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11012015 Amalfi -  Pasticceria Pansa: sorry, maybe i’ve already mentioned too many “must eat” and “must try” but now i’m serious once here, don’t miss Pasticceria Pansa; their “sfogliatella” is one of the most delicious pastry you’ll ever try and their Gelato…i’ve no words, it makes me cry! Amalfi Coast Holidays: 72 hours of luscious and luxury! | FollowMU 
11022015 This view, unbelievable when I first laid eyes on it, was painted from the balcony of the San Martino musuem and looks down to the Vomero neighborhood in Naples.When I arrived at the museum with the editor of the book and another writer, we were refused entrance with a plein air easel in tow. Good thing that Neapolitans are kind and understanding. It took about 5 min of talking with the director to get permission to go in and paint anywhere I wanted in the gardens behind the museum. Painting Views in Naples | Kelly Medford, Artist 
11032015 Cuoppo Napoletano, Origin: Naples - Yet another (truly) shining example of deep-fried deliciousness, this paper cone filled with fried seafood makes us want to hit the coast right this second. Who needs home, anyway? Just start forwarding our mail to Naples, please. 17 Classic Italian Street Foods That Everyone Should Try Once | The Huffington Post
11042015 There is a wonderful tradition in Napoli called “suspended coffee” (“caffè sospeso”). Lately, the international press has been talking a lot about it. Amid social crisis and growing poverty in the Western world it is becoming somewhat fashionable to pay your own bill at a bar and leave enough money for another cup of coffee, for someone else. However, Neapolitans have been quietly living with this custom for over 200 years. It has never been a fashion trend for them, or a way to attract attention to some social issues.Share Your Joy: Suspended Coffee in Naples | Green Holiday Italy
11052015 The stunningly beautiful Amalfi Coast stands out for its spectacular coastlines, rugged cliffs, cascades of brightly coloured houses, lemon groves and olive trees on terraced hillsides, all tumbling down to an aquamarine sea. The main town in the area is Amalfi, which makes a good starting point for an exploration of this exquisite coastline. Amalfi Coast and south | Scott Dunn Travel
11062015 We finished with a Café Macchiato, some squares of chocolate and lemon cake, and a glass of extremely chilled Limoncello from Ravello. The London Foodie Goes to Italy – Amalfi Coast (Ravello) | The London Foodie
11072015 I spent two days in Naples on my way to the IV° Naples Urban Sketching Workshop (which actually took place in Ischia). Naples was incredibly busy, and it felt quite different from the Italy i knew; i had never been this far south. The narrow streets of Quartieri Spagnoli (supposedly not the best neighbourhood) were much calmer than the city center and were great to sketch. Two days in Napoli | Urban Sketchers 
11082015 Mamma and I were pretty hopping excited by the time we reached Positano. I had some business up near Salerno, so we ventured into Cetara for an amazing ‘straight from the sea’  lunch  at Acqua Pazza, on their delicately designed fish plates  &  we also had to stop and buy some ceramic fish for my courtyard wall back home. Oh Dear! Did you think I had abandoned you? Not a chance! | My Amalfi Coast
11092015 Indigo blue hues deepen as the sun sets on the Amalfi Coast. Salty sea air tousles my blonde locks as I quietly sip on limoncello. Clanging wine glasses and the gentle hum of a distant Vespa become a symphony of sorts. The scent of lemon fills the air. Silky strands of handmade pasta against bursting tomato flesh and fresh basil gives me a certain pleasure. Suddenly, the whistle of my teakettle brings me back to reality. I get up from the couch to make another cup of coffee, all the while dreaming of the wonderful cookbook Wild Rosemary & Lemon Cake by Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi. Fresh Pasta | for the love of the south
11102015 Recipes such as paccheri alla Genovese (pasta tubes with sweet onion and beef sauce), polpettine di carne al sugo di pomodore (meatballs in tomato sauce), pollo al limone (lemon chicken), zucchine scapece (fried courgettes with mint and vinegar), torta di ricotta & pere (pear and ricotta tart) and sorbetto o granita al limone (limoncello sorbet or granita) are the kind of food that fit my kind of cooking. Feather Light Smoked Cheese Gnocchi from The Amalfi Coast | Kavita Favelle
11112015 People fled to the beach at Positano, Amalfi, over the  weekend. Italy's Indian summer set to linger | The Local
11122015 As the winner of Smith’s sexiest bedroom award, Hotel Bellevue Syrene, housed in an ancient grotto, comes second in our list. The exposed stone walls, over-sized hydro-massage pool – on top of an en-suite tub, canopied king-size bed, and balcony with sea views make this hotel the 2015’s Sexiest Bedroom winner. Italy’s Top Hotels according to Mr & Mrs Smith | Slow Italy
11132015 You will be the guests of Antonella and Francesco and you will stay in an apartment in Torre Annunziata. Join this dynamic couple and learn Italian while immersing in Italian culture, in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius! Our city, Torre Annunziata, is located at the foot of the majestic Mount Vesuvius. It features volcanic sand beaches, from which you can admire in the distance the island of Capri, and which are bathed in the waters of the Gulf of Napoli. New Italian Language Homestay in Southern Italy, Almafi Coast near Pompeii | Studentessa matta
11142015 This fabulous rental villa is in one of the most beautiful and scenic areas on the Amalfi Coast, between the two historic towns of Amalfi and Ravello. The property (250 sq. m. of floor space + 1000 sq. m of outdoor area) has several levels, with terraces each with stunning views of the Amalfi coast and the sea. Some terraces are uncovered for sunbathing, while others are shaded by pergolas, trees or tents. The villa has a private swimming pool, located on the upper level, with plenty of space for relaxing and enjoying the breathtaking views to Amalfi Coast. Castiglione di Ravello | The Luxury Travel Book
11152015 Caroline & Conor, capitalizing on the inherit chicness that is the Italian wedding, turned the dial up a notch with a stunning black tie affair on the tree lined terrace at Ravello’s Villa Eva, offering 360 degree views. Italian wedding photographer Gianni di Natale was the perfect fit for Caroline & Conor, matching the beauty of the surroundings with his unique & artful eye. Gorgeous Tented Italian Wedding Along The Amalfi Coast At Villa Eva | StoryboardWedding 
11162015 The 15th of October. I remember it well. In Sannio (Benevento province) thousands were experiencing a tragedy greater than a little traffic on the highway or a few large puddles in the parking lot. They were experiencing mudslides, river banks overflowing, vineyards and livelihoods destroyed  if not seriously damaged. Among those affected was the large cooperative Cantina di Solapaca. Mud entered into their warehouse covering up to 80,000 bottles of their Falanghina del Sannio, Barbera, Greco, Aglianico, and Fiano wines. 80,000 bottles covered in mud. But the south has a special spirit. A spirit that with hard work and innovation, a situation as negative as this can bring a community together. The cooperative decided to put these bottles on sale as an effort to break even instead of suffering huge loses on the wines sold. The campaign is called SporcheMaBuone! - Dirty but good. SporcheMaBuone - The Southern Spirit Alive in Sannio (Bn) 
11172015 In Campania awakens II, we headed inland to the southern end of the Apennine Mountain range and the unique territory of Irpinia where temperatures get quite chilly. It’s not surprising given that vineyards sit up to 1900 feet above sea level. These elevations combined with temperatures that fluctuate greatly throughout the year can be quite trying. Wines of Campania | GT Food & Travel
11182015 Our next stop was a neighboring Summonte vineyard run by Ciro Picariello, a practitioner of natural winemaking. We opened Ciro Picariello, Fiano di Avellino DOP 2012 (14%), made with grapes from Summonte and Montefredane. The wine was bright with tangy acidity (think green apples) with distinct aromas and the flavor of orange blossoms, rosemary and toasted almonds. It also had a smoky minerality, like flint. My clients were perplexed at my mention of flint. As a curious kid, you may have once licked a smooth stone and gotten a sense of its taste. That's flinty — a stone-like mineral smell and taste. Campania awakens, II | The American | In Italia
11192015 The Luci D’Artista will cover the streets of Salerno with lights that go beyond the usual Christmas illuminations. The urban light installations are the work of contemporary artists and this year’s theme is "forest". The Campania city will be illuminated with fairy tale characters, enchanted gardens and mythical dragons. The unparalleled atmosphere might just put you in a festive mood... Ten things to do in Italy in November | The Local
11202015 Salerno is a city and comune in Campania and is the capital of the province of the same name. It is located on the Gulf of Salerno on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Salerno was an indendent Lombard principality in the early Middle Ages. Salerno - The Cutest City in Campania, Italy | See.place - Places To See Before You Die
11212015 Bellevue Syrene, ‪Sorrento‬ - As the winner of Smith’s sexiest bedroom award, Hotel Bellevue Syrene, housed in an ancient grotto, comes second in our list. The exposed stone walls, over-sized hydro-massage pool – on top of an en-suite tub, canopied king-size bed, and balcony with sea views make this hotel the 2015’s Sexiest Bedroom winner. Italy’s Top Hotels according to Mr & Mrs Smith | Slow Italy
11222015 The Sorrentino cocktail was invented in 2013 in the Hotel Vittoria Excelsior for Guido Fiorentino. Created in the pool bar, it immediatly became the Number One cocktail around the pool. Everyone would end up enjoying one. the sorrentino cocktail | Colin Peter Field
11232015 Caserta, Campania - It's the home of the best mozzarella in Italy -- and therefore the world. This is the real one, made with buffalo -- not cow -- milk. It's denser, porcelain white, smooth and bittersweet. Milk oozes out when you bite it. Monks started the tradition in the 12th century and it's been handed down from generation to generation. Local stores sell all the different shapes -- braids, eggs, small and big balls. Italy for eaters: 9 destinations that'll destroy your waistline | CNN
11242015 In Naples welcoming guests is a given. Neapolitans are known for their ability to make everyone feel like part of the family, no matter where they might come from. This accoglienza, plus the amazing home-cooked food at Osteria La Mattonella, is what the Marangio family is famous for. Osteria La Mattonella in Naples | Casa Mia Italy Food & Wine
11252015 Antica Latteria, Naples - Cozy trattoria in the chic Chiaia quarter of Napoli, this trattoria serves up classic Neapolitan dishes in a funky, eclectic and welcoming dining room. The staff is friendly and the Pasta with Genovese sauce is my go-to dish here. The pasta con patate e provola, the eggplant parmigiano, polpette, and the fried antipasti are also very good. Traveling To Italy? List Of Places To Eat In Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice And More | BrowsingItaly
11262015 Just for fun, I stuck my travel guide for Naples & the Amalfi Coast inside the bag, but it’s unlikely I’ll carry the whole book with me. Rick Steves, crazy man that he is, rips the pages he needs right out of his guide books. I’m going to follow a suggestion made on my previous post and just photocopy the pages of the places I’ll b visiting and carry that particular day’s destination with me each day. Take a Peek Inside My Travelon Travel Purse | Between Naps on the Porch 
11272015 Il Negombo, ‪Ischia‬ - In 1947, Duke Luigi Silvestro Camerini of Padua, a botanist and intellectual, discovered the Bay of Montano which reminded him of a bay called Negombo in Sri Lanka. He then spent several years buying up the entire bay from its many owners in order to create his own Negombo and filled it with myriad plants from all over the world. In the sixties, however, with the advent of tourism on the island and business interests in the North, the duke spent more time away than at home, with the result that the garden reverted to a semi-wilderness. Business at the “water park” flourishes - Il Negombo now has 29 pools, 3 eateries, 2 shops, a hotel and a spa, and in the peak season hosts 2000 visitors a day. The Italian Branch of the MGS | Mediterranean Garden Society 
11282015 Piazzetta - This is the little square that you'll arrive in if you get the funicular up from Marina Grande. They say it's where all the film stars and other rich and famous people go to be seen. Normally that would put me right off but don't let that ruin it for you – it isn't like that at all. It's as beautiful a little piazza as any you'll find elsewhere in Italy and it it isn't outrageously expensive either so be sure to enjoy an aperitivo or a coffee in true Neopolitan style (ask for an espresso Napoletano), while listing to the church bells ringing and the languages of a hundred countries. Enchantment Awaits on The Island of Capri | Exquisite Coasts
