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11012018 Montella, situated in the Alta Valle del Calore in a territory called Irpinia, is famous to most of us for one thing - chestnuts or 'castagne'. They are so good that they have an official seal of approval, the first vegetable to receive such a recognition in Italy. Chestnuts of Montella | Delicious Italy
11022018 Our chestnut itinerary in Campania among woods, festivals and gastronomy starts from Irpinia where, for example in the high area of the Calore Valley, chestnuts were dried in peasant homes and they were left in wooden attics, exploiting the smoke and the heat of the kitchen below. A typical processing of the Christmas period is the “chestnut of the Priest” whose production area includes the towns of Montella, Bagnoli Irpino, Cassano Irpino, Nusco, Volturara Irpina and the Bolifano countryside in the Montemarano town district. Chesnuts | Campania Foods
11032018 The kitchen is in plain view of your table, it makes you more confident in the food quality.  I love the free starters at these Italian restaurants. Before I could even take a sip of wine, they  presented me with an anchovy on a bed of cous cous. Pepenero – Amazing Restaurant In The Hills Of Campania | Jagabond
11042018 Agropoli makes an excellent base for visiting the sights of the Cilento area) and it’s on the rail line between Naples and Calabria, making it easy to get to even if you don’t have a car. The charming old town of Agropoli was built on a hill on the rocky promontory above the harbor as a defensive measure in the 5th century. Agropoli, Cilento Coast | Martha's Italy
11052018 Umindi and Dadi both have Caribbean roots so they knew they wanted to marry by the water. They looked for seaside locales near their European-based family members and found their dream venue in Ravello, Italy. A Stunning Italian Wedding on the Amalfi Coast | Brides
11062018 Palazzo Caracciolo is located on the edge of the historic centre, and though it's a fair distance from the city waterfront, the main attractions, such as the Archeological Museum, Sansevero Chapel and the city’s best pizzerias, can be reached by foot in under 20 minutes. Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli, Naples, Italy | Telegraph Travel
11072018 Pommella’s signature style is a one-pleat trouser that has all the expertise of Neapolitan tailoring without being too short or too tight. These are classic trousers, tailored to perfection but with wearability and comfort in mind. Pommella Napoli Raises the Bar on Bespoke Trousers | Robb Report
11082018 At first glance, Sofia Ginevra Giannì’s practice is an unapologetic manifesto for flaunting and feeling herself. Renaming herself SAGG Napoli in homage to the city, she began producing “work that doesn’t look like art, but looks like me”. Now, her multimedia mix of semi-autobiographical film, photography and performance is steeped in her own tastes, social and political interests – in a way that is, like her, unmistakably a product of southern Italy. SAGG Napoli | Dazed
11092018 The location is one of the most exclusive of the island of Capri, and the history of the villa is one that goes side by side with the history of the Italian cinema. Lionard Luxury Real Estate is taking care of the sale, for over 10 million euros, of the villa that was built in 1942 for Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, the director who launched the great actor Totò. In Capri, the villa where Toto' lived, is up for sale | All About Italy
11102018 Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola of Cantina Giardino seek out plots with old vines and great aspects in Irpinia. With the exception of Sophia (which is aged in terracotta amphorae made from clay from the same vineyard that gives it’s grapes) the wines are raised in large casks made from local woods and are bottled unfiltered, with no additions at all. The resulting wines are singular, vivid expressions of grape and place. Cantina Giardino |
11112018 Afterwards we’ll move to another village, giving its name to a fabulous wine: Taurasi. After a pleasant walk through its ancient narrow streets, we will have here an unforgettable lunch based on meat, mushrooms and special cow and sheep cheese from Irpinia region. Irpinia: the Hills where the Best Wines are made! | Naples & Amalfi Tour Guide
11122018 The star of Campanian reds is Aglianico, a grape thought to have been brought to the region by the Greeks when Campania was part of Magna Grecia some 2500 years ago. The versions from around Taurasi in particular produce a magnificent red wine. I have seen vines that were 200-plus years old. There are a number of excellent producers, but I particularly like Cantina Giardino’s Nude and Cantine Lonardo’s Taurasi Riserva. Italian Wines by Region: Campania | Robin Garr
11132018 “I share Celebrity Cruises’ passion for fantastic destinations and my ‘Great Adventures’ offer an eclectic mix of culture, history, famous sights and wildlife, often off the beaten track. He admits that, as an adventurer, cruising seemed a strange choice for him. “I first went to Malta, Sicily and Naples, then across land to Positano on the stunning Amalfi Coast." All at Sea with Ben Fogle | Upscale Living Magazine
11142018 I am a special case, because I love my country very much and I have an eight-hectare organic farm that’s facing the Isle of Capri on the coast. We have a lemon garden, olive garden, vegetable garden and fruit garden. My dogs are there. My best time is when I can stay there. Chef Don Alfonso Iaccarino on eating and travelling around the world | The Globe and Mail
11152018 Underwater archaeologists have discovered monuments, streets, and about 100 tanks that were used in the production of a fermented fish condiment known as garum at Neapolis. "This discovery has allowed us to establish with certainty that Neapolis was a major center for the manufacture of garum and salt fish, probably the largest center in the Roman world. Probably the notables of Neapolis owed their fortune to garum.” Underwater Archaeologists Discover Submerged Ruins off the Coast of Naples | Ancient Origins
11162018 Frequent ferries and hydrofoils leave Beverello, and Mergellina harbors in Naples for the islands. Near the island of Ischia, the smaller Procida and Vivara Islands can be visited too. Day Trips from Naples, Italy | TripSavvy
11172018 Naples offers you the chance to visit some of the most celebrated places in Italy – the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, the ancient ruins at Pompeii and Herculaneum, and the island of Capri – as well as the historic city of Naples itself. Cruise ships dock on the jetties of the Molo Angioino at the Stazione Marittima, part of Naples’ huge port, with additional jetties during busy times around the waterfront to the north. Naples cruise port guide | The Telegraph
11182018 Procida has been the location of multiple Hollywood and Italian movies, because of [its] natural beauty, its coast, its sea and picturesque and colorful houses. Interview: Procida Film Festival celebrates cinema on picturesque island | Hollywood Soapbox
11192018 With its tangled streets and the highest number of historic churches in the world, Naples is a mess that you should be dying to jump into. Its city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its incredible historic importance. Photos of Naples and its Chaotic Mixture of Heritage and Natural Beauty |
11202018 Archaeologists have found a fresco in an ancient Pompeii bedroom that depicts a sensual scene of the Roman god Jupiter. The figure of Leda being impregnated by the god in swan form was a fairly common home decoration theme in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Take me to your Leda: sensual Pompeii bedroom art uncovered | The Guardian
11212018 While Rome continues to be the center of the Italian film industry, Naples is stealing the spotlight as a destination for filmmakers. Directors are flocking to the region, along Italy's southern coast, to capture a rarely seen side of the country. Why Naples Is Italy's New Filmmaking Hotspot |The Hollywood Reporter
11222018 The stories are mostly set in Naples, beginning at a time when communists, fascists, the mafia and a devoted teacher with a strong feminist mindset are all forces that shape the girls’ lives. Naples is also a strong character, with many landmarks and neighbourhoods clearly identified, while others are only discernible to people who know the city well. How to spend a day in Elena Ferrante's Naples | The Independent
11232018 Procida is exactly what an island should be: petite, full of small-town charm and offering picture-perfect views of the sea. The smallest of the Flegrean Islands, located just a short boat ride away from Naples, it flies under the radar of its famous neighbor Capri. But it is well worth a visit for its candy-colored houses, delightful seaside eateries and captivating scenery. Insider Italy: 10 Secret Places You Need To Visit Now | Forbes
11242018 We visited the Villa Comunale, part of the gardens in the cloister of San Francesco. The cloisters are built on the ruins of a 7th-century monastery. Here the "Estate Musicale Sorrentina" concert takes place. The Sorrento International Photo School, a gallery highlights photographs by Raffaele Celentano. Sorrento, Italy: A day in the country where the lemons bloom | Mathrubhumi
11252018 Perillo’s Learning Journeys is offering savings per couple on the Valentine’s Day Live Like a Local itinerary in Sorrento, Italy. Six nights’ lodging with continental breakfasts, walking tour of Sorrento, limoncello tasting, airport transfers and taxes. Travel Deals: Cyber Monday specials around the world | Washington Post
11262018 If you’ve done the sceney spots in the Amalfi area, and are looking for similar natural attractions offered in a lower-key, gorgeous setting with the bonus of amazing thermal spas, Ischia should be more than an “I’ll-get-there-some-day” destination. Will Ischia Be Italy's Next Hot Destination? 16 Reasons to Visit Now | Forbes
11272018 The park of the 18th-century Royal Palace of Caserta in Italy. Its “English Garden” is one of the largest and oldest picturesque gardens created in Europe. The Royal Palace of Caserta: Here’s why you must see its waterfalls and fountains | Hindustan Times
11282018 It is the set created for “My brilliant friend”, the TV series directed by Saverio Costanzo based on the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante. The Rione Luzzatti, the working-class district in the suburbs of Naples and the main setting for the series, has been restored to its 1950s appearance through meticulous reconstruction work – featuring 12 small buildings, 9 studio sets, a church and a tunnel – carried out in a former industrial area on the outskirts of Caserta that occupies a total of 40,000 square meters. Campania/The biggest set in Europe | Cinema & Video International
11292018 The silk producing tradition is being perpetuated by some local families, like the De Negri and Alois families, who have managed to combine the inherited craftsmanship techniques with the latest technology in order to produce fabrics of great beauty and value, such as damasks and brocades. And if you pay attention you will find out that nowadays these fabrics can still be seen in Vatican City, in the Quirinal Palace, in the Kremlin and in the Oval Office of the White House. The hill of San Leucio: the beautiful “realized utopia” | Italia Slow Tour
11302018 Birdcage clock in the Royal Palace at Caserta – a gift from the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, to her sister, Mary Caroline, Queen of Naples. The Royal Palace at Caserta, near Naples, Italy: it’s big | The Phraser

