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09012016 Calitrian cuisine is renowned in the area for being very tasty yet with a little bit of spice. From chickpea soups to peppery minced pork patties and sun-ripe tomatoes, the food is hearty and sublime. Under the tutelage of Tania I was introduced to a regional pasta. Making Cinguli with the Locals in Calitri - the Italian Town You Dream Of | more than burnt toast
09022016 Primarily an agricultural city in origin it continues that tradition to this day. Avellino carries its inland beauty well. It sits in the Sabato valley with the Apennines Mountains wrapping its arms around it. Small villages can be seen from the center of town into the hillsides, making this area a potential postcard in each direction. Avellino | Life in Italy
09032016 Sant'Agata de' Goti is a small, friendly and active town. There was also the town's Sunday market where I got some interesting finds. I took home different kinds of peppers, tomatoes, Sorrento lemons and dried oregano. They were organically grown by the farmers who were selling at the market themselves. Cooking & Traveling in Italy and Beyond | Apron and Sneakers
09042016 If you bump into this area at lunchtime or for dinner, you should eat at Da Nennella, a crowded trattoria offering simple and tasty food from the neapolitan tradition, such as friarielli (broccoli rabe), zucchine alla scapece (fried zucchini seasoned with mint, evoo and vinegar), mozzarella in carrozza (fried mozzarella), pasta patate e scamorza (pasta with potatoes and scamorza cheese) and a lot more. Discovering Naples | La Dani Gourmet
09052016 To explore the secret city that spreads below the historic center: underground Naples. Beside being a very interesting visit to learn more about the city's history, the adventure feeling highly appeals to children! The tour begins right in the historic center, from where we went down to 40 meters depth. Naples With Kids (Italy) | Travel with my kids
09062016 Set against the backdrop of seaside Italian cities, “Les Napolitains” embraces the irrepressible sartorial spirit of Naples, renowned worldwide for its boldness and precise tailoring. Christian Louboutin Welcomes ‘Boys Of Summer’ In New Campaign Video | Footwear News
09072016 Dolce & Gabbana put a spin on the jersey of famous retired S.S.C. Napoli player Diego Maradona, rendering number 10’s kit in silk with crystal embellishments. 9 Things to Know About Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda Show in Naples | Vogue
09082016 Thanks to an ancient system of artificial terraces cut into the hillside on which Positano sits, the seaside villa may have sprawled across more than 2.25 acres. The quality of the wall paintings is very high, and the triclinium’s decorative program seems unique. Romans on the Bay of Naples | Archaeology Magazine
09092016 The ascent begins behind the Botanical Garden and it goes along the slopes of Capodimonte. Moiariello is a charming hamlet, quite isolated from the rest of the city, though located nearby the centre of Naples. Salita Moiarello | Eventi Napoli
09102016 The horses first took us through a jungle-like deciduous forest, a beautiful nature reserve where vines had taken over the ground and birds were chirping all around us. The highlight of the journey was the moment we reached a place quite high atop the Vesuvius, where we could sit and stare at the stunning view of the Gulf of Naples while the sun was setting. Horseback riding in Naples | Always Abroad
09112016 Pepperoncino reigns king, fresh seafood is abundant and the pizza is the best in the world. In Naples and these coastal areas seafood is the local staple. However, if you head inland in the provinces of Salerno, Avellino, Benevento and Caserta, the focus changes from mare (the sea) to terra (the earth). Top 10 regional dishes of Campania | Charming Italy
09122016 This shape of pasta is called "Pacchero" and it has been served with a tomato sauce and basil. Now pasta from Gragnano is the best pasta of the world, can't be compared with all the industrial pasta brands which maybe are very good, but at Gragnano the industry of pasta is just the best. Flavours from Naples | Cristina Polizzi
09132016 The issue really is that a day in Naples is not enough time to explore the full breadth of the city’s art and archaeology, its ridiculously good food and fascinating underground, its vibrance and energy. Should I Take a Day Trip from Rome to Naples? | Revealed Rome
09142016 Giovanna Battaglia may have done Capri best — her blowout wedding. Against a backdrop of gem-toned turquoise waters, picturesque architecture, and seemingly flawless weather year-round, it's the ideal setting for an Instagram. There's a Reason Models and Designers Are All Going to Capri | W Magazine
09152016 I found out it was a favourite spot for a Roman emperor, has inspired artists for hundreds of years, and has become a huge tourist attraction on the Isle of Capri. Enchantedly beautiful blue grotto on isle of Capri | hungryfaces
