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02012019 Young girls dressed as Holy Mary of Grace for the procession and distribution of the “Our Lady’s Bread” or “Holy Bread” or tortani, a kind of bread made specially for the occasion, to all the inhabitants of Castelvetere and the surrounding countryside. Others accompany children to the mountain to pick flowers with which to decorate St. Mary’s throne, or sew the verginelle’s dresses. Le Verginelle di Castelvetere | PRIVATE - International Review of Photographs
02022019 A week into our off-season trip to the ancient Amalfi Coast beach town of Minori, my wife and I heard whispers from a doorstep as we walked along a cobbled lane. Unlike the summer vacation season when Amalfi’s seaside resorts, restaurants and streets often are packed with travelers, February was quiet and residential. We were the only Americans in town. We were met with welcoming smiles. How 2 people vacationed on the Amalfi Coast and were the only Americans in town | Miami Herald
02032019 The new destination – Naples, Italy – will be served from United’s hub at Newark Liberty International Airport. United will become the only airline to fly to Naples from anywhere in North America once the service launches May 22. United Airlines adds Prague and Naples, Italy | USA Today
02042019 A serene walk through a wooded, waterfront park will take you through ancient Greek ruins at the Cuma archaeological site west of Naples. Yes, Greek. Cumae was the first Greek colony on Italy’s mainland. Ancient Greek settlement west of Naples well worth a wander | Stars and Stripes
02052019 An exchange that tends to strengthen communication on techniques, methods and experiences in the field of conservation of cultural heritage and archaeological sites, to work on projects for the fusion of tradition and modernity, through best practices and Italian technologies for the protection and the valorization to exhibit ancient urban discoveries in modern cities. China and Archeological Park of the Flegrei Fields used by culture: the Chengdu Protocol is born | Chinaples
02062019 Why do people live longer in southern Italy than southern Sweden? A group of Swedes will live with host families in Cilento on Italy's southeastern coast, while the same number of Italians will relocate to Malmö. Cilento is one of several so-called 'Blue zones', or places across the world where the locals have a significantly longer lifespan than average. Swedes and Italians to swap lives for three months for a study into longevity | The Local
02072019 Ischia has long been overshadowed by neighboring Capri in the minds of American tourists. But everyone else’s loss is your gain, because this island off the coast of Naples offers rich cultural history with opportunities for adventure and unique geologic features that have made it a haven for wellness retreats. Great Escapes: Italy’s Ancient, Overlooked Ischia | Penta
02082019 Eating habits of many people in southern Europe cut the incidence of heart attacks and strokes by 30 per cent in those at risk — were based on flawed research. it's possible to imagine that the Mediterranean diet — broadly defined as rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts, olive oil and oily fish, and  protective against cancer and heart disease — has lost something in translation. Is olive oil really the secret of long life? Giorgio Locatelli and the myth of the Mediterranean diet | The Times
02092019 Musc Oil’s dark intentions are enhanced by overheated roses and violets, wilted after a night nestled in a voluptuous, sandalwood-scented décolletage. A siren song that blooms with your own heat, it’s the scent of slept-in sheets and lost weekends. Panty-dropping perfumes | The Times
02102019 The villa is a former farmhouse near the town of Agropoli on the coast of Cilento, a region of southern Italy famous for its rolling hills, ancient Greek architecture and crystal-clear coves. The building is nestled among lemon-, pomegranate- and olive-trees, with views over the neighbouring Vallo di Diano National Park. Where to stay: The Pinelli Estate, Cilento | Town & Country Magazine UK
02112019 The EU-funded project has unearthed villas decorated with frescoes and mosaics depicting Roman gods and goddesses and animals such as crocodiles, snakes, deer and peacocks. Despite more than 250 years of intermittent excavations, a third of Pompeii still remains to be explored. Pompeii dig finds intact skeletons of two women and three children huddled together | The Telegraph
02122019 A family restoration project that frames this fragrant setting of Myrtle & Juniper bushes and shady Elm & Oak trees with a chilled boutique vibe. Inside, Il Cannito is a Mediterranean palette of exposed beams, limestone walls, terracotta floors, soft eggshell & chalky whites, sun bleached woods and designer pieces. Il Cannito | White Line Hotels
02132019 On the sunny Amalfi coast up in the village of Ravello, the famous "Mamma" Agata runs a fabulous restaurant overlooking the sea, teaches Italian cooking classes. "We balance the quality and quantity of ingredients -- not too much fat, just enough carbohydrates, lots of fish, chicken, and turkey, and just a little red meat." Italian Diet Secrets | WebMD
