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11012020 Three islands (with a small 4th and an extra rock) make up the grouping off the coast of Positano, Italy known as Li Galli. The Roman tower on the middle of the island dates from 12th century, while the other two main houses and chapel date from the early 20th century. The islands have strong ties with Russian ballet. Nureyev’s Italy: Then and Now | Cote de Texas
11022020 As they say in Naples: ‘people wait for pasta, not the other way round.’ Overcooked pasta is a cook’s worst nightmare, while pasta eaten cold when it should be hot is not much better. Spaghetti with creamy lemon sauce by Skye McAlpine | Cookbook Review
11042020 With “The Life Ahead,” the material touched Loren on an emotional level. True to the novel, this latest adaptation is told from young Momo’s point of view, calling for a kind of subtlety that appealed to the passionate performer, with her extroverted Neapolitan personality — which is to say, “The Life Ahead” reveals a side of Loren most audiences haven’t seen. Sophia Loren on Her Triumphant Return to Movies With Netflix’s ‘The Life Ahead | Variety
11052020 Descending about 5m deep, we swam over a wall that once made up part of a villa. We were both equipped with tablets. Statues began to appear out of the misty blue water. This was the Nymphaeum of Emperor Claudius, a place where the 1st Century AD ruler would have strolled and admired statues. Travel - Baiae: A Roman settlement at the bottom of the sea | BBC
11062020 It differs from other apple varieties, since it ‘s harvested when still unripe and then placed on the so-called melai, wide straw beds covered by shading cloths to protect apples from the harsh sunlight. Here apples are turned by hand, so they ripen properly. Annurca Apple Crumble | La Dani Gourmet
11072020 The view from the terrace surveys an expanse of vivid turquoise sea on one side and the stacked slopes of Positano on the other. From this vantage point the town looks particularly beautiful. A lift plunges down to reception, beyond which is a wide, hibiscus-strewn terrace. Visiting Positano - Condé Nast Traveller Guide | The Capsule
11082020 Sorrentine Peninsula juts into the Tyrrhenian Sea like a knobbly, pointing finger, its rugged shores sprinkled with some of Europe's most spectacular beaches, its bucolic interior moulded by the limestone Monti Lattari. Mario Lanza, Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli have all sung about Sorrento. Sorrento and The Sorrentine Peninsula | CN Traveller
11092020 A special collection of the hazelnut cocoa spread comes with a side of virtual travel experiences. The areas highlighted include Italy’s diverse range of settings, from villages and mountains to islands and cities. Nutella Celebrates the Beauty of Italy With 30 Limited-edition Labels | Travel + Leisure
11102020 After all, the velvety, spicy red made by the Salerno area’s leading estate, Montevetrano, is one of my favorite southern wines. Launched in the early 1990s, Montevetrano is about half Cabernet Sauvignon, blended with Campania’s potent native Aglianico, as well as Merlot Mythmaking in Southern Italy: A Tour of Campania, Part 1 | Wine Spectator
11112020 FRS For Restless Sleepers Mezzatorre shirt portrays the quintessential pajama style, cut in hammered silk it’s a unique must-have! Mezzatorre Pajama Shirt | Issimo
11122020 Enjoy the scenery while you eat —the quaint seaside village, colorful wooden boats drifting in the sea, and Mount Vesuvius on the horizon. Try the ‘gnocchi alla Sorrentina’, follow up with the frittura di pesce ‘Paranza’, (mixed fried local fish and seafood— straight from the bay). Mixed Fry Fish & Seafood| Our Edible Italy
11132020 All you have to do, really, is close your eyes, and you’re there. Might be the vertiginous cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, where pastel-hued villages cascade down to pebble beaches and secret coves. Italy Is Travel + Leisure's Destination of the Year — Here’s Why | Travel + Leisure
11142020 The legendary brand  Antonino De Simone has been passing on the love for coral manufacturing for 190 years, giving everlasting fame to the city of Torre del Greco. The work is mainly handmade, coral is not their only product: the list includes turquoise, pearls, lapis lazuli and agates. Antonino De Simone | Tips on Naples
11152020 Welcome to the world of a Campanian artist, sculptor and poet who has lived and worked in Praiano since 1993, in a circular tower that seems to merge organically with the rock it’s built on. This charmed spot above the waves, rich in symbolic energy and folk-tale associations, is an indissoluble part of the pieces he creates here. Paolo Sandulli and the Ladies of the Tower | Le Sirenuse Journal
11162020 Made entirely with organically farmed Aglianico, this juicy vibrant rosato doles out wild red berry, citrus and white-peach flavors. It's crisp, with bright acidity while a hint of wet stone accents the tangy finish. San Salvatore 1988 2017 Vetere Aglianico Rosato (Paestum) | Wine Enthusiast
11172020 The bottle was still half full, prompting the study. Research conducted by a multidisciplinary team, allowed to verify for the first time the authenticity and molecular identity of a sample of olive oil preserved inside the glass bottle which was buried by the Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD. At Mann in Naples experts find oldest olive oil in the world | ANSAmed
11182020 “Can I create a T-shirt, starting from the image that represents the Antica Pizzeria?” Such an exciting proposal has not been slow to become a reality. Junya Watanabe By Comme Des Garçons Celebrates Neapolitan Pizza With The Most Incredible T-Shirt In Fashion History. | HH Italy
11192020 Il San Pietro in Positano is certainly one of my go-to locations for a weekend getaway. What I like about it’s the southern hospitality, which I believe is intrinsic to Mediterranean tradition. 11 Hotels to Visit in Your Dreams | The New York Times
11202020 The most romantic home is arguably Villa Donn’Anna, an early, half-finished 15-century beachside palazzo on rocks that jut into the sea and with views of Mount Vesuvius. Once a hotel, the haunting building is now subdivided into apartments. Posillipo, Naples, Is Classy, Historical, Affluent—And Not on the Main Tourist Trail | Mansion Global
11212020 The visiting place of crowned heads from all over Europe together with artists of every nationality for whom a stop in Sorrento was an obligatory part of their tour of Italy, if for no other reason than to pay romantic homage to the birthplace of their spiritual father Torquato Tasso, born in the old Mastrogiudice Palace which was later incorporated into the present Tramontano Hotel. Sorrento: A city... | Surrentum
11222020 Luxury could also be simple, and that it was just as attainable as that incredible mozzarella that Khalid lived on. "I am importing the finest mozzarella from Caserta, near Naples and through KD luxury, we are looking to have a few sections of the finest ingredients out of Italy to really put the producers in particular on the map.” Heart Of Gold: Khalid Dahbi On Luxury, Charity, And Mozzarella | Italics Magazine
11232020 The Hotel Caesar Augustus was once the villa of a Russian prince. Today, it’s a family-run five-star hotel with some of Capri’s most memorable views. “The owner greeted us upon check-in and wanted us to feel at home at his hotel,” wrote one reader of the family’s hospitality. The Top 10 Italy Resort Hotels | Travel + Leisure
11242020 Set in the hills just below the ridge that divides Sorrento from the sheer southern coastline lies the village of Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, named for its domination of the gulfs of both Naples and Salerno. These days it's a busy agricultural community famous as the home of Don Alfonso 1890, one of southern Italy's great foodie institutions. Sorrento and The Sorrentine Peninsula | CN Traveller
11252020 The Alfonso Artiaco gallery takes up a wing of the second floor of Palazzo De Sangro di Vietri, in the heart of Naples’ historic center. A peculiarity of this palace is that it is one of the few to have two piani nobili. The real Naples in the environs of Palazzo De Sangro⁠ | ITALICS Art and Landscape
11262020 Considered the most beautiful trail in Italy, this hike is suitable for many people. Me and my guides will be happy to show you the best spots and talk about local legends. Hike with me to Paradise through the Amalfi Coast | Zia Lucy
11272020 Capri has a lot to offer to its superyacht charter visitors: Michelin-starred restaurants, romantic strolls along its Via Camerelle, the luxury high-end shopping street, and local night clubs. Experience a yacht charter in Capri | Yachting and Co
11282020 If you could have one feast right now? 'I would arrive on my friend Pippo’s wooden gozzo boat to the floating pier at Lo Scoglio on the Amalfi Coast, having spent the morning swimming around the islands of Li Galli.' The best places in Italy according to Bellini Travel Founder Emily Fitzroy | CN Traveller
11292020 This pasta dish is an homage to Campania’s most unspoiled coastline -  the Cilento’s Tyrrhenian Coast - where olives and capers grow beside a sea teeming with anchovies. The tube-like paccheri “scoop” up all the savory sauce, than fry the bread crumbs in a pan. Paccheri alla Cilentana, A Pasta Dish Inspired by Coastal Campania | Katie Parla
11302020 Karen Lohrmann & Stefano De Martino have restored and converted the 17th-century building using natural materials, turning it into a home. Connecting it to its surroundings, set on the Sorrentine Peninsula. A converted olive oil factory with raw interiors is for sale in Italy | The Space
11032020 From Naples to you. Since the 1920’s, Ariston has delivered true Italian flair with its bright, crisp colors and unique patterns. Ariston Napoli fabrics collection includes pied de poule, plaids, squares, camouflage and diagonal lines that make any garment stand out from the rest. Ariston | Rex Fabrics

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10012020 It’s been a dream of mine to go to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Sarah and I went for 4 days and to be honest, it was the perfect amount of time for me. We stayed at the famous Hotel Santa Caterina and it was as heavenly as it looks in photos! I was in Italy! | Eimear Varian Barry 
10032020 I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to work for the past two months from my home back in Italy, which is dotted along the countryside of the Amalfi coast. The windows open onto the valley where you can see the sea, and the loud sound of crickets accompanies the whole scenery. Today’s Office: Olga de Giovanni on her ‘rustic’ home office in the Amalfi Coast | thedrum.com
10042020 70 exhibitors, including designers, companies and international artisans. A section for young designers and emerging brands. Then there is the EDIT Cult appendix set up in the most beautiful spaces of the city such as the San Carlo Theater, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and the Filangieri Museum. 8 cool things to do in October with your friends around Italy. Ready? | Web24 News
10052020 The preservation efforts have been a success so far. Nearly 40 structures are now open to the public, including the Schola Armaturarum, in addition to those that have never been closed, such as the forum and surrounding buildings, theaters, and amphitheater. Pompeii's most recent finds reveal new clues to city's destruction | National Geographic
10062020 Every room and every terrace looks onto this famous Caprian landmark, the Faraglioni. Ceramic tiles outside Villa Thun, Capri | CONTESSANALLY
10072020 A neuron, along with its axons, is visible in vitrified segments of brain tissue. "The results of our study show that the vitrification process occurred at Herculaneum" said Pier Paolo Petrone, a forensic anthropologist, in a statement. Glassified brain cells found in victim of Vesuvius eruption | Live Science
10082020 Relax in the natural pools of Cavascura, as the Romans did, or, for something a little fancier, gently stew as you dangle over the Med at the Aphrodite Apollon thermal park. There are dinky villages (like Sant’Angelo, a hamlet with almost more beach than pavement). Three alternative Italian weekend escapes | National Geographic
10092020 Virgiliano Park, in the Posillipo neighborhood. Besides it’s reputation as a clandestine spot, the sea view from the main terrace is breathtaking: It offers a gorgeous panorama of the island of Nisida and all the Phlegraean Islands. A Guide to Picnicking in Naples, Italy | Culinary Backstreets
10102020 Italy’s Amalfi Coast is home to everything under the sun—beaches, hotels, seaside cuisine, and now an entire scooter-rental system. Elettrify is the first electric scooter-sharing company to officially lay ground in one of the most popular tourist destinations. Startup scene: Bringing e-scooter rentals to Italy’s Amalfi Coast | Joyride
10112020 The Botanical Garden of Naples is a research facility of the University of Naples Federico II (Department of Natural Science). The premises take up about 15 hectares and are on via Foria, adjacent to the gigantic old Albergo dei Poveri. Unesco: Botanical Garden of Naples | Italy Magazine
10122020 Salted anchovies from Cetara on the Amalfi Coast in Italy served on a warm bruschetta bread with Normandy butter, paired with a refreshing sparkling wine. A wonderful appetizer, that matches perfectly with Champagne, or a more local choice like an Asprinio d’Aversa Brut. Unfiltered: Alessandro Giani, Angler | The Drinks Business
10132020 All the vineyards are small, fragmented, and hidden,” Brunella says. “Will always use the grapes that are born here, in Irpinia.” Federico says the small plots provide more diversity and the ability to experiment with micro-vinification and single-vineyard bottlings. Irpinia Is Campania’s Beating Heart | Forbes
10142020 Cristiano Di Martino’s works are strongly influenced by his Italian heritage. Born at the foot of Vesuvius in 1989, he witnessed a dark Christian obsession with death that has long been an everyday companion for many Neapolitans. He uses the iconographic symbols that surrounded him as a signifier of sentiment. Cristiano Di Martino | James Freeman Gallery
10152020 The Farm D'Apolito is located in Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, one of the municipalities in which it produces the Carmasciano. The area offers a wide variety of typical wild herbs. But the singularity is given by Mefite, a lake of sulfur origin and its fumes – through the rain and the winds – influence all land surrounding. Pecorino Carmasciano | All'assaggio!
