in the world, and its pride are the 448 historical and monumental churches, the highest number in the World for a single city. In Naples, some may find the actual conditions of many buildings and streets, and the rampant graffitti, off-putting. others clain this is "the immense character and culture of Napoli.... and even the dirt and grime has its own flavor .... a Neapolitan recipe for reality and great fun!" Learn something about Naples | Learn something from a postcard
11092012 One of the treasures of Herculaneum is its library at the Villa of the Papyri, which, because of the way the ash and mud from Mount Vesuvius hit the town, is the only library of the time to survive. The scrolls which once filled the library’s shelves are now stores in the National Library in Naples. The vast majority of them are, sadly, quite damaged – but some have been unrolled and scanned. Visiting Herculaneum: Pompeii’s Overlooked Neighbor | WhyGo Italy
11102012 “Pompeii was considered a city of pleasure.” Sophia, our guide, smiles and lets the last word roll off her tongue. She’s not wrong – in the last hour of my tour of this ancient Roman city, I’ve seen more phallic symbols than you’d get in the latest issue of a lad’s mag. From penises carved into the roadways pointing in the direction of brothels to erotic frescoes of, er… leap frogging activities, the citizens of Pompeii knew how to have fun. In fact, hedonism was king here. Pompeii was an affluent city filled with millionaires and mansions, a wealth built from its amazingly fertile soil and its prime position as a sea port town. Pompeii: A City Frozen in Time |
11102012 In the al fresco kitchen at Tenuta Seliano we’re about to learn how to make pasta, my son’s favourite food since he could mouth the word. First we have to shoo away a pack of rumbustious dogs who rule the roost at this agriturismo. This working farm near Paestum in Campania is one of southern Italy’s finest, where rustic three-course dinners are the main attraction. There are cookery lessons too. Italy: best local food is down on the farm | The Times
11122012 The grottoes of the Angel at Pertosa are set in an evocative natural amphitheatre in the green of the Alburni mountains. They twist and turn for about 2.500 meters through galleries, tunnels and immense caverns; a truly enchanting place full of stalactites, stalagmites and huge underground halls. To add to its charm, this is the only cave in Italy, where, to gain access, one has to row across a small lake originating from the underground river. ...from Palinuro to Sapri | Hotel Ristorante Miramare
11132012 La Tagliata is distinguished by the authenticity of its products directly derived from the orchard, the primary source for the kitchen of the restaurant. The simple ingredients and a passion for cooking create a strong bond to create delicious and tasty dishes, ideal for discovering the authentic tastes of Positano's land. La Tagliata - restaurant in Montepertuso |
11142012 These tomatoes are named after one of the comunes (towns) in which they are grown, San Marzano sul Sarno, in the province of Salerno and region of Campania in Southern Italy. This area south of Naples is known for volcanic soil courtesy of nearby Mount Vesuvius and a temperate climate. It is believed that the soil and climate combine with the specific characteristics of this tomato cultivar to create its unique flavor. A can of true San Marzano tomatoes will be labeled "Pomodoro San Marzano dell'Agro Sarnese-Nocerino DOP". The most important label to look for here is "DOP" which stands for Denominazione d'Origine Protetta (Protected Designation of Origin). This is a certification bestowed by the European Union and administered by the Italians that guarantees the can of San Marzano you are buying is the real deal. The Story of San Marzano Tomatoes |
11152012 Making pasta in Gragnano is ancient form of art, that involves history, culture, patience, secrets and traditions. to be born and raised in gragnano means to be  surrounded by the exalting  taste and  scent of the  durum wheat  semolina and from the pasta that comes from it! … and  like an enchantment, you just can’t live without!!! Mario Moccia, our father, in the 1976, even if he owned a very well known cheese aging factory, could not resist the fascination the pasta making has on those who are from Gragnano. he bought a famous pasta factory in commercial trouble, and devoted all his time and efforts in the revamping of the factory and its brand. Pasta makers since ever |
11162012 In my town the origin of pasta is lost in the centuries really! The name Gragnano come from Gens Grania, grain merchants in the 2′ century BC who wanted to protect their businesses. You have to know that Gragnano has a number of unique characteristics respect other places … tonight I’d like to explain you one, “The Mistral!”. A Twitter Tale: Gragnano and the Mistral | Pastificio dei Campi
11172012 Still in Positano, sunbathing, reading, swimming, resting...soaking up culture and history... On the front, by the sea, the promenade is the same one trodden in the past by Rudolf Nureyev, the famous ballet dancer. He would come over from where he lived on the Galli Islands. I can see them across the sea from here. One More Day in Positano... | Beneath Magenta Skies
11182012 Cross House is an historical villa, 10 minutes walk from the Piazzetta and located along the quiet pedestrian street which leads to Villa Jovis. The house, a few minutes away from the Arco Naturale, is ideally situated for nature walks and archeological visits to the east side of the island as well as tourist and beach destinations. The house was built in 1870 by Henry Wreford , the first non-Italian resident of the island of Capri and is beautifully preserved in its original state surrounded by a sizeable garden. Its thick stone masonry wall and domed roof ensure a naturally cool climate. Cross House | Bed and Breakfast