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10012018 Suite Signature Lucio Dalla booked on my behalf. The same one that in 1986 hosted Lucio Dalla in person, who during his stay composed the famous song Caruso. The charm of this suite is definitely in the presence of the piano and of the record player in the living room, but also in the stunning sea-view terrace. A part of the song refers to the landscape that I can see there, right in front of my eyes. My Amalfi Coast tour | Purses&I by Laura Comolli
10022018 Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula has long been a popular destination for honeymoons and romantic breaks, but it also has plenty to offer families with young children. Travel review: Italy’s Sorrento coast | Yorkshire Evening Post
10032018 The hotel will be known as The Britannique Naples, Curio Collection by Hilton and will undergo a €25M restoration before welcoming its first guests in the second half of 2019. Historic Corso Vittorio Emanuele Hotel in Italy Joins Curio Collection | Hotel News Resource
10042018 Surrounded by the dazzling azure blue sea and rugged cliffs, the beautiful Hotel Delfino sits on the cliff side overlooking the island of Capri and the Gulf of Naples. Its picturesque views can be admired from the roof top terrace where guests can sip a cocktail or two. Hotel Delfino is the perfect escape for a peaceful break with all the modern comforts. Naples: An Italian Masterpiece |
10052018 Consul General Countryman visited the city of Pollica, located in Campania’s Park of Cilento and Valle di Diano, Italy’s second largest national park.  Mayor of Pollica Stefano Pisani and Legambiente IVLP alumnus Valerio Calabrese welcomed CG Countryman and offered her a tour of the local museums. CG Countryman Explores the Home of the Mediterranean Diet | U.S. Consulate General Naples
10062018 Feudi di San Gregorio Falanghina: This vineyard is in Sorbo Serpico, a tiny village in Campania's Irpinia region, near Mount Vesuvius. The area, with its numerous castles and fortresses, has ancient roots, and has been a transit land between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic seas. Take a tour of Italy without leaving home |
10072018 Typical Treccia mozzarella is hand-braided by artisan cheese makers from fresh fior di latte (semi-soft cheese made from cow’s milk) and is one of the most attractive cheeses you’ll see in Italy. In Sorrento, Treccia is a cheese adored by all, made from mozzarella strings that are artfully woven together to create a braid-like shape that ensures freshness, creaminess and impeccable texture. ‘When in Rome, skip the pizza’ | Condé Nast Traveller India
10082018 The elegant ambience of this reformed monastery has been decorated by a local Neapolitan designer into a rejuvenated display of Italian timelessness.Located to the north of Amalfi, at Monastero Santo Rosa, it’s essential that one take comfort in the Sorrento breeze, cliff-face ocean views and the perfume of the nearby lemon groves. It’s the place that will have you scheming up ways to go back, before you’ve even left. Going somewhere? Make it Italy | The CEO Magazine
10092018 “Old vines have a much stronger balance throughout the vegetative cycle when compared to younger vines, so you don’t have to intervene as much." Explains Antonio Capaldo, president of Campania firm Feudi di San Gregorio, whose oldest Aglianico vines are a whopping 130 and 150 years old. Discover Italy’s Old Vine Wines | Wine Enthusiast Magazine
10102018 When most people think of Campania, images of sun-swept Mediterranean shores dance in the mind, but Vinosia sits inland on a bed of fertile volcanic soil, with a continental climate and heavy rains throughout the year, giving the grapes their characteristics that are distinct from the better known Italian varietals.Uncovering the hidden gems of Italy's Campania wine region | Pique Newsmagazine
10112018 Campania is found in southwest Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea with Naples as its capi­tal. It has a Mediterranean climate, with lots of sunshine and light, but also a lot of hills – an ideal combination for Mediterranean viticulture, while the soils are mainly volcanic from ancient eruptions of the Vesuvius. It is these geological and climatic conditions which disguise most of the characteristic traits of a southern, warm climate white wine. Campania: southern Italian region known for its whites | Times of Malta
10122018 One of the oldest inhabited urban areas in the world, it's not surprising that Naples boasts enough historically significant sites to mark it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a drive along the stunning Amalfi Coast, a ferry to the island of Capri, (or Procida or Ischia), go shopping in Sorrento with a stop at the volcanic site of Pompeii. Forget Rome and Milan - here's an authentic, affordable Italian city break | Travel
10132018 Great food, wine and that famous Mediterranean climate? Why, I was giddy with excitement my first time in the Italian region of Campania and the famous city of Naples. Coffee, pizza, wine and a buzz of Vespas – bring the Neapolitan streets to life with a trip to Naples | The Irish Sun
10142018 Being from Naples, you must enjoy some fabulous food, have you tried the sparkling wine made in Campania? I am really passionate about food, especially traditional dishes from my hometown. I have recently been to Pozzuoli, near Naples, where I had the opportunity to taste and enjoy a sparkling wine originally from Grotta del Sole. An excellent Glass of Bubbly called Asprinio di Aversa. Celebrity Interview: Elena Russo | Glass of Bubbly
10152018 On a pilgrimage to the Amalfi Coast to trace their ancestors, reporter Michael Siconolfi and his family find clues to their noble roots. Searching the Amalfi Coast for Long-Lost Family Ties | WSJ
10162018 Padula, a small town in the territory of Vallo di Diano, is renowned for its chartehouse dedicated to St. Laurence, one of the finest monuments in Southern Italy. Main features of the charterhouse are the magnificent cloisters, also in baroque style, and the famous spiral staircase leading to the library. Salerno and its province | Salerno Convention Bureau
10172018 The city’s magnificent churches and palazzos, often hidden behind discreet doors on narrow streets, can feel like discoveries in a city known as the gateway to the Amalfi. “The route through the old town gives you a sense of the city as both grand and dilapidated,” Hicks says. How to Spend 24 Hours in Naples, According to a Local | Condé Nast Traveler
10182018 Naples is home to over 60 food markets, and Pignascecca is the oldest and one of the best. This is where restaurants and locals go to buy fish and vegetables. It’s famous not only for its affordable seasonal produce and seafood, but amazing cheeses, breads and pastries. The Best Time to Visit Naples | Santorini Dave
10192018 Acciaroli is a placid fishermen’s village, which gets definitely livelier at summer when many tourists crowd its alleys and little squares. The upper part of the town – called Pollica – is a pretty medieval hamlet with charming period buildings. Pioppi is a tiny maritime district of Pollica which still keeps the slow paced rhythm and genuine habits of the past. An Insider's Guide to Cilento | Italy Magazine
10202018 Lots of Italians go to the Cilento seaside for summer vacations. We went in late October, and it was a pleasant time to go as far as the weather, but many restaurants were indeed closed for the season--or just open on weekends. Of course, the restaurants and pizzerias that serve the locals run all year, so you'll have enough eateries to choose from if you do go in off season. Cilento Map & Travel Guide | Wandering Italy
10212018 The "modern" history of Casal Velino dates to 1063 when it was formally recognized as Casalicchio. The name then combined with Velia to form the current name. The ancient Greek and Roman ruins at Velia are especially noteworthy. The more recent fishing village of Marina Casal Velino has become a tourist destination for its clean beaches and azure waters. This stretch is one of the Cilento's real gems. Casal Velino | Summer In Italy
10222018 Amalfi is the biggest town on the Amalfi coast, fittingly enough. It’s known for its excellent beaches, long history, and fascinating culture. Nearby is the small town of Atrani, which has the distinction of being the smallest recognized town in all of southern Italy. The Duomo di Sant’Andrea and the Valle delle Ferriere falls are notable nearby spots to visit. Map Of The Amalfi Coast In Italy | Science Trends
10232018 I cut a slice, folded it, and took a bite. I was first hit by the aromatic basil which danced through my taste buds like Maradona through the defences of Italy to win Napoli’s first Scudetto in 1987. Then the fresh tomato flavour greeted me, illuminating my mouth like the tenebrism of a Caravaggio painting. Neapolitan Simplicity Proves Perfection At Pizza Pilgrims | The Oxford Student
10242018 Deep-fried pizza might sound like American carnival fare, but it’s a traditional dish that hails from the home of modern pizza: Naples. Southern Italians are known for an array of delicious fried foods. Many pizzerias also serve potato croquettes, fried mac ’n’ cheese balls, and arancini (deep-fried rice balls). Pizza Fritta | Gastro Obscura
10252018 The wines of Viticoltori De Conciliis from Paestum, Campania in southern Italy surely fit into this category (with flagship wine ‘Naima’ in particular drawing a line in the sand of my memory). BHW Travels: How I Fell for the Wines of Campania, Southern Italy |
10262018 “It is a typical Campanian or better yet, Neapolitan vine because it is mainly widespread in the volcanic areas of the province of Naples,” notes the producer’s website. It is also a grape that shows its smoky, fresh-red-berries side most gracefully when it roots in volcanic soils. Italy By The (Wine) Glass: Piedirosso From Campania | Forbes
10272018 Despite making some wines that would become legendary ("The 1968 Radici Riserva is considered to be one of the top 10 wines ever produced in Italy," said Piero, proudly), it took a long time for Mastroberardino and the traditional grape varieties of Campania to win back the kind of worldwide acclaim they had enjoyed a century before. Mastroberardino Radici, the wine that made aglianico glorious | The Australian Financial Review
10282018 If you can’t find fianos from Luigi Maffini, Ciro Picariello and Cantina Giardino, you might also look for wines from Colli di Lapio-Romano Clelia, Mastroberardino, Pietracupa, Villa Diamante, Terredora di Paolo, Antonio Caggiano, Villa Raiano and Feudi di San Gregorio. Your Next Lesson: Fiano |  The New York Times
10292018 Hailing from Benevento, Rummo is a family business that uses the best produce from the Sannio Valley to make pasta the traditional way. Pasta Rummo is the Finest Italian Pasta in Ireland |
10302018  Panino Napoletano looks like a cross between a sticky iced bun and a calzone. Thick bits of pancetta and molten provolone ooze out the sides of this dense street food, making it a holy trinity of meat, cheese, and bread. Naples food & drink guide: 10 things to try in Naples | World Travel Guide
10312018 Gragnano is gently frizzante (sparkling), low in alcohol, perfumed of violets, with a distinct taste of grapes and nuances of berries. It has a slightly sweet vein balanced by savory/bitter notes. The wine pours with a loveable purple foaminess which dissipates quickly and has the kind of acidity / effervescence. Gragnano: All In My Brain Remix | L'Italo-Americano Newspaper

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09012018 Ischia is known as a healing paradise on the Mediterranean Sea. Its rich volcanic earth and natural thermal spas make this spot a much sought after destination. Besides the health benefits, Ischia has a vibrant archaeological presence. From museums, to shopping, dining by the sea, and immersing one's self in thermal pools, Ischia is an island with a lot to offer. Chasing La Bella Vita on the Islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida | Jetsetting Junkies
