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MAY 2019


05012019 We found ourselves in Marina Corricella and liked the menu at Ristorante Bar La Graziella. Mr 77 and I had a long lazy lunch and the most spectacular fresh seafood feast. Our waiter was funny and charming, the day was hot and hazy, the meal, the wine, the ambience made it pure perfection. Procida – the enchanting isle! | Gate 77
05022019 Procida was sunny, instantly cheering us up. It wasn't a big island: we could walk its length in 45 minutes, cross it in 20. The coast was a series of round bays with high cliffs: flooded volcano craters, trimmed with dark, volcanic sand. A daunting 16th century fortress of an historic centre stared down from a high cliff at one end. Heads (and Feet) in the Sand | Lynne the Pencil
05032019 Have a small one-day tour of Procida, from the historical Terra Murata till the harbour of Marina Chiaiolella, passing by the colorful fisherman’s village of Corricella, between the  nature and local architecture, the authentic flavors of the island and atmosphere of old times. Procida in one day |
05042019 The sunglasses and eyewear frames “made in Capri” are become a very coveted accessories for many VIPs who choose the Blue island for their shopping. In addition, the 60s design and the vintage style, combining tradition and retro, meet the taste of the new millennium dandies. Capri People | Orizzonte Italia Magazine
05052019 The spas in Ischia are very different from what we would consider a spa in the U.S. Think more outdoor water park with multiple pools, grottos, hot springs and areas dotted with lounge chairs and umbrellas. There was a restaurant, snack bar and locker room as well! Ischia Italy Travel Guide | Katie's Bliss
05062019 The hike to the top of Vesuvius is relatively easy, and takes less than 30 minutes in each direction. Even those who are not avid hikers will not feel exerted by the trek. On a clear day, you can witness incredible panoramas over the city as you ascend towards the main crater. A Local’s Guide on Things to Do in Naples Italy: Not Just the Tourist Sites | High Heels & A Backpack
05072019 The ferry area is very much like an airport in that you wait for your ferry at the right ‘gate’. After waiting for an hour or so, the evening light was drawing in and the sky lit up a dusky pink. We saw the ferry (otherwise known as the ‘hydrofoil’) pulling in to our gate with the famous Mount Vesuvius in the background. An Italian Adventure from Naples to Amalfi | The Travelista
05082019 Some wines were made in a lighter, more elegant style, while others were burly and tannic. Some were predominantly fruity, while others were complex and savory, with great minerality. Aglianico in Its Own Right | The New York Times
05092019 It is called MIMA, Museo d’Impresa Mastroberardino Atripalda, and tells the story of a family that is a symbol of the viticulture of Irpinia, between three denominations (Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi). The events of the Mastroberardino family in an exhibition that lasts three centuries | WineNews
05102019 For people who are dreaming of relaxing on a beach on the Amalfi Coast. United Is Launching the Only Nonstop Flights Between the U.S. and Naples, Italy | Travel + Leisure
05112019 A secret to the restaurant’s success, proclaims chef-owner Alfonso Iaccarino, is his family’s organic farm, Le Peracciole.  At the end of the Sorrentine Peninsula overlooking Capri, reached only via narrow, twisty roads built by the Romans high on the sun-kissed cliffs, this is the hotel’s fresh-off-the-vine pantry. Oranges and lemons, olive trees everywhere, artichokes, fava beans and plump San Marzano tomatoes… ready to be turned lovingly into elegant dishes. Gourmet Guide | Elinor Griffith
05122019 There’s a sense of timelessness walking the stone paths and climbing stairs boasting unreal views of rugged coastline with layers of rocky, verdant cliffs. The Villa San Michele museum and garden with incredible sea views on Anacapri |
05132019 The Port System Authority of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea has announced that in the first two months of this year the traffic of container handled in the ports of Naples and Salerno has increased by 8.4% in terms of TEUs loaded and unloaded by the ships. Container traffic grows in Naples | The MediTelegraph
05142019 My Brilliant Friend, a new TV drama series on HBO based on the novels by Elena Ferrante, has put Naples back on the map. Waterfront Chiaia is also at the centre of the novels. Then and now, this is “an elegant neighbourhood for shopping, strolling and people-watching”. A book-lover’s tour of Italy | MoneyWeek
05152019 When I watched the movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley” a couple of years ago, I could not stop wondering if there were still such places in Italy? I knew I the movie was filmed on a small island near Naples, but I had no idea how to get there and whether it is worth it. Until suddenly a revelation! I made my decision: we’re flying! Procida will feed the soul of an Italian lover. Agnieszka’s story | Italia by Natalia
05162019 Out on a sunny but chilly Bay of Naples, there was a remarkably action-packed opening day of racing at the inaugural Capri Classica, with lead changes galore, a David v Goliath competition and an encounter with a Neapolitan fishing net best forgotten. Capri Classica: Mega-schooner match race on the Bay of Naples | Sail-World
