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06012018 On the terrace of her hillside home in the coastal village of Pioppi, two hours south of Naples, A Casa di Delia, is reached by narrow stone steps through a garden. From vine-shaded tables, diners look out across the Tyrrhenian Sea, where windsurfers leave white trails in the sparkling blue water. Inspired by Italy's Delia: a food tour of Cilento, Campania | The Guardian
06022018 As well as being placed at the heart of the Mediterranean, Stabia Main Port has a city-centre location, offering a 270-metre pier and a draft of nine metres. As for facilities, it has plenty, offering water and power banks customized for superyachts, a free wi-fi network and tennis court, gym, alongside modern city centre services. Inside Stabia Main Port: a superyacht hotspot |
06032018 This is an ancient grape whose origins are still buried in the recesses of antiquity. First cultivated in Greece, it was brought by Greek settlers to ancient Cumae in southern Italy around 800 BC. Its name is likely a corruption of the Latin term Vitis hellenica or “Greek vine.” Until the 15th century it was referred to as Ellenico - the local term for Greek. Aglianico: The World’s Oldest Cultivated Grape is Italy’s Unknown Wine Treasure| Huffington Post
06042018 One of the most remarkable expressions of volcanic wine-growing is to be found on the Island of Ischia, right in front of Naples, where the vine planted terraces, perched on slopes overlooking the sea, assume a fairytale look. The wine to taste here, for its fresh citrusy notes, is Ischia Biancolella Tenuta Frassitelli di Casa D’Ambra. "Volcanic Effect" of Italian Wines | Fine Dining Lovers
06052018 Sylvia Imperato is so passionate about her wines that it is infectious. Montevetrano is a little over 20 years old. It started as a whimsey: Sylvia is a professional photographer and some friends started a wine club in the 1980s and she fell in love with wine. She started making a wine that she served only to friends and they (and Robert Parker) encouraged her to make more. Campania Diary Day 2: The Sassicaia of the South | Wine Lovers Tours
06062018 It's here where the famous hiking trail of the Valle delle Ferriere starts. It is a hot summer day, around 35 degrees already, but I forget about the temperatures because I am enjoying the views to the fullest. I’m surrounded by nature, can see the ocean from up here and there’s nothing but the sounds of birds singing. A secret of the Amalfi Coast you need to discover | Campania Coast to Coast
06072018 You don’t have to stay in one of the cheap hotels in Positano to have an affordable Amalfi Coast vacation. You can stay at Le Sirenuse for free. So Bertaut, with his savvy travel planning, did some research on how we could stay there without paying full price. You can travel like a millionaire even if you’re not one. How to Stay at Le Sirenuse (Best Boutique Hotel in Positano) for Free in a $1900 Suite | Worldtraveladventurers
06082018 I was fortunate to catch a classical concert at Centro di Musica Antica Pietà de’ Turchini, a beautiful old building that was once a church. My ticket was less than ten euros, an excellent price for an amazing show. Visiting the transformed church is worth the trip alone. A Summer in Naples | Italics Magazine
06092018 Any time, any day and any month, Naples is amazing. From June through September, the temperatures are high and the sun is hot, so if you prefer milder climates, plan for the cooler months. Great times to visit include religious holidays, such as the September 19 Feast of San Gennaro, when the city crowds into the Cathedral. From Advent (December 2) to Ash Wednesday (February 14), the city is a carnival of celebrations. How To Have The Perfect Naples Day Trip | Forbes Travel Guide Stories
06102018 Great effort is made to ensure that the Estate wines produced by Pepe family are of the highest quality. Currently, Milena is honoured to continue the winemaking tradition established by her father Angelo Pepe, the founder of Tenuta Cavalier Pepe. She is constantly carving out her own niche, looking to the future while respecting the past. Wine Tasting Experience at Tenuta Cavalier Pepe | Inimitables
06112018 At the heart of the village is the famous Piazzetta, which overlooks the beach and the marina and is home to shops and luxury boutiques, restaurants and bars, which in the evening are thronged with tourists. Whatever your choice for lunch or dinner, it is important to select a good wine. In Ischia there are many fine wines including Ischia Bianco DOC; Ischia Rosso DOC; Per’e Palummo; Piedirosso; Biancolella Ischia and Forastera. Sant'Angelo d'Ischia? Spas, good food and Ischia wines | Convivium
06122018 Seriously, our wedding week was an absolute dream. Our villa was incredible! Whether you want to get married here or just want to travel with some friends, I cannot recommend Villa San Giacomo enough! Positano and Villa San Giacomo to die for! | Mode De Vie Fit
06132018 Alongside studying the greatest masterpieces of Western civilisation, tutors will take students off the beaten track to unearth some of the secret wonders of Italy. While in Naples some time is spent studying Pompeii and climbing Mount Vesuvius. Spending at least 5 days in each city and up to 10 in some, students will delve beyond the realms of tourism, leaving with an in depth knowledge of Italy that will remain with them for life. 6-week Gap Year Course in Italy | Go Overseas
06142018 Leaving Naples, passing Mount Vesuvius (don’t worry, I will be back to climb you, for sure!) on the way to Rome airport…. goodbye Italy, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Will be back to see more of the South another time. Until then xxx Naples | Vegan Does 'Eat Pray Love'