11292015 Robert 'D' Naja (Massive Attack) & James Lavelle (UNKLE) give an insight into why they fell in love with Napoli and what it means to them. Massive Attack & UNKLE - Why I Love Napoli | Copa90
11302015 UNKLE mastermind James Lavelle will gather exclusive remixes he created for artists like Lana Del Rey, Queens of the Stone Age, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and his own UNKLE tracks on a two-disc compilation titled GU41 Naples - James Lavelle Presents UNKLE Sounds. New 'Global Underground' Mix | RollingStone

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10012015 When I meet new people and I tell them I’m coming from a South Italian city called Benevento, all I see is a big question mark on their faces. Because there’s no tourist here to rip off. My friends come down here to visit me from time to time, and they were all pretty enthusiastic about this little gem of a city. Benevento City of Witches | bohemianstella
10022015 Capital of the Province, this city occupies the site of ancient Beneventum. Its church Santa Sofia (Lombard structure) has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit the ancient theatre that seated between 10,000 and 15,000 spectators. There is also the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the castle of Benevento, best known as Rocca dei Rettori or Rocca di Manfredi, stands at the highest point of the town. 10 most underrated Cities in Southern Italy | Swide
10032015 Also known as the “city of witches”, Benevento is the ideal place where to spend a perfect vacation, immersed into art, culture and tradition. Result of a masterly restoration of an historic mill building, located a few steps away from the Cathedral and the Amphitheatre, Hotel Il Molino is an ideal place for leisure and business travellers! Hotel Il Molino – Benevento | UNA Hotels & Resorts
10042015 This curious Italian liqueur made from natural ingredients is sometimes advertised on Italian television on the run up to Christmas and this curious Italy resident decided to try it. Alberti, the Benevento based maker of this bewitching beverage, has a selection of Strega recipes, both savory and sweet and Strega cocktails, including one especially for opera lovers – the Strega La Scala. Strega Liqueur – Benevento’s Bewitching Italian Spirit | Italy Chronicles
10052015 What makes Strega truly successful is the way that over time it has remained true to its traditions and the master recipe even as it has grown through technology. The factory is still in the hands of the Alberti family, which remains passionate about their craft, and the drink remains closely linked to excellence in Italian culture thanks to Guido Alberti’s creation of the Premio Strega, an award which continues to be Italy’s most prestigious literary prize. Even though Liquore Strega is now for sale in more than fifty countries across the globe it remains distinctly Italian. Liquore Strega | Vintage Italian Liqueur Inspired by Witches | Ganzo
10062015 The wine cellar must be mentioned, as it is unique not only for its extensive collection of some of the greatest wines in the world, but also for the rooms that house them. The cellar descends vertically (and, yes, it is a challenging walk down and up!) from vaults that were built at the turn of the last century, with origins into the Roman era. The value and scope of the wines in the cellar is astonishing. Relais & Chateaux and Michelin Star Cooking at Don Alfonso | The International Kitchen
10072015 Mastroberardino remains a benchmark Fiano producer, though the quality field has widened to include splendid examples from Feudi di San Gregorio (a personal favourite), Terredora, Villa Diamante and Donnachiara, among others. Fiano: Italian grape produces marvellously crisp and vibrant white wines | The Globe and Mail
10082015 It took me on a walk through Casavecchia vineyards and over to the stalls to see Caserta’s particular black pigs and piglets. It invited me to pull up a chair on Le Campestre’s terrace which has a spectacular view of the countryside. Where I could breathe in fresh, clean air, enjoy my aperitivo of local products from surrounding producers. Here I met mozzarella and ricotta from Il Casolare. A thinly sliced prosciutto crudo from Masseria Trianelli which was fantastic when placed on top of a foccacia from Pizzeria Pepe. I snacked on taralli and other products from Panificio La Fattoria while sipping artisan beer from Karma. A Saturday Perfetto... Made in Caserta | andiamotrips
10092015 Deep in Campania’s Alto Casertano region, Le Campestre (Castel di Sasso) showcases the beauty and nature of this pristine area just north of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. The Alto Casertano is known for olive oil, buffalo and sheep cheese, and rustic breads. Meals are served on a terrace overlooking the adjacent valley and mountains us slopes. Guests stay in Le Campestre’s simple rooms and take part in the farm’s activities, such as harvesting olives and other produce. It also offers cooking classes and guests can learn to make Conciato Romano, an ancient cheese that has been revived at the Lombardi family farm. Italy holidays 10 of the best places to stay in Italy for foodies | The Guardian
10102015 Best for alpine escursions: Parco Regionale del Matese - Straddling the regions of Campania and Molise, the Matese regional Park is home to a dolomitic massif of medieval villages, castles and forests. Summer offers hiking or a dip in Italy’s highest lake, while the slopes welcome winter skiers. Katie Parla's secret six | National Geographic Traveller
10112015 Some of the activities that are currently offered through the website include a full day lemon tour from Positano, a Paestum and Mozzarella Full Day Tour from Positano, a Cruise Trip to Pompeii, Herculaneum and Vesuvius from Amalfi, and much more. Additionally, Etindo helps people find transportation to these activities, including transfers from Positano to Naples Airport. Etindo Releases New Portal Showcasing Things To Do In Naples, Italy | Digital Journal
10122015 Many of the most impressive sights of the city lie along the street and neighborhood that is Spaccanapoli, so tourists throng to this area to appreciate its rich history and culture. Magnificent churches like San Lorenzo Maggiore, Gesù Nuovo, and Santa Chiara, are found here as well as the chapel Cappella Sansevero; Via San Gregorio Armeno, the home of the presepe artisans’ workshops is mixed in with small shops, eateries, and street food. This is the heart of Napoli, and I feel the vibe. Spacca Napoli – The Heart of Naples | L'Italo-Americano Newspaper
10132015 If you love Italy you must know “ragù”, the traditional meat sauce of Napoli. This typical sauce (mainly made of tomato sauce and meat) needs hours and hours to be that special, this is why on Sunday morning, long before lunch time, it is already on the burners! This is the reason why a Cafè located in Battipaglia city (province of Salerno, Campania region) has just launched a new appointment on its calendar: every Sunday, from 11:00 AM on, you can have your “Pane e ragù” as happy hour (Bread and Meat sauce)!! happy hour with the typical neapolitan meat sauce “ragù" | Chiara's Food&Wine Guide
10142015 Along with Nebbiolo and Sangiovese, Aglianico is among Italy’s finest red grape varieties. Fortunately, an ever-increasing number of producers – mostly younger winemakers who have studied, traveled and, more importantly, tasted the great wines of the world – are now using the amazing raw materials of their region to make consistently good, and at times world-class, wines. In fact, Campania is the region in Italy where international grape varieties are the least important. Unlike many well-known production areas such as Piedmont, Tuscany and Friuli, Campania remains a haven for native wine grapes. Campania: Made in Italy | vinous
10152015 While Aglianico headlines the red varieties, Piedirosso, with which it is frequently blended, is acquiring greater recognition; many producers, in fact, craft single-varietal bottlings of the grape. Casavecchia and Pallagrello are two of the other recovered varietals, focused on exclusively by Vestini Campagnano. In general, the reds tend to be quite powerful in expression, while the whites, in contrast, are far less demonstrative, yet display an enervating acidity. While many, like Greco di Tufo and Falanghina, are mild in flavor some, particularly Fiano, project rather stirring aromatics. All are generally marked by restraint - lending them a particular affinity with food. The Wines of Campania | Italian Wine Merchants
10162015 In a driving tour that will take you from Vietri located inland next to the city of Salerno to the coastal edge of Positano, this drive will take you through one of the world’s most enjoyable coastal drives. The drive is as exciting as the scenery is beautiful, all along the cliff’s edge, you will navigate your way through tunnels cut into the rock, bypassing other cars, trucks and frequent busses, try to mind the cyclists and pedestrians! Furthermore, it’s a challenge to do all this without getting distracted by the view, which only seems to build in grandeur as you lead your way through the twists and turns in the road. Heading Out: Top 5 Luxury Drives Through Italy | Oliver's Travels
10172015 Drive along the gorgeous cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Stay a night or two in the charming village of Positano -- it's straight out of a postcard. 31 things everyone should do in Italy in their lifetime | Business Insider
10182015 A gem in the little square just by the lovely Duomo, where early 20th century style and furnishings have all been preserved, together with the mirable façade. For six generations, the same family has also preserved 200 years of tradition in the best of Amalfi confectionery: zeppole S. Giuseppe, susamielli, roccocò, sweet casatielli with "diavolini", mustacciuoli and sfogliatelle. Pastry Pansa Andrea | Locali Storici d’Italia
10192015 Cetara, a fishing village, is far 15 km from Amalfi and it is known mostly for one thing: the anchovy. To have a typical lunch I suggest you to go to Al Convento: it’s the best restaurant where you can have the real anchovy. How to eat like a local on Italy's Amalfi Coast | Charming Italy
10202015 Houses cling to cliffs over the town center in Positano. The Amalfi coastline is among Italy's most popular tourist destinations.  World’s Most Amazing Cliff-Top Homes | Realty Today
10212015 Located in the Salerno provice, Positano is a village situated on the Amalfi Coast, with crystal blue waters and cliffs that chop into the sea. Though the town lost some of its liveliness due to emigration, tourists began to discover the beauty of this colourful cliff-top town and revitalised it's atmosphere. You can catch a glimpse of Positano in films such as Under the Tuscan Sun. The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Italy | The Culture Trip
10222015 This little town screams parent-escape to us!  Instead of worrying about your child running along steep-edge lanes and having to carry your child up flights and flights of stairs, why not treat yourself to a luxurious relaxing kid-free break here at Positano. Here you will fall in love with the relaxed soothing atmosphere.  We highly recommend taking an early morning stroll down towards the beach as the sun gently places soft kisses on the water and building facades purely for your pleasure. The Most Picturesque Town on Amalfi Coast, Positano Italy. | Wanderlust Storytellers
10232015 The group enjoy a private boat tour to Capri, a Limoncello Tasting Tour tasting and meal at Mt. Vesuvius Vineyard, an Amalfi coast drive to Positano, Ravello and the city of Amalfi as well as ample free time to enjoy the Sorrento restaurants and shops. Your Life: 'La dolce vita' | PalestineTX Herald
10242015 A luxurious historic villa set in one of the most alluring sceneries of Italy, with views over Positano and the sea. Built in the 1700s by a wealthy merchant, it resides in the oldest part of Positano, overlooking the harbour, from where the merchants could see their ships sailing in. Villa D'Oro - Positano Area, ITALY | Italian Breaks
10252015 Just a warning: the walk to Punta Tragara is flat and easy, but from there to Faraglioni and Arco Naturale you will  have to climb many stairs and deep rises! It’s actually easier to start the path from the Natural Arch, but the tour is less scenic (in my opinion). Said so, I walked up this path with my 10 years son, and he survived (quite happily, indeed!). At the end of the tour, look for the restaurant “Lo Sfizio” : it’s a small place which caters local people. Capri: breathtaking Faraglioni and Natural Arch walking tour | Deligthfully Italy
