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09012014 In the nineteenth century, people often compared Naples to Paris—“Naples and Paris, the two true capitals!” Stendhal cried - but today Naples feels more like an African or Asian city, and as a result, to my eye and tastes, she has become more beautiful than Paris. Unlike most European cities, Naples has an energy that is disjointed, feral, and madcap; her pleasures are in the street rather than behind closed doors. She is open to atavism and kitsch, to gluttony and wonderful vulgarity. In other words, she’s alive. Exploring Naples, Italy's Most Vibrant City | Conde Nast Traveler
09022014 Looking out over the bay at Naples it was easy to be intoxicated by its beauty. Crumbling churches poke their spires above the red slate rooves of higgledy- piggledy houses that jostle for space on the three hills that make up the ancient Italian city. Naples, where the food is as good as the views | The Daily Star
09032014 Coming to Sorrento and taking a ride in a "wheeled chair" is equivalent to going to Venice and not take a gondola ride. Ever since the Grand Tour, when Sorrento was the destination of the most famous noble families in Europe and overseas, even when traveling in a carriage, everyone left their car and preferred to use local media to make sure you take this' essence of what they were visiting. Italian gondolas? In Sorrento, the Carruzzella is the way to go... | Home To Italy 
09042014 Sorrento is not a beach resort in the accepted sense – the coarse, dark sand at the foot of the mighty cliffs that front up Vesuvius across the Bay of Naples could not compete with Margate or Blackpool, let alone the Caribbean. But it does – admittedly at a price – provide a number of private beaches, primarily along the stretch of water between Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. There are also small patches of public beach scattered along this coastline which are packed by mid-morning with Italian families. Sorrento Scenes | An Englishman's Love Affair with San Francisco
09052014 Longing to dive into the sea we ventured out to Il Capo di Sorrento, where we heard it was possible to bathe amongst the ruins of a Roman villa at Regina Giovanna’s ocean pool. We reached the site easily; after a short bus from Piazza Tasso we followed the clearly marked long and windy cobblestone path to the ruins. Underneath the crumbling remnants of the villa was a large rock pool, framed on all sides by tall rounded walls. A large arched tunnel allows the tide to flow in and out of the pool. The turquoise waters were cool and clear. At the bottom of the pool were thousands of smooth pebbles instead of the sand that I am used to. Sorrento | Kristie and Alex's Big Trip
09062014 The city is known for its goods made of inlaid wood, and you’ll find the largest variety at Gargiulo & Jannuzzi. This 150-year-old emporium hawks all manner of marquetry, from tiny geometric boxes to elaborate framed landscapes, as well as jewelry, textiles and a veritable zoo of life-size ceramic animals. For better bargains, visit the tiny Augusto Lucas Workshop on Via Fuoro. Sorrento sells loads of leather, as well, and the family-run Artigiani Della Pelle, next to Augusto Lucas, stocks unique, colorful handbags and jackets. There’s a tempting selection of handcrafted sandals around the city, too. Check out the glittering assortment at Sandali Corcione.Eat, shop, repeat: Sorrento, Italy | The Dallas Morning News 
09072014 Ischia is the largest island of the Campania region – its velvety slopes green with pine woods and vineyards – hence its nickname Isola Verde (Emerald Isle). Mount Epomeo – the volcano – has long been dormant, but the island shows significant volcanic activity with its many hot springs, mineral waters, and steam and hot mud holes. These are extensively used by the island’s many spas; hence Ischia’s other nickname, Island of Eternal Youth. Ischia ... last destination | BeauBazar
09082014 For a true European indulgence slip inside Manzi Natural Spa, located on the Italian island of Ischia, with its ancient natural springs and menu of treatments that incorporates both hydrotherapy and Asian traditions. You will also find a fitness center, refreshing swimming pool and stretch of pristine beach located nearby. Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa | Luxury Link
09092014 The centerpiece of the hotel remains the old lookout tower, renovated without altering the original design. The tower now houses many suites facing the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, with the prestigious Spa and hot spring treatment centre located on the lower floors. Mezzatorre Resort and Spa, Ischia, and It's Historic Charm | Couture Travel Company
