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08012014 Last month Chelsea and I took off for Italy for a wedding is Tuscany and visited a few parts we hadn’t been to and this is by far one of our favorite spots to visit. Amalfi Coast | Tec Petaja
08022014 On the Amalfi Coast of Campania, award-winning journalist Adrian Mourby is taking a gourmet road trip from Naples and enjoying spectacular scenery and fine food along the way. Campania is famed for its seafood, and it tastes even better with the sea in the background! An Amalfi gourmet drive | Italia! magazine
08032014 Via Panoramica is Italian for third gear. From now on, the route to Sorrento will climb, swerve, drop down and get sucked into long tunnels as it attempts to follow a beautiful but deeply crenellated coast. Pine trees flash by, clinging to the cliffs, and whenever the road widens even briefly there will be a Victorian villa facing the sea, painted in Pompeiian red and bright ochre. Our 1963 Alfa Romeo AF Giulia Spider purrs along throatily, but comes from a time before power-assisted steering or disc brakes. On the road: Naples to Praiano | B There Magazine
08042014 Eons of erosion and salty breakers have formed the cliffs along the Amalfi coast. Tourists from around the globe flock to this spot on the Italian map where the mountains dive from precipitous heights like suicide bombers into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Neptune fans the ragged rocks with a glittering saline spay like diamonds from the deep. Rocky small beaches challenge one to find a comfortable spot to lie under the bronze eye of the sun.  The one narrow road from Castellammare di Stabia to Vietri Sul Mare, the Via Mauro Comite is jammed with Vespas, Italian sports cars, and tour buses the size of small yachts. Hairpin turns and blind corners dare drivers to great speed and daring maneuvers. La strada di Gio - Acqua di Gio by Armani | scents memory
08052014 The ferry trip from Salerno to Amalfi was 35mins so once we got there I was ready to jump into the water. This was my first proper time in 5 months since I’ve been too the beach and to experience an Italian beach was pretty cool! Forget the sand, its just all stone which gets so hot! The water was beautiful, a little cold at the start but once you got in it was great! Bella settimana! | Italia | My travels through Italia
08062014 In the small town of Amalfi, once the centre of a vibrant maritime empire (as the grand Moorish-influenced cathedral attests), I eat on successive nights at restaurants perched on either end of the picturesque bay. At Ristorante Eolo, I watch a glorious sunset as I try to choose among the inventive dishes on offer. La Dolce Vita: Fine dining on the Amalfi Coast | Signature Travel and Lifestyle Magazine
08072014  Positano is the most glamorous of the small towns along this coast, and shops and hotels are priced accordingly. Twelve miles east along the coast, Amalfi is a little less chichi and a little more seaside — but it has good shopping. Try the Luna Convento, once a Franciscan convent, with a cloister and a seawater pool. Ibsen and Wagner stayed here, so you’re in exalted company. Amalfi Coast base, exploring Jamaica | The Sunday Times
08082014 After hearing so much about the little town of Positano, they also wanted to visit that town. Amanda discovered a fabulous little sandal shop, Nana Positano, where they craft some beautiful sandals (for only 30 euros!). They two finished their Positano excursion up in the mountains at the incredible restaurant Il Ritrovo (which also does cooking classes!). Amalfi Coast | Ever After Honeymoons
08092014 Authentic Adventures have another UNESCO World Heritage Site in its sights – the beautiful Amalfi coast. One of Europe’s most breathtaking stretches of coastline. The terraced cliffs are famous for their cultivation of lemons – known as sfusato amalfitano – a larger, local kind, grown along the entire coast. Limoncello tasting anyone? New in 2015: The Amalfi Coast | Authentic Adventures
08102014 "Wrapped in scent' … a lemon tree near Positano on the Amalfi coast. Where lemons grow | The Guardian
08122014 The sparkling Mediterranean. The sunlit skies. The brilliantly hued terraced gardens. Let us bring the Amalfi Coast to you. 5-Minute Escape | One Kings Lane
08132014 Rand explained to me that there was a grotto underneath our hotel – one that belonged exclusively to the Hotel Santa Caterina, and I giddily followed him into an elevator, and down several stories. Dusk at Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi, Italy | The Everywhereist