10262015 Setting high above the Mediterranean Sea like an exotic pearl, Villa San Michele majestically adorns the island of Capri. Her stately architecture and elegant whiteness shimmer exquisitely under the warm Italian sun. Beautiful green gardens climb and wind their way around the bleached walls and the colonnaded pergola. Memoirs of Capri: Alluring San Michele | Timeless Italy
10272015 Particularly astonishing is the view from the double level infinity pool overlooking the sea. Euphoric, one can spend all day just floating about in the warm water (heated to around 76 degrees Fahrenheit) and gazing off at the calm, blue sea, with the silhouettes of Ischia, Naples, and Vesuvius off in the distance. 7 reasons why hotel caesar augustus is unforgettable. | Destination Luxury
10282015 The unlikely team is discussing the next move in their plan to excavate one of Italy’s most recently discovered and important ancient sites, Antica Aenaria, which dates from 200BC. They are working on the underwater excavation of a site that Alessandra Benini, the chief archaeologist at Antica Aenaria, describes as an “extremely important” find. “This is the site we’d been looking for, the real evidence of a major Roman settlement here in this period,” she said. They are working on the underwater excavation of a site that Alessandra Benini, the chief archaeologist at Antica Aenaria, describes as an “extremely important” find. Ischia: Trawlermen on Italian island learn to dive so they can rescue sunken Roman settlement of Antica Aenaria | The Independent
10292015 Not far from the Amphitheatre gate and the Porta Nocera Necropolis is a lookout point where you can admire the vineyards of Pompeii, with the Vesuvius in the background. I took this in the spring while I was taking a tour with the botanist from Mastroberardino, a wine producer who is growing ancient varietals at Pompeii. Vineyards of Pompeii | pixels.com
10302015 Antiquesmarket Every Sunday, from 6.00 – 14.00, at the Hippodrome Park of Agnano, there is an antique, craft and flea market. Around 200 market stalls: not only second-hand, but also antiques and craft, made on request by master craftsmen: jewellery, furniture and joinery. Antique, craft and flea market | Napoli Unplugged
10312015 Toledo Metro station in Naples. The most impressive underground railway stations in Europe | The Telegraph

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09012015 On the next day I attended another wine-themed tour by Campania Grand Tour. The first stop was a very off-the-beaten path beauty of the region: the Natural Park of Grassano, an unspoiled oasis near Benevento. The most fascinating thing of the park is the mesmerizing colour of the water pouring from several mineral springs, which ranges from emerald green to blue sapphire. One more weekend in Campania | Blocal Travel blog
09022015 From D.O.P. pizza to Vesuvius-studded views to the warmth of the Neapolitans themselves, what’s not to love about Naples? September 19th marks the feast of the city’s most important patron saint San Gennaro, and is not only one of Naples’ most iconic holy days, but all of Italy’s. The festivities kick off in the morning when the Neapolitans gather in Piazza del Duomo in front of the city’s cathedral to watch the saint’s dried blood liquefy—an auspicious miracle that signifies a disaster-free year lies ahead. Then the procession begins. Stores close, but vendors set up shop on the lively streets selling plenty of memorable keepsakes and bites. 5 seaside places in Italy to catch the last of the summer sun | Swide
09032015 Following Naples annual celebration of pizza at Napoli Pizza Village 2015, the Via Caracciolo portion of Lungomare will play host to ‘Bufala Fest‘ from 11th to 13th September. The festival is dedicated entirely to buffalo and their products: Campanian buffalo mozzarella DOP, Campanian buffalo ricotta DOP, but also meat and hams, even ice creams produced using buffalo milk and, yes, more pizza too! Bufala Fest on the Lungomare | Napoli Unplugged
09042015  Teresa Iorio scooped the coveted Caputo trophy on Thursday, awarded to the best pizza made in traditional Neapolitan style, Ansa news reported. “I'm so happy,” said a tearful Iorio as she picked up her award. “I'd like to dedicate this to my mother and my father who taught me the art of pizza making. Whenever I roll out a pizza base I think of my dad,” she told reporters. World first as woman wins pizza contest | The Local Italy
09052015 Mozzarella di bufala: buffalo milk mozzarella cheese is made by spinning and then cutting the ribbony cooked curd by hand. Mozzarella comes in all shapes and sizes, from the small, bite-size cherry bocconcini, to the awesome 1-pound bowling ball-size Aversana, or the delightful interlaced bufala “braid”. I could eat mozzarella every day. Insider Spotlight: Eleonora's Top 3 Tips for Italy | Insiders Abroad
09062015 Take away Campania and Italy would be a sad, sorry place, not least at the table. How the Amalfi Coast Keeps Drawing Us In | Travel + Leisure
09072015 The best way to experience the beauty of Amalfi Coast, with its rugged cliffs and pastel hued villages that stretch 50 kilometers along the southern side of Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula? From the passenger seat of a vintage convertible, naturally. It's considered one of the world's prettiest road trips, so we sympathize if you find yourself manning the wheel. 10 dream trips every traveler should experience | CNN International
009082015 Benvenuti al sud, a famous Italian film, was shot in this town.  Built on the mountain top, with steep streets and hundreds of stone steps, Castellabate is truly a gem in and of itself.  Then you add the stunning views and beautiful beaches at its foot and you find yourself truly in paradise. The Tyrrhenian sea water is clear blue, the beaches pristine, the towns charming, the food as fresh and delicious as can be…truly a not-to-be-missed destination for anyone wishing to experience a slice of genuine Italy! Campania…not just the Amalfi coast | My Italian Destination
09092015 Agnanum is a small winery located in Agnano just on the outskirts of Naples in the Campi Flegrei area. The Astroni National Park, a volcanic crater filled with Mediterrenean vegetation, is next to the vineyards. The centenarian vines growing on extremely poor dusty volcanic  terrain are trained in an old Pergola system. The soils are rich of sulfur and minerals and you can even see some solfatars (gas coming out of the ground) on some parts of the mountains. Agnanum – an extinct volcano | Scuola di Vino
09102015 When most people think of Campania, images of sun-swept Mediterranean shores dance in the mind, but Vinosia sits inland on a bed of fertile volcanic soil, with a continental climate and heavy rains throughout the year, giving the grapes their characteristics that are distinct from the better known Italian varietals. Vinosia, located in Atripalda in the Irpinia region of Campania, makes wines from local varietals like Aglianico, Falanghina and Greco di Tufo. Uncovering the hidden gems of Italy's Campania wine region | Pique Newsmagazine
09112015 On our recent trip to Amalfi, we enjoyed our share of seafood, but we also tried to keep some room for dessert. The sweets of the Campania region are famous, and one of my favorites is the lemon flavored almond cake from Amalfi. We took a day trip to Capri while staying in Positano, and while strolling through the center of Capri we came across an amazing pasticceria (pastry shop) with a mouth-watering window display. Not being able to help ourselves we went in a bought two small cakes, one Torte Caprese (chocolate almond cake), and this one, Dolce di Amalfi made from lemons and ground almonds. Lemon Almond Cake {Dolce di Amalfi} | Italian Food Forever
09122015 Less than one hour separates Sorrento from Naples by train, but the distance could not be greater. The crowded city lingers just as memory in the alleyways shrouded in lemon scent. An impervious landscape where hills alternate to deep valleys has been turned into gentle terraces degrading towards the sea. Here are being grown orange and lemon trees, olives and vines, and the mild and dry climate quite all the year long preserves this compelling beauty in every season. Visiting Sorrento in Italy | Italia Living
09132015 Ristorante da Gigino is actually in the heart of tourist central, just off the main shopping drag of Via San Cesareo, but it’s so off the beaten path that even my local friend didn’t know about it. When we arrived, the place was jammed with tourists and locals alike.  The place is festive with strolling musicians… the service was good even though the place was crowded… and the pizza was terrific! Top 5 Local Spots to Dine in Sorrento | Lisa at Wanderlust Women
09142015 I think I have a new favorite beach. But shhh … don't tell Santa Croce. I've always like the little cove at Marina di Praia, located between Conca dei Marini and and Praiano. The road clings to the mountainside high above the beach and a small access road that's pretty easy to miss leads down to a tiny seaside village. Marina di Praia - My New Favorite Beach On The Amalfi Coast | Ciao Amalfi
09152015 I have stayed in most of the famed hotels and was excited to try something different, the sparkling new Capri Tiberio Palace Hotel located off the beaten path and offering commanding views of the sea. The vibrant and enthusiastic GM Francesca Tozzi warmly greeted me upon arrival and treated me to a relaxing, decadent visit to their cozy Oriental Zen spa, and then to a casual dinner at the Terrazza Tiberio restaurant. The hotel proudly offers the all new 50′s vibe, 2,700 square foot Bellevue Suite, the only suite in Capri featuring a fitness area, outdoor dining and heated plunge pool. Escape to the Amalfi Coast: Capri, Sorrento and Mariah Carey's Secret Retreat | Forbes.com
09162015 Take a look at my Amalfi cushions, inspired by a photograph I took of the dome of one of the most iconic churches on Italy's Amalfi Coast. Introducing Alexandra D. Foster Luxury Cushions | Alexandra D. Foster Destinations Perfected 
09172015 Sorrento welcomes every year thousands of tourists, especially British, attracted by the beauty of the town, of the beaches and of its “unrivaled in Europe” mild climate. Something more: in Sorrento there are also ancient traditions that survive thanks to the work of fishermen and craftsmen. One of them is Antonino Tramontano. Until few time ago, his yard was very similar to a magic cave with the walls covered by the tools of the trade, used to built the typical fishing boats witch float on the sea of the Naples Gulf. Welcome to Sorrento | Italia Slow Tour
09182015 Some of these villas have been restored and are open to visitors, like the Casa del Fauno and Casa del Menandro. These extravagant homes feature courtyards and atriums, and are filled with mosaics and marble floors. Casa del Menandro even has a private bathhouse. 17 pictures that will make you want to visit Pompeii, which was covered under a layer of volcanic ash thousands of years ago | Business Insider
09192015 Ruins of villas, thermal baths and roads lie just a few meters from the surface and, together with marine life and gaseous emissions, create a unique and unexpected underwater Mediterranean landscape. This extraordinary characteristics lead to the creation of a Marine Protected Area between the municipalities of Bacoli and Pozzuoli. Octopuses, small crustaceans and fishes snoop undisturbed around submerged buildings and roads, colonized by sessile organisms such as algae, sponges, sea anemones, sea urchins and starfishes. Archaeological Diving Campi Flegrei | Scubashooters.net
09202015 Today Arianna, like an elegant lady in recovery from a brutal mugging, is a little shaky on her feet, and her finery is somewhat dishevelled, but her pedigree and character are evident – she is lofty and well positioned, and already she stares defiantly back across the valley, directly towards Vesuvius. It was only in the mid-eighteenth century that Arianna, and others like her, were discovered buried beneath metres of ash and pumice.  There followed a flurry of activity in Stabiae – brief excavations were begun … but then, once again, the villas were abandoned. Ancient Stabiae and its villas, once so luxurious, and then … | The Phraser
09212015 Caserta is one of those weirdly overlooked treasures, an immense Baroque compound designed in the 18th century by Luigi Vanvitelli for the Bourbon king of Naples to rival Versailles. The French palace has about 700 rooms, Caserta has 1,200, as well as one of the most opulent parks in Europe, which includes a 265-foot cascade. But the Italian palace attracts a little over 500,000 visitors a year, while Versailles takes in about five million. Impossible to Forget Caserta, Italy | The New York Times
09222015 True Amphora Wine - Villa Matilde is a terrific producer which specialises in Falerno del Massico – every time I tasted their wines I marked them very highly indeed – and farms some of the original vineyard slopes that made the Roman Falernian wine. This was the first cult wine of Rome and records show that it was served to Julius Caesar and even shipped to England. Salvatore Avallone owns Villa Matilde (Cellole) and wanted to create a wine that harked back to how the Romans made it, but was also recognisably wine – the Romans made wines that as far as we can tell were like a sweet syrup to which they added water and spices. The Good Campanians – stories, grapes and wines from Italy’s deep south | Quentin Sadler's Wine Page