09022018 Grand Hotel Ambasciatori’s sunbathing pier in Sorrento. See Italy’s Chic Wonders Through a One-of-a-Kind Lens | Architectural Digest
09032018 Contiki creates the world’s best travel stories, all over the world. They took regular Aussie guy, Matt, who’s dream was to dive into the Mediterranean, and amped this up to extreme levels with Team. We hooked him up with the opportunity to watch a bunch of professional athletes show him how it’s really done, on some massive cliffs in Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Behind the Scenes – Cliff Jumping Italy – Creating a Contiki Legend |
09042018 Check out Ristorante Michel’Angelo‘s picnic programs. They offer a variety of packages and maps where you get to enjoy their outdoor-friendly packaged food while uncovering some of the secret corners of the island. And Holly and Gianluca are a true fount of knowledge on all things Capri so chat to them about what you see as your dream Capri day out! Capri: A Guide to Italy’s VIP Island | HeartRome
09052018 Artichokes flourish just south of Naples, in the region of the Cilento National Park near Salerno and the Greco-Roman ruins of Paestum. There’s a variety, the romanesco artichoke, that grows to modest dimensions. The Perfect Accompaniment to a Negroni | The New York
09962018 Fiano di Avellino 2017 of Le Otto Terre, an agricoltural cooperative grouping more than fifty partners from the eight towns belonging to the Greco di Tufo area. Its colour is very typical: yellow with greenish reflections (…) The taste balance is one of its clear value. Il Fiano di Avellino al di fuori delle Otto Terre | Corriere della Sera
09072018 As I wake up at 6:30 AM in Pompeii it feels, in many ways, like I never left. Three alarms sound off simultaneously in our triple room at the Hotel Villa Dei Misteri, signaling the start of the work day. We conquer the steep slopes and make our way into the Forum to the Temple of Jupiter where we will collect our tools for a day of work. Interactive Dig Pompeii - Life in the Field | Archaeological Institute of America
09082018 The new Museo del Mare e dell’Emigrazione, is located within Naples’ port, in the spaces that were the Magazzini Generali. The focus of the attention will be the history of Naples born from the Greek migrations and city of migrants in the long season between the end of the 19th century and 1915 when millions of people from the south of Italy left from its port to go to the US. The new Museum of the Sea in Naples | All About Italy
09092018 Palinuro is a small town in southern Salerno, which gets its name from the main character of the legendary Virgil’s Aeneid. The spectacular views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the crystal clear waters and the coastal caves attract plenty of tourists each year - but you could make this town your home. Italian property of the week: Luxury living in Salerno | The Local
09102018 Here you’ll find numerous, splendid seaside settings, like the Cala degli Infreschi in Marina di Camerota, the Baia del Buon Dormire in Palinuro and the Cala Bianca in Marina di Camerota—all sandy havens with watercolor-clear waters. As in Capri, there’s even a Grotta Azzura (on the Capo Palinuro) with a sapphire blue sea. 5 Great, Affordable Alternatives To Italy's Most Popular Spots | Forbes
09112018 The island of Ischia off the coast of Naples boasts 103 thermal wellness springs and belongs to a special class of bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium “hyper-thermal” waters, gushing at a temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit. 8 Wellness Travel Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss | Architectural Digest
09122018 The friars who once lived here at Monastero Santa Rosa cultivated medicinal herbs in the gardens for healing, a legacy highlighted in aromatherapy treatments at the award-winning spa. The monastic heritage is even preserved in its treatment rooms, which feature the original vaulted ceilings and rustic walls. 16 gorgeous monastery hotels you can book now | Orbitz
09132018 Sorrento is the first town travelers come to when visiting the Amalfi Coast being a popular place to base yourself. I choose to book a hotel close to Sorrento, in the village called Sant Agnello. Sorrento is a great place to stay being a little more active than other parts of the Amalfi Coast as it is both a resort town as well as home to many locals. A quick guide to Amalfi Coast | AV Style - Alina Vlad
09142018 Path of the Gods Hike. There are a lot of different options). This hike definitely wasn’t easy. We started in Praiano, climbed a million steps, and then hiked all the way over to Positano. Then climbed down a million more steps to get to the Positano beaches. positano / amalfi coast travel guide - Lauren Kay Sims
09152018 The beautiful Italian town of Santa Maria Di Castellabate, nestled on the coast, is delightful in every way. Understated, beautiful and authentic without any pretention- as the wedding planner says- it really is like a Secret Italy- a hidden gem. Close friends and family revelled in the Italian sunshine, with the sparkling Mediterranean sea, the perfect backdrop. Jess & Aaron wedding in Santa Maria di Castellabate, Italy | Jake Morley
09162018 The Amalfi coast and Cilento coast are both part of the province of Salerno in the Campania region. Without further ado, here are 30 photos that prove why this are the most beautiful coastlines in Italy. 13 Most Beautiful Places on the Amalfi Coast | Travel Away
09172018 There are plenty of seaside towns to visit: Marina di Ascea, Casalvelino, Pioppi (with its Vinciprova palace), Acciaroli, continuing along the breathtaking coast road to Castellabate and Agropoli with their historical charms. The coastline from Ascea to Agropoli - Cilento Nature: rent apartments Ascea Velia| Il Piano della Corte - Agriturismo Ristorante
09182018 The Lagane and chickpeas is a typical recipe of the Cilento, and more precisely of Castellabate. To find its origins we have to go back to ancient Greece when lagane, simple strips of dough with water and flour, were cooked on hot stones and then combined with chickpeas. This recipe has come down to us with its simplicity and goodness. The oldtime flavours and homemade dishes of Cilento | Charminly
09192018 Young pizza chef Gino Sorbillo attracts a great deal of pizza lovers with his signature topping of coppery Montoro onion and chilli peppers stuffed with tuna The Neapolitan pizzeria 50 Kalo has paired the Montoro onion with lard and mozzarella. The Coppery Montoro Onion | ArteCibo
09202018 Grilled Mozzarella with Lemon Leaves — this is one of the best things that I ate not just in Positano, but in Italy. It combines two of my favorite things, fresh buffalo mozzarella and lemons. The mozzarella is pressed between two large lemon leaves and grilled (you don’t eat the leaves), suffusing the cheese with zesty lemon flavor and melting it into ooey-gooey, goodness with perfectly seared grill marks on the leaves. Yum! Where to Eat in Positano & Our Best Bites on the Amalfi Coast | We3Travel
09212018 Limoncello is mainly popular in Italy, however, it is becoming more prevalent within the United States, Canada, New Zeland and the UK. Locals on the Amalfi Coast love drinking finocchietto too (a liqueur made of the wild fennel seeds). Besides the fact that it is easy to make limoncello, every family has it’s own secret recipe and my mother’s cousin created his own brand which is very famous in the area… and not only here! When life gives you lemons, make liqueur... or granita! | Zia Lucy
09222018 The legendary Aceto family, run by 6th generation Luigi Aceto. Luigi’s family have been tendering to their ancient lemon groves for centuries, a unique terroir that gives the sweetest, most intense citrus fruit imaginable. Their boutique company, La Valle dei Mulini, makes a variety of fantastic products from their precious lemon groves, including, of course, Limoncello, lemon flavored honey and even lemon marmalades (delicious). Limoncello - A taste of the Amalfi Coast in a bottle | Cellar Tours
09232018 Dean Martin sang the praises of Naples in his hit, That’s Amore, crooning about the birthplace of pizza, but its coastal location means restaurants serve the best pizza as well as the best seafood around. Whether you’re eager to try a local delicacy like spaghetti with ragù sauce, or are craving a fresh fish dish, these are our picks of the best restaurants in Naples. The 5 Best Restaurants in Naples | Elite Traveler
09242018 Fancy trying the frittatina (deep-fried cubes of pasta with tomato sauce and cheese)? And of course, you would want to taste pizza in its original crêpe-like form, folded and ready to eat on the street. You can do it all simply by walking in Spaccanapoli, the tiny, rowdy alley cutting through the historic centre of Naples: enjoy your walk! The best of Naples: readers’ travel tips | The Guardian
09252018 Visitors might be surprised to discover that Naples is a shopping gem. Centuries of artisan traditions continue to be passed down from generation to generation. Renowned for having the finest sartorie custom tailors in the world, the best hand sown suits, dress shirts and ties are skillfully made here. Viva Napoli! Tips for getting around Naples | Travelista73
09262018 Padula Charterhouse, in Italian Certosa di Padula (or Certosa di San Lorenzo di Padula), is a large Carthusian monastery, or charterhouse, located in the town of Padula, in the Cilento National Park (near Salerno) in Southern Italy. It is a World Heritage site. The monastery is the second largest charterhouse in Italy after the one in Pavia. Excursion to the Padula's Charterhouse and Pertosa's grottoes | Tours & Transfers Castellabate
09272018 Sorrento itself has all the rustic charm you’d expect from an old Italian holiday town, with picturesque streets winding downwards through lemon trees towards the harbour. Its medieval alleys and cobbled squares are packed with quaint ­restaurants, shops, churches and row upon row of limoncello bottles for sale. Sorrento offers a real taste of 'la dolce vita' - and you'll be left craving a second helping | Daily Mirror
09282018 Nautical is the theme in Sorrento hotels, as you’ll see, and Hotel Capo La Gala is no exempt. This sophisticated hotel is located 15 kilometers from the city of Pompeii, ideal for travelers who want to check another city off the bucket list on the same trip. Capo La Gala also offers an indoor and an outdoor pool, for those who love the water. 8 Luxury Boutique Hotels In Sorrento, Italy Worth Checking Into | Jetset Times
09292018 The last public ferry to Sorrento leaves Capri at 7pm, so if you want to experience the island when it’s less crowded, try our Capri Day & Night excursion. It leaves Sorrento at around 3pm and includes a private boat back, so you get to explore during the evening when the island is quieter. Join the residents in a passeggiata (evening stroll) and enjoy dinner or an aperitivo as the sun sets. Seven Days in Sorrento | Citalia
09302018 When in Sorrento if you love Caruso also go to the Caruso restaurant in town. It is a museum in homage to Caruso with photos all over the walls as well as great food. Lucio Dalla Sorrento Caruso | Passion For Italy Travel

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08012018 From the gossip columns you get the impression that you can’t go to the beach in Positano without stumbling over Katy Perry’s sun lotion, and that every Martini glass or hotel bed has been blessed by the presence of stars like Picasso or Michael Jordan. On the beach we were back at the beginning, where tourists are faced with the choice between the two sides of the village. Those who hadn’t yet made up their minds were still hanging around by the waterside. If Positano Were a Film | Italian Notes