09162016 In the bay near Baia are ongoing excavations, but parts of the ancient town are underwater due to seismic activity over the centuries.  We had hoped to take a glass-bottom boat to see some of the sites but unfortunately they only do the tours on weekends at this time of year. Exploring the Ruins in Baia | Saltscape
09172016 Nightfall in Positano, on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, we were enveloped by the blackness curling around the coastline while inside the restaurant, hundreds of candles glowed, what felt like the safest place to be on Earth that night. At the table next to me, a woman from Texas, a writer stood up, and in her soft Southern drawl, delivered an impromptu speech about the importance of writing, the commitment to the process. Dreaming Of Italy | LocoMotive
09182016 On the one hand, the art collection held and displayed in this museum is, in scope and richness, second only to the Galleria degli Uffizi. On the other hand this is also an important Royal palace that lets visitors learn a lot about the changing role of Naples (former capital of an independent kingdom) within European history. Study Abroad in Italy Blog | Naples Study Liberal Arts | CIEE
09192016 Our afternoon was spent at the sulfur mines of Pozzuoli. Most people couldn’t handle the smell of the sulfur, but lucky me can’t smell anything with my sinuses, and the steam was actually very refreshing to open my sinuses! Amalfi Adventures: Underwater ruins, sulfur mines, thermal baths, and too much Limoncello | Mary Kesinger
09202016 Balance architectural landmarks with the natural beauty of the Isle of Capri's rugged coastline, and the seaside villages and cliffs found along the Amalfi Coast. Amalfi Coast Tours | Tauck World Discovery
09212016 Down by the sea, there are plenty of hidden masterpieces within churches and monasteries, and shady squares serving spritzes. Up in the hills, reached by funicular railway, the note is more cool luxury, with imposing villas looking out over the Bay of Naples. Things to do in Naples: where to stay, eat and drink | London Evening Standard
09222016 We compared like with like, an initial tasting of 21 different types of raw tomato, narrowing it down to the top eight, which I cooked down with olive oil, salt, fresh basil and garlic. Finally, we tried each sauce with a forkful of spaghetti. The clear winner was I Sapori Di Corbara Sua Eccellenza. Top tomatoes: gourmet canned and jarred varieties tested | The Guardian
09232016 The magnificent tall ship Royal Clipper is the biggest head-turner of them all as it nips in and out of ports and harbours during the Mediterranean season. This sleek and elegant sailing ship — whose design is an echo of the trading clippers of the 19th century — calls at Amalfi and Sorrento. The glitziest voyages along Italy's starry Amalfi Coast | DailyMail
09242016 I had flown from Manchester on a grey, drizzly afternoon and landed just a few hours later in the relative paradise of Naples. The hour-long drive to my hotel in Sorrento passed in no time, helped by spectacular views from the coast road – on sheer cliff faces hugged tightly by the blue water of the Mediterranean. Sorrento offers a real taste of 'la dolce vita' - and you'll be left craving a second helping | The Mirror
09252016 Some of the best views of the Amalfi Coast can be found in the 13th century gardens of Ravello's Villa Rufolo. 27 Photos That Prove Italy is Heaven on Earth | Harper's Bazaar
09262016 A true bespoke suit is cut entirely by hand, a process that at Rubinacci requires 54 man-hours and is based on a paper pattern cut specifically for you. Exactly one week after arriving in Naples, I’m standing in the courtyard wearing the final product. “When a gentleman comes to Rubinacci, we try to discover the style he has inside.” Get Suited by the Best Bespoke Tailor on Earth | Bloomberg
09272016 In Cetara, a tiny fishing village on the Amalfi Coast, “sardine culture is a religion,” Bottura says. The town is home to Al Convento, Pasquale Torrente’s casual restaurant and pizzeria serving sardines, anchovies, tuna, and other local delicacies. Massimo Bottura’s 11 Favorite Restaurants in Italy | Robb Report
09282016 Napoli may now be one of Italian football’s major forces, but this has not always been true. One thing that has remained constant through the years of ups and downs has been the city’s relationship with the team. For so long, Napoli have represented the Southern Italian spirit; fight, persistence, and resilience against all odds. Napoli: The siren and her city |
09292016 A mantle of woods covers Irpinia, the green heart of Campania, a true paradise for lovers of outdoor life and sports. A spell of colors and scents that invites to walk in an intact environment, along routes that reveal spectacular views, ideal to spend some days away from stress and in contact with nature. Avellino... land of castles and uncontamined nature | Campaniafoodetravel
09302016 Some of the buildings have remnants of their upper floor, which is quite unusual, and Herculaneum had a central bathhouse or thermae with sections for both men and women. The men’s baths had two entrances opening onto the paelestra, which was a recreational area and meeting place. Visit Herculaneum – A Fantastic Alternative to Pompeii | LuxuryColumnist