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12012017 In the historic Italian city of Naples, football goes very much beyond the game. Because, after all, Napoli is Naples. And Naples is Napoli. Going beyond the game of football in Naples | These Football Times
12022017 Bellucci X is made in Naples according the traditional Neapolitan tailoring technique. Is a deconstructed sport coat that features 10 easily accessible hidden pockets of various sizes to keep all the items separated and organized.  You know exactly where your items are located -- no more need to pull everything out or go digging in your pockets. Beyond Two-Pockets: Nedo Belluci Resurrects, Reforms and Remodels The Sport Coat for 2018 | Forbes
12032017 Naples' art of pizza twirling is a candidate to join UNESCO's list of "intangible heritage" next week. Naples' candidacy for pizza twirling has created a buzz in the southern Italian city where the art has been handed down for generations – as well as around the world. Naples pizza twirling seeks nod as UNESCO 'intangible' | Rappler
12042017 Wednesday night is looking good for chicken baked with potatoes, cherry tomatoes and herbs. Julia Moskin brought the recipe back from Ischia, off the western coast of Italy, near Naples. They cook the dish there in the sands of the island’s beaches, which can run as hot as 350 degrees. Don’t worry. We use an oven. What to Cook This Week | The New York Times
12052017 Titled #YSL13, this new fashion film is created for Saint Laurent's coming Spring/Summer 2018 series and sees the legendary petite supermodel in on a helipad by the beach in Capri, dressed in only a white fur coat (and nothing in between!). Kate Moss bares it all for Saint Laurent's #YSL13 | L'Officiel Malaysia
12062017 On a recent visit to Italy’s Sorrentine Coast, Ischia called my name with its thermal baths and healing waters. The Campania region of Italy is an especially rich area to find such waters because of its volcanic activity. Poseidon Gardens is at the base of volcano Epomeo making it a particularly ideal location to find healing waters. How to take a thermal bath European style |  Something In Her Ramblings
12072017 The art of 'pizzaiuolo' - which has been handed down for generations in the southern Italian city - was given the nod by the UN cultural body's World Heritage Committee, who met on the South Korean island of Jeju. It comes after some two million people joined a petition to support Naples' application, according to Sergio Miccu, head of the Association of Neapolitan Pizzaiuoli - no doubt buoyed by his offer of complimentary pizza if the age-old culinary tradition joined the prestigious list. Naples pizza twirling wins coveted UNESCO 'intangible' status | Daily Mail
12082017 You have to offset all the wonderful food you're consuming with some exercise, and Ischia has everything in that regard: hiking to the top of Mount Epomeo, horseback riding, swimming in the sea, biking around the island, and more. Ischia is home to a few restaurants that are accessible only by sea, as well as an area of the island that allows you to cook your dishes under the sand.  9 Reasons Ischia Should Be Your Summer Vacation Destination | Allure
12092017 They’d had a magical trip to Positano and had no question that it would be the perfect place to share with their closest family and friends. “Jeff is in the hospitality industry, and we’re always thrilled to find unique places with unforgettable experiences,” says Annie. “Villa Tre Ville has so much character, personality, and charm.” Annie Lawless’s Spectacular Wedding in Positano | Brides
12102017 Now the site in the Gulf of Naples has been rediscovered and opened to divers – who found many treasures still intact. In its heyday, Baiae was frequented by famous Romans including Julius Caesar, Nero, Pompey the Great, Marius, and Hadrian – who died there. Drowned city of the Caesars was Roman empire's wine-soaked party town of luxury and wickedness | The Mirror
12112017 An exhilarating blend of UNESCO-listed historic buildings, citrus tree-filled cloisters and electrifying street life, Naples is the perfect destination if you want to watch the modern and ancient worlds collide in a delightful mix. Plan a holiday in Naples, Italy |