08022018 While Fiano has spread to other areas, the hilly district of Irpinia, the ancient name for the inland geographic area that comprises the Apennine Mountains around the town of Avellino, is the grape’s spiritual home. Here, Fiano produces more mineral-driven versions that possess good aging potential. Fiano, Campania’s Rising Star | Wine Enthusiast
08032018 Anna Chiara Mustilli father was the first to bottle the region’s DOP white wine, Falanghina, in 1979. The estate is certified organic, and whilst winemaking moved out of their 17th century cellars in 2002, the ancient cellars can still be visited and the building above now operates as a guest house and restaurant too. Italy, Campania: a postcard from Sannio | Tom Cannavan
08042018 For appetizers, the offerings are so varied that you may not find yourself looking at the rest of the menu. They serve escarole, cabbage and squash flowers stuffed with light ricotta, battered and then fried. Papà Mimì himself recommended a buffalo mozzarella ball with a small bit of ricotta accompanied by tomato sauce. And finally, from the sea, there’s seared squid or bluefish. Mimì alla Ferrovia | Culinary Backstreets
08052018 Head down to Sorrento for a stay at Grand Hotel Cocumella this former Jesuit monastery specialises in Mediterranean cuisine using vegetables from the hotel’s organic garden, or dine in their fusion Japanese Mediterranean restuarant for something distinctly different. A taste of southern Italy along the Amalfi Coast | Small Luxury Hotels of the World
08062018 If you’re getting restless after beach days and hot springs then there are mountains to be climbed and botanical gardens to be explored. Wake early and do the one-hour trek up to Monte Eponeo, the highest point in the island, then stop for lunch at La Grotta da Fiore. Forget Capri, the Italian island of Ischia is the one to know | London Evening Standard
08072018 Franco Pepe left his family successful pizza-making business five years ago to create a new concept about pizza, a place where italians considered to be anything but fast food. It was a risk, but I wanted to start a new type of pizzeria. I wanted to create a new concept about pizza. Flour power: Franco Pepe’s go-slow pizza touted as world’s best | Vancouver Sun
08082018 The Summer Table: 1) Insalata di Riso 2) Caponata 3) Macedonia di Frutta 4) Parmigiana di Melanzane 5) Melanzane e Cioccolato 6) Cuppetiello di Pesce 7) Spaghetti alle Vongole 8) Gamberoni & Calamari  Grigliate 9) Sorbetto di Limone 10) Insalata Caprese Ten Amalfi Coast Summer Foods | Sauced & Found
08092018 In southern Italy the numerous spas forming an arc around the gulf of Naples are extremely important. This is one of the most active volcanic zones in Italy whit heat bursting through from a supply of magma underground which is very close to the surface. Top 100 resort thermal SPA in Italy | Made in South Italy
08102018 A very important role in this activity of recovery and (re)valorization – which is being promoted, among others, by the Curia of Naples, by the “Foundation with the South” and by the “Association of Friends of Museums” –  all managed by young no-profit associations. The same has to be of “Charme” review, which has been telling and promoting for over 13 years, the beauty and goodness of Campania to tourists (and others) who visit it. Culture and tourism, in which Naples and the Campania Region believe in now | Charme Campania
08112018 Don Alfonso 1890, Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi is not on everyone’s itinerary, but Don Alfonso 1890 makes it well worth the detour. The family-run hotel and ristorante runs deep with a passion evident in the health-conscious menu, off-site organic farm, and flavor-packed dishes. The Most Extravagant Restaurants on the Amalfi Coast | Vogue
08122018 New sub-zones like Campi Flegrei DOC, Cilento and Paestum have created a buzz alongside the historically famous DOCGs of Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi. It is clear the south has a very strong hand to play. Off the beaten track: 10 hidden gems in Southern Italy | Decanter
08132018 The winery, located in the rolling hills of Campania, looked like a small palace with tall white pillars along the front and the vineyards beyond. After greeting us, Milena escorted us to an aglianico and falaghina vineyard, describing the natural viticulture processes, and stressing how important it is to be able to taste the authenticity of the land in the bottle. The Queen of Campania Wine | Wine Travel Stories
08142018 In Naples they say that fathers want their sons to be one of two things: a footballer for SSC Napoli or a pizza chef. There are nearly 3,000 pizzaiuoli in the city and the best are “like celebrities in their own world”, says one. The secrets behind the perfect pizza: from Naples to New York | FT Magazine
08152018 The bride and groom let the location shine in styling their wedding. "We worked with a "lemon" theme (the lemon is symbolic of the Amalfi coast). We didn’t focus on a theme beyond that, but the location and choice of lemon-themed colours helped to tie everything together." Inside an Italian summer wedding set in Sorrento | Vogue
08162018 It appears that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be getting sweet and sour with their wedding cake. The cake is made up of lemon sponge. It has an elderflower syrup drizzle, it has an Amalfi lemon curd, and then it has a Swiss meringue buttercream with elderflower. Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Insane Wedding Cake Will Have 200 Lemons In It | HuffPost
08172018 This dish has been a popular menu item for quite some time and I could easily see why.  Clams, cuttlefish, toasted pine nuts, breadcrumbs, and lemon make this dish one of my favorite pasta dishes of all time. A piece of bread or two to soak up the flavors that remained on the plate. A Mare/A Tavola! Ristorante Ida, Barano, Ischia (Na) | andiamotrips
08182018 Besides the discovery of the botanical aspect to La Mortella Gardens on the island of Ischia, it is also the superb setting for plenty of cultural activities during the summer months. Concerts, both open air and indoor, as well as theatre, are offered as part of the seasonal programme. Catch the symphonic concerts held every Thursday evening in the Greek Theatre, performed by young musicians. A Stroll Around Mortella Gardens | Villa Italy
08192018 The best time to visit Naples is April-June and September-October, when temperatures are less likely to have you melting as fast as your triple scoop of gelato. New Year's Eve in Naples is known for being a blast, literally - the city is proud of hosting the best fireworks in Italy. November makes for cheaper hotels and quieter attractions. Naples Staples | Tiqets
08202018 There are more than 800 pizzerias in the birthplace of pizza, but only 100 can boast certification by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), the regulatory body that protects and ensures that the art of pizza-making and the ingredients used are in accordance with Neapolitan tradition. 10 of the best pizzerias in Naples | The Guardian
08212018 One area of the exhibition shows the funds of the necropolises of Madonna delle Grazie and the other those of the sanctuaries in privately held locations". The material is from the pre-Roman era, Massimo Osanna said, noting that in that period Campania was "a world of wide open to the world and intercultural contacts", with the inhabitants "open to Etruscan communities and Greek cities - a world made up of mobility, migration, contacts and culture". Exhibition on ancient Stabia at Pompeii Antiquarium | AnsaMED
08222018 A group of migrants visited Naples' Archelogical Museum. Kingsley (one of the migrants) admired the Farnese collection, with its splendid Roman-era statues, and was particularly interested in the section dedicated to the ruins of Pompeii, having known about the eruption in 79 A.D. He looked with attention on the wide-ranging Egyptian sector, which tells a piece of the story of his home continent, Africa. Migrants visit Naples museum and hope to integrate into Italian society | InfoMigrants
08232018 We are in one of the most affluent neighborhoods of Naples - Chiaia - with its sweeping seafront lined with outdoor cafes and bathers making the most of the sun-drenched bay. But Chiaia, though beautiful, is the elegant sister to the noisy, high-spirited sibling that seizes you and demands your attention as you step into the bustling heart of the city. Naples: A city of culture, charm and vitality | Arab News
08242018 Sweet, pulpy, low in acidity, and containing few seeds, they are said to be extraordinarily good for making sauces—and basically the only recognized name in the canned-tomato game. A true San Marzano is labeled as “Pomodoro S. Marzano dell’Agro Sarnese-Nocerino.” The long, unwieldy phrasing doesn’t have the same marketing punch as those two easy-to-pronounce words, perhaps another clue to its realness. Better to find a canned tomato that specializes in tomatoes, not advertising. The Fake Rolex of Canned Foods | Taste
08252018 Marinara became a catchall term for tomato sauce in this country because its ingredients are all plentiful in Campania, the area around Naples that sent so many families to the United States in the last century. Strictly speaking, it consists of olive oil, ripe tomatoes, a substantial hit of garlic, a nip of dried chile and dried oregano (or, in modern times, fresh basil). Marinara Worth Mastering | The New York Times
08262018 The ragù of Naples and most of the South is a sauce braised in red wine. It contains big chunks of beef and/or pork (and sometimes even sausages) cooked in a saucepan, served with, in the case of the ragù napoletano, tomato sauce of course but also with a soffrito, meaning finely minced onions and parsley browned in butter. Traditionally, ragù was only served on Sundays and on feast days. Eating in Naples, one of the trendiest foodie destinations on Earth | Air Transat
08272018 It regroups a large number of active, dormant, and extinct volcanoes, on land and undersea, along the fault line that runs roughly around the edges of the Campanian plain, and many smaller ones. Although anchored on a bed of limestone and marl, the soils in virtually every corner of Campania are influenced by volcanism. The regular and massive eruptions of nearby Lipari Island, the Campi Flegrei, Roccamonfina, Monte Vulture, and Vesuvius have deposited ash and tephra throughout the entire region, enriching the soils with a potent mix of minerals. Campania | Volcanic Wines International
08282018 Vesuvius’s violent eruptions are also responsible for the volcanic soils found in the growing zones of Irpinia, about 30 miles away. Taurasi, also hails from the hills around Avellino. “We have about two meters of friable, ashy topsoil in our vineyards,” says Antonella Lonardo “Aglianico planted in these soils produces more structured wines with more pronounced tannins and acidity when compared to Aglianico grown in clay or sandy soils.” The Volcanic Wines of Italy | Wine Enthusiast
08292018 We enlisted the help of the concierge at Il San Pietro di Positano who booked ‘Joey II’ a Morgan 44 refined yacht. On the morning of the boat trip we headed down to the private beach at the hotel, waiting in eager anticipation… An Amalfi Coast Boat Trip and a Day on Capri | SilverSpoon London
08302018 The Grand Hotel Cocumella still has much of its original ivory-white bones and monastery-influenced architecture intact. A huge cliff-top balcony lives atop the Gulf of Naples, above what a short lift ride (or cave wander) will prove is your own private deep-water jetty and cove. A little bit of Amalfi history lives in the walls of this Sorrento oasis | Vogue
