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JUNE 2015


06012015 Will once again her, Katherine Kelly Lang, namely Brooke beloved soap Beautiful, testimonial of the brand Campanian Impero Couture. Many shots and appealing spot in fact seen exceptional location just vanvitellian Palace and its park, which will be the backdrop for the occasion to another prestigious excellence local business. Impero Couture makes fashion… the Caserta Royal Palace | Charme tutto il bello di Napoli e della Campania
06022015 In what was once the slightly desolate town of Caiazzo in Campania’s Caserta province, Franco Pepe opened Pepe in Grani in 2012, and has attracted throngs of food pilgrims from not just across Italy, but the world. The third generation pizzaiolo comes from a long line of artisan bread makers, a craft that traces back to his wheat farmer grandfather who opened the family’s Antica Osteria Pizzeria Pepe in 1931,which is still frequented among locals and travelers today. The pizzas at Pepe in Grani change with the seasons, and all ingredients encompass the Campania “terroir” using local grains, cheese and vegetables, many grown within Caserta itself. Learn how to make real pizza with Italy's best pizzaiolo Franco Pepe. | Swide
06032015 Fivestars hotels and unknown adresses for a dreaming weekend in the Mediterranean Isle. Deep inside an amazing landscape and even during the cultural event Le Conversazioni Capri: a Dolce Vita destination | Vogue
06042015 Essentials 01. Tuck into ravioli capresi at Le Grottelle. 02. Ride the chair lift up Monte Solaro for postcard panoramas. 03. Order bespoke sandals and capri pants at Mariorita in Anacapri. 04. Pack suitable footwear to navigate the rocky shoreline. 05. Pop into Buonocore on via Vittorio Emanuele for the best ice cream. Capri, Italy | Monocle
06052015 La Sponda restaurant in Positano is the most insanely romantic setting we've ever seen. At dinner it's lit by hundreds of candles, the greenery crawls up the walls like ivy and the floor to ceiling windows showcase the cliffside views and endless sea. It's remarkable. Le Sirenuse Hotel - Meet The Most Romantic Hotel Possibly, Well, Ever | askmen
06062015 It was one fateful Pinterest search that brought me to La Minerva. The property is oh-so-Capri in every good way.  It’s elegant without being over the top. It boasts beautiful tile work, a trademark of the island. Must Capri: La Minerva | Hello Luvvy
06072015 The most distinguished feature about Canfora from the other Capri-style sandals on the market, is the sole made with various layers of finest quality Italian leather, pressed and sewn (not glued) together. Inside the sole, an iron arch support preserves form and consistency, making the sole practically eternal. Canfora’s sandals can be embellished with various colourful gemstones, decorative items, such as bells and chains, and other imaginative accessories, only using exquisite Italian custom jewellery, thus guaranteeing maximum longevity. Canfora - The Original Sandals of Capri | Luxury Travelers Guide
06082015 After hours exploring the cobblestone streets, I enjoyed a typical Caprese dish – Spicy Linguine with Clams and Mussels. Afterwards, I stopped off for a sweet treat of locally-made limoncello… a sweet and potent lemon liqueur fresh from the local groves. I loved it so much I couldn’t resist a photo opp with their giant-sized lemons! South African In: Capri | The Starlit Path
06092015 Monday morning I was up bright an early ready to claim my stake on the beach. The day before it was St Peter’s day so Amalfi was packed. As I left early I enjoyed breakfast on the beach with my favourite Italian pastry, sfogliatelle. It is very crisp pastry in the shape of a shell with ricotta and orange peel piped inside. Absolutely delicious. After half the pastry I was getting full and I realised I should not have gotten the biggest one I could find, but I would not let this beauty go to waste, so I finished it. I’m on holidays, I’ll burn it off when I get back to Sydney, our motto for the whole trip. The Amalfi Coast | Forque
06102015 The Pansa Café is a food lover’s dream. Nestled at the foot of the stairs that lead to the Amalfi Piazza Duomo, its elegant outdoor tables always draped in white linen spill across the piazza. Dolce Vita | Scene Magazine
