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12012018 Nicola Venditti welcomed us and showed us a reproduction of all the types of local grapes that are used to produce his signatures wines. Inside the didactic vineyard, he also reconstructed the traditional straw bale shed, which was used to take shelter from the rain. One more weekend in Campania | Blocal - Travel & Street Art blog
12022018 Benevento and other towns in the Apennine ranges, apart from their Samnite ancestry, have, since the 17th century, boasted three different varieties of torrone, or “cupeta” as it is known there: “perfect love” made of honey, egg white and nuts, usually covered with a chocolate, lemon or coffee paste; the “ingranito” consisting, apart from the usual ingredients, of long, thin sugared almonds called “cannellini”; and the “Pope’s torrone” made with liquified sugar, pine nuts and candied fruit. Later, Ferdinand I, King of the Two Sicilies, helped popularize the “Queen’s torrone”. Torrone: an Italian
12032018 In the late nineteenth century. Cav. Innocent Borrillo invented a product become a symbol of this village: he enclosed in a sweet wrapper with icing sugar and cocoa, a heart of almonds and hazelnuts . Thus was born the Croccantino of San Marco dei Cavoti. The original recipe has undergone several minimal revisions maintaining the high quality of the product and its traditional craftsmanship unchanged, meeting current tastes.Torrone Croccantino of San Marco dei Cavoti "Il Preferito" | Gooty
12042018 The farmhouse Masseria Frattasi is located in the mountains, under Taburno, the building dates back to 1779, the foundation year of the farm. Taburno comes from Taurn, which in myoic dialect meant rocky mountain and canyon. The Clemente family started the wine-making renaissance of the area. He introduced the falanghina, the oldest white grape variety in Europe. Masseria Frattasi | Vins extrêmes
12052018 The Neapolitan tradition Alive. In the heart of the city, a journey to discover ancient crafts handed down by generations, in historical workshops. Naples - On the way of the Artisans | World Travel Market
12062018 Made with Aglianico grapes, Taurasi's complex nature and unique flavors. Thanks to this firm structure, Taurasi must be aged at least three years before it hits the market, which includes one year in wood. Taurasi Riserva has a mandatory aging period of four years, with 18 months in wood. Discover Taurasi, the Flagship Wine of Southern Italy | Wine Enthusiast Magazine
12072018 In Italy, today, Taurasi is considered one of the most important red wines, of course behind the wines made of Sangiovese and Nebbiolo, but still well known by consumers. Of course, more in the South but also in other regions. In the international markets, awareness is quite low although experts and sommeliers attribute great quality and potential to this outstanding varietal. The Hottest Trends in Italian Wine | Wine-Searcher
12082018 It is full of snowcapped mountains, pointed and rolling hills, places that forge the soul as mother and stepmother. But the Samnites have little in common with the Iceland imagined by Leopardi being a warrior people who respond with force to the capricious whims of nature, as they did after the last floods here that buried cellars and many bottles of Aglianico and Falanghina wine. The earthy side of Campania, Sannio Beneventano | DoctorWine
12092018 Naples, Italy is one of the countries most interesting cities - and with good reason. Known for its art and architecture that dates back centuries, travellers can indulge in slices of pizza and sfogliatelle, a shell-shaped filled Italian pastry. This southern Italy city, which sits on the Bay of Naples, is synonymous for its rich architecture, churches and history. #2019Bucketlist: Naples, Italy | IOL
12102018 I can’t describe the way the sun glows over the Tyrrhenian Sea from this town. It’s like a painting. To the right I see Mt. Vesuvius peaking her head out, to the slight left I see the volcanic island of Ischia gleaming next to the sun as it slowly fades. On the far left, I witness the cliffs take the last ray of light, proving this Southern touristic city truly sparkles from land to sea. Here I am in the middle of a paradise and I am dreaming of being in the ‘wild child’ of Naples? My Favorite City in Italy | Travel Italian Style