09102014 The dishes are all prepared by Erika with the help and supervision of the expert Mamma Raffaella. They range from classic home made pastas such as 'tagliatelle alla rucola con frutti di mare' to 'ravioli alle melanzane and 'caramelle di aragosta'. Guests with a sweet tooth should try the crusty orange pie, hot chocolate soufflé and a variety of creamy mousses. Papà Vincenzo is the wine expert and has built up a list with great experience and which includes virtually 'unfindable' bottles. Ristorante Donna Rosa, Positano | Delicious Italy
09112014 Taverna Portosalvo in Villammare di Vibonati: very simple looking trattoria with marine decoration and a very passionate patron. The best/freshest fish counter we have ever seen anywhere - the fisherman brought in the catch as we entered the restaurant. We had the mixed antipasto platter with 4 different dishes on it (fried bianchetti-balls, marinated fish (don't remember name anymore, but pieces of a bigger fish), polipetti cooked with tomatoes and a calamari/potato dish), all very fresh and delicious and with distinctly clear flavors. I had a couple of very fresh and delicious raw shrimps. We then had a whole grilled "schianto" which had just come in - i was a bit concerned grilling might make the fish dry, but it was cooked perfectly, with a nutty taste and flakey consistency - very very good. Our wine was a 2010 Fiano San Matteo by Alfonso Rotolo, from Paestum, a very nice, mineral and full wine. Policastro Bay (South Cilento) | 
09122014 For a sophisticated and enlightening gastronomic experience, drive to Don Alfonso 1890 in the nearby town of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi. This is one of Italy’s most celebrated and critically acclaimed restaurants (with a cooking school and elegant guest suites for overnight stays) thanks to homegrown products - even the butter is freshly churned here. Alfonso and Livia Iaccarino offer pea soup with ginger and shrimp or orecchiette pasta with broccoli and tartufi di mare. Drive through Amalfi Coast | Family Travel Concierge
09132014 Ischia, a picturesque and inviting little dot out at sea. The late American author Truman Capote, who stayed a while on Ischia with pen and paper in the late 40s, called her, "the timeless island." The largest island in the Phelgrean Archipelago is where about six-million tourists annually come to enjoy la dolce vita (the sweet life) – for a week, a month or for a season. Ischia: Eat, Drink and Whistle | Italiannotebook
09142014 In the great room 3 of the Di Lustro Hotel in the center of Forio with the beautiful views of the Marina, Truman lived for ninety-seven days - from March 23 to June 13, 1949 – and Mrs. Giuseppina shows us the old registry with the record of arrival and departure. Capote is at room number 591 of the register and at the number 590 is the name of Jack Dunphy who was a companion of Capote for thirty-eight years occupying the room 2, next to that one of Truman. The Truman room |
09152014 On top of super volcano Mount Epomeo on my home island of Ischia. I didn't know until this trip that my family has been in the business of art, science and commerce since the 15th century. My great-grandparents are from volcanic islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and last September I made a quest to get their birth certificates. A Volcanic Time Traveler's Valentine's Day | Time Traveler's Adventure Club Mystery Jars
09162014 Pompeii's newly reopened open-air theater, the scene of a landmark Pink Floyd concert more than 40 years ago, is soon to be the setting for the latest brainchild of the Italian culture ministry, the Pompeii Festival. Performances of Giacomo Puccini's La Boheme and Georges Bizet's Carmen will light up the ancient arena on September 18 and 20 respectively. The festival is a test drive for a possible summer opera series at the famed archaeological site. Pompeii to host opera festival | Ansa
09172014 The exhibition is about Pompeii as a historic site, and as a source of inspiration for 250 years. This is the first time such a large exhibition about Pompeii has been produced and shown in Sweden. The exhibition is on display at Millesgården, where the interiors and gardens were inspired by Pompeii. The Crown Princess opens Pompeii exhibition | Sveriges Kungahuset
09182014 The Swedish Pompeii Project started in 2000 as a fieldwork project initiated at the Swedish Institute in Rome. The aim was to record and analyse an entire Pompeian city-block, Insula V 1. In the recording process large quantities of data and photographs have been amassed and this is the forum we have chosen to share the collected information with those interested in the details of Pompeian houses. Welcome To The Swedish Pompeii Project | The Swedish Pompeii Project 