09232015 Neapolitan pizza is unique. The Dough as the headliner takes center stage, the crust soft and chewy, not hard and crusty. Generally wood fired, it’s tomato bed is soft and pillowy, just the slightly bit doughy in the center, so its best eaten with a fork and knife. It’s not smothered with shredded cheese, but has just a few blobs of bufala mozzarella and several whole basil leaves adorning the middle. My Pizza Love Story | Travlinmad Photography & Blog
09242015 The hike up the volcano is in three stages. Apart for a whiff of sulphur there's nothing out of the ordinary: no sign of steam curling up into the midday sun, only a large depression dotted here and there by vegetation. But if the volcano disappoints the view doesn't: the Bay of Naples stretches below with the island of Elba just visible in the haze to the right and the Lattari mountains to the left. Travel with Tracey Renodewn: Vesuvius tour entertains but leaves you feeling a little wiser too | TQHeraldExpress
09252015 The book describes how Margie fell in love with Naples on her first visit there, having – like me – travelled to the area many times but never having actually visited the city itself. Her delight in this fascinating and sprawling metropolis is obvious as she takes us with her on her explorations. Interspersed with her gently evocative photographs, taken with love and care, she observes daily life in the old streets and alleyways of Naples: she watches the flower seller arranging his perfect bouquets; the colourful vegetable market; a stone-mason hard at work; a silversmith working on a piece of jewellery and the frenzy of the market selling fish from the Gulf of Naples. Margie’s observations are warm and interesting. Book Review: Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast by Margie Miklas | Orna O'Reilly Travel & Design
09262015 Naples often gets a bad rap—and, yes, the city is a little “grittier,” and much more chaotic, than Italy’s other cities. But there’s a reason why people call it bella Napoli. There’s something about the decay of Naples’ elegant palaces and medieval castles that’s both bittersweet and beautiful. And there is a ton to do and see here, from enjoying the city’s world-famous food to exploring its eerie underground to seeing some of the most important art and archaeology in Italy at Naples’ top-notch museums. (Here are 9 reasons not to skip Naples!). The energy here, though, is the true core of Naples’ bellezza—and something everyone has to experience at least once in a lifetime. 10 of the Most Beautiful Cities in Italy | Walks Of Italy
09272015 In Naples, chocolate is synonymous with Gay Odin. This historical patisserie was founded in the late 1800s by Isidoro Odin, a masterful confectioner who moved to Naples from the north of Italy, attracted by the vibrant cultural life that the city offered at the turn of the century. Later joined by his wife Onorina Gay, Odin took to preparing the most mouth-watering chocolate sweets, and it wasn't long before they had attracted the attention of Naples’ citizens. Among Gay Odin's specialties are the Foreste, chunks of milk chocolate sculpted to look like wood logs, and the Vesuvio, chocolate sweets shaped after the nearby dormant volcano. Insider Guide to Napoli’s 10 Stunning Cultural Restaurants: The Best of Naples | The Culture Trip
09282015 Final tip to anyone interested in travelling to the Amalfi Coast: you do not want to skip Naples! It makes me so sad whenever I hear someone having taken a flight to Napoli but having directly continued to the Amalfi Coast without even taking a quick look at this gem of a city that tourists have not yet found and ruined. Amalfi Coast: A day trip to Sorrento | Always Abroad
09292015 Are you considering a trip to the Stadio San Paolo to see Napoli in action? Luckily for you, Joe Ginto takes you through a visit to the home of the Partenopei. Travel Guide: Napoli | Forza Italian Football
09302015 Because of how beautiful Naples looks at night. 33 Reasons Why The South Of Italy Will Ruin You For Life | BuzzFeed

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08012015 As soon as I got off the train, I went to the info point inside the station to get my Campania Arte Card, a pass allowing unlimited trips on public transport and access to several cultural sites. It was all I needed to explore Naples and the surrounding area during the weekend! Naples is always a good idea | Blocal travel blog
08022015 Caravaggio art: View in situ within the church in Naples. The painting was initially hung in a side chapel. In the 1660's it was moved to a wholly new marble structure that was erected in the center as a new high altar, tailor-made to present this famous painting in the best possible light and circumstances. Painted in Naples in 1606, The Seven acts of Mercy is a large and wonderfully complicated high altar painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610), the most influential fine art painter that ever lived. Caravaggio paintings, a heritage trail, a worldwide pilgrimage | Drs. Kees Kaldenbach
08032015 Bodyism Clean and Lean residency, Anacapri - Where? Capri Palace Hotel - James Duigan and his London-based team have designed their wellness programme to strip fat, enhance health and improve performance. Sessions will take place in the new 2,000sq ft gym and include personal training, yoga and facial stretching. Clean and Lean dishes created by Bodyism will be whipped up in two, Michelin star restaurants. Retreats in Caribbean, Italy, Portugal and India to de-stress this summer | The Wharf
08042015 The Ischia fest is a sister event to Capri Hollywood. Both are conceived as bridge-building meets between Hollywood and the Italian and European film industries where attendees can network informally while enjoying splendid locations and luxurious accommodations. Helen Mirren, Jimmy Kimmel to Be Feted at Italy’s Ischia Global Film and Music Fest | Variety
08052015 Overlooking the Bay of Naples, the city of Sorrento is often used as a base from which to explore the Amalfi Coast, ancient Pompeii (only 15 miles north), and, just offshore, Capri - another stop on the Mariner’s journey. In addition to Regent Seven Seas, many of our readers’ favorite cruise lines drop anchor in Sorrento, including Azamara, Crystal, and Windstar. Sail Sorrento's Rocky Coast, Just Like the Model on Our Sunny August Cover | Conde Nast Traveler
08062015 Walking Vietri's lanes and corridors is a series of continuous surprises, and it becomes the routine to see many a building decorated in the local tile. The history of Vietri's ceramics industry is a millenary one – evidenced in the abundance of ancient remnants – and it characterizes this seaside village with its peculiar, colorful style. Learn about the typical ceramics tradition at the Fabbrica di Ceramiche Solimene, displaying contemporary ceramics works, and at the Museo Provinciale della Ceramica in Villa Guariglia. Italian culture and history: Vietri and its ceramics | We the Italians
08072015 Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone afford spectacular views of the coastline which made the uphill walking and numerous steps and staircases worth it. Photo Collage from Ravello ~ Amalfi Coast Travel | Margie Miklas/ Author
08082015 The next day, we visited the other accommodation, Hotel Seven, located in Sant’Agnello, to meet up with friends on the trip. As we peered into the huge, futuristic rooms with modern fixtures on our way up to the rooftop lounge, our jaws dropped. Did hostels really look like this? Where were the mold, drunken students and cheap bedding? European Hostels Forge Into Luxury | Luxe Beat Magazine
08092015 To infinity and beyond...along the breathtaking trails high above the Amalfi Coast! Cartotrekking | positano.com
08102015 Poised and pretty at the Capri Palace Hotel in Capri, Italy. Eat, pray, love, travel and repeat with Lisa Ray! | IndiaToday
08112015 Traveling with a small dog, I always have to consider him when choosing hotels because not all hotels except pets. I ended up choosing Villa Gabrisa, a small nine-room hotel that sits up above the center of Positano. The hotel and its staff were great, and the hotel restaurant was very enjoyable, and we had a nice sized room with an amazing balcony that overlooked the sea. Amalfi Coast Vacation July 2015 | Italian Food Forever
08122015 This gulet cruise in Italy combines some of the greatest archaeological and cultural jewels of the Amalfi Coast and the Bay of Naples with all the pleasures of travelling aboard a beautiful and traditional wooden boat. You’ll visit some of the best-known cultural sites in the world, such as Ischia, Amalfi, and Naples herself, famed for their beauty and history, as well as some lesser-known, but no less charming sites, for example the vast Imperial villa at Baia, and the outstanding Roman frescoes at the Villa Oplontis. Italy Gulet Cruises | Peter Sommer Travels
08132015 Wander along a newly car-free portion of the lungomare, Naples’ seaside promenade, for views of Mount Vesuvius and Capri. Explore the sixteenth-century Villa Comunale park. Then choose among the bars tucked into a warren of back alleys and raise a glass to discovering a neighborhood the city’s elite have considered their secret for centuries. Naples' Chiaia Neighborhood | Virtuoso
08142015 Virtuoso Tip from Vicky DiMichele, travel advisor, Willoughby, Ohio: "Springtime along the Amalfi Coast, specifically on Capri, is my favorite time to visit. There are some amazing restaurants, such as Ristorante Michel'angelo, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping district. At Da Paolino Lemon Trees Restaurant, guests dine at tables in the middle of an actual lemon grove!" Vacation Bucket List: The Top 10 Trips of a Lifetime | Harper's Bazaar
08152015 Dinner at Positano institution Chez Black. It's been around since 1949 and rumor has it that it’s named for its owner’s perma-tan. The restaurant's famous spaghetti with sea urchin is worth the visit: It’s served in a giant bowl that looks like a sea urchin (spines included) and the waiters aggressively encourage you to wear a ridiculous bib when eating it, but I promise that's an offense you can easily get past once you have your first taste of the dish’s sublime flavor. Equally delicious are the views and location, right on the main drag. Chef Marc Murphy's Food Tour of the Amalfi Coast | Conde Nast Traveler
08162015 If you’re looking to explore the Amalfi Coast, I would argue that staying in Sorrento is your best choice. The town has fantastic restaurants and bars, great shopping, and breathtaking scenery. You can swim here in the summer at the beach, visit incredible natural pools, marvel at the cliffs, and catch a glimpse of Mount Vesuvius off in the distance. Despite being a tropical city lined with palm trees and lemon groves, I never found it to be overly crowded here. Staying in Sorrento is Best | Justin Plus Lauren
08172015 Procida is one of the Flegrean Islands off the coast of Naples in southern Italy. The island is between Cape Miseno and the island of Ischia. Discover Procida - Historic Village in the Phlegraean Archipelago in Italy | see.place
08192015 Ischia’s under-the-radar feel is surprising, though, given its beauty. Picture a place that’s lush, green, and dotted with wildflowers. 5 Italian Islands the de Blasios Should Have Picked Over Pricey Capri | The Cut
08202015 Aurora Time, located in the Marina Grande has everything from small inflatable boats, traditional “gozzo” a type of wooden fishing boat and a double masted elegant sailboat available to rent.  Have lunch on board, Ristorante Michel’Angelo. can deliver anything from simple sandwiches to Caprese salad  and wine to you before you set sail. Day Tripper - Capri | Italy Magazine
08212015 Head to Capri to dive one of Italy’s best known sea caves, the Grotta Azzurra or Blue Grotto. Glowing with iridescent blue light, the grotto has attracted visitors since the ancient Romans. The entire Cilento Peninsula, just south of Positano is filled with peaceful coves and grottos, including the Grotta d’Argento (Silver Grotto), Grotta del Sangue (Blood Grotto) and the Lantern Cove, or Cala della Lanterna. For those on Capri, after the Grotta Azzurra, head to the tiny island of Procida for some peace from the crowds and an incredible dive from the Lingua beach. Scuba diving off Capri | Walks of Italy
08222015 Capri, Italy - Don’t say it like those silly, ankle-exposing pants. It’s pronounced CAH-pree. Places you’ve been pronouncing all wrong | news.com.au
08232015 It was hot as an inferno at the summit. Wear sunscreen and a hat. We saw tour guides leading groups around the opposite side of the rim, where they could watch the steaming fumaroles. Scientists still report bursts of smoke creeping through the cracks from the magma chamber, five miles deep. With the main fissure plugged by rock, geologists agree any eruption will be explosive. Hiking Mount Vesuvius, Italy: Guest Post By Pamela Carey | M. Elizabeth Evans