05172019 Down south, Neapolitans have long made aperitifs with light sparkling wine that has been diluted with gassosa, a sweet and sparkling soft drink, and garnished with slices of percoca, or peach. At most bars, a sea of delicious snacks accompanies this classic aperitif: taralli, frittata di maccheroni (a fried pasta omelet), and fried or baked small pizzas. Naples Makes the Spritz Its Own | Culinary Backstreets
05182019 Just north of Spaccanapoli, the main east-west street splitting Naples, this is a 15th-century palace converted into a vibrant hotel with minimalist yet comfy rooms. A courtyard with olive trees and a bar makes a great spot to unwind. Naples for under £100 a night! How to explore this Italian gem on a shoestring budget | Daily Mail
05192019 Artist Eduardo Castaldo, the official photographer on the set of the series production, completed the mural in January. Speaking to City Lab he explained his intention was to ‘recreate the presence of the characters from the book, the series and everybody’s imagination’. A mural honouring My Brilliant Friend has been created in Naples | Lonely Planet
05202019 Many dishes that today are considered fundamental to Neapolitan cuisine had their origins in France, like rice sartù (from French sourtout), potato gatò (from French gateaux) and the king of kings — the babà, a small yeast cake soaked in a liquor syrup. A Pizza-Free Guide to the Best Food in Naples | Fathom
05212019 Curators, and scientists work to preserve the Drunken Satyr, a rare ancient Roman bronze from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Learn what makes this statue particularly fascinating, what conservators are doing to stabilize it for the future, and how the Getty partners with colleagues in Italy to study and conserve outstanding examples of ancient art in the Naples collection. Video: Buried by Vesuvius—The Drunken Satyr | The Getty Iris
05222019 The volcanic islet boasts the best of Neapolitan food, lazy beaches overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, and a cool island breeze. Come for the archetypal Italian pace of life and a quaint village feel in the island’s tiny comuni. Destination Inspiration: Ischia, Italy | SUITCASE Magazine
05232019 This unique, luxury camping dome is located on the island of Ischia. Outside, there is a furnished deck surrounded by wild Mediterranean shrubs with panoramic views of the Bay of San Francesco. Unique Dome Structure Perfect for Luxury Camping with Panoramic Bay Views in Ischia, Italy | Glamping Hub
05242019 Sant’Angelo juts out languidly into the Tyrrhenian linked by a small isthmus to a rocky outcrop that looms over the town. The town climbs on to the mountain ridge where the ancient tuff houses of fishermen are huddled close to each other. These are now largely replaced by guest houses and hotels, with terraces and balconies overlooking a magnificent panorama. Lacco Ameno and Sant'Angelo | somewhereyouveneverbeen
05252019 There are corners of Pompeii that have not seen daylight since they were buried in volcanic debris. The shoring up and conservation of the area known as Regio V, in the north of the city, as part of the €105 million Great Pompeii Project, is unearthing some extraordinary works of art. The new treasures of Pompeii | The Spectator
05262019 Michigan honors the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. It's pom-PAY right? Not in Michigan, where the locals call it pom-pay-eye. What is that extra 'i' doing on the end there anyway? Might as well make sure you pronounce it. 20 Towns Named for Other Towns But Pronounced Differently | Mental Floss
05272019 The Italian Navy’s new landing helicopter dock (LHD) Trieste was launched in a ceremony at Fincantieri’s Castellammare di Stabia shipyard on May 25. A fully equipped hospital will also be available onboard. New Italian aircraft carrier launched 15 months after construction start | Naval Today
05282019 Proprietor Antonio Capaldo began his sparkling wine project more than a decade ago, naming it DUBL. "We had a strong belief in the potential of our terroir: natural fruit freshness and soil minerality are perfect to make a great sparkling wine." Italy's Best Sparkling Wines - Part Two - Piedmont, Campania, Trentino, Sicily and Marche | Forbes
05292019 Casa Angelina is perched majestically on a cliff-side location over the turquoise Mediterranean. This minimalist boutique hotel boasts first class facilities, delightful service and some of the best food on the coast. Forget Positano and Sorrento, Praiano and Ravello are the Amalfi Coast's hidden gems |London Evening Standard
05302019 You’ll be able to try the wines and tour a vineyard during your stay at the family-run Hotel Due Torri. Set amid idyllic wild meadows and boasting fantastic views over the Amalfi Coast, the hotel is a great place to retire after days out exploring the region. A walking holiday in Amalfi? It's the perfect way to explore Italy's glamorous coastline | Country Living Magazine
05312019 In Pompeii main trading commodity was red wine. In Herculaneum after the God Hercules, life, trade and prosperity was based around fishing. The original city was at sea level, smaller than Pompeii with only circa 4000 inhabitants. Deities and mortals on the Amalfi Coast | The Sunday Guardian