10162020 You can enjoy quiet and semi-seclusion along with the extraordinary setting. Holing up in one of the tiny village boutiques here (in Furore, that would be La Locanda del Fiordo) will make you feel as if you’ve discovered a secret place, though you’ll be within one of the world’s most popular destinations and only a short ride from Positano and Amalfi. Italy's Amalfi Coast | Business Jet Traveler
10172020 My favorite white wine comes from a small town called Furore on the Amalfi Coast. It’s a blend of four grapes made by Marisa Cuomo, one of the top winemakers of Italy. I had a chance to visit their winery to do an unbelievable wine pairing lunch, on a mountaintop restaurant that faces the Tyrrhenian Sea and the cliffs. 10 Questions for Destination Wedding Photographer Kenny Kim | Rangefinder
10182020 Winemakers from the north rediscovered the coveted volcanic soil and temperate climate of the Campania region. They began to experiment in applying modern techniques and technology to the production of wines from ancient grapes. A Virtual Trek Thru Italy: Campania’s Unknown Grapes | The Examiner News
10192020 Villa La Pagoda lies on the seaside, in one of the most exclusive areas of Naples. This historic house was a hunting lodge for migratory birds. Its unique shape is wrapped all around by some spectacular terraces, like in a hug towards the sea. Posillipo, Naples, Is Classy, Historical, Affluent—And Not on the Main Tourist Trail | Mansion Global
10202020 Deep below a royal plaza, hundreds of vintage cars and motorcycles line an underground passageway built in the 1800s. In the center of Naples, Italy, that scene comes to life with abandoned 1940s vehicles and motorcycles lining a tunnel more than 30 yards below your feet. There's a 160-Year-Old Tunnel Full of Rusting WWII Cars Under the Streets of Naples | The Drive
10212020 The Vico is the most recognizable symbol of the city. To see the real Napoli just walk down these narrow streets and you will see the hiatus of daily life in the city. For a tourist, it's amazing to walk along these historic streets were rainbows of laundry wave in the wind. How Would You Describe Naples? | Al Bawaba News
10222020 This is undoubtedly an excellent year for the Cilento white fig tree, given the favorable weather conditions. In October, the figs will be available to the consumer with well-appreciated products such as dried figs stuffed with pistachio nuts. The fresh Cilento Dop white fig is distributed to retailers in Italy. The Cilento white fig reaches European markets | FreshPlaza
10232020 The Colatura di Alici di Cetara is the liquid from the maturing of anchovies in salt. The DOP regulations: how the anchovies are obtained and processed, from the catch to the pouring of the liquid in line with local traditions in the Amalfi coast area. Cetara anchovies sauce to get EU protected origin status | ANSAmed
10242020 The French fashion house founded by Sophie Mechaly has teamed up with Ceramica Assunta Positano to offer an inviting range of homewares. Of course pieces don an Italian colorway and are decorated with good luck cultural symbols to spread the positivity. Catwalk Brand PAUL & JOE Launches A Range Of Tableware Inspired By The Amalfi Coast | Forbes
10252020 Le Sirenuse offers spectacular views while you sip on a cocktail or enjoy lunch. Overlook the famous cathedral of Positano, Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta. 48 Hour Guide: Positano and Praiano | The Taste Edit
10262020 This was a local Campania regional derby, but also the first battle of brothers between Lorenzo and his younger sibling Roberto. Everyone was waiting for Lorenzo Insigne, but it was his little brother who broke the deadlock at the Stadio Vigorito. Benevento 1-2 Napoli: Lorenzo wins Insigne battle | All Football
10272020 Head east of Amalfi to the weathered little fishing port of Cetara, famous for its production of salted anchovies and their by-product colatura fish sauce, similar to the Roman garum. Like many of the villages in these parts, Cetara’s pastel-hued buildings cling to a deep natural gorge, its sloping main street leading down to a small sandy beach and working harbour. The prettiest small towns in Italy | Condé Nast Traveller
10282020 “Good day, I am convinced that these pebbles that I brought from Italy bring me bad luck. For this reason, I am sending them home so that I can be free. Thanks and have a good day.” Curious tales of why tourists have been returning “cursed” items to Pompeii | Lonely Planet
10292020 The goals of the project are to reconstruct a virtual environment that anyone can visit and collect data on human interaction with space, in this case Pompeiians in their homes and markets: Where do people go and look first? Where do they spend the most time? How do gender and ethnicity affect a person's movement? Online Virtual Pompeii Testing From The Tesseract Center | University of Arkansas
10302020 Francesco Martucci, considered one of the best pizza chefs in Italy, creates his masterpieces in Caserta, the home of Buffalo Mozzarella. Is famous for his pizza “a canotto,” with a thick bordering crust, or outer edge. A connoisseur of pizza fillings, he uses his light and nutty crust to showcase elaborate toppings. I Masanielli Pizzeria Da Francesco Martucci | Xtreme Foodies
10312020 Ciro Scognamiglio, also known as Ciro Poppella, poses with his signature fiocco di neve in front of Pasticceria Poppella. He started working in the family shop in Sanità at a young age and entered the spotlight when he came up with the fiocco di neve recipe. A culinary guide to Sanità, the atmospheric Naples neighbourhood on the up | National Geographic
10022020 Falanghina wine is perfectly adapted to current wine taste preferences for bright, fresh and and aromatically complex white wines. The Benevento Region produces over 1/2 of Campania’s wines and Falanghina is by far the most important white. Falanghina del Sannio DOC, Campania | Wine Beat

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09012020 The Sorrentine Peninsula juts into the Tyrrhenian Sea like a knobbly, pointing finger, its rugged shores sprinkled with some of Europe's most spectacular beaches, its bucolic interior moulded by the limestone Monti Lattari. Sorrento, Italy - The Sorrentine Peninsula | CN Traveller
09022020 Naples’ Funicolare Centrale has been running since 1928 and is one of the most heavily trafficked cable railway lines in the world. A total of four funiculars are currently in use across the city – namely the Centrale, Chiaia, Montesanto and Mergellina – serving some 13 million people every year. In pictures: the world’s most beautiful funicular railways | Railway Technology
09032020 The new Classic Fusion Chronograph Special Edition Capri, dedicated to the beauty of Italy’s famed Blue Grotto. Reflects the colour found in the cave’s waters, the timepiece is only available in the Hublot boutique on the island. Hublot honours famous Italian beauty spot with new chronograph | WatchPro
09042020 Gin, many don’t realise, is as Italian as aperitivo. Its origins can be traced to a monastery on Italy’s Salerno Coast in 1050 AD, Monks blended locally foraged juniper with spirit in the monastery kitchens for medicinal purposes. Noble spirit: how gin became the essential aperitivo cocktail ingredient | The Guardian
09052020 Italian businessman Giancarlo Giammetti, the co-founder of the Valentino fashion house, enjoyed some quiet time on his yacht on the coast of Italy. He shared a picture of himself behind the helm at dusk, gazing into the waves off the volcanic island of Ischia. Socialites make the most of the summer by picking quiet destinations for their lavish holidays | Daily Mail
09062020 The exhibition 'Napoli Napoli, di Lava, Porcellana e Musica' has been extended until September 20, which contains pieces from the museum and the Teatro di San Carlo. ''In the future, Capodimonte will regain its stature as royal residence everywhere,'' the Museum and Royal Wood of Capodimonte director said. Naples Capodimonte museum reopens with 'slow visits | ANSAmed
09072020 Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi, an address of pure luxury, century-old and family-run. Guests flock to the hotel, especially at dinner time, when the transalpine cuisine, largely based on produce from the garden, is fabulous. The most beautiful hotels in Italy as captured by Slim Aarons | Vogue
09082020 If you're happy to splash out, Sorrento in Italy is an increasingly popular wedding destination. Expect warm weather, great food and plenty of historic, romantic wedding venues - from cliff side resorts to luxury hotels. The best places to get married in Europe in 2020 – our top 10 revealed | The Sun News
09092020 “Capri, in the imagination, is still linked to the ‘dolce vita,’” said Michela Giovinetti, 46, a location manager who has lived on the island for 20 years. Nearly all of her projects involve working with people from abroad. So far this year, she has had only one request for her scouting services. Capri, a Getaway for the Rich and Famous, Misses Its Americans | The New York Times
09102020 Directed by Sonia Ezgulien and Alessandra Pierini, this book focuses on quality seasonal products and recipes accessible to all. During a trip to the rich Italian regions, from Gragnano to Naples, a whole art of living is dissected. 5 great Italian recipe books to invest in this summer | Vogue
09112020 Caseificio De Gennaro, an artisanal cheese manufacturer in the hills above Vico Equense, is a great place to kick off your journey on the Sorrentine Peninsula with a taste of the region’s renowned Provolone del Monaco (a PDO, protected designation of origin product). An Epicurean Travel Guide To The Sorrento Coast | Forbes
09122020 Ischia was nicknamed the ‘Land of Wine’ by the Romans. The grapes used to produce the wine are native to the island. The best place to sample the indigenous wines is a wine house called Casa D’Ambra in the south of the town of Forio. Ischia Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things To Do In Ischia, Italy | Out of Town Blog
09132020 We're were in Sorrento at Restaurant O' Parrucchiano (restaurant of the parish priest), which was established in 1868 by Enzo's great uncle, a seminarist, who was also the creator of cannelloni. We sat in the vast garden amidst lemon, pomelo and orange trees strung with fairy lights. Italy: Savouring the flavour of the off season in Amalfi | Stuff
09142020  A redevelopment of the port can deliver exactly that – economic, social and environmental progress. This hybrid port plan outlines a holistic approach to a multi-dimensional port area, combining urban and commercial development, easing traffic and developing more accessible green space in the inner-city. Naples’ chance for a green recovery | Revolve Media