08312018 There are two versions of Feudi Taurasi in the marketplace, a classic offering (the 2011 is quite elegant and drinkable now) and a single-site bottling known as Piano di Montevergine, produced from a 30-year-old-plus vineyard with excellent exposure and volcanic sandy soils that are, in the words of Capaldo, “the ideal characteristics for making a great Taurasi.” Taurasi: Italy's Unsung Great Red Wine | Forbes

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JULY 2018


07012018 At the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, the grove of limone di Sorrento is a star in its own right. These vibrant orbs are plucked and used for their zest, rind, and juice in meals served at on-property Michelin-starred restaurant Terrazza Bosquet. They grow upon royal ground, widely thought to be the location of Roman emperor Augustus’ villa (preserved ruins can be spied near the outdoor pool). A Taste of Sorrento | NUVO
07022018 Naples has become a hub for tech ventures and, in the process, has gathered support from the corporate sector: significant in this sense has been the announcement from Apple that it will be locating its first European app development centre in the city. The surge in venture capital in the country has coincided also with the outpouring of public finance by Invitalia. This combined effort has contributed to kicking off a number of promising startups and tech-based businesses. 10 Naples-based startups to watch in 2018 | EU-Startups
07032018 Of course, for me, the main event for any trip to Naples is pizza. Or Pizza; I feel that in Naples it deserves that capital P. Because it is Naples that gave birth to what we today know as pizza. Yes, I know there is a world-class archaeological museum to be seen, as well as new modern museums and infinite art-filled churches. But. Pizza. Right? Naples: Where All Roads Lead to Pizza | The Daily Beast
07042018 My absolute favorite Lo Scoglio in Nerano. You can arrive there directly by boat, but they have a little farm and terrain behind the restaurant and they get the absolute best fish from the local fishermen like pezzogna that you can only catch in deep waters far off the coast. Sailing Capri and the Amalfi Coast | Santosha
07052018 Meet the “flying farmer” whose unique lemons (sfusato amalfitano) are farmed nowhere else on earth — And discover why his lemon trees are literally saving the Amalfi Coast from ecological disaster. Amalfi Coast Lemon - A “How Does it Grow?” Special: The Flying Farmer | True Food TV
07062018 BACAS Created in New York but with its home at Castello Macchiaroli, a 12th century castle located in the medieval town of Teggiano, located in the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni. Mission is to encourage and sustain interdisciplinary collaborations between established, mid-career, and emerging artists and scholars from all over the world. A Dream is Starting with BACAS at Castello Macchiaioli! | i-Italy
07072018 The Lemon Tour gives you the chance to plunge in the old rural life for a day, Learning about the cultivation of lemons. You will walk into the terraced lemon groves, you will taste typical delicious delights focused on Lemon. Finally, by turning your sight, you will discover the sea, framework and  protagonist of a unique earth, The Amalfi Coast. Our Story | Lemon Tour De Riso
07082018 Take a train from Naples to Sorrento and you’ll find yourself in a jungle of lemon trees, softball-sized fruits dangling over the tracks. “The intensely flavored and succulent lemons of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast are a celebrated culinary symbol of Campania”. Here, the fruits are sliced thinly and marinated overnight. Insalata Di Limoni Di Sorrento | Food & Wine
07092018 I remember that even as a little girl I wanted to visit this place very much. I used to be a fan Tom & Jerry fairy tale and I remember one episode was in Naples. I loved it for the atmosphere and beautiful animation in this cartoon. So I had my imagination about this city. Naples – I want to come back! | Women of Poland
07102018 Negombo is the new kid on the thermal park bloc and it shows - in a good way. The complex is ultra modern and features an haute cuisine kitchen in additional to the more traditional thermal baths. All of the typical treatments including Kneipp therapy and saltwater pools are available here. Many of the pools are built into natural rock outcroppings making a visit here all the more romantically suggestive. Five Best Thermal Spas of Ischia | Sauced & Found
07112018 On our Naples day-long adventure we will bring you to taste them in places many tourists don’t know about. We will go in-depth into local culture, stroll in the sun gazing at the Mediterranean Sea and castles intertwined in our food meanderings. We will explore vibrant neighborhood markets and small shops, stopping for some of the best espresso coffee you will ever taste, chat with vendors and food artisans not commonly featured in the guidebook. Day trip to Naples from Rome | Italy Food and Wine Tours
07122018 Ischia is a magnificent destination for a vacation. 1. You will eat the best meal of your life.  2. You will get some history lessons to boot.  3. It may be the only place in the world where one can truly relax. (...) 10 Reasons Americans Should Visit Ischia | Italian Mamma07132018
07132018 With just one day to see what Ischia had to offer, we headed immediately for the sight I most wanted to see, the iconic Castello Aragonese. From Ischia Porto we meandered along the main street lined with shops and restaurants until we arrived at the beaches of Ischia Ponte. From Fisherman’s Beach, we had great views of the citadel that has stood for nearly 2,500 years. Italian Island-Hopping in Ischia Italy | RTWin30Days
07142018 The white varieties like Greco has a great personality and is capable of expressing diversity with interesting potential for evolution and aging, from fresh to more structured versions. Among the red varieties, Aglianico stands out from the rest. It has found its home in Campania after the Greeks took it with them in the 7th century. It is cultivated in many areas of the region and it gives diverse expressions according to the types of soil, the microclimate and the unique techniques of the oenologists. Campania Stories 2018 in Naples, Italy | The Chosen Table
07152018 With its tangles of bougainvillaea cascading over parched rocks, lizards darting between slabs of volcanic tufa and cliffs rearing up over indigo waves, Ischia feels more like a place Odysseus might have visited. The best thermal spa by far is Negombo, not only for its pools but also for its setting amid gorgeous gardens scattered with unusual works of art. Ischia: Italy's island with the best beaches | Condé Nast Traveler
07162018 What many visitors do not realize is that the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Sorrento are two distinct geographic entities.  The region’s Monti Lattari separate the two and the cape where the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Sorrento join is called Punta Campanella. It has one of the best views in all of Italy. Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast | The Knot
07172018 The rooms in Pompeii and Herculaeneum were laser-scanned by Alex Turner, of the university’s archaeology department, to ensure that Catrin Huber’s brilliantly coloured aluminium panels would fit into the spaces without any risk of damage to the beautiful but faded, painted Roman walls. “These fantastic paintings have been studied by archaeologists and art historians, but I am responding to them as an artist,” said Huber. Artist brings a splash of colour to Pompeii and Herculaneum | The Guardian
07182018 La Gavitella, a few beaches up the coast from Positano.  The restaurant boat will pick you up at the beach club dock for yet another really sweet ride.  And the quality of the food even surpasses the commute – super fresh seafood, a great version of mozzarella al limone, and the grilled vegetables (mamma mia!) — plus a nice local wine list.  Don’t miss the cuttlefish with potatoes, a house specialty. Jetset Guide to the Amalfi Coast & Rome |  Wine with Dinner
07192018 A good base for exploring the rest of the region! Nearby, Santa Maria di Castellabate is popular with tourists for its white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and picturesque cliffs overlooking the sea. The neighbouring hamlet of Lago is particularly suitable for families, with excellent facilities, beaches and parks equipped for children. Cilento: Italy's untouched gem | The Straits Times
07202018 The movie Under the Tuscan Sun is based on Frances Mayes´ best-selling memoir of the same name. One of my favourite scenes is when the elegant Diane Lane arrives to Positano in order to surprise Marcello. In the pier, she calls over a policeman to ask if he could drive her through the town. You will love to hear the scene was filmed on a balcony at Hotel California. Under The Tuscan Sun Film locations - Positano | Pineappleislands
07212018  I highly recommend wasting as much time as possible at Da Gemma, a high ranking Italian restaurant worth the money. With an elegant indoor seating area and calm yet beautiful outdoor area, the ambiance was perfectly balanced. All the waiters are highly educated on all matters associated with the restaurant and food so don’t be scurd add to ask questions. Southern Italy Itinerary | SUNDAiLOVE
07222018 The Amalfi Coast is a popular side trip out of Rome, and for a good reason. The cliff-perched villages and umbrella strewn beaches are straight out of a postcard. Day trip to Positano from Rome | Newlyfleds
07232018 Aglianico wines are known for strikingly savory flavors of leather, white pepper, black fruits and cured meat that when aged, develop soft dusty aromas of dried figs and sun-tanned leather. For those of us who are a fan of rustic, earth-driven wines, Aglianico is a star. Understanding Aglianico Wine: Italy’s Next Red | Wine Folly
07242018 Aglianico throws an awkward ‘G’ in the works in an effort to thwart any attempt at sounding like a smart alec when asking for a bottle. Aglianico can offer you a seriously meaty red, boasting all sorts of dark fruit and savoury flavours, for a very reasonable price. The grape’s name is supposedly a corruption of the word Hellenic, or at least Ellenico which is Italian for Hellenic, as it was supposedly brought over by the Greeks when they ruled this part of the world. Best wines to try: It might be difficult to say but Aglianico worth seeking out | Belfast Live
07252018 The ancient Pallagrello Nero grape is one of Campania's most recent rescues and this bottling is the work of Giovanni Ascione, once Neapolitan wine journalist, then founder and vignaiolo of Nanni Copè winery (based on a childhood nickname) in Pallagrello Nero's hometown, the Campanian province of Caserta. Italy By The (Wine) Glass: Pallagrello Nero From Campania | Forbes
07262018 Disappearing for over 1700 years, ancient literature’s most famous wine – Farlernum – was revived here on the volcanic hillside vineyards of Villa Matilde in the 1970s. Indeed, wine is the beating heart of culture and tradition in Campania. And Villa Matilde warmly invites you to fully experience the flavours of a by-gone era and the finest culinary traditions of the region. 14 Romantic Trips for Wine Lovers - Tours, Tasting & Titillation | The Romantic Tourist
07272018 Buca di Bacco Restaurant: $$$ Ask for a table on their rooftop terrace with great views of the town and ocean. At Positano lemon granitas & limoncello are the best in Italy’s Amalfi Coast region and are a must try! The Globe Seeker's Guide to Positano | Girl Seeks Globe