11192012 So, for the last time, allow me to direct your mind's eye to Italy, its delicious island of Capri and the famous Blue Grotto, a very nice cave with a very small entrance. Having paid, we joined a bobbing queue of boats waiting to enter the grotto, the opening of which is so small that punters have to lie on their backs while the oarsman grabs a chain and pulls the boat inside. When it was our turn, I wasn't lying down flat enough and very nearly left my nose, chin and lips smeared on to the top of the arch. This terror, though, was worth it. Inside, boats circled in the dark, their oarsmen crooning "Volare", while we found ourselves silhouetted against azure light like a Bond film title sequence. Donald MacInnes: The Italian sea grotto was blue – so was my language | The Indipendent
11202012 The new mayor Luigi de Magistris has been giving Naples, Italy a facelift that includes reducing traffic congestion. This past week he inaugurated the Naples Bike Path, which is expected to be the longest in southern Italy. Together with the European Commission, Naples also participated in European Mobility Week last September and the city council continues to encourage citizens to try alternatives to car use. Green Travel Arrives in Naples, Italy with Bicycle Lanes and Walking Tours | SFGate
11212012 When the going gets tough, never mind an SUV, what you need is a Fiat Panda 4x4. This new model is built at Fiat’s refurbished plant near Naples, also known as Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne’s big bet on Italy as a manufacturing base. Fiat Panda 4x4 review | Telegraph
11222012 Why not see the volcano from a different point of view?  Instead of taking the bus with all the other tourists, Hostel of the Sun is now offering trips up the mountain by horseback! You won’t be going along the roadway but up through the forests of the Vesuvius National Park, stopping half way to take in the breathtaking view over the Bay of Naples and  eventually coming out by the crater on the top of the volcano. Vesuvius on Horseback | Hostel Of The Sun, Naples, Italy
11232012 A tradition in the cafés of Naples is to order a caffè sospeso – literally, a coffee "in suspense" (aka. caffè pagato, or "paid coffee") – as a sign of your good fortune. When a sospeso is ordered, the customer pays for two coffees, but only receives one. That way, when a person who is homeless or otherwise down on their luck walks into the café, the person can ask if there are any coffees held in suspense, and can have one as a courtesy of the first customer. Though the custom has been a part of Neapolitan society for many years, it is somewhat less common today. The old Tradition of the caffe sospeso | Hostel Of The Sun, Naples, Italy
11242012 A big favorite of our guests while dining on the vineyard has been the spaghetti with colatura di alici. An original recipe from the seaside fishing village of Cetara, colatura di alici is an amber-colored fish oil, or sauce, that is derived from a sea-salted press of fresh anchovies. The process requires about four to five months. It’s the essence of the anchovy that turns a simple spaghetti dish into a complex flavorful creation.  And it’s easy to make! Colatura di Alici Recipe |  I Heart Italia
11252012 Passing by Ristorante Buca di Bacco in Positano one day, I noticed a raucous group of tourists with aprons on, and wine glasses in hand, in the kitchen. Upon further inspection, I figured out it was a cooking class… and I signed up immediately. The next day I arrived at the restaurant promptly at 3:30 for the class. Wine was poured and we, more or less, got to work. Our first task was to peel and slice eggplant… for eggplant parmigiana, one of three items on our menu. The Joy of Cooking | ObjectsBlog
11262012 I asked a friendly waiter in our hotel bar for a lemon and to my delight he brought me this one, complete with leaves. Sorrento is surrounded by lemon groves and lemon flavor and scent are used in numerous products. I thought that it was the perfect journal sketch for my newly acquired lemoncello recipe. I can't wait to try it. Lemoncello | Paper and Threads
11272012 Served chilled as a palate cleanser or as an after-dinner drink, limoncello is traditionally made in the Amalfi region of southern Italy, where lemons are particularly intense in flavour. There are quite a few stockists in London. Where can I get authentic limoncello in the capital? | Telegraph
11282012 One can tell from the very word, Forastera. Grapes that come from elsewhere (fuori, in Italian), i.e. forestiera. This white was introduced because, history repeats itself, it was considered superior to the delicate Biancolella that has always been grown on Ischia, Capri, and part of the Amalfi coast. The discovery was made by Casa D'Ambra a few years ago, and now Pietratorcia, the beautiful winery surrounded by olive trees, prickly pears, and Mediterranean scrub forest founded in 1966 by the Iacono, Verde e Regine families, has joined them. Garantito IGP: Forastera 2011 Ischia doc Pietratorcia | Kyle Phillips's Italian Wine Review
11292012 We spent most of our trip in Positano, and it was spectacular. Michael and I both agree that our hotel there, Il San Pietro di Positano, was one of the most beautiful and special hotels we have ever stayed. By far. The views, the rooms, the service, the food, the cocktails, the atmosphere ... the definition of elegance. italy (part 1) rome, capri, & positano | What's Cooking Good Looking
11302012 It's as close to perfection as I am likely to get. Below lies the sea, a brilliant, all-embracing blue, with the tracks of boats and the paths of currents marking its still surface. A mile away in that misty blue are the islands where the Sirens sang to Ulysses, and would have wrecked him and his ship if he hadn't ordered his oarsmen to plug their ears with wax. Opposite is a steep spur of rock leading down half a mile to the sea, with dozens of houses in lines on it, pastel-painted. At any time of the day or night, looking across at them is like being on stage and watching the doings of the audience. Letter from Positano, Italy | High Life