09152020 Seen here in Amalfi on Italy’s western coast, the highly secretive Quantum Blue can reach a top speed of 20 knots. Superyacht Quantum Blue in Amalfi | SuperYacht Times
09162020 Folklore and tradition in the mural by Jorit. An impressive portrait of San Gennaro, with marked features, an olive skin and a very earthly look: it is a mere mortal Gennaro, a worker taken from the streets of a district of Naples, Forcella, one of the most ancient and animated. The face of Naples | nssmag.com
09172020 Elle is playing Catherine the Great, a Russian empress who plotted to have her husband assassinated so she could rule without him. 'The Great' will follow Catherine's plot to overthrow her husband. Elle Fanning rides a donkey as she makes her filming debut as Catherine II of Russia for new series The Great | Daily Mail
09182020 In addition to keeping Luigi Vanvitelli occupied until the end of his life with finishing out the royal palace at Caserta, Ferdinand and Maria Carolina enlisted him to design a Royal Park worthy of such a palace. Postcard from Caserta, Italy | Gayle Spencer
09192020 An intimate hotel with the most glorious vistas. Dining on the balcony of the on-site restaurant La Sponda, lit at night by hundreds of candles, with the many pastel facades of Positano below. The Most Instagrammable Hotels In The World, According To The Fashion Crowd | Vogue
09202020 Victor Osimhen is in line to make his Serie A debut having been included in the Napoli squad for their 2020-21 campaign. The 21-year-old’s goalscoring start to life at the club has caught the attention of the Archbishop of Naples, Crescenzio Sepe, and he hopes to see the Nigerian score more goals. Osimhen named in Napoli squad to face Parma | Goal.com
09212020 Among the most beautiful and evocative aperitifs in Naples, the Bar del Mare di Posillipo. For its location, one of the most evocative locations in the city, Riva Fiorita, one of the places from which to enjoy the majesty of Vesuvius in all its glory. Aperitifs in Naples | Be Boheme
09222020 Marina d’Arechi organizes the IV edition of the Salerno Boat Show from 10th to 18th October 2020. The Exhibitors can make business activities, B2C and B2B meetings and boat test. The new edition includes two exhibition areas berth slot or stand. The Boat Show | Salerno Boat Show
09232020 Pastel houses tumble down to the pretty ports of fishing villages, and the serenity of the Ischia island inspired WH Auden to pen a poem singing its praises. Dozens of natural hot springs and thermal pools offer welcoming wallowing spots. The 15 prettiest islands in Italy | CN Traveller - Condé Nast Traveller
09242020 The places of Caravaggio’s exile had all become significant flash points in the immigration crisis. He’d gone to them because they were ports. Naples bookended Caravaggio’s years of exile, plied with offers and welcomed into the highest Neapolitan artistic circles. In Dark Times, I Sought Out the Turmoil of Caravaggio's Paintings | The New York Times
09252020 Basso Fedele e Figli are based in Campania and have been making oil since 1904. That same dramatically terraced landscape that cascades down the hillsides to the sea and produces superb grapes and lemons, also produces perfect olives. The variety for this oil is Minucciola. Some beatiful olive oils | Quentin Sadler's Wine Page
09262020 It was in Gragnano that some of the first drying rooms were invented. Specifically regarding the drying process - but the rules weren’t strict enough - the Consortium Gragnano Citta della Pasta states that the pasta much be dried from 6 to 40 hours, at from 40 to 80 degrees Celsius. Making Pasta in Gragnano | Elizabeth Minchilli
09272020 The Ischia Questionnaire is a glocal tourism marketing operation, which integrates a vast Content Editorial Plan, designed to present Ischia to foreign tourists, with a concrete international Media Advertising Plan. Together we can truly change the future of Ischia... sorry, Iskiah! ISKIAN™ | iskiah.com
09282020 An impressive mass of tufa gives rise to La Pietra di Tommasone, a company of Lacco Ameno, who for five generations honors the Ischian viticulture. In Ischia, the vineyards are impervious, but Lucia Monti is not scared, she is a veteran of heroic viticulture. Explaining territory. The art of Lucia Monti | Ischia.it
09292020 The movie will deal with Sorrentino’s youth periods in Naples in the 80s. However, if we consider that Maradona played in Naples in those years and was one of the symbols of the city, it is really a question of how this movie would be without Maradona. Maradona, Netflix's Nes Project | Regard News
09302020 A fresh tailoring perspective heading into winter. Gaiola continues its personal evolution in designing wearable and relaxed clothing typical of the Neapolitan roots of its namesake island. Gaiola: Rich tones from the relics of Naples | The Rake

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08012020 Yes, once upon a time at the San Pietro di Positano there were penguins, foxes, toucans, a myna bird, a magpie, parrots. Guests enjoyed the multiethnic bedlam, with inhabitants from the North Pole, Africa and Asia spread out through the gardens. Once upon another time | Il San Pietro di Positano
08022020 Jutted out into the bay of Sorrento is a little restaurant Zi’Ntonio Mare where you can enjoy the authentic seafood perfection. Try the calamari, olive bread, Il pesce San Pietro or homemade pasta with seafood. It’s a true epicurean delight! How to Plan the Perfect Trip to The Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, and Capri | Helene In Between
08032020 Set in old fishermen’s houses forged into the coastline, the Eaudesea Experience Rooms. Separate from the main hotel building, these rooms overlook La Gavitella Beach, where you’ll find a dedicated area for Casa Angelina guests. 20 of the world's best boutique hotels with standalone rooms | Small Luxury Hotels
08042020 Amongst age-old ferns, Saracenic towers, breathtaking views and the enchanting legends of Ulysses and the sirens serving as the perfect background. All of the starting points for these itineraries are easily reachable by Sita buses, the line covering the whole coastal area. Breathtaking trails on the Amalfi Coast | TIPSonNaples
08052020 Tu Vuò Fà L'Americano was written in 1956 by Renato Carosone. The version I’ve chosen here was recorded by Sophia Loren for the significantly worse set-in-Italy film, It Started in Naples (1960). For some reason I like listening to actors-who-sing-but-aren’t-singers. Italy: full of Italians | Marklands
08062020 "Coffee in Italy is not only a drink but it expresses a true culture, an entirely Neapolitan ritual that has given birth to traditions spread everywhere, such as that of caffè sospeso that evokes the sense of hospitality, solidarity and conviviality.” Italy applies to register the culture of Neapolitan espresso coffee on Unesco List | Comunicaffe
08072020 The enduring appeal of Naples as a source of inspiration and as a brand that sells – and sells well – on the world stage. The (pre-pandemic) rise of Gomorrah and Ferrante-related toursconfirm the allure of the dark side of Naples. From the Grand Tour to My Brilliant Friend: how Naples captured our imagination | The Conversation
08082020 Napoli’s blue shirts are a representation of the sea, so important to the city’s history. In addition to the azzurri (blues), the team is also known as I ciucci, which means 'the donkeys' in the local dialect. They were called that after a particularly bad season in the 1920s, but have proudly kept the name! The lowdown on SSC Napoli | FC Barcelona
08092020 Yes. This is Italy. This is Naples and you have to see it before you die. Streets of Naples | Kinga Leftska
08102020 Sit at a café bar for a drink in the Piazzetta or on the terrace of the island’s grande dame. All the Capri hotels are boutique but my favorites belong to the Morgano family and include the “Grand Quisi” as well as Casa Morgano and Scalinatella. Memories Of Capri | Luxury Travel Advisor 
08112020 “Ischia, like most islands, attracts tourists between April and October. But the weather is temperate year-round, and the hot springs are ideal even in the winter months,” says Luca D’Ambra, the president of Federalberghi, a hospitality association for the island of Ischia. Ischia Is More: A New Campaign Promotes Sustainable Tourism To The Island | Forbes
08122020 A glass funicular whisks you up to this hotel-in-the-sky, high above the Amalfi coast resort of Maiori. Along with eagle-eye views of rugged cliffs and glittering sea, this five-star aerie offers many of the facilities of a luxury hotel. Hotel Botanico San Lazzaro | The Telegraph
08132020 On few occasions Gio Ponti’s research on the use of ceramics in architecture have matched so masterfully as in the case of Sorrento’s Parco dei Principi hotel. The 27 motives elaborated by Ponti share the same three-color palette. Mediterranean hotels: timeless classics and overlooked gems from the 1960s | Domus
08142020 Italy emerged as the most popular country thanks to its unrivalled abundance of ancient history, world-class food and 'Instagram-able' beaches found everywhere from Sicily to the Amalfi Coast. Travellers name the ONE place they'd visit in the world if they could go right now - so is your dream location on the list? | Daily Mail News
08152020 Locally, it’s used for both medicine and food thanks to its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. Here this tomato-enriched pulieio pesto dish is a terrific reminder that in Irpinia, food doesn’t just provide sustenance—it’s seen as medicine, a fact that is reinforced by the menthol and balsamic notes of the sauce. Tomato and Wild Mint Pesto | Taste
08162020 Anna enjoyed a meal on a budget in the town of Sorrento. The Amalfi coast certainly isn’t cheap – but it is possible to visit on a budget | The Sun
08172020 Picariello’s Fiano di Avellino '906' is a single vineyard bottling from Summonte, the higher of the two communes where Picariello's grapes come from. The winemaking is very similar to the regular Fiano di Avellino, but the wine is aged longer on the lees and held in bottle for an extended period before release. Ciro Picariello | Oliver McCrum Wines
08182020 “For some of us, Greco is a ‘fake red.’” Try the Pietracupa Greco di Tufo—in my opinion, Italy's finest white wine, year in and out. The Remarkable White Wines Of Campania | Forbes
08192020 A Blue Flag award for Marina di Camerota beach, and a great parking system too. You're in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, right on the Tyrrhenian Sea in the South of Italy. HUB Bring Jupiter to Award Winning Italian Beach | Parking Network
08202020 The mosaic “is the discovery of discoveries,” the subject is Orion, a giant huntsman in Greco-Roman mythology. “This is a rare depiction of the way in which the Romans believed that mortals became Gods, by turning into constellations,” Professor Osanna said. The Latest Project to Preserve Pompeii Reveals New Treasures | The Wall Street Journal