02142019 Andrew dives into the culinary treasures of Italy's majestically beautiful Amalfi Coast. He samples raw red mullet aboard a fishing boat, tastes years-old fish sauce. Bizarre Foods | Travel Channel
02152019 Mount Vesuvius and supervolcano Campi Flegrei in Campania bookend Naples and constitute a terroir that has unique soils and climate, which provide the conditions that are the perfect storm for wine grapes that excel only here. Wine from Volcanos | Tahoe Weekly
02162019 Stockfish has been a constant presence in Neapolitan markets, we proposed serving the stockfish raw, like Peruvian ceviche or a Japanese sashimi. And by pure chance was born a new product that we call the sashimi di stockfish, a sort of fusion between two very distant cultures. Antica Baccaleria Porta Capuana | Culinary Backstreets
02172019 From tradition (appetite for fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, olive oil, nuts, seafood and some dairy) in favour of trendy additions, such as coconut and cacao. Should you try the Pioppi diet? | The New Daily
02182019 The Cilento coast is still part of Campania and has a Unesco World Heritage Site national park, but mostly you’ll only be rubbing shoulders with Italian holidaymakers along its jagged 100km of coastline. L’Approdo Thalassa and Spa Resort sits on a small sandy cove in the heart of fishing village San Marco di Castellabate. 10 best beaches to visit in 2019 | The Independent
02192019 Cultivated in the Campi Flegrei, Sannio and the area of Casertano, the Falanghina vine seems to originate from an ancient greek-balkan vine strain. Falanghina is also the basic vine for many other valuable wines of the Campania region: the single varietal vine wines DOC Guardiolo, Sant’Agata dei Goti (also as passito), Sannio, Solopaca and Taburno, and the DOC white wines. Falanghina vine: the Campania's treasure | Convivium Magazine
02202019 Tucked inside a lush 3-hectare organic garden on the island of Ischia, aka the green island, Garden & Villas Resort uses vegetables sourced exclusively from its onsite organic garden to create traditional dishes innate to the region on its menus. The garden is characterised by traditional dry-stone walls, aromatic plants, olive trees, carob trees, strawberry trees and a variety of fruit trees. The Italian Hotel Championing Zero-Food Miles | Travel Weekly
02212019 How the two Neapolitan fellows behind the jewelry-design firm and luxe boutiques charmed their way onto the American scene — and into the hearts of collectors worldwide. The Golden Touch of Faraone Mennella | 1stdibs
02222019 February 21st. An explosion of gunpowder and color smoke in Pompeii’s Amphitheatre will reignite the tragic and vital dynamics of the eruption of Mt. Vesuviusin a timeless, poetic journey that tells the story of the destruction and rebirth of Pompeii. In the Volcano: Cai Guo-Qiang and Pompeii | Pompeii - Parco Archeologico
02232019 Upon checking in to the Punta Tragara, we were welcomed with a bottle of Italian prosecco and a caprese (not to be confused with the salad) in our room. How to Spend 3 days in Capri, Italy on the Amalfi Coast | Couple in the Kitchen
02242019  The art scene in Naples is lively and vivid, both for historical and contextual reasons. CollezioneTaurisano is part of this history and we are proud of the Parthenopean city. We have a constant dialogue with artists, gallerists, institutions and other collections. From Naples to Utopia: Why Togetherness Is Not Only a Theory | Larry's List
02252019 Maybe it represents the determination of Neapolitans to refuse the pressures of modern commercialism in favor of adhering to tradition, to a cultural inheritance made in equal parts of pride, joy, cynicism, fatalism, humor, negligence and nonchalance. Culture capital: Naples, the big city of Italy’s south, is the country’s creative center |  The Post and Courier
02262019  Despite the vast cultural riches—historic churches, castles, palaces and museums filled with masterworks by a centuries-spanning roster of famous artists—Naples hasn’t been a priority for many travelers, although interest in the city has spiked in the last several years thanks to Elena Ferrante’s popular novels. 3 Fabulous, Unexpected Getaways In Italy for 2019 | Forbes
02272019 The cast was excellent. For Amelia, Verdi wrote some of the most poignant melodies he ever handed to a soprano, and Carmen Giannattasio, making her role debut, exploited all of the possibilities.She was noteworthy for her stage presence and remarkable vocal power, giving her character a sound and lovely voice. The Swedish King is back in Naples for Un ballo in maschera | Bachtrack
02282019 In 2013, Napoli had their best season since 1990’s Scudetto triumph, playing some spectacular attacking football with the likes of Edinson Cavani, Marek Hamsik, and a young Neapolitan named Lorenzo Insigne. In 2015-16, Napoli pushed Juventus all the way to the title, ultimately stumbling at the later stages, but the city’s love affair with the club continued. Napoli: The siren and her city | Forza Italian Football