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MARCH 2015


03012015 Costiera Amalfitana remains a road-trip dream for many. Perhaps too many - in summer, restaurants and hotels are filled to capacity. Along the cliff-hugging roads the aromas of basil and citrus are overpowered by Vespa and Fiat Cinquecento exhaust; and the Tyrrhenian Sea teems with megayachts. Knowing where to go (and when), is key to getting the most from this coast. Road-Trip on Italy's Amalfi Coast | WSJ Europe
03022015 The Amalfi Coast is situated in Italy's Campania region, to the South of Naples. The main transportation hubs for the Amalfi Coast are Naples, Sorrento and Salerno. The principal forms of public transport serving the Amalfi Coast are Sita coaches and, in the summer, the ferries and hydrofoils run by the Metrò del Mare navigational company. How to get to the Amalfi Coast |
03032015 Shapiro knew from her hostess that the Sersales – Antonio, his wife, Carla, and his father, Franco – were great readers, voracious consumers of literature. The two hit it off; on the way home, she said to her husband, the screenwriter Michael Maren, "I have a feeling. We are going to know those people." About two weeks later, she received an e-mail: "Ciao from Positano" read the subject bar. In the e-mail, Sersale suggested that Shapiro and Maren gather up a dozen or so writers, and the Sersales would host them at the hotel the week before the season got going – "to simply converse, with us and each other, maybe about what they’re working on, maybe not. The idea was very unstructured, very easy," Shapiro says. In the write place | How To Spend It, Financial Times
03042015 Casa Malaparte is a red masonry box with reverse pyramidal stairs leading to the roof patio. On the roof is a freestanding curving white wall of increasing height. It sits on a dangerous cliff 32 metres above the sea overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. Access to this private property is either by foot from the Town of Capri or by boat and a staircase cut into the cliff. Casa Malaparte - An icon of Italian modern architecture | Panoram Italia Magazine
03052015 High atop Monte Solaro, the natural landscape of Capri spreads out before your eyes. The clear blue of the sea is tantalizing even from so high above and the cliffs are covered with tough Mediterranean plants that can withstand the extreme setting, hot sun and strong winds. The bright yellow blooms of the broom bushes give way to gnarled rosemary branches and prickly cacti. The cries of seagulls cry float on the breeze, calling you back to the present moment like the gusts of wind from the cliffs. Vantage Point Capri | Pensieri Italo-Americani 
03062015 Capri Tiberio Palace is situated just a few minutes' walk from the island's main square, the Piazzetta. There are 55 rooms at the hotel, all individually decorated with the same retro and flirty style. The most luxurious is the Bellevue Suite, with its direct access to the amazing Mojito terrace with 360-degree views over the Mediterrean sea. Hotel review: Capri Tiberio Palace, Italy | AOL Travel
03072015 Fornillo is the small, pebble beach just to the west of town. Choosing your stabilimento: Although there are ‘free’ beaches, in Italy it’s pretty common to pay to go to the beach. Stabilimenti, or clubs, provide you with a comfy lounge chair, umbrella and the use of a bathroom. The trick is choosing one that also has good food. Since we had our friend Diana’s recommendations, we headed straight for Ferdinando’s. Given the completely beautiful location, and our happiness to just be at the beach, I’m sure we would have been content with a panino. But Ferdinando’s delivered so much more. da ferdinando {positano beach + food} | Elizabeth Minchilli

03082015 The Falanghina grape may not be familiar to many of you, but it is Campania’s signature white grape, thriving in the volcanic ash soils found just outside of Naples. When yields are controlled, and the winemaking is precise, as it is at I Pentri, Falanghina can produce a world class white wine. Intoxicatingly aromatic, it expresses flavors of stone fruits such as white peach and apricot, with floral and nutty notes of honeysuckle and almond. Falanghina Flora | B-21 Fine Wine & Spirits
03092015 The most famous producer of Aglianico in Taurasi by far has been Mastroberardino, currently run by the tenth generation. Their Taurasi, grown on particularly volcanic soils, comes in a normale version and Radici, made for especially long ageing. Mastroberardino, Radici Riserva 1999 Taurasi was absolutely stunning and apparently at its peak last September – sleek, subtle, polished and with strong mineral elements, which is perhaps not surprising because the best soils of Taurasi and Aglianico del Vulture tend to be volcanic, as the name of the latter suggests. In praise of Aglianico | Jancis Robinson 03102015 |