08212020 This intimate, lavish hotel is in its third generation of ownership, La Minervetta is arguably the trendiest place to stay in Sorrento. With a gorgeous private beach and quirky nautical interiors, it's our pick for a joyous getaway in the sunshine. The Italian Summer Edit | Culture Whisper 
08222020 Bar Nilo, home to a shrine to Napoli’s most beloved football player, Diego Maradona. Come for an amusing conversation with the bar’s owner, Bruno, and enjoy a quick jolt of intense Neapolitan caffè while you’re here. Naples Food Map: where and how to eat in Italy’s culinary capital | The Spectator
08232020 From living on the Amalfi Coast, hiking in the Dolomites, chatting with Italians all over the country about love, food and happiness, documenting her years living in Rome or showing the beauty of the dolce vita, these are little films, recipes, interviews and advice. Stories from Italy | Kylie Flavell
08242020 Ferrante’s novels are part of a subgroup of pop culture that compels people to travel. Tour groups like Looking for Lila and Ferrante Fever Naples have popped up across Naples, where the series is set, and travelers report being amazed and delighted by their experiences. Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend doesn’t just compel people to read, but to travel | Vox.com
08252020 The most famous artists of the time were attracted to Naples, not only for the sun and the sweetness of the Gulf but also for its  Greco-Roman remains and the lively climate of Belle Epoque. In fact, in the XIX century the city was one of the most advanced cultural centers in Europe, a modern capital, tolerant of every lifestyle, in short Naples was gay-friendly. The Importance of Being Called Oscar | Grand Hotel Parker's
08262020 The master of neapolitan tailoring Rubinacci has become very well known for their beautifully crafted Saharianas. Worn by the Italian Police in Africa during World War II as a field jacket, it is still highly regarded in the world of menswear. Rubinacci | The Rake
08272020 "Wow! How beautiful is this hotel?" Kitty wrote as she gave fans a tour inside the luxury boutique hotel J.K. Place Capri, which features incredible sea views. The interior design is inspired by the coastline, with white and navy furnishings aiming to bring a nautical, Mediterranean feel. Lady Kitty Spencer's lavish Italian hotel is fit for royalty | HELLO! Magazine
08282020 Spaccanapoli runs in an arrow-straight, east-west trajectory, effectively slicing the old city in two. Many of Naples’ most celebrated sites lie within minutes’ walk of here; it would be easy to lose a day wandering, observing and drinking in the very Neapolitan atmosphere. The best things to do in Naples, from sprawling museums to lively markets | The Telegraph
08292020 Fountains, ponds, streams are scattered everywhere and allow the cultivation of a various array of water-loving plants such as papyrus, lotuses and tropical water lilies. The garden has three tropical greenhouses: the Victoria House, the Orchid House and the Temple of the Sun. La Mortella Garden | Ischia Luxury
08302020 You can find this sweet treat at many spots on the island of Procida, but the one with the best seating and view is in the marina at Bar Gelateria Artigianale Chiaro di Luna. Grab your favorite flavor, sit by the water, and enjoy a peaceful moment. This Island in Italy Is the Next Instagram Hotspot (and It's Still Under the Radar) | PopSugar
08312020 Li Galli (Rudolf Nureyev) Islands, Italy. “Nureyev [who bought this trio of islands southwest of Positano in 1988] had a talent for interior design, decorating the main villa with poetic and artistic feeling and a lot of ceramic tiles.” Oh, the Places I Go! | W Magazine

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JULY 2020


07012020 Chef Ciro Oliva, only 26, is a fourth-generation pizzaiolo working with his father, Antonio, who is still in the pizzeria. One of our favorite innovative pizzas was “The Memory of Sunday” made with tomato, parsley, and creamy clam sauce. It was the best clam pizza we’ve ever had! Concettina ai Tre Santi | The Taste Edit
07022020 There was an apple fritter with whipped cream, popcorn, a small gelato cone, a fruit gelee, cotton candy, and pastries in the form of a peanut, hot dog and french fries. And, a bottle of Dani Maison orange juice to wash it all down. A Meal That Defies Words – Dining at Two-Star Michelin Restaurant Daní Maison in Ischia, Italy | Please the Palate
07032020 Favourite Italian island? Ischia, it beats Capri hands down (but don’t tell anyone that!) An interview: A Dozen Flavours of Gelato with Photographer Lucy Laucht | Lois Avery
07042020 As for her favorite coastal town captured in the collection, photographer Lucy Laucht is most looking forward to returning to Ischia, a tiny volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples. These Striking Photos Capture the Spirit of Summer in Europe | Architectural Digest
07052020 The namesake restaurant of Hotel Lo Scoglio da Tommaso, this family-owned trattoria serves locally inspired Mediterranean fare amid panoramic views of Nerano Bay. The local white wine, called Lacryma Christi, pairs well with most seafood entrées. Lo Scoglio da Tommaso | Travel + Leisure
07062020 Sorrento is a must-visit destination for tourists who want to immerse themselves in the Southern Mediterranean lifestyle. For scenic swimming, take a bus to the Bagni della Regina Giovanna, a natural pool surrounded by ancient Roman ruins. A guide to Sorrento | Wanted in Rome
07072020 The Kingdom of Neptune’s Marine Protected Area simplifies the procedure for the issue of the authorisations, which, for the running boating season, will take place electronically and it facilitates a longer permanence in Ischia and Procida’s waters. Phlegraean Islands, fast-track authorisations and incentives for boaters in the “Kingdom of Neptune” MPA. | Discover Campania
07082020 The opening of our sixth Italian base confirms our commitment to supporting the Campanian economy at the time of reopening of the Italian tourism industry. The official launch of flights from the new Naples base will mean the creation of new direct and indirect jobs locally. Volotea Opened New Base in Naples | Rus Tourism News
07092020 The Irpinia version of raclette is called caciocavallo impiccato, literally, “noose-hung caciocavallo”. Glasses were filled with hearty house wine and everyone took a break from farm chores to enjoy this pastoral merenda moment. Caciocavallo impiccato, my new obsession | Casa Mia Tours
07102020 Your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Meander past orange groves and swaying pines to reach steep seaside towns, go cave diving off the Capri coast and contemplate the silent power of Mt. Vesuvius – all with your trusted travel companion. Naples, Pompeii & the Amalfi Coast | Libreria Pino
07112020 L’Approdo Thalasso and Spa Resort sits on a small sandy cove in the heart of fishing village San Marco di Castellabate. Beach-body diets go out the window at A Casa di Delia, a newly opened restaurant from octogenarian Italian cookery queen Delia Morinelli. 10 best beaches to visit in 2020 | The Independent
07122020 The Italian techno artist grew up in the suburb, where the critically acclaimed Mafia crime drama Gomorrah is set, and this will be her first time playing there. Expect powerful sounds against a striking backdrop. We're streaming Deborah De Luca from Naples' Vele di Scampia district | Mixmag
07132020 Piero Mastroberardino, proprietor, Mastroberardino Winery and Vineyards, Atripalda, current president of Istituto Grandi Marchi, talks about how the association’s members are dealing with the coronavirus situation in their promotional work. Grandi Marchi - Italy’s Best Producers Discuss Their Work | Forbes
07142020 Order the Iskian Negroni, and it will help to fit in with the people of Ischia. Sandy beaches, blue sea and natural thermal is easy to reach by hydrofoils from Naples. Ischia also launched and celebrate the summer season with another new flavour and fresh idea; The Iskian Negroni Ice Pop. New Negroni from Ischia – Stir Not Shake! | King Goya
07152020 "I don't think that you can find any other archaeological site in the world like Baiae,” Barbara Davidde said. “We have to find a way to protect the site.” Musas, an interdisciplinary project to adapt new technologies for underwater sites. Travel - Baiae: A Roman settlement at the bottom of the sea | BBC
07162020 However, the Aceto family have adopted the cable car system which brings baskets of lemons down from the grove to a certain point, which then need to be carried down on shoulder or mule to the town. Salvatore Aceto, Amalfi | Citrus Archive
07172020 Established by Michelin-starred chef Peppe Guida, the school is a tribute to his mother Rosa and designed as an “epicurean retreat” with lush flowers, vegetable garden, industrial kitchen and bed & breakfast for overnight stays. An Epicurean Travel Guide To The Sorrento Coast | Forbes
07182020 If you are heading to Amalfi, Minori, Maiori, or even Positano, I would suggest getting the train to Salerno as there are ferry connections from Salerno to these places. From the station head straight through the main street to the Piazza Concordia. How to Get from Rome to Amalfi | Vegemite Spaghetti
07192020 The Chanel cruise 2021 collection was originally intended to be shown on Capri. Creative director Virginie Viard  traveled there in her mind to create the collection that she calls A Mediterranean Jaunt. Meanwhile, photographer Karim Sadli created the illusion of a Caprese sunset in Chanel’s Paris photo studio. Resort 2021 Chanel | Vogue
07202020 Many large vessels depart from the Port of Naples, from here, and the smaller Port of Pozzuoli small leisure boats and ferries set sail to the nearby islands. Ischia, renowned for its thermal springs, and Procida, while the beautiful island of Capri is visible further south. Earth From Space: Bay of Naples, Italy [Video] | SciTechDaily
07212020 Those wanting all the fancy glitz, glamour and tourist amenities should head to Capri. For true Italian summer living, explore Ischia’s beaches and towering Aragonese castle. Procida is tiny, but worth a day trip. Capri, Sicily and beyond: Which of the hundreds of Italian islands is best for your summer holiday? | The Points Guy
07222020 A visit to the Amalfi Coast needs to be taken slowly, with a only a few quintessential experiences on your to-do list: going on a boat trip, renting one of the colour-coded sunbeds at a lido, and visiting the glamorous island of Capri. Fabulous towns to explore on the Amalfi Coast, and the best things to do there | Telegraph Travel