08242015 Pizza is pretty the same in Italy as it is back home in the U.S. When Italians go out for pizza, they head to their local pizzeria, which usually has a wood-burning oven. There is even debate within  Italy if the pizza in Naples is better than anywhere else in the country. Some say it is the local water. Others credit the fresh local ingredients like buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes grown in rich soil in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius." Five myths about Italy | Usa Today
08252015 Noteworthy producers included Feudi di San Gregorio, Villa Matilde, Antonio Caggiano, Fattoria Galardi with their Terra di Lavoro, and Silvia Imperato and her Montevetrano, just to mention a handful. Walter Mastroberardino had left his brother to start his own estate, Terradora di Paolo. The baton of Antonio Mastroberardino’s historic winery was passed to his capable son, Piero. Campania was on the move again. Campania Wine: Something Very Old, Something Very New | Snooth
08262015 Il Cannito, Capaccio, near Agropoli - Down the strada bianca, through the wild maquis, lies Cannito. Once the summer residence of friars, it has been updated and restored. A sundowner by the infinity pool is followed by dinner of, say, pasta with vongole, then sea bass in acqua pazza (tomato, chilli and caper broth – literally “crazy water”) with beautiful views of Capri. 10 of the best country hotels in Italy with great food | The Guardian
08272015 When the anchovies are curing in their barrels for upwards of a year, the salt in which they sit is leaching out the liquid from the fish. Rather than let the liquid run down the drain, the mixture of fish and salt and time is carefully caught, then aged in wooden barrels for yet another year. The result is colatura, the most intense, fishy and complex taste you can imagine. It is very concentrated, so a little goes a very long way. Down on the Amalfi Coast I saw it used in many ways, (on top of tomato salad was the most surprising) But my favorite way was a simple dish of pasta. colatura di alici {spaghetti} | Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome
08282015 I really love Falanghina, and the original version from La Sibilla is truly special. “This is an excellent seafood wine. I also drink it as a dry aperitif, with olives and salami, while deciding what to make for dinner.” I was already enchanted by these wines, but now I am also in love with Vincenzo Di Meo of Bacoli, his sun-drenched vineyards, his adorable accent, and his beautiful family. La Sibilla: Lessons in Salt and Acidity | Italian Wine Geek
08292015 As far as falanghina goes, generally, I have long believed it to be a source of highly pleasant wines with lively acidity and intriguing floral and mineral flavors. It can be a great value on restaurant wine lists. Maybe it doesn’t have the potential of fiano, another ancient grape of Campania, to make wines of depth, complexity and finesse. Nonetheless, what it does do, I’ve thought, it does well. Tapping Into the Potential of Falanghina | The New York Times
08302015 While Italy may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of fish sauce, several companies on the Amalfi coast continue the ancient traditions. Today’s colatura is a clear, amber liquid made from fermented, salted anchovies and sold in tiny, elegant glass bottles. Garum sauce: ancient Rome's 'ketchup' becomes a modern-day secret ingredient | The Guardian
08312015 The family restaurant Le Colonne Marziale is situated in the heart of the historic town of Caserta where visitors can also tour some of the great palaces of Italy. Le Colonne is named after the Roman columns that surround the restaurant and have become a signature of the restaurant design. Here you can find the traditional flavours of Campania; Rossa San Marzano, Risotto with Mozzarella and Ravioli of fish are but a few of the dishes available on the five page menu. Rosanna Marziale | Great Italian Chefs

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JULY 2015


07012015 The Cilento Coast is one of the most unspoiled parts of the Campania region. The people of the Cilento seemed to be a bit more like the coast itself: wild and rugged. Here is where the Italian adventurers have been hiding, or rather, flocking each summer. But in true Italian fashion, even the adventurers can appreciate the finer things in life. Italy’s Best Kept Secret: The Cilento Coast | The Luxe Adventure Traveler 
07022015 While the Brits and the Americans flock to the Amalfi coast, Italians drive straight past and head instead for the mountains and beaches of the unspoit Cilento region. The dramatic coastline the Italians kept for themselves | The Observer
07032015 The Cilento coast has wide sandy beaches, flat agricultural land that make for very happy water buffaloes, simple beach cottages and the very lovely La Locanda del Mare. La Locanda del Mare is a relaxed chic version of the Florida places of my childhood. Poetry is everywhere, there is lots of comfortable seating surrounded by shelves of novels and design books, and there are bright orange bikes you can borrow to explore this sleepy stretch of the Italian coast. Where to Stay in Paestum {La Locanda del Mare} | Gillian's Lists
07042015 Maida Farm is located in Campania near the Cilento National Park and the archaeological ruins at Paestum. Francesco Vastola, its owner, grows vegetables of the highest quality. With a mixture of innovation and tradition, he takes his just picked vegetables and turns them into sott'olio using the excellent extra virgin olive oil from Cilento. Broccoli Rabe Friarielli in EV Olive Oil Maida Farm - Campania | Gustiamo
07052015 Polacca combines a soft naturally leavened dough with a delicate custard and sour cherry filling. This is a new version of a traditional cake made in the area around Caserta at the beginning of the twentieth century. Polacca by Pasticceria Pelosi from Aversa | Foodscovery
07062015 Do you want to truly understand what’s going on in Campania these days? Read what Kerin O’Keefe writes in The Wine Enthusiast or what Monica Larner discusses in The Wine Advocate. These two journalists live in Europe and regularly taste wines from Campania as well as every Italian region. They offer great praise for these wines, as they appreciate the complexities of Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino. Campania Deserves Better | learnitalianwines – by tom hyland
07072015 Rocca del Principe, owned and worked by Aurelia Fabrizio and her husband Ercole Zarella, comprises about five hectares divided among three separate hillside vineyards in the township of Lapio, about 15 kilometers northeast of Avellino. All are over 500 meters high, some parts almost 600. I tasted with them barrel samples of the separate vineyards, which are only blended at the final assemblage of the wine. Each was strikingly distinctive, with its own gout de terroir – so much so that I thought any of them could have been bottled as a first-rate cru. Campania’s Golden Triangle | Tom's Wine Line
07082015 Martella is the oldest restaurant in Avellino’s historic center. It preserves the original flavors of Irpinian cuisine with careful attention to detail. Simple but flavorful dishes at this restaurant have stood the test of time, preserving its reputation and value, which is as strong as ever. Antica Trattoria Martella | Mesali
07092015 Campania Stories is a wonderful event designed to immerse wine writers and wine educators in the exciting world of Campania wine. The Good Campanians – stories, grapes and wines from Italy’s deep south | Quentin Sadler's Wine Page
07102015 For students of viticultural history, Campania may be Italy’s most important region. For lovers of great wines, Campania must still be approached with caution. It was the Greeks who introduced systemized wine-growing to the Italian peninsula, and the region of Campania is where they did it first. Grape varieties such as the white Greco and the red Aglianico (whose name is thought to be a mutation of the word “hellenico,” Italian for “Greek”), have been rooted in Campanian soil since the days of the ancients. Campania | Babbo Ristorante & Enoteca
07112015 The history of the Terme goes back to the seventh century when the Euboins, a Greek people, first discovered them on the island. Recent archaeological discoveries prove that the Greeks used the thermal waters to replenish and heal the body and soul. In fact, the Greeks used the thermal waters to treat war wounds in a time period where there were no antibiotics. Ischia: Island of natural beauty | Panoram Italia
07122015 Filippo slings the rope-tied parcels over his shoulder, lowers them into the pit, covers them with ample hot sand, and twists the ropes around the hoe to mark the spot. About an hour later — after antipasti of local artichokes, anchovies, melon and mozzarella rolled with prosciutto and arugula; after a taste of friarielli, a small sweet cousin of broccoli rabe, steamed in vinegar and then drowned in olive oil; a pasta course of thick spaghetti with tomato sauce; and yet another pasta course, of paccheri (wide tubes) with mussels and shreds of pecorino — Filippo heads back out to the now-dark beach and drags the parcels to the surface. As each is hurriedly unwrapped, an herbal, wine-scented blast of pure chicken aroma rises into the air, to the fascination of local children, cats and dogs drawn by the spectacle and the smell. In Ischia, Italy, Cooking Is Done in the Sand, Not the Stove | The New York Times
07132015 My uncle, who lived in Italy for years, taught us the Italian word for newlyweds: “sposini.” If you are sposini, he said, everyone in the country will treat you as if it is your birthday. We had spent a couple of days on the Amalfi Coast — walking Ravello’s gardens that inspired Richard Wagner, touring Capri and hiking between medieval cliff towns that Norman kings once ruled. A Honeymoon Through Italy | The New York Times 
07142015 From Ulysses and the sirens of Greek legend, to the stars of today, everyone from Hilary Clinton to Kim Kardashian has succumbed to the charms of the Amalfi coast. Vogue's Amalfi Coast | Vogue Paris
07152015 On sunday she shared snap of picture in black bikini while sunning it up on Italy's amalfi coast and she continued it to soak up her mediterranean rays with her friend. Emily Ratajkowski flaunts ample cleavage in sexy snaps on Italian holiday | forevervogue.com
07162015 This family run Pasticceria focuses on using high quality natural and organic ingredients. Their limoncello recipes use only pickled lemons and they use the ‘sfusato’, the Amalfi coast lemon. Their Delizia Al Limone is one of the tastiest I have eaten!  There is a huge selection of cakes and pastries on offer, great coffee and spirits are also available. Gambardella, Minori | Amalfi Amore
07172015 True to this remit, Franco’s is currently the only bar in Positano where no food is served, with the exception of a few gourmet nibbles (giant green olives, some rather more-ish potato chips). Food just distracts from that view – and the quality of the liquids list. New in Positano: Franco's Bar | Sirenuse Journal
07182015 Galardi is run by an enthusiastic group, they strive to maximize the intrinsic characteristics of native grapes Aglianico and Piedirosso through attentive and careful vineyard management. The winery and surrounding hillside vineyards are located at approximately 1300 feet above sea level and benefit from ideal growing conditions, including climate and exposure. The name of their praised icon wine, Terra di Lavoro, which translates to Land of Work, reflects the challenge of cultivating the area’s extremely rocky soil. Galardi from Sessa Aurunca | Winebow Imports
07192015 Today the winery works with 20 hectares (50 acres) of vines, planted on vertiginous slopes all the way from Furore round to Vietri. You need to see the vineyards above Furore to understand the extreme challenges involved in working this terrain. Their branches sprawl out horizontally along pergolas made from long, tapering poles, which are cut from the chestnut trees that proliferate high in the Monte Lattari way above the village. Find A Hidden Treasure Winery Above Amalfi Coast | Zester Daily
07202015 Buffalo mozzarella is made from the milk of water buffalo, making it richer in protein, fats and calcium, and lower in cholesterol, than mozzarella made with cow’s milk. It is also low in lactose and easy to digest. Soft, smooth and porcelain white, buffalo mozzarella has a creamy texture and delicious taste that has seen it gain popularity here in Australia, especially in recent years. Buffalo mozzarella | Italianicious
07212015 Not much needs to be said here, I was welcomed to visit this stunning vineyard that falls right in the middle of the city. In the summer a camp is also run here. My 2 new piccolo friends also taught me some Italian on our short but will never forget stroll to the top. Walk with me through the windy paths, absolutely beautiful. The City Vineyard - Naples Italy | Icons Wanted by Julia Santucci
