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02012014 Walking by the Port in Santa Lucia with hand crafted sandals made in Capri and getting some of that “O’ Sole Mio” feeling. Viaggio Italiano (Italian Journey) | Montserrat Franco
02022014 In Naples you must have a view. This is why I wish to bring to your attention the Hotel San Francesco al Monte. The hotel’s 45 rooms occupy the left wing of the former monastery of Santa Lucia al Monte. Reminders of this past can be seen throughout the building, particularly in the numerous frescoes and in the areas of majolica decoration. These contrast with the pieces of contemporary art which the current owners have placed in the corridors and public spaces. Hotel San Francesco al Monte | Bown's Best
02032014 It was once again time for dinner. We were exhausted by the day's events and decided to finally try the famous Pizzeria da Michele. The restaurant requires its patrons to take a ticket and wait (outside) for their number to be called, which is a fantastic idea if you can understand Italian (so you know when it's your turn). We conversed with the individuals waiting outside and before we knew it, it was our turn to sit down. We were at a table for four, but a priest who came alone was asked to sit to my right. I suppose this was to enable the restaurant to reap as great of a benefit from its customers as it can. He did not speak a word to us and scarfed down his sizable pizza in under five minutes. Voyage de Naples à Amalfi | Ma Vie à Bruxelles
02042014 As usual, our tickets were valid for all the routes, and we had the time to take two out of three: to historical sites and along the coast. And there were so many tempting places we could have visited if we only had had more time: the Aquarium, all those palaces and museums; even walking on those streets a bit more would have been lovely. Not only is the city beautiful, but it also has some sort of a special spirit and charm, so Naples became the truly magnificent completion of our trip to southern Italy, and even gave it a special meaning. Adventures of the Azeris in Italy – Naples | Travelling Leila
02052014 Citizens of Pompeii and Herculaneum believed penises provided protection, prosperity, and good luck, and incorporated them into everything from furniture to oil lamps. Frescos on the walls of homes depicted erotic encounters between wood nymphs and satyrs. Erotica was everywhere. All of this fervor only served to make the collection more famous, and it became a rite of passage for European gentlemen to view the secret collection on their Grand Tours. Pompeii Perversions: The Ancient Erotica Locked Away For Over a Century | Slate
02062014 Humanity has enjoyed no wine grape more than Aglianico. Cultivated by the Phoenicians, exported by the Greeks, consumed by the Romans, protected by popes and coveted as a blending agent during the phylloxera plague, “Aglianico is probably the grape with the longest consumer history of all,” says Denis Dubourdieu, oenology professor at the University of Bordeaux. Aglianico on the Rise | Wine Enthusiast
02072014 Rosa Fusco told us that these special small tomatoes, called piennolo, are grown in the area around Mount Vesuvius. They are dry farmed and are lower in moisture than most tomatoes. After they’re picked, the piennolo tomatoes are hung in clusters to conserve them. Those amazing tomatoes | toby's kitchen
02082014 Impress your dinner-party pals with your homemade Italian gelateria by taking a course at this gelaterie. The third generation in the ice-cream business, David runs classes that last around an hour and culminate in your very own gelateria certificate. His specialities include the deliciously one-off 'Sorrento moon', with almond and lemons, and veneziana , a lemon, orange and mandarin sorbet; he also makes all the traditional flavours. Gelateria David | Lonely Planet
02092014 Gay-Odin is widely recognized as the best gelaterie in Naples with the best chocolate flavours in town; probably due to the fact that it is actually a chocolate factory). You’ll find it in the Centro Storico and should probably pencil in a good walk afterwards… Not to be missed – what to see and do in Naples, Italy | Grown-up Travel Guide
02102014 San Martino, a small community high above the sprawling city of Naples, is a refuge from the chaos and confusion of overcrowded metropolitan life. With a reputation of being one of the best neighborhoods in the city, it is also the home of two outstanding historical buildings; Castel Sant’Elmo and the former Carthusian monastery of San Martino which is now a museum. Stunning Naples from a Birds Eye View | Timeless Italy
02112014 Salerno is not a traditional stop for the major cruise lines, and it’s usually only on the itinerary when the port of Naples is booked. The good news is there are less crowds and the scenery is still beautiful. Cruise DIY: Getting from Salerno to Pompeii by Train | Mommy Musings
02122014 I decided to take 2 weeks to settle myself in one place with the hope that I could get some headway on my novel. The apartment I am staying in is really lovely and I am given a large room with a comfy double bed and a balcony. The boys I am staying with are friendly and keep the apartment very tidy. They seem much more mature than most Italian men I have met to date and speak pretty good English. They constantly have a stream of friends in the apartment which is nice because I get to meet more locals. Living La Vida Local in Salerno | I am a wanderer