03112015 The black soil of their vineyards is rich in potassium and silica and the ungrafted vines are either cane-trained or grow on the Vesuviana pergola. The lapillus and ash create a surreal scenario and it is thanks to the lush green of the vineyard that one remembers they are on planet Earth. Caprettone is the main grape cultivated and Casa Setaro uses it to make both still wines like Lacryma Christi Bianco and a traditional method sparkling wine. A wine for Trecase | DoctorWine
03122015 The doors of the theater close behind you and the room goes black. A screen illuminates, showing you a view of the city of Pompeii from what could have been any window in any home in the city. Smoke pours in the room, strobe lights flash, and the floor shakes as you watch the destruction and chaos the eruption caused. Then the screen lifts and you are face to face with a full body cast of a twisted human form, asphyxiated by extreme heat and noxious gases. Pompeii: The Exhibition at the Pacific Science Center | Seattle Refined
03132015 The Mediterranean Tourism Bourse BMT represents the perfect meeting point fo the whole Mediterranean area for the tourism operators. Many foreign countries attend the exhibition in Naples. The participants are exhibitors, buyers, incoming and congress operators and social tourism representatives. Thanks to the main foreign buyers the BMT offers the oppotunity of interesting B2B meetings and contact making for possible commercial relationships. Why partecipate | BMT Napoli
03142015 From a perspective like this one, location is everything. This hotel is so central to pretty much everything, you could build a spiderweb outwards to go anywhere. Though after staying in a variety of hotels in sunny Napoli, I wouldn't rate this one the very best. Not even close. Renaissance Mediterraneo Hotel Naples | Chilli Pepper Travels
03152015 For centuries Naples attracted royalty, artists and wealthy bourgeois on their grand tours, and the city still has the air of the royal capital it once was, although derelict façades often hide its grandeur. Naples resembles an old aunt who has fallen on hard times but lost none of her youthful appetites. Why homebuyers in Italy’s Naples are buying into history |
03162015 I arrived at 1 pm ish on a Saturday afternoon - just in time for lunch. And I was in luck. Chef Sposito (Europe's youngest bistellato - 32 years old in August) had been working on a new dishes for the spring and asked me if I'd be willing to try it out before he finalizes the menu. He didn't have to ask twice! I immediately found my place at a small table next to the window. A table come piace a type of table, with a view of the terrace and a perfect view of the kitchen whose curtains were about to open. A Sneak Peek at Spring - Taverna Estia, Brusciano (Na) | andiamotrips
03172015 Coffee aromas saturate the air along the freeway next to Melito, a town ten miles outside of Naples. A little beyond the off-ramp, a security guard monitors the gate to Cafe do Brasil‘s roasting factory (also known by one of its brands, Caffe Kimbo). Cafe do Brasil traces it roots back to the three Rubino brothers who in the 1950’s began to roast coffee beans in their father’s pastry shop and sold their blends in paper bags. Their successful roasting techniques contributed to the reputation of the south’s dark bittersweet blends. A Tour of Cafe do Brasil’s Roasting Factory | INeedCoffee
03182015 The Herculaneum Society is pleased to announce scholarships for undergraduates and postgraduates to participate in two summer schools in the archaeology, history and culture of Herculaneum and other Vesuvian sites, 22-26 June 2015 and 7-11 September 2015. Summer School at Herculaneum | The Friends of Herculaneum Society
03192015 Renzo Piano was commissioned to design the new Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum which should rise next to the excavation, in an area forthcoming to the "Pavilion of the boat" which could be removed to make way for the new building. The museum will house the finds that are crammed in the deposits of Ercolano and some frescoes and statues that are confined in the deposits of the Naples National Archaeological Museum. New Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum by Renzo Piano | A As Architecture
