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02012016 "In addition to being my favorite place on earth, Positano is quintessentially romantic," says Kelley. The crown jewel of this tiny fishing village-turned-glitterati-vacation-destination is Le Sirenuse Hotel. The Champagne & Oyster Bar features service from professional, tuxedo-attired waiters, glowing light from hundreds of flickering candles, perfectly selected tunes, and sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea. 10 best romantic hotel bars: Nashville power couple's picks | Usa Today
02022016 Sweet and soothing, potent and relaxing, limoncello is a strong, bright yellow after-dinner liqueur that hails from southern Italy, along the Amalfi Coast and the islands of Capri and Ischia. The ripe full-flavoured lemons, found all along the Mediterranean are ideal for crafting this potent nectar. The resulting liqueur is very strong, very sweet, and very satisfying. Limoncello Liqueur | GoSouthOnline
02032016 The short film tells about four young men loiter outside the door of a building in a Neapolitan street. They’re passing time between animated chatting, drags of their cigarettes and joking around. This video pays homage to Dolce&Gabbana and the DNA of the brand and is directed and written by Pepe Russo, an emerging talent from Naples. D&G new campaign:pieces of history – the essence of Dolce&Gabbana DNA | Chichandbagstyle.com
02042016 We had the best time laying on the beautiful beaches, visiting the many lovely towns of the Amalfi Coast, eating lots of seafood and drinking limoncello! We loved every second of our stay in Positano at Hotel Poseidon. If these pictures don’t give you a serious case of wanderlust to take a trip to the Amalfi Coast, I don’t know what else will! Postcards From The Amalfi Coast: A Photo Diary | Boston Chic Party
02052016 After what feels like everyone I know having visiting and basically peer pressure level recommending it to me, I finally arrived in picturesque Positano. Positano Photo Diary | Tuula
02062016 Granita Cappuccino at a seaside cafe on the beach. Travel Guide: Positano, Italy | Where Two Wander
02072016 Salvatore de Riso makes mouth-wateringly good ice-cream and granita and the finest pastries on the coast: creamy delizie di limone, ricotta-filled sfogliatelle, ricotta and pear tart and delicious babà. How to holiday on Italy's Amalfi coast – on a budget | The Guardian
02082016 Giada De Laurentiis creates dishes inspired by the incredible seafood and abundance of citrus found in Sorrento, including Grilled Swordfish with Candied Lemon Salad, and Shrimp and Grapefruit Skewers. Giada in Italy |  Food Network Canada
02092016 This is a typical recipe of Procida. Rabbit is cooked for a long time with all the ingredients and rosemary is added. In Ischia they brown it for a short time without all the other ingredients and they add thyme. This is the recipe by Giandomenico Vagnati of La Pergola restaurant in Procida. Giandomenico Vagnati's rabbit in the style of Procida | lucianopignataro.com
02102016 This lovely restaurant is in a lemon grove in the centre of the island - you eat under a pergola with lemons dangling above you. The menu is made up of seafood and rabbit but when we asked for vegetarian options they brought us a large antipasti plate of vegetables, fritters, and bruschetta, and artichoke and ricotta ravioli in a fresh tomato sauce. Procida: The Secret Island in the Bay of Naples | Never Ending Voyage
02112016 The rest of the day was a long, hot hike. We were mainly in the direct sun all day, but the views were spectacular all day. Today was also our 11 year anniversary, so I was enjoying the fact that Denise and I could be happily spending the day hiking 8+ miles and >;;5000′ in elevation. Amalfi Coast Day 7 - Positano to Colli di San Pietro | bri-tri.com
02122016 The good news? We’ve found an alternative to Sorrento. It’s just as convenient, cheaper, less touristy, and, in our opinion, it has even more to offer, from museums and restaurants to a big, central beach. Our alternative? Salerno. Heading to the Amalfi Coast? Don't stay in Sorrento. Stay here instead. | Walks of Italy
02132016 The reason we chose to stay in Salerno is simple. Salerno is the least touristic spot of all the coast, by a long shot. We’ve made it our mission on our trip to avoid the tourist crowds when possible. Although Salerno isn’t technically on the official Amalfi Coast, it is extremely easy to access, by bus or ferry. Amalfi Coast & Capri, Italy | Just Globetrotting
02142016I had heard about a lemon grove in the middle of the city called I Giardini di Cataldo. On my walk I came upon a colourful gate and discovered a fragrant lemon orchard in the heart of the city that represented a large part of what this area is about. Sorrento lemons are large, slightly sweet and the key ingredient in limoncello, a popular Sorrentine liqueur I was offered everywhere I went. My Quest for the Lemon Almond Torta Holy Grail | Val Harrison
02152016 On my last day on the Amalfi Coast, I thought I should go on the last hike with my G Adventures tour, but instead I decided to relax at the Agriturismo Sant’Alfonso, the tranquil farmhouse where we had been staying all week. Guilt and Relaxation on the Amalfi Coast | Traveling Between