06112015 Amalfi brims with sweet white houses, endless terraces, and winding streets full of alleys and small shops. One of the best meals you’re likely to eat — in Italy or anywhere — at da Gemma. This was a Michelin-esque surprise, complete with a reinterpretation of the classic Caprese salad, as well as a pleasant terrace setting overlooking the bustling street below. Ravello: The Best View On The Amalfi Coast | Fathom
06122015 A continent apart from the sickly-sweet, mass-produced limoncello familiar to holidaymakers, Pococello fuses single-origin Amalfi lemons with England’s finest spirit, hand-crafted in small batches for the ultimate in flavour and refinement. The story of Pococello began in spring 2014 when Thom and James arrived at the farm of 82-year-old Luigi Aceto – a man who was conceived, born and raised in his family’s ancient lemon groves. Pococello: From Amalfi To London, The Taste Of Summer 2015. | Drinks Enthusiast
06132015 Clinging to the cliffs of Sorrento, La Minervetta overlooks the stunning Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius while greeting its guests with bright, contemporary interiors, delightful gardens, and outdoor terraces bathed in sublime Mediterranean sunshine. La Minervetta - Sorrento, Italy | Luxury Accommodations Blog
06142015 My last day in Positano, dinner at the famed Buca di Bacco awaits tonight, but until then my heart is set on that boat and its charming young captain who will valiantly take me to Arienzo, the beach where for the last week I’ve been basking in the sun, swimming and enjoying house specialty after house specialty made with perfect homegrown vegetables and locally caught fish. Cooking in Italy: spaghetti mediterraneo-fresh anchovies, cherry tomatoes and arugula | Viola's Italian Kitchen
06152015 If you plan on driving and aren’t willing to pay parking fees, the other alternative is to park the car on the edge of town, if you know which parking areas are legit, and hike walk back into town. To avoid all of that, taking the bus from Rome to Positano is probably one of the best options. Rome to Positano by bus: Tips and Timeline | BrowsingItaly
06162015 Picture yourself in said boat traveling slowly along the Amalfi Coast and stopping at attractive bays and secret inlets for a swim. The engine is turned off, cicadas lazily buzz and small waves lap at the sides of the wooden hull of the boat. See yourself swimming in coves and grottos some of which can only be accessed by boat… The singing captain leads the boat to a small seaside restaurant built on stilts over its own private beach for a memorable 3-course meal with lots of local wine. Day trips along the Amalfi Coast | Casa Mia Italy Food & Wine
06172015 As today we talk of Bordeaux and Tuscany, the Romans held the wines of Massico, Surrentine and, of course, Falernian in the same esteem. For hundreds of years these were the most famous wines in the Roman world. However, in the modern wine world, it is only relatively recently that local wine growers managed to take advantage of Campania’s ideal soils and climate to produce exciting, interesting and, very often, unique wines from unique grape varieties. Campania: southern Italian region known for its whites | Times of Malta
06182015 Researching falanghina, an ancient grape that has been revived in recent decades in the Campania region of southern Italy, I learned that falanghina is actually two genetically distinct grapes, falanghina beneventana and falanghina flegrea. The falanghina beneventana tends to be more floral and structured than the falanghina flegrea, which is generally more fruity. Tapping Into the Potential of Falanghina | The New York Times
06192015 Neapolitans are serious about their coffee and we visit the historic Gran Caffè Gambrinus to taste what some say is the best espresso in the city. Naples is also famous for its tailoring tradition and we visit Rubinacci for an inside look. Host Kathy McCabe attends pizza school with master Enzo Coccia and learns it isn’t easy to make a perfect pizza. A visit to Via San Gregorio Armeno reveals a street full of Christmas crèches and caricatures. Naples/Amalfi Coast Episode | Dream of Italy
06202015 I ventured to Pizzeria Trianon, one of the most popular pizzerias in Naples, which serves VPN-style pizza. The margherita was a prime example of simplicity—mozzarella, basil, olive oil, San Marzano tomato sauce, 900 degrees, and an 80-second bake. Each bite was a blissful, revelatory experience. Here I was, a pizza-maker who, at that time, thought he had tried everything and along comes this magical, straight-forward pizza that was so different from all my prior experiences. It was a defining moment in my quest for pizza satisfaction: I knew that I needed to learn this craft. 15 Bucket-List Pizzerias to Visit Before You Die | First We Feast