03202015 The Tomb of the Diver in Paestum was found on June 3, 1968, in what used to be known as Magna Graecia, and today is part of the province of Salerno. Painting is the least known form of Green art because – although some works were described and celebrated by writers and poets – almost all of the materials on which artists created their works have completely deteriorated over time. The Tomb of the Diver in Paestum, a gem of Greek painting | Italian Ways
03212015 The Villa of Mysteries is renowned for its burnt orange and red wall-paintings depicting an initiation into the secret cult of Dionysus, the God of wine. It is one of the few homes to have survived the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD pretty much intact, and features a series of fine dining and party rooms as well as a wine-press, indicating the Roman owner was wealthy. Pompeii fresco-adorned Villa of Mysteries opens in fresh start for Italy heritage | ArtDaily -The First Art Newspaper on the Net
03222015 Though much is now known about the villa, the meaning of the individual scenes in the frescoes that give the site its name — portraying some two dozen life-size figures widely believed to depict an initiation rite into the cult of Dionysus, the god of wine — remains mysterious. "Tour guides always want to make it some kind of weird cult place; I don’t think it’s that," said Mary Beard, professor of classics at Cambridge, who noted that the room was a public space, and so would have been seen by visitors. Undoing the Ruins Once Wrought by Vesuvius |
03242015 Since Pompeii was the go-to vacation spot for the ancient Romans, you can be sure there were plenty of opportunities for imbibing some of the ancient varietals. After several years of intense research, including botanical studies, analysis of pollen recovered in Pompeii, and the examination of frescoes on site, two types of indigenous grape varieties were identified: the Piedirosso and the Sciascinoso. They were then planted in the exact locations identified as being in use in Roman times. Fruit of the Ancient Vine | The Smithsonian Associates
03252015 In Italy overall the region of Campania has most top 10 Tripadvisor slots with Sorrento placed 5th, Positano 7th and Naples 9th. Rome top Tripadvisor Italy destination, fourth in Europe |
03262015 Campania is the region of Italy encompassing the Amalfi coast, Naples, Salerno, Pompeii, and many more of the most popular destinations in Italy. A rugged and mountainous region, Campania is known for its beautiful yet expensive coastline with clear blue water, amazing food, and rich cultural history. Agriculture is one of the main industries in the region, and lemons grow in abundance. Campania | Budget Your Trip
03272015 Palazzo Avino is a grand 12th Century villa turned five star historic hotel tastefully refurbished to the highest standards while retaining its medieval and baroque features. Part of the charming hillside town of Ravello, south of Naples, the hotel boasts an incredible Mediterranean sea view, exceptional hospitality and a Michelin star restaurant. Hotel Palazzo Avino | An Affair With Italy
03282015 Praiano: Sunbathing, dancing and drinking a spritz at the One fire. The One Fire Beach club is located in Praiano, on La Gavitella Beach. You can arrive there by lots (lots) of steps from the centre of Praiano or by a water taxi. From Positano it is possible to go there by a boat service twice a day. Here you have sun until 8pm so it is suggested to go after 2pm. The view is incredible: all along the coast until Capri Island! But the best thing is the welcoming of Piccoletto and all the One Fire staff: music, drinks, good food and lots of fun… 10 things to do on the Amalfi Coast | Zia Lucy
03292015 Traveling to the Amalfi Coast is nothing short of an adventure for those who adore panoramic views over rock cliffs, tiny fishing villages and beautiful beaches. Imagine riding a vintage vespa along the 'road of 1,000 bends,' commissioned by King Ferdinand II of Naples. This romantic destination has been a hotspot of the stylish élite for decades. A Girl's Guide to Packing for the Amalfi Coast | Italy Magazine
03302015 In 1994, when then-President Bill Clinton arrived in Naples, Italy, for the G7 summit, he came, he saw and he conquered — the city's authentic pizzerias, that is. The president's quest took him to Via Tribunali, which is home to several of the pizzerias frequently cited as the best in a city that seems to have one on nearly every corner. In port in Naples, on the pizza path | Travel Weekly
03312015 It came on the day Italy's UNESCO commission was expected to green-light a proposal to include the art of the traditional Neapolitan pizza maker in the UN cultural organisation's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Pizza symbolising Expo made in Naples |