02162016 The apartment was located on the second curve of the hill, so the main bay of Positano is just around the corner to the left. Our street had lots of restaurants, boutiques and shops scattered along it, and you could take shortcuts through the narrow alleys to go down to the main beach and waterfront. Italy 2015 ~ Arriving in Positano on the Amalfi Coast | Busy BeeTraveler
02172016 Osteria Angelo Masuccio is a tiny authentic Italian restaurant in Salerno. I discovered cannolicchi and the best homemade pasta with truffle shavings! Salerno is an affordable option for a base to check out the different towns along the Amalfi Coast. Dinner on the Amalfi Coast at Osteria Angelo Masuccio – Salerno, Italy | Alicia Tastes Life
02182016 The historic centre is a Unesco heritage site, and with good reason. The towering palaces and narrow streets, and ancient churches and underground passages are unique, and help make Naples probably the most unchanged city centre in Europe. Why Naples doesn't deserve to be the place that everyone loves to hate: Despite its dodgy image, the Italian city is full of unique charms | Daily Mail
02192016 It is absolutely recommended to visit the Royal Palace and its stunning rooms such as the theatre, the anteroom, the ambassador hall, the living room of the queen, the main stairs and the chapel with the typical Napolitan crib. 11 Things to do in Naples in one day | Diaries of an explorer
02202016 At Calispa, we tried their premium range of peeled tomatoes, Nobile, including the highly regarded San Marzano plum tomatoes, considered by many chefs to be the best in the world. Indeed the San Marzano were sweeter and more intense in flavour than the other varietals I tried, and I can’t think of another peeled tomato I would rather use for pasta sauces today. A Foodie Pilgrimage in Campania, Italy | The London Foodie
02212016 The complex was created by the Bourbon King Charles III and the palace, a Unesco world heritage site, is a masterpiece of architecture and decoration. We spent half a day exploring the palace and huge garden; even in winter we were amazed by this beautiful example of 18th-century Italian aristocracy and Baroque style. Readers' letters: the Versailles of Naples | The Telegraph
02222016 If the Suzhou Gardens are designed for tranquility, then the Palace of Caserta is intended to leave its visitors gobsmacked. Where Versailles is balanced, restrained, and stately, Caserta is unabashedly lush. World Heritage Site to Visit: Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy | Orange Coast Magazine
02232016 Thousands of Napoli fans made good a pledge to racism victim Kalidou Koulibaly on Sunday by filling the San Paolo stadium with masks of the Senegal defender prior to kick off against Carpi on Sunday. A supporters' group, 'Quelli del Sangue Azzurro' (The Blue Blooded Ones), later called on Azzurri fans to show their full support for Koulibaly by holding up masks of his face. Fans fulfil mask pledge to 'monkey chant' victim Koulibaly | Yahoo Sports
02242016 Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco is separated into two levels, a ground floor to represent the earthly realm and a “lower church” to represent purgatory, which, in Catholic tradition, is the holding place for souls caught between heaven and hell. The lower church houses a collection of human skulls that some believers pray to for protection or favors. The most famous among these bones is Lucia, who wears a crown and a veil and is said to protect young brides. Ancient Naples street offers the best of the city | Stars and Stripes
02252016 Apple has announced the founding of its first European center for the development of iOS software in the southern city of Naples, a move seen in Italy as a new front in its war against a wave of European tax probes. The center in Naples, when it opens, will broaden those numbers even further: Apple said 600 students a year will be trained at the center. Apple's new iOS center in Naples raises eyebrows | Usa Today
02262016 Drive from Sorrento to Salerno along the SS163 and enjoy sweeping views of the Mediterranean. If you’re the driver, you’ll have to work hard not to be distracted by the stunning scenery as you wind your way east through Amalfi. Five great drives in Europe | The Telegraph
02272016 Sparky and I both love travelling and this pic was taken at the most incredible hotel on the Amalfi Coast on our first trip to Italy. Aussie celebrity couples reveal their most romantic moments | The Daily Telegraph
02282016 Lunch at Lo Scoglio da Tommaso, quite possibly my favorite restaurant in the world. The menu is large, but the list of daily specials is larger and the smart move is to order from what they have fresh that day. That day’s antipasto included marinated anchovies, arugula with baby tomatoes, and large tomatoes with basil, fresh mozzarella, raw sea urchin and baby clams. And then the pastas. Chef Marc Murphy's Food Tour of the Amalfi Coast | Condé Nast Traveler
02292016 In 2013, I was travelling around Italy for five weeks holiday. It was my first visit to Capri and on my second night, I found myself dining at Ristorante Michel’angelo. From the moment I walked in to Michel’angelo, I immediately felt comfortable, which as a solo Australian traveller I really appreciated. How these star-crossed lovers met their Italian Romeos | The Local