07282018 Just beyond Ravello, a less touristy town Scala is located. It is a sleepy town, set 400m above sea level and is the oldest town on the Amalfi Coast. As the former outpost for the Amalfi Coast, there are many remaining palazzi (palaces) and a large duomo from the 12th century. It is a great place for people who enjoy hiking or would like to experience traditional daily life. DIY Amalfi Coast Itinerary - Positano, Amalfi & Ravello | Maketimetoseetheworld
07292018 Liquid Art Systems is a gallery I first spotted in Positano, but they have several in Capri as well. You’ll see a giant outdoor installation of a woman in a swim cap and intertube constructed by sculpture artist Carole Feureman who is from Connecticut. This is right in the center of town and you can also visit a couple of their galleries as you walk closer towards the beach. How To Visit Capri In 72 Hours | Chekmark Eats
07302018 I got this white top (sold out, similar) a while ago and had been dying to wear it! Positano seemed like the perfect place for it. Positano, Italy | Barefoot Blonde
07312018 Today, the Bay of Naples is littered with the ruins of large villas and their opulent gardens, buried and preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79.  Two of the best-preserved gardens are found at the Villa of Poppaea and the Villa Arianna, located at Oplontis and Stabiae, respectively. These grand spaces contained porticoes, footpaths, fountains, and a variety of trees. Villa Gardens | Archeology

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JUNE 2018


06012018 On the terrace of her hillside home in the coastal village of Pioppi, two hours south of Naples, A Casa di Delia, is reached by narrow stone steps through a garden. From vine-shaded tables, diners look out across the Tyrrhenian Sea, where windsurfers leave white trails in the sparkling blue water. Inspired by Italy's Delia: a food tour of Cilento, Campania | The Guardian
06022018 As well as being placed at the heart of the Mediterranean, Stabia Main Port has a city-centre location, offering a 270-metre pier and a draft of nine metres. As for facilities, it has plenty, offering water and power banks customized for superyachts, a free wi-fi network and tennis court, gym, alongside modern city centre services. Inside Stabia Main Port: a superyacht hotspot |
06032018 This is an ancient grape whose origins are still buried in the recesses of antiquity. First cultivated in Greece, it was brought by Greek settlers to ancient Cumae in southern Italy around 800 BC. Its name is likely a corruption of the Latin term Vitis hellenica or “Greek vine.” Until the 15th century it was referred to as Ellenico - the local term for Greek. Aglianico: The World’s Oldest Cultivated Grape is Italy’s Unknown Wine Treasure| Huffington Post
06042018 One of the most remarkable expressions of volcanic wine-growing is to be found on the Island of Ischia, right in front of Naples, where the vine planted terraces, perched on slopes overlooking the sea, assume a fairytale look. The wine to taste here, for its fresh citrusy notes, is Ischia Biancolella Tenuta Frassitelli di Casa D’Ambra. "Volcanic Effect" of Italian Wines | Fine Dining Lovers
06052018 Sylvia Imperato is so passionate about her wines that it is infectious. Montevetrano is a little over 20 years old. It started as a whimsey: Sylvia is a professional photographer and some friends started a wine club in the 1980s and she fell in love with wine. She started making a wine that she served only to friends and they (and Robert Parker) encouraged her to make more. Campania Diary Day 2: The Sassicaia of the South | Wine Lovers Tours
06062018 It's here where the famous hiking trail of the Valle delle Ferriere starts. It is a hot summer day, around 35 degrees already, but I forget about the temperatures because I am enjoying the views to the fullest. I’m surrounded by nature, can see the ocean from up here and there’s nothing but the sounds of birds singing. A secret of the Amalfi Coast you need to discover | Campania Coast to Coast
06072018 You don’t have to stay in one of the cheap hotels in Positano to have an affordable Amalfi Coast vacation. You can stay at Le Sirenuse for free. So Bertaut, with his savvy travel planning, did some research on how we could stay there without paying full price. You can travel like a millionaire even if you’re not one. How to Stay at Le Sirenuse (Best Boutique Hotel in Positano) for Free in a $1900 Suite | Worldtraveladventurers
06082018 I was fortunate to catch a classical concert at Centro di Musica Antica Pietà de’ Turchini, a beautiful old building that was once a church. My ticket was less than ten euros, an excellent price for an amazing show. Visiting the transformed church is worth the trip alone. A Summer in Naples | Italics Magazine
06092018 Any time, any day and any month, Naples is amazing. From June through September, the temperatures are high and the sun is hot, so if you prefer milder climates, plan for the cooler months. Great times to visit include religious holidays, such as the September 19 Feast of San Gennaro, when the city crowds into the Cathedral. From Advent (December 2) to Ash Wednesday (February 14), the city is a carnival of celebrations. How To Have The Perfect Naples Day Trip | Forbes Travel Guide Stories
06102018 Great effort is made to ensure that the Estate wines produced by Pepe family are of the highest quality. Currently, Milena is honoured to continue the winemaking tradition established by her father Angelo Pepe, the founder of Tenuta Cavalier Pepe. She is constantly carving out her own niche, looking to the future while respecting the past. Wine Tasting Experience at Tenuta Cavalier Pepe | Inimitables
06112018 At the heart of the village is the famous Piazzetta, which overlooks the beach and the marina and is home to shops and luxury boutiques, restaurants and bars, which in the evening are thronged with tourists. Whatever your choice for lunch or dinner, it is important to select a good wine. In Ischia there are many fine wines including Ischia Bianco DOC; Ischia Rosso DOC; Per’e Palummo; Piedirosso; Biancolella Ischia and Forastera. Sant'Angelo d'Ischia? Spas, good food and Ischia wines | Convivium
06122018 Seriously, our wedding week was an absolute dream. Our villa was incredible! Whether you want to get married here or just want to travel with some friends, I cannot recommend Villa San Giacomo enough! Positano and Villa San Giacomo to die for! | Mode De Vie Fit
06132018 Alongside studying the greatest masterpieces of Western civilisation, tutors will take students off the beaten track to unearth some of the secret wonders of Italy. While in Naples some time is spent studying Pompeii and climbing Mount Vesuvius. Spending at least 5 days in each city and up to 10 in some, students will delve beyond the realms of tourism, leaving with an in depth knowledge of Italy that will remain with them for life. 6-week Gap Year Course in Italy | Go Overseas
06142018 Leaving Naples, passing Mount Vesuvius (don’t worry, I will be back to climb you, for sure!) on the way to Rome airport…. goodbye Italy, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Will be back to see more of the South another time. Until then xxx Naples | Vegan Does 'Eat Pray Love'
06152018 The tour’s description doesn’t promise much – a few castles and a primer on the city from Roman times to now. Don’t be fooled. Without entering into any museums or necessarily any famous churches, Fiorella not only gave us a great base with which to approach the city, she also left me with a long list of further things to see (and reasons to see them) to complete our weekend – and plan some return trips. Naples Italy: So Many Things To Do! |
06162018 At the colourful wholesale market in the Hamburg Grossmarkthalle even the fresh lemons from Italy are real eye-catchers."About half a year ago, we really got started with these; we only have lemons from the Amalfi region in our range, instead of conventional varieties." Italian Amalfi Lemons on sale almost every year | Freshplaza
06172018 Named for its hilltop position overlooking Due Golfi, the two bays of Naples and Salerno, Sant’Agata is perfect for exploring the coast and hiking. Agriturismo Le Tore is an organic olive farm just outside the village that offers nine pretty rooms, with hand-painted stencils on whitewashed walls. From here, the famous Nastro Azzurro road twists and turns its way down the mountainside towards the shimmering sea below. Amalfi Coast, Italy | Packed Perfectly
06182018 While the Amalfi Coast is known for luxe vacationers wearing expensive caftans and sipping rosé as they sit cliffside in a boutique hotel overlooking the Mediterranean not everyone can afford to live like Queen Bey! My husband an I are not rich by the stretch of anyone’s imagination so this gorgeous stretch of Southern Italy not only attracts its share of rich and famous, but it also attracts regular folk like myself. How to Travel to the Amalfi Coast | Passports & Grub
06192018 The Amalfi Coast stretches across Southern Italy and there's no place in the world like it. The string of villages along the coast are unique in form. The most colorful spots on the Amalfi Coast will make your jaw drop and brighten up your Instagram feed. The Most Colorful Spots On The Amalfi Coast Will Make Your IG Feed Pop | Elite Daily
06202018 Music lovers should book flights to Europe for the the Ravello Festival (June 30–August 25) on Italy’s glorious Amalfi Coast. The Top 5 Destinations Design and Music Lovers Should Visit in July | Architectural Digest
06212018 We leave behind the streets invaded by tourists, have taken almost unknown streets, we entered in the most ancient buildings, we explored every corner, talking to the doormen, heard the stories. Secret Naples by Valeria Schettino & Roberta Marino | Fashion Grunge
06222018 This restaurant is the perfect place to escape from the bustle of downtown Capri during the summer. The ambiance is lively, as visitors find themselves in the company of a mixture of locals, regulars, and like-minded travellers seeking authentic experiences. Regarding the food, customers can enjoy tasty dishes made of fresh and local ingredients, alongside a startling view of Capri and the Mediterranean Sea. Secrets of Capri and Naples | BiniBlog
06232018 Whether created by a baker who forgot to add flour to his batter or invented for an Austrian princess who married the King of Naplesor  - both, or neither - this chocolate-nut torte has become a staple on the island of Capri for good reason. Without the diluting influence of flour, it is a singular pleasure for chocolate lovers and more particularly a pleasure for lovers of very, very dark chocolate. A Chocolate Cake Recipe That's Seriously Intense | D'Fid Food
06242018 The tiny Mediterranean island of Capri has been a playground for the chic set since the late 19th century, luring pleasure-seekers with picturesque vistas, balmy summer weather. Curate your wardrobe by sticking to the color palette of the island: azure blue, stark white, and the occasional hint of yellow. What to Pack For...Capri | Town & Country
06252018 Forget stuffy concert halls, the Correale Museum di Terranova in the centre of Sorrento hosts opera evenings two or three times a week during the season. Choose a cruise, incredible views, or a new pair of shoes on beautiful Italian island of Capri | The Sun
06262018 Only a handful of wineries are lucky enough to be located on Mount Vesuvius. Vini Sorrentino is one of them. With 40 hectares (100 acres) in production, the vines benefit from the unique minerality the volcanic soil provides. Each of Vesuvius’ eruptions—often hundreds of years apart—deposited lava from different volcanic depths across the area, creating micro-terroirs. 6 Vineyards to Visit in Campania - Italy’s Innovative Wine Region | Observer