12122017 No honeymoon list would be complete without Italy, the land of amore. The Amalfi Coast might not be a hidden secret but there’s a reason so many people dream of cruising those picturesque twisting roads with the wind in their hair. Classic Collection Holidays has some spectacular places to stay including Casa Angelina with its own private beach or one of the area’s converted monasteries. The best honeymoon road trips | HuffPost
12132017 Sorrento is a shopping mecca of high quality Italian handicrafts. Most renowned for its beautiful, intricately carved inlaid wood products, furniture, and cabinetmaking, Sorrento’s tradition of fine art craftsmanship dates back to the 14th century. Living on the Edge: Italy’s Wild Amalfi Coast | TravelPulse
12142017 There’s a sweet beach hostel. It’s called Paradise Beach Hostel on Italy’s southern island of Ischia. The international staff are always smiling, the communal area is always kickin’, and the beach front is your next door neighbor. Oh, and not to mention the awesome beach BBQs and Italian feasts that are planned every night! Capri vs. Ischia: Which Italian Island Should You Choose? | A Wandering Casiedilla
12152017 Visitors to Pompeii were pleasantly surprised to see a scene from an ancient fresco spring to life. Grapes were being harvested from vineyards behind the walls of patrician villas and garden plots, just as they would have been two thousand years ago. In 1999, leading Campanian winery Mastroberardino was brought on board as the operational partner of a project which would soon extend to 12 separate vineyards within Regiones I and II. Today, three ancient native red varieties, Aglianico, Piedirosso and Sciascinoso, go into Villa dei Misteri, a wine made entirely from grapes grown inside the walls of the archaeological site. In Vino Veritas | Le Sirenuse Positano
12162017 Libreria Berisio is definitely my favourite bar in Naples. The bar is decorated as a bookshop, with books lined floor to ceiling on all of the walls. The bar has such a welcoming and warm atmosphere, with smooth jazz playing over the speakers, live bands and the biggest cocktail menu I have ever seen!! The cocktails are delicious, the atmosphere is wonderful, the music is great - it's easily one of the best bar's I have been to! Make sure you head here for an evening cocktail and to listen to their many live bands! Top Things To Do In Naples | TheYoungCouple
12172017 Scratch under the surface of Naples' disorderly exterior and you'll discover a city full of charm that offers an authentic snapshot of southern Italian culture. Visit Naples, Italy | Audley Travel
12182017 From left: Shirley Pollmann, Carol Hundsdorfer and Shirley Lodes, all of Highland, in Positano, Italy. If you plan to go to Italy, make sure you wear very comfortable shoes and get yourself in shape by walking daily before you go. Almost everything seems to be uphill. Bring it on home: Italy | St. Louis Post-Dispatch
12192017 On our way back to Naples, we stopped at Sorrento. Once you get there, there is no mistaking the symbol of this town: bottle of this sunshine-colored liqueur are everywhere and the streets lined with limoncello stores Pretty much any type of lemon-themed gift item can also be found as you wander the town, like these lemon-shaped soaps. naples, positano, sorrento, and a lot of limoncello | Dessert First
12202017 Staying in Amalfi over the holidays is a lot of fun. The streets are decorated with lights and the stores are open for holiday shopping. There are concerts all over the area and the fireworks on New Year’s Eve are spectacular. Need something else to make it even sweeter? You can pop into the Pansa pasticceria next to the Duomo and try out their fabulous artisan panettone and special local desserts made only for the holidays. Visiting the Amalfi Coast in the Winter - 5 Things You Need to Know | Ciao Amalfi
12212017 Situated on the edge of Amalfi town, the crescent of the hotel’s main façade makes a spectacular setting, with its elegant Edwardian-style proportions, set back just far enough from the winding main road. Interiors are light and white, furnished with family antiques and art with brighter hues in the painted tiles and soft furnishings. The restful bedrooms have Bvlgari goodies in luxurious bathrooms, high ceilings, and doors opening out onto wide terraces overlooking that deep blue sea. Into the blue: the Amalfi Coast | Italia! magazine