12112018 A Naples resident, Di Franco has been a Napoli fan "since birth" and saw his first game at Stadio San Paolo when he was nine years old. For him, as for so many Napoli fans, the club's outsider status is central to its identity. Eternal Outsiders: The Colour, Chaos and Catharsis of Life as a Napoli Fan | Bleacher Report
12122018 Mount Vesuvius dominates the city skyline, a constant reminder that life is meant to be lived to the full. This devil-may-care attitude is evident in the cuisine (at times, not even pizza escapes the deep fryer), such as creamy mozzarella di bufala and ricotta-rich sweets. Of course, the freshest seasonal vegetables, fruit and frutti di mare is available everywhere, but kiss the diet goodbye when you visit because the golden rule is to embrace excess like the locals. 48 hours in Naples: things to do in Naples in two days | Gourmet
12132018 Capri has a romantic past of intellectuals, artists, poets and writers who inhabited the island over the years and it’s no coincidence that they mostly visited in low season. The island has an amazing creative and all-encompassing energy and when you experience the magic of Autumn sunrises and sunsets, no doubt you too will be filled with awe and inspiration. How to Visit the Island of Capri During Low Season | Girl in Florence
12142018 There are a lot of shirtmakers in Naples, most of which are open to visits but tend not to have ateliers with the same history and atmosphere as the great tailors. One worth highlighting is Luca Avitabile, who has built up a big international business for his bespoke and readymade polo shirts. In 2017 he also opened a large office on Via Toledo which is modern and welcoming. Naples: A sartorial shopping guide | Permanent Style
12152018 From beautiful parks and open apartments to medieval cloisters and treasure-filled libraries, Naples is full of hidden treasures if you know where to look. Valerio Ceva Grimaldi shares some of his favourite places found within Campania’s capital city. 11 Places in Naples Even Neapolitans Don't Know About | Culture Trip
12162018 The following magazine spread was created by students in response to a “travel story challenge” our trip leaders gave them. While on the expedition students focus on developing their storytelling through a series of field-based writing workshops, including “travel story challenge” activities. Dispatches from Capri: Che Vita! | National Geographic Expeditions
12172018 Some would say hiking any summit that towers above the boundless blue of the Mediterranean Sea is a spiritual experience. But many make the trek to the Santuario dell’Avvocata in Maiori, Italy, as a religious pilgrimage. Built in 1485, the sanctuary is made up of a church, walled convent and caretaker’s house that stand on a plateau near the top of Avvocata Mountain on the Amalfi Coast. You can imagine monks coming to the hermitage through the centuries to detach from humanity and feel closer to the heavens. Trek to sanctuary offers lofty Amalfi Coast views | Stars and Stripes
12182019 In the mountains behind Positano, isolated villages, fertile kitchen garden plots, remote monasteries and high-pasture dairy farms are connected by an ancient network of footpaths and mule tracks. Some, like the Path of the Gods, have become celebrated trekking routes, but others, just as spectacular, are little trodden. Illuminated by our expert local guides, these often spectacular mountain trails offer the last word in stair-climbing sessions and workouts-with-a-view. Dolce Vitality | Sirenuse Journal
12192018 This is why the motto of Tenuta San Francesco winery, located in the breath-taking Costiera Amalfitana, is: “the wine made from old vines is a miracle”. Here, the vines that survived to phylloxera are right those of Tintore, the local and typical red of Amalfi Coast and, more specifically, of its sub-area Tramonti, where we are. The wine of the old vines is a miracle | Chiara Giorleo Wine Guide
12202018 The next step for “My Brilliant Friend” superfans? Beat the inevitable rush to visit the series’s stunning Mediterranean locations, especially the lush volcanic island of Ischia. Just an hour from Naples by hydrofoil and a favorite of Europeans seeking thermal spas, umbrella-studded beaches, and pleasant resort towns, the refuge abounds with old-school charm. The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2019 | Travel + Leisure