07222015 The main reception is light, bright, modern and airy with white wash walls and bright pink lounger sofas. The main breakfast and ‘dining room’ is located in the arches cloisters courtyard, which I believe used to be a former luxury residence for the Caracciolo family. Our room, number 136 – which we stayed in on both occasions – is honestly one of my favourite hotel rooms that I’ve ever seen! Based over two floors, with high ceilings, luxurious modern white decor and a huge sash window overlooking the street – it was a really welcoming and comforting place to stay in the hustle and bustle of Naples. Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli, Naples | Scarlett London
07232015 In hindsight, the comparison between Naples and the Amalfi Coast are almost unbelievable. If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I don’t think that I could have possibly comprehended such a calm and gorgeous coast to lie so close in proximity with a city with a large and frenetic urban sprawl.  Then again, it would be hard to imagine the opposite as well – such a lively and charismatic metropolitan city to be outlined by something so utterly tranquil. Contrasts of Italy - Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast | Your Friend In Italy
07242015 A journey exploring the Region’s wonderful assets: from Europe’s oldest University located in Naples, to the historically famous School of Medicine in Salerno; from the Royal Palace in Caserta (on a par with Versailles), to the Arch of Trajan in Benevento which successfully withstood the time test. Wolves and mermaids: cities in Campania | Rai Expo
07252015 He is one of the world's most famous dogs, the snarling, black-and-white mosaic canine and protector of the Pompeii archaeological site. Indeed, with his black hair, curled form, and bared teeth, the ancient canine has stood ready for almost 2,000 years to discourage intruders from setting foot in the Domus of the Tragic Poet, supported by the famous inscription 'Cave Canem' or 'Beware of the Dog'. World-famous mosaic mutt of Pompeii restored to glory | Ansa
07262015 After scoping out several ceramic shops prior, Lisa’s shop stood our to me as a bit different. Her art was unique. Not only did she have the typical designs of classic Amalfi Coast ceramics, but there were original contemporary pieces with limited compositions as well. Positano’s L’arte della Ceramica - An Art Lovers Dream | Timeless Italy
07272015 The Amalfi Coast is without a doubt one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, and you’ll find old, charming luxury hotels scattered around the area, for example in Sorrento and Positano. It’s also possible to sail to the beautiful island of Capri and for those interested in history, Pompeii and Mount Vesuv is only a short drive away. Make sure to book a treatment in one of the many luxurious spas, and enjoy the breathtaking sunset accompanied by a glass of wine. Italy, The Amalfi Coast | The Copenhagen Traveler 
07282015 Balanced, quite literally, on the soaring limestone cliffs of Italy’s Amalfi coast, with uninterrupted views of Mount Vesuvius in the distance, Sorrento is undoubtedly a holiday town. The gentle hues of its sherbet-coloured buildings, stacked up the rockface and into the hills amid tall cypruses, olive groves, lemon trees and plum orchards, have attracted many a film crew. Sorrento 48 Hours | Food and Travel Magazine
07292015 Walking along Via Marina Grande, we meet an old villa overlooking the sea, “Villa Tritone”, surrounded by a garden rich in extraordinary exotic plants. On reaching the end of the path, the eyes of the traveller are presented with an extraordinarily beautiful canvas, almost from times gone by: a tiny bay nestling a delightful and characteristic fishing village, a narrow beach and bathing establishments … this is Marina Grande. Here the beach is common ground, used for both work and free time for the entire community. The charm and fascination of tradition in Marina Grande | Sorrento Info
07302015 We actually stayed in Sorento at a villa with an incredible view of the sea. We will never forget our breakfast and dinner meals on the terrace! Staying in Sorento, we had a chance to attend a cooking school where we prepared Italian dishes - appetisers, pastas, and, of course, Tiramisu. Annika Urm Column: Sorento, Positano, and Amalfi | i-marbella.com
07312015 Despite the lack of a beach, tourists love Sorrento, which straddles the cliffs overlooking the ocean. The picturesque old town makes a great base for exploring surrounding areas - the Amalfi Coast to the East, Pompeii to the North, and the island of Capri offshore. The Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Italy | Conde Nast Traveler

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JUNE 2015


06012015 Will once again her, Katherine Kelly Lang, namely Brooke beloved soap Beautiful, testimonial of the brand Campanian Impero Couture. Many shots and appealing spot in fact seen exceptional location just vanvitellian Palace and its park, which will be the backdrop for the occasion to another prestigious excellence local business. Impero Couture makes fashion… the Caserta Royal Palace | Charme tutto il bello di Napoli e della Campania
06022015 In what was once the slightly desolate town of Caiazzo in Campania’s Caserta province, Franco Pepe opened Pepe in Grani in 2012, and has attracted throngs of food pilgrims from not just across Italy, but the world. The third generation pizzaiolo comes from a long line of artisan bread makers, a craft that traces back to his wheat farmer grandfather who opened the family’s Antica Osteria Pizzeria Pepe in 1931,which is still frequented among locals and travelers today. The pizzas at Pepe in Grani change with the seasons, and all ingredients encompass the Campania “terroir” using local grains, cheese and vegetables, many grown within Caserta itself. Learn how to make real pizza with Italy's best pizzaiolo Franco Pepe. | Swide
06032015 Fivestars hotels and unknown adresses for a dreaming weekend in the Mediterranean Isle. Deep inside an amazing landscape and even during the cultural event Le Conversazioni Capri: a Dolce Vita destination | Vogue
06042015 Essentials 01. Tuck into ravioli capresi at Le Grottelle. 02. Ride the chair lift up Monte Solaro for postcard panoramas. 03. Order bespoke sandals and capri pants at Mariorita in Anacapri. 04. Pack suitable footwear to navigate the rocky shoreline. 05. Pop into Buonocore on via Vittorio Emanuele for the best ice cream. Capri, Italy | Monocle
06052015 La Sponda restaurant in Positano is the most insanely romantic setting we've ever seen. At dinner it's lit by hundreds of candles, the greenery crawls up the walls like ivy and the floor to ceiling windows showcase the cliffside views and endless sea. It's remarkable. Le Sirenuse Hotel - Meet The Most Romantic Hotel Possibly, Well, Ever | askmen
06062015 It was one fateful Pinterest search that brought me to La Minerva. The property is oh-so-Capri in every good way.  It’s elegant without being over the top. It boasts beautiful tile work, a trademark of the island. Must Capri: La Minerva | Hello Luvvy
06072015 The most distinguished feature about Canfora from the other Capri-style sandals on the market, is the sole made with various layers of finest quality Italian leather, pressed and sewn (not glued) together. Inside the sole, an iron arch support preserves form and consistency, making the sole practically eternal. Canfora’s sandals can be embellished with various colourful gemstones, decorative items, such as bells and chains, and other imaginative accessories, only using exquisite Italian custom jewellery, thus guaranteeing maximum longevity. Canfora - The Original Sandals of Capri | Luxury Travelers Guide
06082015 After hours exploring the cobblestone streets, I enjoyed a typical Caprese dish – Spicy Linguine with Clams and Mussels. Afterwards, I stopped off for a sweet treat of locally-made limoncello… a sweet and potent lemon liqueur fresh from the local groves. I loved it so much I couldn’t resist a photo opp with their giant-sized lemons! South African In: Capri | The Starlit Path
06092015 Monday morning I was up bright an early ready to claim my stake on the beach. The day before it was St Peter’s day so Amalfi was packed. As I left early I enjoyed breakfast on the beach with my favourite Italian pastry, sfogliatelle. It is very crisp pastry in the shape of a shell with ricotta and orange peel piped inside. Absolutely delicious. After half the pastry I was getting full and I realised I should not have gotten the biggest one I could find, but I would not let this beauty go to waste, so I finished it. I’m on holidays, I’ll burn it off when I get back to Sydney, our motto for the whole trip. The Amalfi Coast | Forque
06102015 The Pansa Café is a food lover’s dream. Nestled at the foot of the stairs that lead to the Amalfi Piazza Duomo, its elegant outdoor tables always draped in white linen spill across the piazza. Dolce Vita | Scene Magazine
06112015 Amalfi brims with sweet white houses, endless terraces, and winding streets full of alleys and small shops. One of the best meals you’re likely to eat — in Italy or anywhere — at da Gemma. This was a Michelin-esque surprise, complete with a reinterpretation of the classic Caprese salad, as well as a pleasant terrace setting overlooking the bustling street below. Ravello: The Best View On The Amalfi Coast | Fathom
06122015 A continent apart from the sickly-sweet, mass-produced limoncello familiar to holidaymakers, Pococello fuses single-origin Amalfi lemons with England’s finest spirit, hand-crafted in small batches for the ultimate in flavour and refinement. The story of Pococello began in spring 2014 when Thom and James arrived at the farm of 82-year-old Luigi Aceto – a man who was conceived, born and raised in his family’s ancient lemon groves. Pococello: From Amalfi To London, The Taste Of Summer 2015. | Drinks Enthusiast
06132015 Clinging to the cliffs of Sorrento, La Minervetta overlooks the stunning Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius while greeting its guests with bright, contemporary interiors, delightful gardens, and outdoor terraces bathed in sublime Mediterranean sunshine. La Minervetta - Sorrento, Italy | Luxury Accommodations Blog
06142015 My last day in Positano, dinner at the famed Buca di Bacco awaits tonight, but until then my heart is set on that boat and its charming young captain who will valiantly take me to Arienzo, the beach where for the last week I’ve been basking in the sun, swimming and enjoying house specialty after house specialty made with perfect homegrown vegetables and locally caught fish. Cooking in Italy: spaghetti mediterraneo-fresh anchovies, cherry tomatoes and arugula | Viola's Italian Kitchen
06152015 If you plan on driving and aren’t willing to pay parking fees, the other alternative is to park the car on the edge of town, if you know which parking areas are legit, and hike walk back into town. To avoid all of that, taking the bus from Rome to Positano is probably one of the best options. Rome to Positano by bus: Tips and Timeline | BrowsingItaly
06162015 Picture yourself in said boat traveling slowly along the Amalfi Coast and stopping at attractive bays and secret inlets for a swim. The engine is turned off, cicadas lazily buzz and small waves lap at the sides of the wooden hull of the boat. See yourself swimming in coves and grottos some of which can only be accessed by boat… The singing captain leads the boat to a small seaside restaurant built on stilts over its own private beach for a memorable 3-course meal with lots of local wine. Day trips along the Amalfi Coast | Casa Mia Italy Food & Wine
06172015 As today we talk of Bordeaux and Tuscany, the Romans held the wines of Massico, Surrentine and, of course, Falernian in the same esteem. For hundreds of years these were the most famous wines in the Roman world. However, in the modern wine world, it is only relatively recently that local wine growers managed to take advantage of Campania’s ideal soils and climate to produce exciting, interesting and, very often, unique wines from unique grape varieties. Campania: southern Italian region known for its whites | Times of Malta
06182015 Researching falanghina, an ancient grape that has been revived in recent decades in the Campania region of southern Italy, I learned that falanghina is actually two genetically distinct grapes, falanghina beneventana and falanghina flegrea. The falanghina beneventana tends to be more floral and structured than the falanghina flegrea, which is generally more fruity. Tapping Into the Potential of Falanghina | The New York Times
06192015 Neapolitans are serious about their coffee and we visit the historic Gran Caffè Gambrinus to taste what some say is the best espresso in the city. Naples is also famous for its tailoring tradition and we visit Rubinacci for an inside look. Host Kathy McCabe attends pizza school with master Enzo Coccia and learns it isn’t easy to make a perfect pizza. A visit to Via San Gregorio Armeno reveals a street full of Christmas crèches and caricatures. Naples/Amalfi Coast Episode | Dream of Italy
