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01012013 The De Conciliis are also great jazz fans. In fact, they have a wine called “Naima,” a tribute to the song of the same name by John Coltrane. There is also a De Conciliis wine called “Selim,” which is a semordnilap of “Miles” (i.e. “Miles” spelled backwards) and a tribute to jazz artist Miles Davis. By the way, Selim, which is 70% Fiano and 30% Aglianico, is the first ever sparkling wine produced in Campania and quite probably its finest. A Visit to Viticoltori De Conciliis in Campania, Italy | Wine Vibe
01022013 Across the bay, Vesuvius dominates more than the land it once destroyed, I think, for surely it must overshadow the minds of the people who live near it or on it - and people do live on it. Naples, eruptions, chittlins and the tears of Christ | The Blue Remembered Hills
01032013 La Pignasecca is renowned for its abundance of cheese, pastry, and fresh fish stalls. As you shop, don’t miss snacking on the biscuits (taralli) from Panificio Vincenzo Coppola. The Oldest Outdoor Food Market in Naples | AFAR
01042013 Last summer in Naples, we forked over a fistful of Euros to a clueless cab driver while searching for this legendary pizzeria in the twisty-curvy district of Materdei. Like many pizzerias in Italy, it was closed for lunch. But a version of it recently opened on Manhattan’s easy-to-locate West 50th Street — and there he was, Don Antonio Starita himself, overseeing a grand parade of classically Neapolitan pizzas coming out of his wood burning oven and, oh, yes, out of his deep fat fryer, at the new Don Antonio by Starita. His specialty is called montanara in New York and simply pizza fritta in Naples. Sophia Loren & NYC’s Best Pizza | Rozanne Gold
01052013 For Song Saturday, a beautiful but very sad song full of emotion from Maria Nazionale, the famous Neapolitan songstress singing “C' Aggia Fa?”. A poignant song about a single pregnant woman struggling with the most difficult decision she has to make: To keep her baby or not… Song saturday c'aggia fa | Intelliblog
01062013 Gay Odin. Only chocolat for this historical Naples shop. I like that called "Forest", of unmistakable flavor, it melts in the mouth and is one of the best nostrum that I know. Naples | Fashion Crowd Adresses
01072013 The best way to discover Capri's beauty and special places is by not doing the normal touristic stuff. Renting a boat will cost you a little bit more, but you will have more fun! A tip for your trip - Capri | Dolce Limoncella
01082013 The place doesn’t open till 1:30am so rest up. We skipped the line and were escorted to a banquet along the wall next to the band. Yes, we danced on the banquet and yes, we sang with the band! I loved the drummer who sweetly shared his drum sticks with me and let me play along. I am sooooo taking drum lessons. At some point a famous Italian singer took to the piano and serenaded the crowd followed by a song sung by his rocker son. Not bad for our first night on island! Destination: Capri, Take One! | Stephanie Johnson
01092013 The island’s white wines are exceptional, many made from the Biancolella grape which is exclusive to Ischia and grows best on the slopes of Mount Epomeo. Several wineries offer tastings such as the Perrazzo winery which has its own shop in Ischia Porto and the Pietratorchia winery which has ‘cantine’ offering tastings in Forio. Spas on the ‘spiaggia’ | Expertoitaly
01102013 My first terme was the Negombo Gardens, one of Ischia’s most popular thermal parks. Negombo’s pools are terraced into the hills flanking a pocket-sized bay and sandy beach. Aromatic mists evocative of the Oracle of Delphi fill a cave-like sauna named Omphalos. Walking on pebbles in the hot and cold pools of the Japanese labyrinth massaged the soles of my feet. An array of shower sluices of various intensities massaged my neck and back in yet another pool. Water Park, Italian Style | The Epoch Times
01112013 The hotel is located in the vineyards of Panza, on the slopes of Mount Epomeo, Immersed in an oasis of Mediterranean vegetation and surrounded by a magnificent garden full of plants of each species and origin from different parts of the world. Hotel San Nicola | IschiaCharm
01122013 If the curves begin to take their toll on your stomach or the heat of the summer sun is making driving uncomfortable, stop for a refreshing lemonade or crushed ice drink from one of the kiosks set up in the panoramic lay-bys along the road. Getting around on the Amalfi Coast |
01132013 Positano Italy Tree Hug Tree Huggers Unite | Clover Hill Dairies
01142013 For those of you just looking for a vacation spot, consider Positano's Il San Pietro di Positano. As you lounge by the panoramic pool sipping Limoncello distilled from locally grown Sfusato Amalfitano lemons and dream loftier thoughts under the glistening Mediterranean sun, take a moment to count your blessings. This tiny jewel of a hotel boasts a Michelin Starred restaurant and an elevator that will take you straight down to the beach below. As far as I can tell, you have no need to venture far beyond the grounds or the nearby beach. If you notice the girl smiling broadly behind her oversized Tom Ford glasses, that's me enjoying my sweet, sweet life. See you there! Limoncelli, Please | Life in a Venti Cup