07232020 Early this morning I heard the distinctive horn blow loud and clear as the first ferry arrived in Amalfi’s port. Ferries are the best way to move around the Amalfi Coast and Travelmar has implemented a large number of safety protocols to make the experience as safe as possible. Amalfi Coast Tourism Restarts | Ciao Amalfi
07242020 The pastries are amazing – cakes, cookies, chocolates, coffees, everything was delicious. Right on the main square next to the big church, definitely stop in to Pansa for a pastry, or an Aperol Spritz. Two Food Favorites on the Amalfi Coast (Italy) | A Well-Seasoned Kitchen
07252020 The mozzarella – the cheese that “speaks” – comes from the Mazzoni area, in the Upper Caserta region. In southern Italy, the battle is fierce between two types of mozzarella: that of Caserta, north of Naples, which is saltier, and that of Paestum, south of Naples, which is often made without any added salt. Lello Massa A’ Muzzarella Mia Parla: Talking Cheese | Culinary Backstreets
07262020 Thanks to its enviable geography between the eastern and western parts of the Mediterranean, Amalfi became politically and economically important. By the ninth century, Amalfi saw its first precipitous rise – a direct result of the increasing strength of its navy – and it has remained prosperous, albeit not as powerful, ever since. The prettiest Amalfi Coast towns to visit | Condè Nast Traveller
07272020 You will be welcomed with open arms into this unique 17th-century convent, nestled in one of the oldest streets of Salerno, still hosting it’s original architectural structure and providing modern services. Enjoy a wonderful stay, comfortable and set with areas for you to meet and mingle with other enthusiastic travelers! Amalfi Coast Itinerary: 3 Days of Awesomeness (2020 Guide) | The Broke Backpacker
07282020 A mouth-watering dessert featuring a dark chocolate sauce, candied fruit, almonds, and amaretti. This dessert is eaten in Maiori during the hottest months of the years – when eggplants are at their best and the occasion of Ferragosto is upon us. Chocolate Eggplant Parmigiana from the Amalfi Coast | La Cucina Italiana
07292020 Unlike previous seasons dominated by American nationals, Capri Palace Jumeirah has been boasting an excellent performance, with most of its solid UHNWI Italian consumers returning, as well as Dutch, French. Swiss etc. Capri Palace Jumeirah reinforces its leading global positioning as one of the top luxury summer resorts | CCP-LUXURY.COM
07302020 We're hedging our bets on the couple returning to the very same spot where they got engaged in September 2019. The businessman Edoardo got down on one knee at sunset at the Le Sirenuse Hotel on the Amalfi Coast. Where will Princess Beatrice honeymoon after shock royal wedding? | HELLO!
07312020 The French brand presence is gently invading the space, designed by Thirtyone, in a continuous dialogue with the “genius loci” of the island, whose typical vegetation becomes a major feature of the project. The temporary Dior boutique is located at Il Riccio restaurant & beach club. Dior Opens Pop-Up Store That Overlooks The Mediterranean Sea | Boca do Lobo

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JUNE 2020


06012020 Set within Ischia’s rocky coastline can only be reached by walking down hundreds of steep steps or via boat from nearby Sant’Angelo. La Scannella has two cold salt-water pools, a heated swimming pool and easy access to the sea – and the protected cove is a perfect place for snorkeling. Ischia Travel Guide: 6 Places You Need To Visit Now | the italy edit
06022020 Many of Europe's parks and gardens were created at the request of the kings, queens, princes and princesses. Some have exceptional qualities or stunning styles that put them on the map for visitors vacationing in Italy. Royal Gardens of Europe: The Royal Palace of Caserta | NEWS18.com
06032020 British designer Vivienne Westwood has launched her latest project, a digital campaign to discover beauty. And within this platform, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (MANN), represents the Belpaese through the lens of Luigi Spina. The National Archaeological Museum represents Italy in Vivienne Westwood’s cultural platform | All About Italy
06042020 Visitors can feasibly use the ancient city of Naples as their base camp and make daily day trips to the region. Alternatively, they can plant themselves in the heart of wine country, in and around towns such as Avellino and Taurasi. The World’s Top 10 Wine Destinations for 2020 | VinePair
06052020 If outdoor activities are more your thing, Irpinia has you covered. The area surrounding the Lago di Laceno has hiking, skiing, and a plethora of other outdoor activities. The area itself also boasts several restaurants that serve typical Irpinian cuisine. Top 10 places to visit in Irpinia | Irpinia Stories
06062020 Italy’s first post-lockdown shindig, will be the annual Ischia Global Film and Music Fest, renamed “Ischia Smart 2020” this year, and set to be held July 12-19 on the island of Ischia off the coast of Naples. Carolina Rosi will serve as president of the upcoming 18th edition, says fest founder and chief Pascal Vicedomini. Italian Summer Film Festivals Are Forging Ahead With Physical Editions | Variety
06072020 The Amalfi Lemon Experience runs a variety of tours and classes.The Aceto family’s limoncello, lemon honey and other products can be bought online and shipped internationally. Among the lemon groves of Amalfi | ft.com
06082020 A pasta guide will allow you to make and order pasta dishes as true Neapolitans do. Pasta made in Gragnano is highly valued, with the most famous brands being Garofalo and Di Martino. Other smaller producers are equally exceptional. Pantry Guide: How to Eat Pasta Like a Neapolitan | Culinary Backstreets
06092020 In the Domus of the Nave Europa the internal garden will be visited with the planting of the married vine, a technique that involves the cultivation of the vine on another tree as a support, used since ancient times and until the end of the 19th century in the Vesuvian territory. House of the Europa Ship | Pompeii - Parco Archeologico
06102020 By carefully examining bones of 113 dogs found here and comparing them with the results of the mosaics, researchers have been able to piece together the identity of the canine guards. “The results of those tests tell us that the direct descendants of the ancient guard dogs are still with us – the Neapolitan Mastiff. 'Most intriguing survivor of Pompeii’ revealed by archaeologist as ‘masterpiece’ unearthed | Daily Express
06112020 The scenic Italian region is known for its vibrant local white varieties and the beautiful black grape Aglianico. The whites are Falanghina, Greco and Fiano, and the black grape variety, Aglianico, is used for the red wine in the much reputed Taurasi DOCG. The wine buff: A taste of captivating Campania | Irish Independent
06122020 The most beautiful, idyllic and quiet island of pastel houses, lovely locals and delicious seafood. Enjoy a long lunch by the water (I’d recommend La Gorgonia) then walk up the hill for a post-card perfect view of Procida’s wonderful colourful buildings. Crystal Oceans & Margherita Pizza | ROAM Magazine
06132020 Da Adolfo the wonderful shabby-chic shack which is the perfect place for a laid-back summer lunch. Super-fresh food such as marinated anchovies, mozzarella di bufala baked on lemon leaves, and grilled catch of the day. A Long Weekend on the Sorrento Peninsula | Issimo
06142020 Bellini Travel founder Emily FitzRoy can tick off many such examples: the time she took over the Amalfi Coast’s Li Galli islands for a client’s 50th birthday, flying in a gospel choir from London – “flying in everything”, she recalls. Gran Turismo | Wish
06152020 Inspired to Eduardo De Filippo works, a delicious Tommaso Cupiello dessert by our Executive Chef Eduardo Estatico at The Macpherson's restaurant. The Britannique Naples, Curio Collection by Hilton | FindGlocal
06162020 The town of Sorrento lies up above the cliffs but along the coastline here there are areas inshore suitable for anchoring. There are limited moorings for yachts within the harbour but for a more peaceful night’s stay you can move along the coast to the northeast and anchor a couple of cables offshore in about 10m of water. Just the Italian job: the quieter side of Sorrento | Yachting Monthly
06172020 Even if you are not staying in Bomerano, where the walk starts, buses regularly run from Amalfi Town and Positano. The peaceful trail takes you past farmed terraces with olive groves and grape. Hiking The Path Of The Gods (Il Sentiero Degli Dei): Amalfi Coast Holidays Soothed The Soul | A girl and her dog on the road
06182020 The Patriarchi project by Feudi di San Gregorio winery focuses on safeguarding the few precious ancient vines (older than 250 years) that still exist in Irpinia. The ultimate wine tourism destination in Campania, Italy | Inside Wine
06192020 Located in the heart of the Taurasi DOCG, Mirabella Eclano encompasses 65 hectares of hillside vineyards, the wine cellar and the luxurious Radici resort. Mastrobetardino top cuvée is “Radici”, a Taurasi Riserva that spends 30 months in oak, then at least 36 months in bottle prior to release. Drink like the Romans - Mastroberardino! | Vintriloquy
06202020 With pizza or anything featuring the ubiquitous red sauce, I chose a terrific big, bold, chewy, smoky wine from Cilento in Campania, southern Italy: De Conciliis, Donnaluna Aglianico, Campania. The Best Wine Pairings for Popular Takeout Dishes | Chowhound
06212020 With its tangles of bougainvillaea cascading over parched rocks, lizards darting between slabs of volcanic tufa and cliffs rearing up over indigo waves, Ischia feels more like a place Odysseus might have visited than a typical Italian holiday destination. Ischia: Italy's island with the best beaches | Condè Nast Traveller
06222020 “Not just dreaming but also booking,"  says Italian tourism consultant. Rome is the first destination–attracting about 90% of interest. Also the Amalfi Coast, Campania and Naples, the Sorrento area and Capri. Italy Hotels: Here Are 6 Safe Most Memorable Stays For Your Italian Trip | Forbes
06232020 Here is a series by Kylie Flavell called "The Dolce Vita Diaries" filmed in Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Having meaningful conversations with locals about the idea of the "Good Life" and makes one think about how we will live our lives Post Corona. The Good Life | Publish0x
06242020 It was an April night in 1966. That night my mother was wearing a small 18-karat gold bell with “Capri” etched on it. Her parents bought it a few years earlier at the jewelry store Alberto e Lina La Campanina. The Story of A Little, Lucky Capri Bell That Gave Me Life | Dream of Italy