06202015 I ventured to Pizzeria Trianon, one of the most popular pizzerias in Naples, which serves VPN-style pizza. The margherita was a prime example of simplicity—mozzarella, basil, olive oil, San Marzano tomato sauce, 900 degrees, and an 80-second bake. Each bite was a blissful, revelatory experience. Here I was, a pizza-maker who, at that time, thought he had tried everything and along comes this magical, straight-forward pizza that was so different from all my prior experiences. It was a defining moment in my quest for pizza satisfaction: I knew that I needed to learn this craft. 15 Bucket-List Pizzerias to Visit Before You Die | First We Feast
06212015 Have you enjoyed eating in Napoli? Learn how to make some of the typical recipes so you can impress your friends back home! Pasta, tomatoes, seafood, but also wonderful vegetables are the staples on every table here. Our professional chef will take you through the basics of some of the most traditional dishes and teach you the secrets of true Napoli cooking. Naples Cooking Lessons | Napoli Unplugged
06222015 Francesco and Fabrizio cultivate Corbarino Tomatoes in the fields surrounding their home in Paestum. Corbarino is a very rare and flavorful variety of cherry tomato. In fact, it is one of only three tomato varieties allowed by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana on authentic Neapolitan pizza. That's right, if it's not made with real San Marzano, Piennolo, or Corbarino tomatoes it's not true Neapolitan! When it comes to pasta, Francesco and Fabrizio tell us that they use Corbarino tomatoes for everything! They especially love them with seafood pasta dishes. Clams and Corbarino are their favorite!  A Father & Son's Labor of Love: Corbarino Tomatoes | Gustiamo
06232015 Cilento, on the Tyrrhenian Sea,  has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. It is plenty of natural beauties and floristic rarities, with over 70 species of wild orchids and the 90% of Italian medicinal herbs. Cilento (Sorrento, Campania) among abbeys, archeological sites and nature | Somewhere in Italy
06242015 Giuseppe Spagnuolo is the only person living in Roscigno Vecchio, an abandoned town in the province of Salerno. He is a local Hemingway, happy to talk about himself. In the early years of the 1900s, everyone left the small village and moved to the new town, bidding farewell to their homes, the square, the fountain, the small streets, forever. A century ago, Roscigno Vecchio transformed into a place of the heart, in the memory of the many people who scrupulously keep and often repeat the stories about the simple life in the original town. Roscigno Vecchio e i racconti di Giuseppe | Italian Ways
06262015 Meet Salvatore… fisherman, skipper of the ‘San Giovanni’ and our guide for a boat trip along the Amalfi coast! Just after leaving Positano, we pass Da Aldolfo, one of the many small restaurants dotted along the coast. The coastline presents a totally different perspective from the water. As you look up at the steep, rocky mountains you see villages clinging to the rock face or hidden in small alcoves. Almost vertical flights of stairs lead from these to the road. One such alcove is the oldest part of the village of Furore where fisherman’s huts over look a rocky beach. A Boat Trip along the Amalfi Coast | A Taste of Travel
06272015 A stay in Minori is like stepping back in time to the Amalfi Coast of decades ago. Minori is less Hollywood glamour and more authentic Italian holiday destination. The town is also well known as a gourmet paradise. Make sure you stop for a pastry or gelato at Sal di Riso’s famous shop in Minori’s main piazza. First Stop on the Amalfi Coast Drive: Minori | About.com
06282015 I arrived in Positano and forgot that the rest of the world existed. I did it on purpose too, because you don’t want anything else to exist. It was glamorous and it was humble as anywhere whose foremost product is lemons is. Everywhere you went, you were thanked with a complimentary shot of limoncello. In Positano, you can gab through eternity with the ambient soundtrack of the sea at your shoulders and the limoncello that pretty much grows on trees. Time didn’t matter. The Drive didn’t matter anymore. The Amazing Amalfi | Through Eternity Tours Italy
06292015 Amalfi Coast, Italy - Throw your bags in the back of an Italian sports car, fold back the roof and let the sea breeze sweep through your hair. Coastal roads wind around rugged bluffs, famous for their hairpin bends and expansive views over turquoise waters. Olive groves, old watchtowers converted into gorgeous restaurants and pastel-hued villas built into the side of a cliff – around every bend is something new. Listopedia: The Road Trip Bucket List | Expedia.com.au
06302015 The best way to see it all is to drive the 40-kilometre stretch of the Strada Statale 163 especially from behind the wheel of a vintage Fiat Cinquecento. Cruise (in a car) along the Amalfi Coast in Italy | International Traveller Magazine

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MAY 2015


05012015 The Real Teatro di San Carlo is the oldest continuously active venue for public opera in Europe, opening decades before both the Milanese La Scala and Venetian La Fenice theaters. I recently was treated to box seats for an opera performance at the San Carlo and it most certainly was a memorable evening. The ushers were clothed in fun attire made of all buttons, ribbons, or keys…a delightful contrast to the classic gilded red and gold theatre itself. Though the opera season in Italy does not run year around, often a ballet or musical performance can be enjoyed in the off season. San Carlo Opera House | Journeys Viaggio 

05022015 A reasonable walk to the south-west brought me to the Palazzo Reale di Napoli (Royal Palace of Naples), where some 30 rooms are open to the public. The Royal Theatre inside the palace has seating for some 400, and a magnificent royal box, with decoration made from papier mache. Right next door to the palace is the Teatro di San Carlo (Theatre of St Charles), dedicated to opera, and they host guided tours hourly (on the half-hour). Apparently after appearing here as a 14 year old, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart commented that Naples had great venues and wonderful music teachers, but that the people of Naples are noisy - it seems that they didn't fully appreciate his talent! Napoli Central - Central Mayhem! | SimKim - Simon Says
05032015 The adjacent beautiful "Piazza del Plebiscito" was built on the model of the Pantheon in Rome. Prolonged by a curving colonnade, today is one of the most important meeting points of the city. Part of the semicircular Doric building built in 1810 by Joachim Murat striking effect that wraps around the middle of the square, the centre of which you can see the equestrian statue of Charles III of Bourbon, by Antonio Canova, and Ferdinand I, Canova in the horse. Naples, Italy - Thousands of beautiful colours under the majestic Vesuvius | Travel with Me
05042015 Via Chiaja - This pedestrianised street is another classic people-watching venue in Naples and is especially popular in the evenings. The 16th century Palazzo Cellamare is also found here – previous guests include Goethe and Casanova. At the western end of the street you pass under a bridge built in 1636 to connect the hills of Pizzofalcone and Mortella. Not to be missed – what to see and do in Naples, Italy | Grown-up Travel Guide
05052015 After our visit in Pompeii we then went to the volcano. Oh, and guess what? As soon as we stepped off the bus, it started raining…again. Surprise, surprise. This wasn’t going to stop me though. Oh, and when you get to the top you’re supposed to see a magnificent view of the Bay of Naples and surrounding cities. Did we see any of this? Nope! We got to the top and it was rainy, windy, and so foggy. We were pretty much inside of a cloud, so all we saw was whiteness. But it was still pretty awesome to be on Mount Vesuvius. And excuse my French but…I was on top of a mother fucking volcano!! Pretty badass if you ask me. The Amalfi Coast | Dare to be Adventurous
05062015 First stop Sorrento. Salvatore’s family was very kind and warm. They had prepared a welcome gift of Mama Rita’s homemade cakes and Nona’s limoncello. So much for easing off the carbs. Our apartment was next door to their home and dished up an expansive view of the Bay of Sorrento and the Island of Capri in the distance. It was in a restored 16th Century farmhouse. Getting Punched, Lemons and The Storybook Towns of Italy’s Amalfi Coast | The Province
05072015 As a local guide and resident in Positano, I often begin the walking tours in the upper area of the town. The districts of Chiesa Nuova and Li Parlati, for example, are rich in history and folklore, they have beautiful churches and you can go into bars, drinking a spritz and making new friends. A Walking Tour around Positano | Zia Lucy
05082015 This idyllic B&B is perfectly located only a short stroll from the breath taking town of Positano. Surrounded by bougainvillea and lemon trees and boasting its own private beach, this gorgeous B&B has charm in abundance. La Fenice | An Affair with Italy
05092015 Residence Villa Yiara is an adorable boutique hotel housed in an 18th century building on top of a hill with spectacular balconies overlooking the bay of Positano.  Every room features a sea-view terrace and the friendly staff serves you continental breakfast complete with cappuccinos, fresh squeezed orange juice, fruit, pastries and Nutella on your balcony every morning! Positano, Italy | Mel Paleo Panda
05102015 Greco is a fascinating grape, capable of making some great dry whites, the best are traditionally made in the area around the town of Tufo and are very mineral and fine. The jury is out about the origins of the name though. Most books say it was brought to Italy by the Ancient Greeks, but Ferrante di Somma di Circello, whose Cantine di Marzo produces fine Greco di Tufo, told me that it was called Greco because it was the best grape to make Greek style wine, by which people used to mean sweet wine from dried grapes. These were the most sought after wines in the middle ages and were known as Romneys by the English wine trade. The Good Campanians – stories, grapes and wines from Italy’s deep south | Quentin Sadler's Wine Page
05112015 We were heading towards my grandfather’s village. I suppose it eventually became my grandmother’s village, too, after she married him and moved there. But I’d always regarded it as his. He was the one who was born there. He was the one who loved it there. My grandmother had always been kinda iffy on the place. I’d been to Frigento twice before. Finding Frigento (or How GPS in Southern Italy is Merely A Suggestion) | The Everywhereist
05122015 Every year starting late January in the province of Benevento in Campania an unusual and wonderful activity takes place. Like bees honing onto a flower, the men of Pontelandolfo flock to the main square every afternoon until the end of Carnevale. Proud and defiant, they challenge one another individually and in groups to a grueling contest of… la ruzzola del formaggio! (literally the rolling of the cheese). VideoNote: La Ruzzola del Formaggio | Italiannotebook
05132015 Campania, one of the regions of southern Italy, stretches along the Tyrrhenian Sea. The mild climate, the beauty of the coasts, the richness of its art and history and the love for food make Campania the fascinating area that it is. The journey begins at the sea with its intense colors, its coasts covered with bays, coves and rock faces. The waters here boast the islands in the Gulf of Naples, Capri and Ischia — true natural masterpieces. Take advantage of the opportunity to step out of Milan and enjoy all that Italy has to offer | The Japan Times
05142015 “The first time you go to any pizzeria, no matter what’s on the menu, you order a Margherita,” a Neapolitan companion whispers aggressively, under the nose of the waiter. “To find out if they know their shit.” When it arrives less than three minutes later, bubbling with oil-blackened knolls, (some say the pizzas in Naples are better because the ovens are simply hotter—others because of the city’s unique tap water, including a certain New York restaurant that imports bottles of it for making dough), he begins dissecting his meal with the precision of a surgeon, cutting away the crust and lifting the skin of bufala to inspect the elasticity of the base, before quietly nodding and pouring wine for the other guests. "The Skin" - Cantina del Gallo - Napoli | The Travel Almanac
05152015 I recommend an early morning visit to the imposing Castel Nuovo, a walk along Il Lungomare for a seafood and pasta lunch, and then an afternoon visit to the enchanting Castel dell’Ovo. Make this your first day in Naples, as the castle roofs are open to tourists and offer breathtaking views of the city and the water - a great way to get your bearings and melt away the stress of having just mastered crossing the street. How to do Naples | Kristen Elise, Ph.D.