08142014 The Albergo il Monastero is an ancient monastery carved out of a rugged island about 200 metres off the coast of the Italian island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples. The whitewashed interiors of the hotel are minimal and elegant. I stayed there with my husband in summer when I was pregnant and we would retreat from the bustling beaches of holidaying Italians to our quiet monastery, which was perfect for a mother-to-be. Frequent flyer: Rachel Perkins | Bendigo Advertiser
08152014 Just north of Ischia is the smallest island in the Flegrean group, Procida. A mere 4kms square, it lacks the thermal springs which attract the lolling tourists to spas on Ischia, and the stunning cliffs, the enormous wealth, and the Blue Grotto which attract everyone from everywhere to Capri. But Procida has charm: pastel houses in pink, white, yellow and blue; the scent of lemons; fishermen mending nets. There are beaches, walks, quaint towns, and a movie-making history which has led to an annual arthouse film festival. Procida | Pamrovia
08162014 We based ourselves at the historic Imperial Tramontano hotel which is just a few minutes stroll from the centre of town, making it easy to get around with a buggy. My usually picky father has referred to Sorrento as possibly his favourite holiday spot of all time, painting a wonderful picture of beautiful architecture, delectable food and a maze of pretty cobbled streets so I have always wanted to come here. Without a doubt though the best aspect of the trip was how welcome we were made to feel even with a toddler in tow. In a hotel as sophisticated as the Tramontano, children are still treated as a joy and greeted with nothing but enthusiasm. It's play time on the Amalfi coast | Daily Express
08172014 Lo Scoglio restaurant provided the gastronomic highlight of the whole trip - a lunch prepared by the third generation of a family who set up the restaurant in 1958, based on locally caught fish and vegetables grown on their own farm. Delicious starters - including crusty bread, broad beans, large tomatoes, aubergine, battered zucchini flowers, mini-calzone, home-made buffalo mozzarella and anchovies - were followed by Sea urchin and Tartufo di Mare (Truffle of the sea); spaghetti and zucchini, with coarsely grated parmesan and basil leaf garnish; and spaghetti with baby clams and tomatoes. A harvest of delights in ‘Campania felix’ | Star Travel Review
08182014 The name of the provolone del Monaco was attributed to this cheese by watching the shepherds, coming from the Lattari Mountains, who brought it. For this reason, the shepherds, to shelter from the humidity of the sea and of the night, covered themselves with a big cloak reminding of the monks’ habit. Besides its legendary aspects, anyway, the provolone del Monaco is considered as inimitable because of its organoleptic characteristics. A typical cheese of Sorrento: the Provolone del Monaco | Fondazione Sorrento 
08192014 Between Baia and Miseno, Bacoli was constructed on the Roman city of Bacoli. On the highest part of the city there is a grand installation of two-story cisterns known as “Cento Camerelle” (1st century BC). The upper cistern, with a rectangular layout, is divided into four naves; the lower one is a complicated network of tunnels dug into the tuff rock. A thin strip of coast separates the sea from a salt lagoon, the lake of Fusaro, creating a formidable ecosystem where fish and mussels are farmed. The Phlegrean Fields | Italian Culture
08202014 The neapolitan flavours, ancient fortresses, the thermal baths as well as the crystal-clear water. Ischia Island, a little treasure in the heart of the mediterranean sea. Ischia |
08212014  At the end of the main street is Piazza del Plebisicito, home of the enormous Palazzo Reale, former palace of the King and Queen of Naples, which dangles over a cliff edge with incredible views across the Bay of Naples to Mount Vesuvius.  The Palazzo Reale is just as opulent inside as out, and in true Italian style, it is a bargain to visit; just 4 euros to wander the marble and gilded halls, the sumptuous state rooms and galleries, and the formal gardens overlooking the sea. Naples and Herculaneum | Book Snob 