01152013 Of the Italian hotels featured, the Hotel Caesar Augustus in Capri scored highest among ‘Condé Nast Traveler’ readers, achieving an overall score of 98.6. The magazine describes the former Russian prince’s mansion “perfect-scoring location” perched 1,000 feet above the Bay of Naples as having “amazing views from anywhere on the well-maintained grounds.” All the hotel’s “perfect-scoring rooms have down duvets, linen sheets, marble bathrooms with double sinks, and private balconies”. However, the title suggests getting one of the five specialty suites, such as the Caesar that has arches, columns and a bust of Augustus. ‘Condé Nast Traveler’ also praises the hotel’s bi-level infinity pool, which “seems to drop into the sea. What a stunning sight.” Italian Hotels Top Condé Nast Traveler European Gold List | Italy Magazine
01162013 The construction of San Michele began a year after Munthe purchased the site, in 1895, the architect being Munthe himself. "My house must be open to the sun, to the wind, and the voice of the sea, just like a Greek temple, and light, light, light everywhere!" In the garden you find mostly Mediterranean and sub-tropical plants, and from the uppermost colonnade you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Gulf of Naples. A Collector's Capri Home | Gervais de Bédée
01172013 Capri Suite is a charming boutique hotel located in the center of Anacapri on the Italian island of Capri. Refurbished by the local firm Zetastudio Architects, the building originally formed part of the St. Micheles’ convent built in the XVII century. There are only two suites in the hotel – Blueroom and Yellowroom. Capri Suite by Zetastudio Architects | yellowtrace
01182013 There is another side to Campania, a gentler, more spacious side. Small towns with their own traditions, cuisine and wine are nestled in the region's hills and valleys. For example, in Salerno you can discover Roscigno Vecchio, locally referred to as 'the town that walks'. Landslides have hit Roscigno Vecchio many times during its history, forcing the complete evacuation of its historical center to alternative locations. But its inhabitants moved en masse and rebuilt, while striving to preserve as many structures as possible. The latest evacuation occurred in the 20th century. The town is now considered an eco-museum dedicated to Italian life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is located within a National Park and the Cilento World Heritage Site. Unlocking the Secrets of Campania | Essence of Italy
01192013 I’ve been running this farm guest house for 15 years, and I would love to tell you about this family and its history, both present and past. The farm is located very near Paestum, in the “Piana del Sele” area, where the ancient Greeks settled in 600 B.C. The property was acquired by the Bellellis in the late 18th century and has been cultivated as farmland ever since. The painter Edgar Degas, whose aunt was a Bellelli, even painted the famous portrait of the Bellelli family in 1860. It is nowadays on view at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris. Azienda Agrituristica Seliano | Agribella
01202013 Our Cicero was Paolo Verrone, a lawyer and winemaker in his mid-40s, who is a native of Salerno. In 2009, Mr. Verrone left his practice in Milan and returned to the Cilento to take over his father's winery, Verrone Viticoltori. Mr. Verrone began by taking us up to Vietri sul Mare, a town perched on the mountainside above Salerno. The town is dominated by the Solimene ceramic factory, which produces much of the brightly colored ceramics sold at higher prices to tourists visiting the more renowned towns up the coast. A five-minute drive further up the mountainside brought us to Castello di Arechi, a medieval castle that has been restored and transformed into a public exhibition space for concerts, dinners and conventions. Situated more than 300 meters above sea level, its open terrace provides a view of the entire Gulf of Salerno. Amalfi's Best-Kept Secret | The Wall Street Journal
01212013 Once upon a time this was a convent... it is now a charming hotel in a dream location. If romance is your thing you won't find a better hotel than this anywhere on the entire Amalfi coast. Even my husband turns into Prince Charming here. Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi |
01222013 It only took watching Diane Lane speed down the Amalfi Coast road towards Positano to convince me to go to Southern Italy, and that particular scene in Under the Tuscan Sun still wows me every time. With an aerial view of the sparkling Mediterranean, the dramatic backdrop of sheer cliffs; the series of small sundrenched towns; and the windy road that weaves between – the entire scene had me sold. If anyone still didn’t know about Positano, they certainly would after watching that film. On Location: From the Big Screen to Your Next Trip | Sugarfly
01232013 A few hours just for me. A sauna. A massage. Maybe followed by a lunch. A light lunch. That's what I wanted. No. That's what I needed. So one Sunday afternoon I headed towards the 5 star Raito Hotel near the Amalfi Coast. Into the lobby, past reception, and up the staircase on the right to the doors of Expure Spa. Doors that would begin my Chef in Beauty Farm Day, a combination of beauty treatments and a light lunch prepared by Chef Francesco Russo. Spa Day - Light Lunch - Raito Hotel | andiamotrips