05162015 It never fails. A teenage boy must yell "Are you not entertained?" when visiting any sort of Roman amphitheater. The amphitheater at Santa Maria Capua Vetere was made recently famous by the STARZ network show "Spartacus" and it is one of a few ideal places to bring teenagers. After a lecture about preserving antiquities for posterity, it is a good place for an old-fashioned game of Hide and Seek. Add a few poses as gladiators and your teenager will remember the day for a lifetime. Arkitextures of Santa Maria Capua Vetere | Afar
05172015 I did not know, as we drove through the uneven outskirts of Licola, that Cuma, formerly Cumae, was the first Greek settlement in Italy, started some eight centuries before Christ. All I had a vague idea about, as we navigated the bumpy road, surrounded now by fields and sudden strips of bamboo, was that the Sibyl and her cave were connected with Cuma, and that was what caught my imagination. Cuma: the Greeks, the Romans, the Sibyl and the view | The Phraser
05182015 Cumae is little known it seems, even among Italians. Not many tourists make it to the site as it is difficult to reach if you do not have a car, and the temples themselves are not very well-preserved. The fact that the sibyl’s cave is not officially open at the moment is also discouraging. However, I had a wonderful day touring this ancient site and discovering more about these fascinating stories connected to it. I’m hoping to go back to the archaeological museum at nearby Baia, which holds many important ancient artefacts of the region. The key role of the Cumaean sibyl in mythology lives on however. Cumae: an ancient Greek jewel in Italy, seat of the Sibyl priestess | Italian Gems
05192015 The shopping and eating here is very appealing – lots of tourists shops interspersed with produce, clothing and jewellery stores, bars and restaurants. In some ways it is a touristy area, but look upwards – you will spot traditional Sorrento balconies, decorated in drying fruit and squash. Today the tiny fishing village of Sorrento has evolved into a prosperous town of 15 churches, which exists because of its many charms and its huge appeal to visitors. Most of the voices you hear in the street will be speaking English, or German, or even Chinese – the Italian language is not heard so often. But the welcome you receive and the safe friendly streets of the city more than make up for this.  The Many Faces of Sorrento | Italia! magazine
05202015 Relais Blu, Campania - Perched above Punta Campanella, the tip of the Sorrento Peninsula, this midcentury complex is the former home of an architect who wanted to enjoy Amalfi Coast views without the crowds. Sorrento limoncello and Negronis are must-orders here, and they're even better at the figure eight–shaped pool, which sits on a promontory with drop-dead views of the Bay of Naples. Lounging here, you'll see why Homer chose this picturesque part of Italy for Odysseus's encounter with the Sirens. 5 Hidden Gem Boutique Hotels in Italy | Town & Country
05212015 La Mammola B&B, Positano, Amalfi Coast - We stayed in an immaculate, spacious suite here, just five minutes’ walk up the narrow winding street from the beach. Breakfast arrives on the large flower-decked terrace, with glorious views down over the bay and up over the hillside – and the coffee keeps coming. If you’ve braved the tortuous, narrow winding roads there’s private parking 100 metres away; otherwise there are buses to neighbouring towns and hillside walks. Or of course, you could just sit on the terrace. Readers’ travel tips: hotels, B&Bs and villas in Italy | The Guardian
05222015 The little motor boat with the red fish sign flying on what would have been a mast had it been a yacht, approached the lower side of Positano quay where a dozen of us had gathered in the blazing sun, hoping to get a seat. It was 11 in the morning and there would be another boat every half an hour or so until 1pm, but we were eager. We’d heard that Da Adolfo beach restaurant, only accessible by boat, was a splendid place for lunch, serving fresh seafood in a relaxed (if seemingly exclusive) beachside atmosphere. Positively picturesque, plus | The Budapest Times
05232015 Some of the most celebrated frescoes at the ancient Roman site of Pompeii have been given a clean bill of health, thanks to a course of antibiotics. Conservators used amoxicillin, a type of penicillin, to treat strains of bacteria living in the Dionysiac frieze that decorates what scholars believe to be the dining room of the Villa of the Mysteries. Pompeian frescoes cured with antibiotics | The Art Newspaper
05242015 Located right off the via Tribunali, the decumanus maximus, the excavations underneath the Gothic church of San Lorenzo Maggiore are one of the key places to view the leftover traces of the ancient city. This architectural complex corresponds to the ancient Greek Agora, subsequently the Roman Forum, and the center of political, commercial, and religious activity in antiquity. From here, we will descend into a series of ancient streets that date from the 1st and 3rd centuries BCE, where various building typologies line the streets, including the aerarium, where the city's riches were held; the bakery; the laundry; and the suggestive cryptoporticus, or covered passageway. Ancient Naples: Above and Underground | Context Travel
05252015 Veritas - Chef Gianluca D'Agostino serves refined Neapolitan dishes that don't veer too far into contemporary that they lose their sense of territory. Pair dishes, such as cavatelli with beans, broadtail shortfin squid, and cured pork and mullet with braised fennel, with bottles from the local craft beer list. Naples travel guide | Australian Gourmet Traveller
05262015 At Vico Equense the bellissimo terrace overlooking the beach with a spectacular view of the sea and Mt Vesuvius in the distance. A white plate of black.  Or to be more specific, a plate of linguine pasta cooked to the perfect point of al dente, with a flavorful squid ink sauce. He cooks the squid whole, at a very low temperature, after having marinated it first with Mediterranean herbs like the ones located in their nearby garden. Squid ink is nothing new, but this plate was particularly flavorful thanks to Chef Domenico De Simone's experienced hand. Black is the New Black - Linguine al Nero di Seppia, Chef Domenico De Simone, Il Bikini (Na) | andiamotrips
05272015 Ah, Southern Italy. What could be better than hopping a plane to Mezzogiorno? Thanks to a collaboration between Tierno Tours and Green Earth Travel, vegan globetrotters can easily embark on just such a sojourn, sans any nuisance when it comes to navigating plant-based terrain. Indeed, the Vegano Italiano Festival takes care of every detail, ensuring guests experience a breezy week exploring places like Positano and Pompeii, ancient ruins and beautiful beaches, all amid meals that are at once sumptuous and absent meat, dairy and eggs. Jet Set July: Plan for Fuss-Free Vegan Travel this Summer in Southern Italy | Matt & Nat 
05282015 A new exhibition entitled Pompei e l'Europa 1748-1943 opens today at Pompeii and at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli. It features the installation of a pyramid in the amphitheatre of Pompeii containing the newly cleaned plastercasts of victims of the eruption. Exhibition: Pompei e l'Europa 1748-1943 | Blogging Pompeii
05292015 Dozens of bodies are being restored with plaster to preserve their exact positions when they were entombed in volcanic ash. Among the 86 or more corpses recovered in Pompeii, the remains of a terrified mother and a male child, of about 4-years-of age, stands out in the exhibition. Reportedly, they were inside the House of the Golden Bracelet when the eruption took place. And according to the study lead, inhabitants in the city perished rapidly, as sources explain. Pompeii Terrified Mother, Child In Ash: Bodies From Mount Vesuvius Eruption Unearthed After 1,900 Years | The Inquisitr
05302015 From Naples, take the train to Pompeii Scavi station. Book Pompeii tours online, via the local tourist office, or at your hotel. Choose a guided two-hour tour of the main highlights—from the bathhouses and brothel (you may want to skim the kids past the giggle-inducing naughty murals) to the taverns and launderettes of ancient times. The plaster casts of dogs and people immortalized in their death throes invariably pique kids’ curiosities. Great Family Trips: Pompeii, Italy | Intelligent Travel
05312015 Mount Vesuvius, Naples, Italy - Possibly the world’s most famous volcano – though it hasn’t erupted since 1944 – and the most touristy, too. So much so that serene contemplation of nature’s ferocity might not be possible given the crowds who ascend each day. The most popular path goes to the edge of the main crater where guides are on hand. Steam can be seen rising from parts of the crater and, as with nearly all volcanoes, there is a strong smell of sulphur. Top 10 active volcanoes to see up close | The Guardian