06272018 Luigia Melillo, Head of Restoration Laboratories at MANN, has devised several exhibition itineraries to enrich the museum’s collections and Fonderia Nolana Del Giudice will begin this with the demonstration. It will make the parade helmet of a Secutor gladiator. The demo will show all the steps of artistic creation with the Lost-Wax fusion technique. Discovering the treasures of MANN | Fonderia Nolana Del Giudice
06282018 At its heart Amalfi is a sea town. After declaring itself independent of Naples in A.D. 839, the town used its strategic position and fine harbor to carve out a spot as the main trading port of southern Italy. Get Lost on Italy's Sun-Kissed Mediterranean Coast | National Geographic
06292018 No dish captures the flavors and simplicity of Campanian cooking better than the Caprese salad made with sun-ripened tomatoes, fresh leaves of basil gently torn and a drizzle of olive oil over the region’s excellent mozzarella di bufala (buffalo milk cheese). The plains around Paestum and Salerno and Caserta outside Naples are famous for the production of mozzarella di bufala. Top 10 Regional Dishes of Campania | Charming Italy
06302018 The Pro Loco of Cetara organizes every year a successful storic event of the Amalfi Coast: “The Night of Lampare”. The lampara is a particular lamp mounted on boats and is used by fishermen at night to illuminate a large area of ​​water, in order to attract the fish on the surface of the sea and then trap them in fishing nets. 2018 Night of “Lampare” in Cetara | Laqua Charme & BoutiqueJUNE

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MAY 2018


05012018 Taurasi is a municipality in the Irpinia region. The soils here are calcareous and friable, prone to decay which gives rise to soils rich in minerals, mixed here and there with tuff and volcanic ash (the altitude of the vineyards, between 400 and 700 metres). The greatness of Taurasi wine is also down to the Aglianico variety. Taurasi, son of Aglianico: an ancient and versatile grape | Italian Wine Chronicle
05022018 Photography for a book about the food of gods, pizza. Pizze - Photographer: Tuukka Koski | Koski Syväri
05032018 Lunch is at Chez Black and I order spaghetti ai ricci di mare because they bring it in an dish shaped like a sea-urchin and I've always loved the spectacle it creates as the waiter lifts the cover. I practically drown myself in the fizzantino and am nursing a euphoric drunkenness when our group decides to take a boat out for the afternoon. Creative Writing: The Perfect Day in Italy | Questa Dolce Vita Lifestyle Blog
05042018 For the Cilento Ride and Cilento Journey you should be capable riders. The pace varies depending on the terrain but you should be confident at walk, trot and canter. Beginners can be accepted on the Campania Relaxed Ride. Italy - Cilento Ride | In The Saddle
05052018 The finest mozzarella being produced in the Campania region, the area surrounding Naples, the city and region are one of the best spots on earth to savor an authentic, fresh mozzarella, especially mozzarella di bufala, the finest mozzarella obtained from buffalo milk. Mozzarella, Sfogliatella, Tazzulella: three Neapolitan classics beyond pizza | Slow Italy
05062018 The most famous and important food product of the area, especially in the towns of Battipaglia, Eboli and Paestum is by far the Mozzarella di Bufala. The buffalo are treated well here... they even have self-service massage machines that the buffalo can go to whenever then need a little spa treatment. The Cilento: Beaches, Mountains, Grottoes and Ghost Towns - Part 1 | Grand Voyage Italy
05072018 Today, on the sun-kissed western shores of Italy, mermaids are once again stirring up trouble as two rival destinations battle it out to lure tourists with claims of being home to the mythological fishy creatures. In one corner is Naples, with a glittering gulf that stretches to the Sorrento Peninsula. In the other is Ventotene, a tiny volcanic isle far out in the Tyrrhenian Sea west of Naples. Italy's mermaid battle: Naples vs. Ventotene | CNN
05082018 This 10 year old festival celebrates Cilento's link to the sea, and the fishing communities of the local area. Fish and seafood is prepared, cooked and eaten around the harbour and there’s a packed timetable of entertainment over the course of the 3 days. Among the many delicacies to try one must not miss '' la Paranza fritta'' (frying of small fish) and the pasta with beans and mussels. Food festivals of the Cilento Park | ExpertoItaly
05092018 The Naples NinetyNine Foundation is a private non profit organization formed with the primary objective of contributing to the knowledge, to the promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage of Naples and Southern Italy, on the initiative of Maurizio Barracco and Mirella Stampa Barracco. Fondazione Napoli Novantanove | Google Arts & Culture
05102018 Head further south towards the more remote Cilento region, past the beaches at Castellabate and down to Pisciotta and Acciaroli. The Cilento National Park has a 100km long coastline dotted with waterfront restaurants and charming fishing villages that overlook Caribbean-style clear waters. Stay at the beachfront Hotel La Pineta in Acciaroli or at the Hotel Marulivo in the cliff top village of Pisciotta. Italy's top Blue Flag beaches | ExpertoItaly
05112018 We, and a crowd of about four, stand and stare … soaked in colour. From there old, narrow streets lead us out of the piazza and further into the town. It’s a hot midday but there’s shade and many of the tight, tiny streets funnel the wind. A trip to the hilltop town of Castellabate in Cilento, Italy | The Phraser
05122018 The southern Campania region (around Naples) ranked third, reaching 18 blue flag beaches thanks to three new locations included in the list. 368 beaches in Italy awarded Blue Flag in 2018 | China Xinhua News
05132018 Vesuvius has erupted several times since then and is still an active volcano only 5 kilometers from the metropolitan area of Naples with 3 million inhabitants. You can even visit a vineyard on the side of the mountain, taste wine and have a lovely lunch with some of the best tomato sauce you will ever taste due to the rich volcanic soil. The Wrath of Vesuvius | Kimberly's Karry On
05142018 From sunday, May 20, VitignoItalia 2018 will start, the XIV edition of the Italian Wine and Vine and Wine Territory, as usual, in the wonderful scenery of Castel dell’Ovo , in Naples. Three days, until Tuesday 22nd May , entirely dedicated to the nectar of Bacchus, with tastings, conferences and meetings. Naples will be capital of the Italian Wine for three days | Ritmo DiVino
05152018 When visiting the charming island of Ischia, consider Albergo della Regina Isabella your home base. Founded in 1956 by renown film maker (and eventual book producer), Angelo Rizzoli – he was enchanted by the island’s rolling, verdant terrain and fascinated with its restorative thermal waters. Visit This Hidden Gem Off Italy's Coast Before Everyone Else Does | Forbes
05162018 If you like the great outdoors and the uncommon destinations: Mount Vesuvius hike! A regular bus ride with EAV Bus will do the trick. The buses to Mount Vesuvius leave from Piazza Piedigrotta in Naples and reach the ancient active volcano after one hour and half. Why hiking Mount Vesuvius should be on your bucket list | Traveling Dany
05172018 A UNESCO World Heritage site dating back to 470 B.C., this part of Naples has many incredible attractions, including three enormous castles, a royal palace and more churches and cathedrals than you could ever imagine. The main street that divides the historic center is called Spaccanapoli or Via San Biagio dei librai. This is always a hub of activity, and from the main pedestrian zone you can wander among a string of narrow, winding streets which lead to churches, shops, and other historic buildings. Things to do in Naples, Italy | Mapping Megan
05182018 Picturesque landscape, delicious food and superb wine! One of the most anticipated events of the Italian culinary calendar returns to the Amalfi Coast this year as the Festa a Vico festival prepares to welcome thousands of tourists, gourmands and chefs to the sunny town of Vico Equense. Festa a Vico: The food festival that turns an entire Italian town into an open kitchen | The Week UK
05192018 Ischia is mostly a local’s escape dominated by cobblestone streets, farmland, winegrowers and fisherman. To spot the type of fishmongers HBO was on the lookout to cast, head to Ischia Ponte where fishing boats anchor and sell their daily catch directly to locals. Visit the Island of Ischia: The ‘Lesser-Known Capri’ HBO Is About to Make Famous | Observer
05202018 Ischia is a fantastic sailing spot in Spring and Autumn and sailing around the island is a really great experience. Entrance of Porto Ischia. The old city was initially built around this natural lake. In the Port of Ischia – the main town of the island – you’ll find the largest number of inhabitants and the largest number of hotels and facilities. Sailing to Ischia, Italy | Blog Aureus Yachts
05212018 A university course to train experts in wine and food, a key economic sector in southern Italy, is the objective of the University Federico II in Naples, which is starting a new three-year graduation course in the 2018-19 academic year in Mediterranean gastronomy science. The course will be held at the department of agriculture at the campus in Portici. University course on Med gastronomy in Naples | ANSAmed
05222018 Pork products are a regional specialty thanks to the indigenous Caserta pigs that have been raised there for millennia. According to the book, “Casertano pigs are an ancient and rare breed whose origin dates back at least to Pompeii and Herculaneum (based on paintings found at those sites).” A Recipe Road Trip Through Campania | Food & Wine
05232018 A great grape must have several features. These include an historical pedigree; the intrinsic qualities of the variety itself; the ability to produce wines that can age; and the ability to express differences of location or to transmit terroir. Aglianico in Campania | Decanter
05242018 Carlo Ancelotti has been named as the new Napoli boss. The legendary gaffer, who has managed the likes of Chelsea, Real Madrid and AC Milan, takes over from Maurizio Sarri, who was axed just hours earlier. Napoli confirm Carlo Ancelotti as new boss just hours after sacking Maurizio Sarri | The Sun
05252018 Neapolitan creativity is the outcome of tradition, history, but it is also a sign of the contemporaneity of thoughts, cultures and talents in the Mediterranean. And this sums up the essence of Italy's presence at Expo Dubai. These past few days the Festival delle Luci in Naples joyously connects many squares of the city, the same spontaneous connection we will create between Expo cities. Naples and Florence - art cities for Expo Dubai | ANSAmed
05262018 The best hotels & places in Naples. What is the best area to stay. Best Places to Stay Naples Italy | Google
05272018 My grandfather’s family had a pasta factory right outside of Naples. Setaro is one of those companies that’s still family run and still in that same exact building. It’s phenomenal. They don’t have modern machines — it’s cut with bronze cutters — so they can’t make as much; the texture, the flavor, the size, the shapes, they’re all very unique. Where Giada De Laurentiis Loves to Go in Italy | The New York Times
05282018 We went to Sorrento by rail from Rome, switching to a local, suburban train in Naples.  And then of course there is the sea, which, like true Brits, we couldn’t resist swimming in, taking the bus a few miles south of Sorrento, where the locals thought we were mad. Best family holidays: Why Italy is the place to go with the kids | The Independent