06152018 The tour’s description doesn’t promise much – a few castles and a primer on the city from Roman times to now. Don’t be fooled. Without entering into any museums or necessarily any famous churches, Fiorella not only gave us a great base with which to approach the city, she also left me with a long list of further things to see (and reasons to see them) to complete our weekend – and plan some return trips. Naples Italy: So Many Things To Do! |
06162018 At the colourful wholesale market in the Hamburg Grossmarkthalle even the fresh lemons from Italy are real eye-catchers."About half a year ago, we really got started with these; we only have lemons from the Amalfi region in our range, instead of conventional varieties." Italian Amalfi Lemons on sale almost every year | Freshplaza
06172018 Named for its hilltop position overlooking Due Golfi, the two bays of Naples and Salerno, Sant’Agata is perfect for exploring the coast and hiking. Agriturismo Le Tore is an organic olive farm just outside the village that offers nine pretty rooms, with hand-painted stencils on whitewashed walls. From here, the famous Nastro Azzurro road twists and turns its way down the mountainside towards the shimmering sea below. Amalfi Coast, Italy | Packed Perfectly
06182018 While the Amalfi Coast is known for luxe vacationers wearing expensive caftans and sipping rosé as they sit cliffside in a boutique hotel overlooking the Mediterranean not everyone can afford to live like Queen Bey! My husband an I are not rich by the stretch of anyone’s imagination so this gorgeous stretch of Southern Italy not only attracts its share of rich and famous, but it also attracts regular folk like myself. How to Travel to the Amalfi Coast | Passports & Grub
06192018 The Amalfi Coast stretches across Southern Italy and there's no place in the world like it. The string of villages along the coast are unique in form. The most colorful spots on the Amalfi Coast will make your jaw drop and brighten up your Instagram feed. The Most Colorful Spots On The Amalfi Coast Will Make Your IG Feed Pop | Elite Daily
06202018 Music lovers should book flights to Europe for the the Ravello Festival (June 30–August 25) on Italy’s glorious Amalfi Coast. The Top 5 Destinations Design and Music Lovers Should Visit in July | Architectural Digest
06212018 We leave behind the streets invaded by tourists, have taken almost unknown streets, we entered in the most ancient buildings, we explored every corner, talking to the doormen, heard the stories. Secret Naples by Valeria Schettino & Roberta Marino | Fashion Grunge
06222018 This restaurant is the perfect place to escape from the bustle of downtown Capri during the summer. The ambiance is lively, as visitors find themselves in the company of a mixture of locals, regulars, and like-minded travellers seeking authentic experiences. Regarding the food, customers can enjoy tasty dishes made of fresh and local ingredients, alongside a startling view of Capri and the Mediterranean Sea. Secrets of Capri and Naples | BiniBlog
06232018 Whether created by a baker who forgot to add flour to his batter or invented for an Austrian princess who married the King of Naplesor  - both, or neither - this chocolate-nut torte has become a staple on the island of Capri for good reason. Without the diluting influence of flour, it is a singular pleasure for chocolate lovers and more particularly a pleasure for lovers of very, very dark chocolate. A Chocolate Cake Recipe That's Seriously Intense | D'Fid Food
06242018 The tiny Mediterranean island of Capri has been a playground for the chic set since the late 19th century, luring pleasure-seekers with picturesque vistas, balmy summer weather. Curate your wardrobe by sticking to the color palette of the island: azure blue, stark white, and the occasional hint of yellow. What to Pack For...Capri | Town & Country
06252018 Forget stuffy concert halls, the Correale Museum di Terranova in the centre of Sorrento hosts opera evenings two or three times a week during the season. Choose a cruise, incredible views, or a new pair of shoes on beautiful Italian island of Capri | The Sun
06262018 Only a handful of wineries are lucky enough to be located on Mount Vesuvius. Vini Sorrentino is one of them. With 40 hectares (100 acres) in production, the vines benefit from the unique minerality the volcanic soil provides. Each of Vesuvius’ eruptions—often hundreds of years apart—deposited lava from different volcanic depths across the area, creating micro-terroirs. 6 Vineyards to Visit in Campania - Italy’s Innovative Wine Region | Observer
06272018 Luigia Melillo, Head of Restoration Laboratories at MANN, has devised several exhibition itineraries to enrich the museum’s collections and Fonderia Nolana Del Giudice will begin this with the demonstration. It will make the parade helmet of a Secutor gladiator. The demo will show all the steps of artistic creation with the Lost-Wax fusion technique. Discovering the treasures of MANN | Fonderia Nolana Del Giudice
06282018 At its heart Amalfi is a sea town. After declaring itself independent of Naples in A.D. 839, the town used its strategic position and fine harbor to carve out a spot as the main trading port of southern Italy. Get Lost on Italy's Sun-Kissed Mediterranean Coast | National Geographic
06292018 No dish captures the flavors and simplicity of Campanian cooking better than the Caprese salad made with sun-ripened tomatoes, fresh leaves of basil gently torn and a drizzle of olive oil over the region’s excellent mozzarella di bufala (buffalo milk cheese). The plains around Paestum and Salerno and Caserta outside Naples are famous for the production of mozzarella di bufala. Top 10 Regional Dishes of Campania | Charming Italy
06302018 The Pro Loco of Cetara organizes every year a successful storic event of the Amalfi Coast: “The Night of Lampare”. The lampara is a particular lamp mounted on boats and is used by fishermen at night to illuminate a large area of ​​water, in order to attract the fish on the surface of the sea and then trap them in fishing nets. 2018 Night of “Lampare” in Cetara | Laqua Charme & BoutiqueJUNE