08222014 Both Falanghina and Lacryma Christi represent the history of Southern Italian enology, insomuch as they deal with historic vines, dating back to the Roman era, which for centuries have appeared on the tables of our ancestors and which even today are still a valued commodity of our Campanian territory, surely one of the most sought-after regions for the production of great wines from indigenous vines. An interview with Francesco Domini | Pensieri Meridionali
08232014 Lemon granita stand on the way to the Amalfi Coast. A Three-Day Itinerary For Your Trip to the Amalfi Coast (You're Going, Right?) | Bon Appétit Magazine
08242014 She sips a limoncello made by her host, as she does in Amalfi, where the highly prized sfusato amalfitano grows. There in a trattoria, Attlee enjoys a dish of pasta totally new to me, calamarata. The oddly-shaped pasta – which looks like “a giant’s wedding ring,” according to Attlee – is dressed with a julienne of local lemons, garlic, parsley and palourdes (clams) sautéed in olive oil. She finishes her meal with a delizia di limone, “an aptly named sponge baba, moist with limoncello and filled with a glorious chilled lemon cream. We all agreed that there was no better way to spend a day in Amalfi.” The Land Where Lemons Grow by Helena Attlee, review | Telegraph Books
08252014 Another smart lodging choice is Furore, a unique fjord just east of Praiano on the Salerno side. Superbly renovated to keep the fishing hamlet intact, the Furore fjord has remained untouched. Breathtaking Locanda Ripa delle Janare is a lovely place to stay or dine, or both. The cuisine is simple and tasty, with specials that include homemade scialatielli pasta with seafood or mushrooms, freshly caught fish, and fine desserts. Sorrento Confidential | The American | In Italia
08262014 Positano looks like a wedding cake. Once in the city, we walked up the pastel-colored streets to a lovely church at the top of the village. After a gelato (caramel, my favorite flavor), we headed back down to the sea for lunch. We took an elevator up through the rocks to get to San Pietro's magnificent restaurant, which had amazing views of the sea. The decoration was harmonious, the food was delightful, and the service was perfect. A Tween Girl's Dream Birthday: Seaside Lunch on the Amalfi Coast | Fathom
08272014 In southern Italy, pasta al pomodoro is the Alpha dish, the first act of culinary creation, the homecoming comfort food of children and adults alike. Pairing the succulent tomatoes of the Campania region with risotto rice rather than spaghetti or maccheroni is therefore very nearly an act of sacrilege. Whatever the reason, Matteo Temperini, executive chef of Le Sirenuse’s Michelin-starred La Sponda restaurant, has made tomato risotto one of his signature dishes, proving that north and south can not only meet but get along just fine. Recipe: risotto al pomodoro | Sirenuse Journal
08282014 Procida is not interested in mass tourism. They favour cultural tourists, welcoming visitors who want to immerse themselves in their traditions and way of life. You'll still see fishing boats coming in with their catch at the beautiful Marina Chiarella. I could spend an age watching them cleaning out their nets, throwing fish heads to waiting seagulls and neighbourhood cats, a sight that can't have changed much in the last century. Holiday in Italy: A Weekend in the Bay of Naples | Italia! magazine
08292014 The upper garden was created after the death of Sir Walton , in his memory. He is buried right here (and so is Susana – his widow, who died later and who is referred to as the soul of the garden). Clambering up, we saw the Greek theatre , a pool with a bronze crocodile, the Temple of the Sun, the Thai pagoda and a concert hall, where they show a documentary with Lady Walton herself talking about the garden. La Mortella (Ischia) | Adventures of the Azeris in Italy
08302014 We set off from Sant'Angelo harbor late in the morning. We found a few caves to explore... Then in the distance we saw another island...Procida. It didn't look too far so we went a bit closer to have a look.. But possibly the best part of the day was when we arrived back in Sant'Angelo and found a gelateria with strawberry cheesecake gelato! From Ischia to Procida | 
08312014 Maronti Beach was a great location to visit. Hire an umbrella and a chair, have an iced coffee and relax on this beautiful beach. There is also a very good choice of restaurants all with sun-beds and parasols! Try "Spaghetti alle Vongole"! Maronti Beach: Last Day in Ischia Island | The Velvet Passport