06252020 Capri Palace, a 1960s hotel designed in the style of an eighteenth-century Neapolitan palazzo, will be reopened by Jumeirah this week. The property is located on the island of Capri and stands on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Naples, in a quieter region of the island known as Anacapri (“above” Capri). Jumeirah reopens a palace in Capri | Business Traveler
06262020 What happens in Ischia, stays in Ischia. There is always something about a summer holiday, especially a languorous beach vacation, that makes normal societal rules seem superfluous. A restless sort of energy, full of longing, suffuses the air and all three girls on holiday are affected by it. 'My Brilliant Friend' Episode 4 | MEA WorldWide
06272020 Peppered with tales of Jackie Kennedy’s beloved Ravello, the innumerable legendary establishments that have hosted the likes of Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, and John Steinbeck’s Positano, there’s no shortage of the larger-than-life glamour of bygone eras—though on the Amalfi Coast, it never disappeared. First Look: Amalfi Coast by Carlos Souza and Charlene Shorto | Vanity Fair
06282020 More and more European hotels are reopening in the wake of the Covid-19 lockdown. The Regina Isabella will be the first five-star hotel in Ischia to reopen - with some of the luxury hotels on the island not planning to open until 2021. June reopenings set for Ischia, Lausanne, Rome | Travel Daily News International
06292020 An American archaeologist headed straight to the museum’s Farnese Collecction, considered one of the finest collections of Greco-Roman statuary in the world. “Just having the opportunity to be alone in the room with the statues and really take them in was quite special". Museums' treasures endure, but how we see them may change | National Geographic
06302020 Full day tours from the Amalfi Coast to a local, boutique winery. From vine to glass including vineyard and cellar tour, lunch and tasting. Evening pre-dinner wine tasting at a Positano restaurant. Swirl the Glass Wine Experiences | Italy Magazine

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MAY 2020


05012020 While it is no longer possible to buy sfogliatella at the Santa Rosa convent where they were invented (unless you are a guest of the hotel), you can head to Bar Santa Rosa in the morning and enjoy a caffè and sfogliatella. You can also take a box of these delicious pastries to go. A guide to Conca dei Marini | Sauced & Found
05022020 On their trip, Rosito and Longo met producers all over the Campania region. Le Signorine is a cocktail that can be easily prepared at home; it was inspired by an artist from Praiano that they met during their last trip. An Italian Cocktail to Make at Home: Amore Eterno, Inspired by the Amalfi Coast | La Cucina Italiana
05032020 “The scent of lemons and geraniums in the air as well as the beautiful sweet waters of the Amalfi Coast are natural blessings from the gods, given to us mere mortals.” The 13 Stunning Towns That Comprise the Amalfi Coast | Architectural Digest
05042020 This is Italy as we’ve never seen it before. By the sea and on the streets discover an intimate portrait of the Italy that Mario Testino knows and loves. Gathering personal, previously unpublished photographs, this is an ode to Italy’s people, art, food, and fashion. Ciao! | TASCHEN
05052020 The church’s floor, laid over 250 years ago and covered entirely in vivid, hand-painted ceramic tiles. We trod carefully around the narrow, slightly raised walkway that edged the tiles. There was plenty to look at – everything from the un-seductive serpent, to a unicorn, a crocodile and a worried Adam. A day in the sky on the island of Capri | The Phraser
05062020 I added Mt. Vesuvius to the list of volcanoes I’ve conquered. Mount Vesuvius – Hiking the volcano that destroyed Pompeii | Angela Mobile Makeup
05072020 Tom Ripley (Matt Damon) has arrived in Italy and stages a chance encounter with Dickie Greenleaf (Jude Law) who is sunbathing on Bagno Beach (Bagno Antonio, Ischia, Italy). It’s the first lie to be told... Mamma Mia! Top 10 beaches made famous by movies | The Irish Times
05082020 Members of a US Navy band stationed in Italy came together online during the lockdown to perform a classic song in honor of their host nation. This footage shows members including singer Cristiana Rojas of the US Naval Forces Europe-Africa/US Sixth Fleet Band, which is stationed in Naples, playing the Neapolitan song O Sole Mio. US Navy band pays tribute to Italy with traditional Neapolitan tune | ABC news
05092020 Currently we're obsessed with the newly renovated Mezzatore Hotel and Thermal Spa. Located in a 400-year-old watchtower on the volcanic island of Ischia, just north of the Amalfi Coast, its locale is considered the enigmatic kid sister to the island of Capri. Destination Anywhere: A Seaside Retreat on the Island of Ischia | toryburch.com
05102020 The beautiful fishermen village of Sant'Angelo is known for its chic restaurants and boutiques, charming accommodations and sensational views of the sea. It has a relaxing vibe and it’s great for couples or groups that want to have a relaxing stay – in between thermal baths, beaches and yummy food. I recommend staying at either the Miramare Sea Resort or the boutique hotel Casa al Sole. Discovering Ischia: the beautiful Island near Naples | Where To Go In
05112020 Antonio Capaldo considers Greco di Tufo to be more masculine in character and Fiano to be more feminine thanks to its high sugar content and the fact it is rich in primary flavours and floral and fruity notes. Falanghina is also aromatic with more structure. Wine with Leslie Williams: The white grapes of Southern Italy | Irish Examiner
05122020 Vegan menu, inspired by a healthful, seasonal Mediterranean approach.This dish is seriously low in calories but it tricks the stomach into feeling sated, mostly due to the creamy texture of the sauce but maybe also, to an extent, because of that pasta illusion. Dolce Vitality Recipe: Zucchini Spaghetti with Basil Pesto | Sirenuse Journal
05132020 Positano is a seaside town with a mountain heart, which beats strong in the rural district of Nocelle, a mere 1,800 steps up from the coast. Until late in the twentieth century, it could only be reached on foot or muleback, and I still recommend the walk. The Tips of Your "Concierge" | Les Clefs d'Or
05142020 The Royal Casino of Hunt wanted by the Bourbons has a very articulated design, composed by three octagonal bodies. A long wooden pier also connects the Casina Vanvitelliana to the Fusaro lake shore. Cycling Phlegraean fields: the Casina Vanvitelliana eighteenth-century romantic building by Luigi & Carlo Vanvitelli | Rental Bike Italy
05152020 In Cilento, the most beautiful yet relatively undiscovered southern part of the Campania region, a handful of fine producers are raising the bar for wines of local grapes Fiano, Aglianico and Piedirosso. The grey-green Cilento hills begin south of Salerno and stretch down from Paestum to Sapri. Decanter travel guide: Cilento, Italy | Decanter
05162020 A stroll through the picturesque neighborhood of Ischia Ponte became an impromptu’ opportunity for an aperitivo, an aperitif. And since it happened to be one of the early spring weekends, it seemed natural to stop for an artichoke aperitif. Carciofo arrostito, or as they say in Ischia, carciofola arrustuta. Carciofola Arrustuta - Garden Fruit, Ischia (Na) | andiamotrips
05172020 This place is worth the journey to get here. It’s in a remote part on the south side of the island. A hotel, beach club, restaurant and thermal. It’s photogenically the best place on the island. I would suggest to go for the day to the Scannella beach club and have lunch. The Island of Ischia | Lylita's Way
05182020 After looking for a palace with majestic architecture that would double as the Russian winter palace, they settled on the Royal Palace of Caserta. It was used primarily for the exteriors; the formal Italian-style gardens were also an attraction. With 1,200 rooms and a theater, it is considered the largest royal palace in the world. Hulu’s The Great Puts a New Spin on the Historical Drama | Architectural Digest
05192020 The sprawling Royal Palace of Caserta is enormous – the largest palace on Earth in terms of volume. Models were waiting at the top of the Grand Staircase of Honour as guests made their way up. Sumptuous tailoring, an ocean of shades of blue. 7 unforgettable fashion shows in the most exotic locations | Prestige Magazine Thailand
05202020 Wheat here is referred to in vintages, similar to wine, and millers refer to themselves as farmers – less mechanical, more terroir-driven. Provenance is more important than packaging in Gragnano, ensuring pasta is produced according to a set of strict regulations, just as a winemaker follows certain codes in Champagne. Travel - Italy's city that revolutionised pasta | BBC
05212020 Try this restaurant to eat Neapolitan food - in Naples - that a local mom would approve. Umberto Ristorante has a friendly atmosphere, professional service and strict attention to quality. Where to find the best local dishes in Naples | CNN
05222020 Maybe you’ve unknowingly set one of his iconic aerial beach shots as your desktop background. The latest - ITALY, a celebration of Mediterranean vistas inspired by Gray Malin best-selling “La Dolce Vita” photo series. Gray Malin Talk Texas, Italy, and His Iconic Aerial Photography | Houstonia
05232020 Another favourite location for great shots is Praiano, where the view looking across to Positano follows the curves of the landscape – I go late in the day to get the best shot. The Most Beautiful Places Along the Amalfi Coast | CN Traveller
05242020 Verdant gardens breathe romance into every space across the distinguished property built in the 12th century. Fresh Campania cuisine for the win! Villa Cimbrone at Ravello is a dream within a dream. These Are The Most Gorgeous Italy Wedding Venues Out There | Ruffled
05252020 The Catacombs of San Gaudioso are where the city honored deceased worthies by placing their skulls in wall niches atop frescoed bodies that represent civic virtues — justice, valor, piety and so forth. San Gaudioso is now maintained by an ambitious social justice nonprofit that uses tourism dollars to sponsor youth sports and train young volunteers. Discovering the Baroque beauty of a revived Italian city | The Recorder
05262020 Seeing Pompeii was meant to be the highlight of a trip celebrating his 75th birthday and their 30th wedding anniversary. From their condominium’s rooftop, the couple could see Mt. Vesuvius to one side, and the island of Capri to the other. US couple waits 2 1/2 months in lockdown to visit Pompeii | ABC News
05272020 Last week, Italian Transport Minister Paola De Micheli announced the country would be reopening airports, once again allowing interregional and international transfers from June 3. Here's where in Europe you might be able to go on vacation this summer | CNBC