01242013 As you make your way along the coastal road towards Sorrento and further down the Amalfi Coast, the shoreline glistens with cobalt blue waters and is eventually accentuated with olive trees, vineyards and lemon groves. Sorrento is a lively resort town with plenty of shopping opportunities and the Amalfi Coast will amaze you with its panoramic views...a private tour will surely enhance your experience. And just when you thought the beauty of this area could not captivate you anymore, you come to realise that there is more paradise to be discovered in Positano, Ravello and on the islands of Capri and Ischia which, during antiquity, Roman emperors chose as holiday retreats. Campania Region - Amalfi Coast | Your Friend In Italy
01252013 It's a dream come true! A leisurely week on the Amalfi coast - known for its breathtaking scenery, beauty, charm, history, culture, and cuisine. Marvel at the beauty of southern Italy's most famous coastline as you tour through charming Sorrento, Positano, Ravello and Amalfi. You will explore the extraordinary archeological site of Pompeii, the sun-drenched and seductive island of Capri and the fascinating and bustling city of Naples. A Mediterranean paradise awaits you… Romantic Amalfi Coast | Discover My Italy
01262013 Breathtaking views of the jewel coast from every angle. Fresh, incredible meals with amazing ingredients from the land. Daily yoga overlooking the sea or in a partially covered space with views of the famous Amalfi cliffs. The rooms are charming, comfortable and all shared. La Selva is only accessible via foot, so this is a real retreat for serious yogis and those who do not mind walking up or down the cliff to get into town. Retreat Warriors – Meet Shari Hochberg & Melissa Ferrer | Retreat Place
01272013 Reviving history for a modern audience “is one of the beautiful things we get to do,” said Camardo, the lead archaeologist with the Herculaneum Conservation Project, a joint initiative of the Packard Humanities Institute, of Los Altos, California; the local artistic heritage authority; and the British School at Rome. The project, an unusual public-private venture, has effectively managed the site for more than a decade and made it possible to complete tasks like the walkways to the skeleton casts. Saving the ruins of Herculaneum -
01282013 My personal favorite was the Villa of Poppea, so named for the wife of Nero, whose family home scholars believe this to be. The home had paintings from multiple different artistic styles, and it was also in a rural area, so it had a whole set of gardens associated with it, which one researcher has recreated based off of root morphology. How, you ask? Well, in the same way that archaeologists poured plaster casts of the bodies at Pompeii, the roots also left spaces between the volcanic debris, and based on casts made of those spaces, this woman managed to recreate the possible plants in each location. A little bit of pollen analysis was involved too. Super cool stuff. A Week on the Bus…Round Two, Campania | bruschettaandbooks
01292013 After seeing Pompeii we took the train back to Naples. These people were taking pictures at the Pompeii train station. Wedding photos, perhaps. In Naples we caught the metro and walked up the hill to the Naples Archaeology Museum. Naples Archaeology Museum | The Best 5 Years
01302013 This museum houses many of the remaining Pompeiian mosaics as well as the statues that were found in the Pompeiianhouse gardens. However, my favorite part of this museum was what is called “The Secret Chamber”. This is a chamber that houses some of the oldest erotic paintings known to civilization. Now, I know you must be wondering why this is my favorite part of the museum and deciding whether or not you really want to know at all, but this is why it was my favorite part and memory of this museum: before entering this chamber, my professor, who is young and Italian had to forewarn us and explain to us what this art was and what it meant. By the time he finished explaining, as fast as he could, he was the brightest shade of red. He then told us that we were to go into this chamber, spend 10 minutes inside looking around, then come out and not talk to him for at least 10 more minutes about what we saw. To this day, we have not thoroughly discussed this room. He literally avoids it all costs. I Want To Know…Can You Show Me? | whentheclockstrikes12
01312013 Located on the sea front, right in the heart of Naples, with a breathtaking view of the Bay, the Grand Hotel Vesuvio is only a few steps from the Royal Palace, Piazza del Plebiscito and the San Carlo Theatre. Within a walking distance from the most elegant shopping district, it is just 5 minutes from Mergellina and Beverello port which leads to the islands of Capri and Ischia. Furthermore it is only 30 minutes from Capri and Amalfi Coast by way of the Hotel's private cabin cruiser. World's Best 5-Star City Hotels Grand Hotel Vesuvio - Naples | Luxury Travel