12212018 Falanghina is the name of the grape and of the wine made from it. Almost everyone who tastes Falanghina enjoys it: It combines light, white-fruit flavors (some say stone fruits) with a touch of citrus and mineral, the latter often intriguingly forward because of Campania’s mineral-laced soils. It drinks delightfully, whether lightly or heavily chilled, and it’s enjoyable young but can take a few years of bottle age with no loss of character. The Pleasures of Summer: Falanghina | Tom's Wine Line
12222018 The actress traveled to the little island of Ischia off Naples. It’s known for its hot springs and ancient ruins, but Collins seems smitten with her stylish vintage ride. “Sweet escape,” she captioned her swimsuit portrait on Instagram. Viva L'Italia! Stars Can't Stay Away from Italy This Summer: Here's Exactly Where They Go | People
12232018 Breakfast at DolceVita Restaurant in Ischia opens the day with one of the most charmingly picturesque Italian mornings you could ever dream of. With the sun rising, lighting up the serene coastline, it’s without question, an positively memorable breakfast experience for the most seasoned of hotel guests, anywhere in the world. Enchanting Southern Italian Luxury at Ischia's Regina Isabella | The Daily Meal
12242018 The Pompeii archaeological park’s head, Massimo Osanna, told the Italian news agency Ansa that the villa belonged to a high-ranking military officer, perhaps a general, in ancient Roman times. Archaeologists find remains of horses in ancient Pompeii stable | The Guardian
12252018 In the fourth century BC the people of Samnium moved down from the mountains and into some of the more urban areas. Just in Campania, there is evidence of Samnite populations in Capua and Nola in addition to Pompeii. The tomb of a Samnite woman was found in Pompeii three years ago, while a recent dig uncovered a Samnite temple. Pompeii had theatre at time of Samnites | ANSA
12262018 Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79 and buried the Roman city of Pompeii, located near what is now Naples. Ever since the ruins were rediscovered in the 1700s, they have been attracting tourists. Photo tour: The ancient ruins of Pompeii, Italy | Usa Today
12272018  This 18th century, L-shaped palazzo in Positano was once home to Joachim Murat, king of Naples and brother-in-law to Napoleon, and there is an air of grandeur (but not pomposity) about the place, especially in the vaulted public rooms with their antiques and fine paintings. 24 palazzo hotels that will make you feel like a member of the Italian nobility | The Telegraph
12282018 The hotel chef, Giovanni De Vivo, select authentic and high quality ingredients from the countryside and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its restaurant “The Mosaic”, for this reason, has a Michelin star. “Mosaic”, a simple name that refers to a simple, both ancient and modern object. This is also the chef’s spirit: tradition and novelty in his cooking tecniques to create wellness. If you want to take care of you, “Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa” is what you need. Of course, it is better if you have your loved one with you, the one with which you want to share your life. Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa, a romantic holiday in Ischia | Love me in Italy
12292018 In 1980 Andrea Ferraioli acquired the Gran Furore Divina Costiera brand to produce high quality wines. Along with his wife Marisa Cuomo begins an entrepreneurial adventure that is confused with the family bond that joins them. Their love and an extraordinary passion for wine will bring the Cantine Marisa Cuomo among the best brands of Italian enology at international level. Cantine Marisa Cuomo Srl | Vins extrêmes
12302018 Head to the historic epicentre of Amalfi, the Piazza del Duomo, and pick up the scent of sweet goods and rich coffee from this stalwart pasticceria. Untouched since 1830, this timewarp treat will guide you through a host of local sweet delicacies. Local pastries like the Sfogliatella Santa Rosa, classic limoncello, icy granita di limone, and tangy frutti canditi are all must-try treats for true Amalfi flavours. Secret guide to: The Amalfi Coast | The Escapist
12312018 The Phlegraean Fields near the bustling metropolis of Naples is one of the world's most active and volatile volcanic regions. In an article in the journal Science Advances, a team of vulcanologists argues that the Phlegraean Fields are subject to caldera cycles. It concludes that the volcanic area is at the early stage of a new cycle, which could culminate in another gigantic eruption. The final stage before a big bang? | EurekAlert