05282020 The most iconic of the Italian islands is the honor of a new book by Jean-Pascal Hesse, with a preface by Brigitte Bardot. An opportunity to (re)discover all the facets of this earthly myth. Capri, l'éternelle: The new book that makes us dream of Italy | Vogue
05292020 Capri is one of them. A rocky island lapped by the crystalline blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Capri is an earthly paradise, floating between sea and sky. Jean-Pascal Hesse – Eternal Capri | Runway Magazines
05302020 Italy’s national borders are expected to reopen on 3 June, when residents from other EU countries will be able to enter the country for leisure travel without having to quarantine. Visitors from countries outside the EU are expected to be able to travel to Italy from 15 June. Capri and the Amalfi Coast: soon better than ever! | Caprionline
05312020 The Ischia Global Film & Music Fest has announced its plans to move forward July 12-19. The fest in Ischia, an island paradise off the coast of Naples, has attracted the attendance of many of Hollywood's biggest names in recent years. First Corona-Era Italian Film Festival Set for Ischia in July | The Hollywood Reporter

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APRIL 2020


04012020 The town of Flumeri lies in the Valley of Ufita, at the back of a hill at 638 meters above sea level and surrounded by two rivers. The area is characterized by a production of high quality biological extra virgin olive monocultivar obtained from Ravece variety, a precious ancient olive cultivar native to the area. Olio Colato Flumeri 2018: The Excellence of the Ravece Olive Cultivar in the Irpinia Hills | The Chosen Table
04022020 Whether it’s about the walnuts from Sorrento, or the ‘Piennolo’ tomatoes from Vesuvius, or the zucchini from San Pasquale, enjoying a slow taste of Campania one season at a time. Slow Food Earth Market – Sorrento Coast | Our Edible Italy
04032020 "An historic goal for the coast of Sorrento, for Campania and the south, but it won't be easy''. The protected marine area of Punta Campanella is a candidate to be included in a list of world excellence of natural parks, the Italian chapter of the International Union of Conservation Nature said. Area Marina Punta Campanella candidate for Green List | ANSAmed
04042020 As Italy approaches one month under lockdown, we’ve seen Italians come together to boost morale through art, food, music. The Teatro di San Carlo di Napoli, the oldest opera house in the world, is streaming operas and ballets through their social channels at 8pm most evenings. How Italy Is Inspiring The World By Coming Together Through Culture | Forbes
04052020 The future for Aglianico looks promising. This ancient grape is the signature red variety in the rugged, beautiful regions of Campania and Basilicata, and wine quality is on a steep upward trajectory. Many leading commentators (Jancis Robinson MW, Ian D'Agata, Piero Mastroberardino, Riccardo Cotarella, Luigi Maffini, Elena Fucci, Antonio Teora, Jack Lewens, Bruno De Conciliis, Marco Giulioli, Andy Howard MW) are strong advocates for Aglianico. Aglianico: the red grape Barolo lovers shouldn't miss | Decanter
04062020 Imagine... A day spent on the glamorous island of Capri complete by exploring the famous Blue Grotto. Color The World With Us, Hotels to Destinations | The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd
04072020 Four legendary Amalfi Coast hotels (Il San Pietro and Le Sirenuse in Positano; Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi; Palazzo Avino up in Ravello) have teamed up to fund Covid-19 vaccine research with perk-loaded stays. Show the amore: Italian hotels unite | How To Spend It
04082020 Fun in the sun: Pierce Brosnan, who stars in the offbeat romcom Love Is All You Need. The movie is set on the Amalfi coast. How to explore the world from home during lockdown with the BBC's Peter White and Pierce Brosnan | Daily Sun Post
04092020 We bet you’ve seen so many postcards and pictures portraying the Gulf of Naples, or even on Facebook or on your smartphone… and sometimes we almost forget there is a small bay down the Posillipo hill. It’s called Bay of Trentaremi and that’s what’s left of a volcanic crater. A dive into the crater of Baia dei Trentaremi | Napoli | The Sooper
04102020 The “purpo” veracious, Boccaccio tells us, was on the Neapolitan tables of 1300, pizza spoke documents of the tenth century and in the “Cunto de li cunti” it was already “pizzella”. The most delicious ragu? It is the one with chocolate and Marsala. From “purpo” veracious to pizza, in Campania cooking is history | Charme
04112020 They put a card on their baskets with Giuseppe Moscati's slogan: "Those who can, put something in, those who can't, help yourself. People out shopping for groceries now stop by our baskets and leave something inside." In Naples, Pandemic 'Solidarity Baskets' Help Feed The Homeless | NPR
04122020 With so many holiday destinations in Europe more or less destroyed by hordes of tourist, Ischia stands out as authentic – like a faithful and genuine Italian Lady located in the Bay of Napoli. The mood and lifestyle here is “Piano, piano, piano”. Ischia of today in three words. Charming Ischia makes comeback with the worst-kept secret | King Goya: The World Travel Magazine
04132020 A gorgeous Mediterranean climate and fertile volcanic soil have cemented the wines of Ischia as firm favorites. One of the best-established wine-producers in Ischia, Tommasone boast over 250 years of company history. Our Guide to the Mouth-Watering Wines of Ischia | The Villa Italy
04142020 Our daily activities consist in monitoring the presence of cetaceans around the island of Ischia (Gulf of Naples, Italy). For this aim we use hydrophones that are underwater microphones that are able to detect sounds around the boat. Join the Ischia Dolphin Project to watch whales and dolphins at sea | Oceanomare Delphis Onlus
04152020 Ischia tallest mountain — the 788 meter Mount Epomeo — isn’t a volcano but rather an inclined block of green tuff. Essentially, what created the island was the vertical push from an underwater magma chamber, which is still active today. What to see in Ischia, Italy's green island | Elle Decor
04162020 Monte Solaro can be hiked for those aerobically inclined, but most tourists choose the available chairlift to whisk them to the top of the 589-meter peak. Looking down from these heights, guests can fully appreciate the rocks and green flora that make Capri one of the most verdant and beautiful natural landscapes in all of Italy. Where to Eat, Drink, Stay and Play in Capri, Italy | Maxim
04172020 Les dernières heures de Pompéi shows what they found and includes reconstructed scenes of the city’s inhabitants’ final moments. For this part the newly uncovered street was reconstructed in a studio in Bulgaria. Italy / A docu-drama about Pompeii | Cmca PriMed
04182020 Ristorante Monte Solaro, at the highest point on the Italian island of Capri, provides this scenic overlook. "Surrounding the restaurant are walking paths and overlooks of the vistas that unfold in every direction. The one that caught my eye was flanked by a statue from the era of the emperor Tiberius." A view from the top of Capri, Italy | Star Tribune
04192020 If the sun-drenched Amalfi coast were reincarnated as a film character, it would be Marge Sherwood (Gwyneth Paltrow). Whether she’s lolling on a sailboat in the Mediterranean or sleuthing down bougainvillea-draped passageways, she nails “Roman Holiday”-chic. 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' leaving Netflix, shop its fashions | New York Post
04202020 Amidst spectacular flora and fauna, take a trek from Serrara Fontana to Mount Epomeo. It’s steep at times but worth the effort since the view from the summit is incredible. At the top you can also find a rock church and hermitage of San Nicola and a restaurant. Ischia, Italy | Hear It From Locals
04212020 Italy-Bound: Georgina Chapman is bringing Marchesa’s embroidered and billowing evening gowns to Salerno. The American brand is restaging the spring 2020 collection presented by appointment during New York Fashion Week. Marchesa to Bring Spring 2020 Collection to Southern Italy | WWD
04222020 Kilometre uses vintage shirts as its canvas to express the meridians and parallels of travel. The shirts take their wearers on a journey down the road least travelled. Procida rather than Capri. Upcycled French 19th Century Dress Shirts | Messy Nessy Chic
04232020 Most people who travel to the Bay of Naples rush to the Godard-famous Capri or the glamorous Ischia and tend to overlook the bay’s smallest but most authentic island, Procida. Refreshingly real, it is home to multicolored houses, dreamy marinas, and secret lemon groves. Tasmania, Procida, and a Paris Suburb: 5 Unexpected Places to Travel This Summer | Vogue
04242020 Casa d’Ambra was established in 1888 and grows the island’s prized Biancolella grapes, used for its Frassitelli label, at 600 meters above sea level on the slopes of Monte Epomeo, the highest point on the thermal island. Casa d’Ambra {Ischia} | the italy edit
04252020 We illuminated the hotel in the colours of the Italian flag to show our support to the rest of the country and act as a beacon of hope for our community. Checking In: Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa, Amalfi Coast, Italy | Suitcase
04262020 Volunteers in 7 different countries to prepare the future activities in Sorrento Coast, coordinated by the Marine Park of Punta Campanella. 17 young people of different nationalities in connection with work platform online. The protection of the environment, linking Europe also during the pandemic. Erasmus of the sea | Spark Chronicles
04272020 Researchers at Pompeii have found that huge mounds of refuse apparently dumped outside the city walls were in fact “staging grounds for cycles of use and reuse”. Professor Allison Emmerson and her colleagues used soil samples to trace the movement of rubish across the city. Pompeii ruins show that the Romans invented recycling | The Guardian
04282020 He’s a fisherman by nature and when the word lockdown came to southern Italy, he took off as fast as his motorcycle would drive him down to the coast of Cilento where he had a little house by the sea. In total isolation, without tv or wifi, he decided to clean the beach. A Beautiful Italian Quarantine Story | Lylita's Way
04292020 A capsule consisting of eight exclusive styles linked to two of the story motifs in the Le Sirenuse Positano Spring Summer 2020 collection – Que Onda! and Lurex.  Made of soft Italian vachetta leather, the sandals reinterpret some of Ancient Greek Sandals’ most iconic styles in the carefree spirit of the collection’s caftans, dresses and easy separates. Le Sirenuse Positano steps out in Ancient Greek Sandals | Le Sirenuse Journal