02132014 One of the best things about Salerno is that even if it’s not as big as NY’s smallest district, you still get to choose among a wide hotels selection. If you’re looking for an Hostel, I strongly suggest you give a try to Ave Gratia Plena which is the ultimate Hostel solution because it’s located in the inner core of the city near to the Cathedral. Cityprofile: Salerno | Lemonade 25
02142014 While lovers all over the world raise a glass to Saint Valentine today, residents and visitors in Sorrento will be celebrating the festival of Sant’Antonino, the city’s patron saint. And there are festive lights, fireworks, and musical events in his name. Sorrento celebrates festival for Sant’Antonino | Best of Sorrento
02152014 After walking the length of the fountains, we spent a bit of time exploring the wilder English Garden on the Caserta palace grounds. The English Garden contains plants from all over the world and is a beautiful shaded spot with fountains, statues and crumbling porticoes. The Versailles of Italy | Bisbocci Abroad
02162014 My small collection of earth and sea is growing. As for the other samples and broken bits, I can look at each one and remember exactly where it came from - bark from a tree I layed beneath at Paestum, staring up at branches and a cottony blue sky. Have Small Plastic Bags, Will Travel | Dispatch From LA
02172014 This was one of the most amazing places we have ever been to. To be able to go in and walk the grounds, go underneath where they kept wild animals and the gladiators was nothing short of amazing. And to be able to do it with literally no one else ther was so dang cool!We got on the road to go see the Capua arena ruins | kym and tim
02182014 These farms are clustered in the region surrounding Naples called Campania. If you don’t live in the Campania you might have a hard time getting to the farm. Lucky for you, there’s a very dedicated network that brings mozzarella to the people every single day. Italy's Favourite Cheese: Buffalo Mozzarella | Eating Italy Food Tours
02192014 After Pompeii, the next stop on my trip around Europe last summer was the Amalfi coast. If you don't have a car, than the best way to see it is by bus. As terrifying as it was to be at times on this bus whizzing around curves on the edge of the rocky cliff side, the view was staggeringly beautiful. Turquoise ocean and vineyards on cliffs - the amazingly stunning Amalfi coast | Decorology
02202014 Villa Dorata overlooks the scenic village of Positano, Italy and offers spectacular, panoramic views of the sea. This private four bedroom palazzo is luxuriously decorated in high-Baroque style from the elegant jewel tone hues to the ornate chandeliers, lavish tasseled draperies, exquisite frescoed ceilings, vaulted alcoves, and plush-cushioned furniture. Luxurious Villa Dorata perched on the Amalfi Coast | 1 Kind Design
02212014 This aquamarine bedroom in a villa off the Amalfi coast of Italy is so extreme, so over-the-top, so wrong… it’s right. Daily Delight: Mosaic Wonder |
02222014 Watching the sun set over the Mediterranean, while sipping an iced tea on the terrace of your Amalfi hotel, is one of those holiday memories one never forgets, and the kind of setting dreams are made of. The Amalfi Coast is a striking, winding and totally mesmerizing 30km stretch of coastline in the south-western part of the country and has inspired poets, writers and artists the world over for decades. Why is the world so in love with Italy?  |
02232014 Positano is also known for its ballet associations. Diaghilev, impresario of Ballets Russes fame, Nijinsky, Massine (who owned the Galli Islands) and Stravinsky all spent time in Positano. Positano remained a popular destination for the ballet world, attracting famous guests such as Margot Fonteyn, Antony Tudor, John Cranko and Carla Fracci. Rudolf Nureyev bought one of the islands as a private retreat. Positano |  Italy Heaven
02242014 woke up the next morning to this at the lovely Villa Rosa Positano. This breakfast on our balcony every morning was definitely a highlight of the trip! Yes, we are simple folk! a nice breakfast keeps us happy! Our honeymoon snaps | Patchworkh Armony
02252014 J.K. Place Capri is one of surprisingly few hotels on the island of Capri to be able to boast a true sea-edge location. The hotel is just steps away from the port of Marina Grande and Capri’s largest beach. JK Place Capri, Italy | TravelModus
02262014 Hang out on the piazzetta at night when it becomes the social centre of the island. Have drinks at the hip yet cozy Bar Tiberio. Insiders Guide: Capri | TravelCocktail
02272014 A stunning montage of Carla Coulson's coastal staircase photographs seen in My Amalfi Coast. Part Three ~ photographer Carla Coulson | A Gift Wrapped Life
02282014 Great! We have a volcano at least four times the size of Vesuvius with a 5 x 6 km caldera. Roccamonfina – A relatively unknown Italian volcano with an obscure history | VolcanoCafe