06212015 Have you enjoyed eating in Napoli? Learn how to make some of the typical recipes so you can impress your friends back home! Pasta, tomatoes, seafood, but also wonderful vegetables are the staples on every table here. Our professional chef will take you through the basics of some of the most traditional dishes and teach you the secrets of true Napoli cooking. Naples Cooking Lessons | Napoli Unplugged
06222015 Francesco and Fabrizio cultivate Corbarino Tomatoes in the fields surrounding their home in Paestum. Corbarino is a very rare and flavorful variety of cherry tomato. In fact, it is one of only three tomato varieties allowed by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana on authentic Neapolitan pizza. That's right, if it's not made with real San Marzano, Piennolo, or Corbarino tomatoes it's not true Neapolitan! When it comes to pasta, Francesco and Fabrizio tell us that they use Corbarino tomatoes for everything! They especially love them with seafood pasta dishes. Clams and Corbarino are their favorite!  A Father & Son's Labor of Love: Corbarino Tomatoes | Gustiamo
06232015 Cilento, on the Tyrrhenian Sea,  has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. It is plenty of natural beauties and floristic rarities, with over 70 species of wild orchids and the 90% of Italian medicinal herbs. Cilento (Sorrento, Campania) among abbeys, archeological sites and nature | Somewhere in Italy
06242015 Giuseppe Spagnuolo is the only person living in Roscigno Vecchio, an abandoned town in the province of Salerno. He is a local Hemingway, happy to talk about himself. In the early years of the 1900s, everyone left the small village and moved to the new town, bidding farewell to their homes, the square, the fountain, the small streets, forever. A century ago, Roscigno Vecchio transformed into a place of the heart, in the memory of the many people who scrupulously keep and often repeat the stories about the simple life in the original town. Roscigno Vecchio e i racconti di Giuseppe | Italian Ways
06262015 Meet Salvatore… fisherman, skipper of the ‘San Giovanni’ and our guide for a boat trip along the Amalfi coast! Just after leaving Positano, we pass Da Aldolfo, one of the many small restaurants dotted along the coast. The coastline presents a totally different perspective from the water. As you look up at the steep, rocky mountains you see villages clinging to the rock face or hidden in small alcoves. Almost vertical flights of stairs lead from these to the road. One such alcove is the oldest part of the village of Furore where fisherman’s huts over look a rocky beach. A Boat Trip along the Amalfi Coast | A Taste of Travel
06272015 A stay in Minori is like stepping back in time to the Amalfi Coast of decades ago. Minori is less Hollywood glamour and more authentic Italian holiday destination. The town is also well known as a gourmet paradise. Make sure you stop for a pastry or gelato at Sal di Riso’s famous shop in Minori’s main piazza. First Stop on the Amalfi Coast Drive: Minori |
06282015 I arrived in Positano and forgot that the rest of the world existed. I did it on purpose too, because you don’t want anything else to exist. It was glamorous and it was humble as anywhere whose foremost product is lemons is. Everywhere you went, you were thanked with a complimentary shot of limoncello. In Positano, you can gab through eternity with the ambient soundtrack of the sea at your shoulders and the limoncello that pretty much grows on trees. Time didn’t matter. The Drive didn’t matter anymore. The Amazing Amalfi | Through Eternity Tours Italy
06292015 Amalfi Coast, Italy - Throw your bags in the back of an Italian sports car, fold back the roof and let the sea breeze sweep through your hair. Coastal roads wind around rugged bluffs, famous for their hairpin bends and expansive views over turquoise waters. Olive groves, old watchtowers converted into gorgeous restaurants and pastel-hued villas built into the side of a cliff – around every bend is something new. Listopedia: The Road Trip Bucket List |
06302015 The best way to see it all is to drive the 40-kilometre stretch of the Strada Statale 163 especially from behind the wheel of a vintage Fiat Cinquecento. Cruise (in a car) along the Amalfi Coast in Italy | International Traveller Magazine