04302020 Funky, low-key Peter's Beach is my preferred perch, and when I need a break from the sun, the chef whips up a superb spaghetti alle vongole. Come aperitivo time, his wife mixes an exceptionally good Campari Spritz. Sorrento, Italy | The Sorrentine Peninsula | CN Traveller

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MARCH 2020


03012020 In the early part of this first millenia, Vesuvio was home to one of Italy’s largest wine production centers. Villa Augustea, found at the skirt of Mount Somma, was the meeting-place for pagan farmers. Today, the Vesuvio Wine Protection Consortium has almost 114 members, divided between winemakers, winemakers and bottlers. The Wine That Blew Up Pompeii: Ciro Giordano of Cantine Olivella | Grape Collective
03022020 The Card includes one entry to each of the following sites: Archaeological Park of Herculaneum, Virtual Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum, Villa Campolieto, Great Cone of Vesuvius. A Visitor's Guide to Herculaneum | Ancient History Encyclopedia
03032020 In sparsely populated Furore, centuries-old cliffside terraces holding pergola-trained vineyards, lemon trees, olive groves and tiny family farms drop to the sea about 1,500 feet below. The vista is all blue sea and sky. Salty, breezy: Call it air-oir. Air-oir on the Amalfi Coast | Wine Spectator
03042020 Towering over a rocky outcrop connected to the main island of Ischia by a short causeway, Albergo Il Monastero’s melodramatic exterior belies its tranquil interior (blend of Mediterranean minimalism and bold contemporary artwork). Digital detox holidays | Condé Nast Traveller
03052020 Neapolitan have .a variety of favourite places to partake in their daily ritual. But Gambrinus is that grand cafe from a bygone era still showing us that coffee is a multi sensory experience that should be enjoyed in glorious surroundings. Cafe Life on the Amalfi Coast | The Travel Cocktail
03062020 Every piece of 'Il Disinganno' is carved out of marble, including the carefully crafted knots in the draping net wrapped around the large figure of a fisherman. According to the Sansevero Chapel Museum the net symbolizes sin, in order to emphasize the idea of liberation. 18th-Century Sculpture Has a Delicate Net Carved Out of a Single Block of Marble | My Modern Met
03072020 Tip: Never order a cappuccino after lunchtime otherwise prepare for funny looks! (Italians believe that the milk doesn’t mix well with lunch and that is why they don’t have cappuccinos after 1:00!). 5 Cafes that you must try on the Amalfi Coast | Vegemite Spaghetti
03082020 “You chose the riccia, proof of good Neapolitan blood,” she says with approval, passing the sfogliatella across the marble counter. My grandparents would bring over a string-tied box of them fresh from the Bronx. Finding Your Breakfast Home Halfway Across the World | Roads & Kingdoms
03092020 In Campania, Southern Italy, lies the Telesina Valley, abundant in native strains of wine grape, such as Falanghina grapes. It is Sannio’s natural abundance in grapes which led to the founding of the Sannio Wine Consortium in 1999. Sannio Wines, conceived of the DNA of Campania. | Arte Cibo
03102020 Legendary directors including Roberto Rossellini and Federico Fellini adored filming here. From Capri to Ravello and beyond, the Amalfi Coast is home to some of the most iconic scenes shot in the last century. They are uplifting to watch in their own right and if you are planning a trip to the region, these films certainly set the tone! Amalfi Coast Movie List: 10 Movies to Watch | Sauced & Found
03112020 Fralbo is now spearheaded by two brothers, who are inherently driven by the art of shirtmaking which was all started by their grandmother Mrs Anna Barone. Handmade in Naples, their pale blue Egyptian cotton shirt bears all the profound hallmarks of fine shirting, including a spread collar, rounded single-button-cuffs and chevron-stitched mother-of-pearl buttons. Fralbo: Neapolitan shirtmakers of the highest order | The Rake
03122020 Greco, Falanghina, Aglianico, Fiano, Biancollela, Coda di Volpe, Coda di Pecora, Casavecchia, Asprinio, Pallagrello Bianco, Pallagrello Nero, Piedirosso, Pepella, Tintore, Ginestra, Forastera, Caprettone are just some of the grapes associated with the Campania region. Campania Stories 2019: The Best Wines From The Preview Tasting | The Chosen Table
03132020 On October 27, 1895, the Wine Train was inaugurated. It was built to facilitate the wine trade in the Calore Valley and Taurasi benefitted from it. The town’s long winemaking tradition made it the natural home to the first experiment in the Campania Region of a public winegrowers’ cooperative. The wine railway: Antica Hirpinia | DoctorWine
03142020 Ischia Ponte, as this pleasantly askew little harbor town is called, stood in for Mongibello in both screen adaptations of Highsmith’s novel. (Alain Delon and Matt Damon prowled its narrow cobblestone lanes as Ripley in 1960 and 1999, respectively.) How to Do Ischia Ponte, Capri’s Lesser-Known Neighbor | Departures
03152020 Libero Rillo’s point was well taken at a recent Sannio Wine Consortium tasting event, where elegant Aglianico (“alli-yawn-nico”) and Falanghina, an ancient white varietal, brought the table of exquisite food pairings to life and beyond. U.S. could soon taste bounty of Benevento wines | Boston Herald
03162020 The production areas of the agricultural cooperative "La Misenate" are located in the province of Naples, namely in Frattamaggiore, Caivano, Acerra and Marigliano, and in some areas of the province of Caserta. Campania: green asparagus and purple greenhouse asparagus now available | Fresh Plaza
03172020 Rather than the length of time taken to drink the coffee, Neapolitans are interested in the “conviviality” of the pausa (or break). It’s all about having a chat, smiling and relaxing. Company is not essential: you can also take a minute to unwind on your own. Naples’ coffee scene | Grimaldi Mare Nostrum Magazine
03182020 Pietrasalata is an ancient rock immersed in the sea of Naples, it's the place where my diving adventures took place when I was a young boy. It's the powerful and maternal inspiration for my jewels. Although influenced by antique traditional subjects and expressions, Pirolo's jewels are the result of a modern concepts. Pietrasalata gioielli Napoli | Wix.com
03192020 The town’s Ferrata water, high in bicarbonate, contains traces of lithium and can treat depression. Saint Vincent Water, rich with sodium chloride can cure chronic diarrhea and dyspepsia. If you suffer from goiters, osteoporosis, renal infection or atrophic gastritis, then a visit to Castellammare’s Aqua della Madonna water fountain is in order. There's Something in the Water in Naples | Culinary Backstreets
03202020 Fields of wonderful fragrant roses adorned the city of Paestum about two thousand years ago. The crops were used to obtain ointments and perfumes. Today, thanks to archaeobotanical studies, the paestana rose has returned to flourish in the archaeological area. The Roses of Paestum | Emiliano's Pompeii and Herculaneum archaeological tours
03212020 Ultras is the story of Angelo and Sandro friendship, of a faith and a love marked by the last few weeks of a football championship, and the inevitable meeting of both with their own destiny. Teaser Trailer For ‘Ultras’ – Coming To Netflix In March | The Hollywood News
03222020 The project - a multimedia installation on stage at the Museum - was made for the Room of Cradle. The word Carosello cames from the Neapolitan dialect. One of the most interesting parts of this work is the relation that we managed to create between the images and the spaces inside the Room, the connection between matter and sight. Insider: Stefano Gargiulo | Tips on Naples
03232020 'To give designers a platform to communicate their work on a larger scale. We wanted to make the fair in Napoli because it really is the cultural capital of the Mediterranean,' Dardi and Petruccelli say. ‘You have the crossover of so many cultures, but at the same time, you have the character of the south. They are so open, so incredibly welcoming in a very deep sense.’  New Naples fair shines light on independent designers | Wallpaper
03242020 The city of Naples, Italy, is known for a great many things. The Kimbell Art Museum’s current exhibit, Flesh and Blood, aims a spotlight at the artists that this port city in Campania was able to attract during the Renaissance and the Baroque eras.  Neapolitans | Forth Worth Weekly
03252020 The Mastroberardino family achieved this restorative transformation by replanting existing vineyards and purchasing the best land they could find to focus on revitalizing Campania’s three ancient varietals of Fiano, Greco, and Aglianico. Mastroberardino | Winebow
03262020 In Pompeii some of the restaurants were of the ”fast food” variety, where a customer could eat in or purchase a meal ”to go.” Some were even designed in such a way that customers could obtain meals without leaving their wagons, the prototype of ”drive-through” service. Were There Drive-Throughs in Ancient Rome? | Truth or Fiction
03272020 Jean-Luc Godard's film, Contempt (Le Mépris) parallels a tragic love between the screenwriter character in the film and his wife, played by Brigitte Bardot. As this film (1963) evokes the Homer's Odyssey, it draws on rich archetypes, smartly modernized. World and Time perspective | bhakti yoga cave
03282020 Curzio looked like a movie star, he was a dandy, wore bespoke suits and shaved his legs, armpits and even the back of his hands. In Casa Malaparte he conceived a special room, separate from his, for his female lovers. His house is Capri was a sanctuary, open to the sea, surrounded by nature. The House That Curzio Built | Babyshark's Minority Report
03292020 The small town of Taurasi and its DOCG area is the source of Campania’s flagship red. Based on the late-ripening, highly tannic Aglianico grape, these bottlings are notable for their impressive ageability. Ripe black cherry, plum and wild herb flavors, as well as the tarry minerality imparted by the area’s volcanic soils. Naples & Campania | Wine Spectator
03302020 Despite the challenges of Covid-19, Naples is battling on, with citizens supporting each other through the crisis and pulling together to protect the most vulnerable. Life In Lockdown: Lessons For The UK From Italy | Esquire
03312020 Navy officials urged service members and their families in southern Italy to keep calm. NSA Naples commander Capt. Todd Abrahamson said service members and their families should “keep shopping at your normal levels” in the commissary, which was open for business. But he reminded people to maintain “social distancing”. Don’t panic, says Naples-based admiral as Italy shuts down over coronavirus | Stars and Stripes