05292018 Lacco Ameno (this Ischia harbour is only suitable in calm weather). In Lacco Ameno, you’ll find the largest spa resort of the island. For some time ashore I advise you to visit the elegant Villa Arbusto with its park and its “Museo Archeologico di Pithecusae”. Sailing To Ischia, Italy | Aureus Yachts
05302018  If you’re keen to sample a typical Italian seaside holiday but not so hot for the mainland crowds then Ischia might be the summer destination for you. A favourite haunt of Angela Merkel, Ischia nestled in the Bay of Naples has been welcoming famous names and Italian holidaymakers for decades with its purifying hot springs, gorgeous scenery and quaint villages. Where to go this summer: 5 alternative destinations | YM Liverpool
05312018 “We are not interested in quantity, but in quality” Antonio Caggiano tells us. “Micro per macro. One must read how much work, suffering and love are in a glass of wine”. Taurasi Vigna Macchia dei Goti | Marc de Grazia Selections

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APRIL 2018


04012018 One of the most beautiful places in Italy, but it hasn't sacrificed its local culture to the giant tour busses. The only American who seems to have visited is Vice President Joe Biden who vacationed in Santa Maria Castellabate in June 2011. He and his wife Jill stayed right on the beach at the elegant, but unpretentious, Palazzo Belmonte. Both professed foodies, they loved the local dishes, especially a plate of homemade ravioli. Castellabate: Italy's Most Beautiful Village | Feast on History
04022018 Capri was our destination which people kept telling me was famous for Gracie Fields living there. I was however  more interested in Swedish-born physician Axel Munthe; born 1857 and died  1949, author of the book ‘The Story of San Michele’ published in 1926 and a best seller in numerous languages, reprinted constantly over the years. Over The Sea to Capri … And The Villa San Michele | Images Publishing
04032018 Being largely washed by the Tyrrhenian sea, many leisure tourism destinations were developed over the years in Campania, such as Capri, Ischia, Procida, Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento; besides Naples, which is the regional capital. HVS In Focus: Capri Island, Italy | Hospitality Net
04042018 Its ash and pumice form the soils in Irpinia, 30 miles away. Bottle to try: 2009 Mastroberardino Naturalis Historia Taurasi comes from a top wine estate making several fine reds from aglianico grapes; this dark, intense, mineral-inflected example from 40-year-old vines is concentrated and deep. Boom: Rare volcanic wines are getting poured around the globe | The Malay Mail
04052018 Flights are available from New York to Naples, Italy for as little as the high-$300s. This price is so good that it might be worth booking a connection to New York so that you can take advantage. This incredible flight deal to Italy is going fast — book now to save hundreds or you'll miss out | Business Insider
04062018 Planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast and flying into the Naples Airport? Then I have some good news for you! There’s a new bus service that goes direct from the Naples Capodichino Airport to multiple destinations on the Amalfi Coast. New Bus Service from Naples Airport to the Amalfi Coast | Ciao Amalfi
04072018 It is best to arrange a private transfer from Naples to the Amalfi Coast in advance. When you are travelling in groups larger than four, it is also often cheaper to travel by private transfer. Reserve cars and vans ahead of time with drivers who speak English and are knowledgable about the region. How to Get to the Amalfi Coast (and not go completely crazy...) | Sauced & Found
04082018 LaRaia aims to use ingredients that many Americans have never heard of or tried, like Colatura di Alici, an anchovy sauce native to the Amalfi Coast. "It's an expensive ingredient, but you only need to use a tiny bit of it," she says, noting that that's how it's used in Italy. The biggest things Americans get wrong about Italian food, according to a chef | INSIDER
04092018 Join Aum Lotus Tribe for an unforgettable and transformational yoga retreat into an oasis of peace, situated right in the heart of nature on one of the world’s most stunning and beautiful coastlines. Retreat for a week of relaxation and wellbeing in Positano’s unspoiled natural surroundings. 7 Days Oasis of Peace Yoga Retreat Amalfi Coast, Italy |
04102018 When I asked my family how they would describe Il San Pietro Hotel, these were their answers: “totally over the top,” “stunning,” “views to die for,” and “heavenly.” I think I can safely say that this is the most spectacular place we’ve ever stayed in (and I‘ve loved so many of the places we’ve stayed in over the years while traveling). Travel Diary: Positano | I Believe in Pink
04112018 The Irpinia district of Avellino has three DOCG appellations named for its respective commune - Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino, and Greco di Tufo. There are also 14 protected designations of origin, DOCs. There are also 14 protected designations of origin, DOCs. The Wines of Avellino in Campania | Chigazola Merchants
04122018 Fiano wines are fairly weighty with aromas and flavours of honey and spice. From a good vintage, Fiano di Avellino has potential to age beautifully in bottle, developing complex nutty and spicy notes. Italy's New Noble Grape - Aglianico | Caro's Wines Blog
04132018 Located in the Campania region, the Lonardo family farms five hectares of vines with organic methods, particularly Aglianico in Irpinia’s Taurasi zone. Vineyards are planted at an elevation of 1300 feet on volcanic slopes, which are typical of the zone. Contrade di Taurasi, Villa Dora Winery & La Sibilla | Celebrations Wine Club
04142018 Neapolitan pizza, San Marzano tomatoes, Mozzarella di bufala and espresso ... just a few of the delicious reasons that make it impossible not to fall in love with Southern Italian food, which has attracted such an ardent following worldwide. Naples and the Amalfi Coast in 50 Iconic Recipes | Fine Dining Lovers
04152018 Famed for its fresh, local Mediterranean dishes, Belvedere Restaurant offers diners an unforgettable experience. Chef Mimmo di Raffaeli takes guests on a tantalizing journey of discovery where traditional Italian specialties inspire innovative dishes. 5 Restaurants Worth Traveling For | Luxury Travel Magazine
04162018 At the heart of Avellino is an ancient district known as Irpinia, one of the most fertile wine-growing regions in Italy, which some say is a wine paradise back to the ancient Greeks. Irpinia in Campania – Italy's Next Hot Spot? |  Never Stop Traveling
04172018 Your place in the sun, and shade: one of the bathing spots along the rocky shoreline of the Amalfi Coast. Siren Song: How Italy's Amalfi Coast seduced the world | The Telegraph
04182018 While in Naples during their trip to Italy, an overconfident Jordan Schlansky mansplained to a rather manic Conan O’Brien the proper way to order an espresso, particularly how ask for it, his erroneous reason why people stand while drinking espresso and the perfect amount of ingredients to make a proper espresso. Jordan Schlansky Mansplains How to Order an Espresso to a Caffeinated Conan in Naples, Italy | Laughing Squid
04192018 Fabio Petani has just sent in some flicks of his work for 7th mural of Parco dei Murales project in Naples. Mural named “O Sciore Cchiù Felice” (also a name of a suggestive song by the Almamegretta ska/rap/dub/world/reggae group from Naples) is dedicated to the worth and knowledge of the local areas and was inspired by the work of Mr. Aldo Merola, the botanist who was one of the most relevant directors of the Royal Botanical Garden in Naples. “O Sciore Cchiù Felice” by Fabio Petani in Naples, Italy |
04202018 There was a city in Italy, the ill-famed Baiae, where the rich built luxurious mansions for indulging in wild wine parties and top-class hedonism. 1700-year-old city of sin Baiae discovered under deep sea waters surrounding Gulf of Naples | HappyTrips
04212018 Archaeologists have already identified an open area that they believe was a garden whose function will be better investigated through palaeobotanical analysis. The south-eastern corner of the 'garden' has already revealed several amphorae, whose type and contents are now being studied. New Pompeii excavations a revelation |
04222018 The place where wine processing and tasting still takes place is a typical example of Ischia’s architectural tradition. In this green tuff cave we still find, unchanged, the old rooms and tools for the production of wine: the millstone, the store-room, the so-called “pietra torcia” (the most ancient pressing system) and the basin for the collection of rainwater. The hotel wine cellar: since 1823 vintage wines and ancient tastes of Ischia | Hotel Il Gattopardo Terme
04232018 One of the first medical spas in Europe, the Capri Beauty Farm is renowned for its 'Leg School' treatment. Synonymous with improving circulation, lymphatic drainage and reducing water retention; all of which contribute towards the dreaded cellulite. Capri Palace – the spa and foodie dream destination | HELLO!
04242018 Italian national holidays include April 25, Liberation Day, marking the end of WWII; May 1, International Labor Day; and June 2, Republic Day. From June to September, the towns of the Amalfi Coast celebrate their patron saints with festivals that include processions, parades, music and fireworks. Exploring the Amalfi Coast in 2018: Where to go, what to see, where to stay | Luxury Travel Magazine
04252018 Archeologists in Pompeii have discovered the skeleton of a child who tried in vain to hide from the cataclysmic eruption of Mt Vesuvius nearly 2,000 years ago. The child, believed to be seven or eight years old, apparently took refuge in a public baths complex after the volcano erupted and started spewing ash and pumice into the air. Skeleton of child trying to shelter from Vesuvius eruption uncovered in Pompeii | The Telegraph
04262018 Our guide was a Vesuvius expert who’d been working on the volcano for 15 years, and as we headed up over stacks of rock and high above the people on the path below, he pointed out signs of the monitoring that goes on to keep the residents of the Bay of Naples safe. Inside the volcano: Climbing Vesuvius' crater | On the Luce travel blog
04272018 Positano in Italy has won as the most hash tagged beach on Instagram. This stunning Italian pebble beach is next to a cliff side village made up of multi-coloured houses – and you can instantly see why it’s an Instagram winner. Europe’s most Instagrammed beaches | The Sun
04282018 The famous Glass Bottomed Boat “Cymba” of which so many have enquired, sails from Baia Port (Sat and Sun only). It looks fantastic with seating options of deck or inside the glass hull (life jackets provided). Bay of Naples – New Hotels, TWO Glass Bottomed Boats and a new Site – Pausylipon (Seiano Grotto)! | HelleneTravel
04292018 Let’s get a little adventurous this week. Trust me on this one. One sip and you’ll be hooked. I discovered the falanghina grape while in Italy visiting my family’s olive oil business in the Campania region. Falanghina (pronounced fal-un-GEE-nuh) is my favorite white varietal. Pulse Drinking: White wine lovers need to experience Terredora Dipaolo Falanghina |
04302018 Falanghina has been one of Italy’s biggest wine success stories of the last 30 years. It is yet another of the almost countless examples of once-forgotten native grapes that had approached extinction in the ‘70s and are now instead the source of highly popular wines that are sold everywhere in Italy and abroad. In this case, credit must go to Leonardo Mustilli for having brought Falanghina back to the public’s attention. The Wines of Campania: Getting Better and Better | Vinous