09192014 Among the hundreds of restaurants celebrating the IDIC all around the world there was “The President”  in Pompeii (Naples), just a few meters away from the famous archaeological area. Pompeii is in the heart of the area where San Marzano Tomatoes PDO  and Piennolo Vine Tomato from Mount Vesuvius PDO are grown. Both are believed to be the best choice of tomato to make Spaghetti al Pomodoro. In addition Pompeii is very close to one of the areas where some of the best spaghetti in the world are produced: the district of Gragnano. The Celebration in the Land of the Best Ingredients to Prepare Spaghetti Pomodoro e Basilico | International Day of Italian Cuisines
09202014 Grown in the fertile soil of the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, the pomodorino del Vesuvio, is known for its elongated oval shape and thick skin which enables it to be harvested in bunches and stored for long periods. Its exceptional flavour makes it a prime ingredient in local Neapolitan cuisine. Tomato Harvest Southern Italy | The Interior Archive
09212014 Farmer Ponsiello Giovanni and his wife Maria Aprea preparing Pomodorino piennolo del Vesuvio for the winter season in their home at Pollena Trocchia. Italy - Campania | Stefano Scatà photographer Grown in the fertile soil of the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, the pomodorino del Vesuvio, is known for its elongated oval shape and thick skin which enables it to be harvested in bunches and stored for long periods. Its exceptional flavour makes it a prime ingredient in local Neapolitan cuisine. Tomato Harvest Southern Italy | The Interior Archive
09222014 These lemons from the Amalfi Coast are the size of grapefruits. The white meaty flesh between the rind and the juicy part is meant to be eaten with honey and vinegar. Free Photo Friday - Food | I Must Be Off!
09232014 Recently I enjoyed Falanghina from a highly regarded producer, Feudi di San Gregorio, located in Campania. Feudi di San Gregorio has been in business since 1986 in Campania, in particular Sorbo Serpico in the Irpinia region part of the Avellino province. The terroir here is very unique due to the volcanic ash from Mt. Vesuvius nearby. A great Falanghina from Feudi di San Gregorio | Vino Travels
09242014 Star winemaker Riccardo Cotarella has teamed up with the ulta super star French Champagne maker Anselme Selosse to create a series of unique and high-end sparkling wines for Feudi di San Gregorio including the Dubl Falanghina, Dubl Rosato di Aglianico (pink bubbles) and most recently the sparkling Dubl Greco. These wines have been highly praised in the specialized wine press and the Dubl Greco in particular is a stunning wine. Feudi di San Gregorio, Falanghina, Sannio Falanghina | Stem Wine Group
09252014 Over my two days in Avellino, I tasted close to 100 Taurasis and Aglianicos, not all of which are available in the US. There are no big outside investors here, buying up vineyards and planting international varieties. In fact, more than a few of the newer wine producers have family histories of grape farming several centuries long – so even brand-new labels may represent a lot of experience with Aglianico. That showed in the tastings, where the level of winemaking seemed impressively high, even judging it from the perspective of wine zones like Barolo and Barbaresco, which are further along the developmental curve than Campania. Campania Stories: Avellino | Tom's Wine Line
09262014 Cover the waterfront: Earlier this year, two waterfront streets, Via Caracciolo and Via Partenope, were closed to traffic, creating a pedestrian thoroughfare along the Naples’ waterfront that has proved popular with joggers, bikers and families out for a stroll. Here you can enjoy great views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius and maybe even get in a little exercise. Italy: Seeing Naples on a budget | Miami Herald
09272014 Visitors may love the new lungomare but Neapolitans are divided about the changes. One of the twentysomething staff quips: “We don’t need the pista in Naples – we make our own rules.” Naples sets off on a pedal passeggiata | Bar Bruno 
09282014 Located between Piano di Sorrento and Sorrento you’ll find this little resort that was popular with Royalty and nobility for centuries. Take a look at the lovely botanical garden, the Parco dei Principi, which was first established in 1792. It’s now part of an hotel that bears the same name, and it offers panoramic views across the Bay of Naples. Sant’Agnello | Airport Connection
09292014 A secret garden with a decorative majolica wall in the courtyard of the Casa Grande Correale, the 18th century Correale Mansion, in Sorrento. Four cathedrals and a missed opportunity for mission in Italy | Patrick Comerford
09302014 Grand Hotel Hermitage lies in a natural setting overlooking Sorrento and the Bay of Naples. Its location in Sant' Agata sui due Golfi offers access to excellent walks and villages around Massa Lubrense. Hotels in Sorrento | Friends of Sorrento