12222017 If you go to stay at the Hotel San Francesco al Monte in Naples, you must look round the 3rd floor of the building. There you will find some interesting and impressive rooms, including the monks’ large refectory and a tiny and exquisitely decorated oratory. These contrast with the pieces of contemporary art which the current owners have placed in the corridors and public spaces. Hotel San Francesco Al Monte, Naples, Italy | Bown's Best
12232017 Sorrento is a handsome place with a spectacular cliff-top setting facing Mount Vesuvius across the glittering Bay of Naples. The ancient town centre is laid out on a Roman grid of narrow lanes, now lined with restaurants serving gnocchi alla sorrentina (a divine blend of tomato, mozzarella and basil) and shops selling lemon-themed souvenirs. Sorrento, Italy | The Sorrentine Peninsula | CN Traveller
12242017 We spent our first day wandering the streets of the old part of the city, where we had booked a hotel room. Soon we regretted that decision. Gazing with greed upon the trays of live vongole, gamberetti, polpi, and calamari, I wished with all my might for a kitchen. The clams have gone up in price since Twain’s time, but the prices in Naples are still a welcome change from Paris. See Naples and Die | Rachel Hope Cleves
12252017 Ravioli alla Caprese is the most simple yet delicious “primo” on the Island of Capri. Using the best ingredients of fresh ricotta, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and fresh marjoram, these ravioli are very simple to make. Our Chef's Recipe: Ravioli Caprese | Capri Glam
12262017 The white wine produced in the Capri DOC is made from a minimum of 80% (combined) Falanghina and Greco. Wine making is an ancient but dying are on the island of Capri, but it is kept alive by a small but hardy troupe of winemakers keeping the dream alive. For some great insight into Capri and its wines, I suggest a visit to the Scala Fenicia Winery. Salad, a Grotto, and DOC Wine: the Island of Capri | The Bubbly Professor
12272017 Italy's ancient city of Pompeii has opened three newly restored Roman houses. The flowered lararium house retains much of its original wall paintings, as well as an area intended for worship which is decorated with flying cupids and scattered flowers. A large room overlooking the garden has mythological squares in the centre of yellow panels. Pompeii opens restored homes to visitors | Euronews
12282017 What art has come off the street has made it into the Naples Archeological Museum that also holds almost all of the artifacts, sculptures and frescoes found among the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Other parts of the collection come from the Farnese family. Naples is the city to use as a base when planning trips to Capri, Pompeii, Sorrento and anywhere else around the Bay of Naples. 6 Ideas for a long weekend in Italy | The Florentine
12292017 This Naima is part of Cilento, an interpretation of its terroir, a wine that could only be made here. Its name evokes John Coltrane, the great jazz master. Hard and soft at the same time, its richness shows an absolute simplicity. Powerful and elegant is an Aglianico from Cilento, rich in scents of fruit on the nose, it is warm on the palate, warm like a trip to Cilento. Aglianico Paestum, "Naima" | Vinity Wine Company
12302017 The family-owned Galardi estate produces just one wine and it does so with perfection. Located on volcanic slopes in northwestern Campania, the vineyards are nestled among chestnut groves and benefit from Mediterranean Sea breezes. Terra di Lavoro actually means “land of work” in Italian, a name that has historical roots, but also accurately reflects the difficult volcanic soil composition which results in very low yields. In this challenging environment, Aglianico and its supporting grape Piedirosso produce wines of incredible depth, complexity and elegance. Galardi Roccamonfina Terra di Lavoro 2012 |
12312017 The winery Feudi di San Gregorio is a symbol of the revival of wine making heritage in southern Italy. It is the homeland of the great wines in the Irpinia area. The main star of the winery is a sparkling wine Dubl Greco. To create this wine, known winemaker Riccardo Cotarella and the French “champagne maker» Anselme Selosse have combined their efforts . The result is an amazing sparkling wine that has won many awards. Sparkling summer in my glass | Mila Anufrieva