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01012020 Gragnano’s art of milling and pasta-making manufacturing since the 16th century. The pure spring water of the area and the durum wheat semolina are two essential ingredients that people from Gragnano exploit for the production. Pasta di Gragnano PGI: the city of pasta draws record visitors |
01022020 "We have always had people from different cultures and backgrounds in the city of Naples — and yes, we also have migrants here. We had a Jewish community here too.” The Synagogue of Naples (once backed by members of the Rothschild family) still stands. Neapolitan dream | The Jewish Chronicle
01032020 And the symbol of the slow life is certainly not espresso, which is quick to make and even quicker to drink, but a more relaxed coffee, one that takes time to prepare: the cuccuma (also called a cuccumella), the Neapolitan coffee machine. Cuccuma Caffè: Slow Brew | Culinary Backstreets
01042020 Stunning routes include the Sannio Express between Naples and S. Giuliano del Sannio, taking travellers through the regions of Molise, Abruzzo and Campania. Italy 2020: Year of the Tourist Train | Wanted in Milan
01052020 Each employee knows only a few of the ingredients that they grind before putting them in grain alcohol to macerate. The final addition of a tincture of saffron gives Strega its iridescent glow. The Lure of Italian Liquer | Inspired 55+ Lifestyle Magazine
01062020 Naples in the early 1600s was a bustling metropolis, it lacked a strong visual art style of its own or even a trailblazing painter, but Caravaggio before and Ribera after changed that. Magisterial and Filled With Drama | The Wall Street Journal
01072020 Our flagship flowers are the classic Santa Rosa, a typical dessert of the Amalfi Coast tradition, the lemon delight, the lemon granita, and the Sfusato Amalfitano, a coffee with lemon peel made by placing the Amalfi lemon peel in the cup before pouring yourself an excellent Neapolitan espresso. In addition to being very tasty and original, sfusato is the most effective natural deterrent against headaches! The amalfitano Sfusato from Pasticceria Pansa | Gran Caffe Gambrinus
01082020 Brand Amedeo uses traditional shell carving techniques to create contemporary cameos, and his latest launch might be the most modern of them all. Amedeo Scognamiglio is known for pushing boundaries by introducing images such as rock ‘n’ roll-inspired snakes and skulls to his work, mixing high and low, old and new. Amedeo tips a cap to cameos | The Jewellery Cut
01092020 Designed by Studio Peregalli, this Naples Apartnent does pattern play right. Intricate parquet and mosaic floors distinguish their respective spaces. 10 Rooms That Do Mediterranean Style Right | Architectural Digest
01102020 We took the fast train from Roma to Salerno (top speeds, 280 klm). The Corso Vittorio Emanuele became pedestrian walkways late afternoons, closed to vehicle traffic. No need for a car; between the train and our legs, we had everything we needed. Salerno and the Amalfi Coast | Seeing Southern
01112020 At late-night ‘A Figlia d’o Marenaro we found spaghetti alle vongole, Aperol spritzes, a terrace packed with convivial eaters and the warm night air on our skin put us all in a holiday mood. Sensational pizza was consumed in copious quantities, and obscene amounts of ice cream. From football fever to a secret idyll, is this Italy's perfect family holiday? | The Telegraph
01122020 Campania has two big things going for it: the limestone-rich volcanic soil, which was resistant to the phylloxera that destroyed much of Europe’s viticulture in the late 19th century, and the fact that it was never replanted with international grapes, making it fertile ground for aglianico. 10 Under-the-Radar Places Wine Lovers Need to Visit Now | Esqui
01132020  "I have a blog in which I talk about life in Italy and in Ischia. I want to publish more stories and poems and hopefully write a book." Giovanna Carla Coppola was the first of her large family of Italian Americans to make the decision to move back to Italy, her mother from the island of Ischia, her father from the mainland. Share Your Italian Story: From New York to Ischia | Italy Magazine
01142020 In some places the trail turns into a real canyon with almost vertical walls. But when you reach the top you will be awarded by a very special breathtaking view (and also there is a pub offering beverage :-)), since the top of the Monte Epomeo (789 m) is not typical. It is actually a volcanic reef, part of the crater edge. Italian thermal island Ischia - Some Like It Hot | Business Trip Friend
01152020 In 1992, father Michele Alois and son Massimo turned their attention to wine-making. Their goal was to sustainably grow indigenous grapes, the same ones planted by Bourbon King Ferdinand IV, with a no-expense-spared focus on quality—both in the vineyard and the cellar. 6 Vineyards to Visit in Campania—Italy’s Innovative Wine Region | Observer
01162020 For almost 20 years, Slow Food has sought to protect food products threatened with extinction. Casalbuono beans are the latest product in Cilento to be safeguarded. Originally an alluvial plain, the small village’s terrain is lapped by the crystal waters of the Calore River. Cilento: Home to the Mediterranean Diet | i-Italy
01172020 Irpinia, in the region of Avellino, is known for its olive and olive oil production, due to its ideal terroir: rich, fertile volcanic soil and a cooler climate as a result of proximity to the Apennines mountain range. A Recipe Road Trip Through Campania | Food & Wine
01182020 The volcanic island of Ischia, which sits in the Gulf Of Naples less than 20 miles. Strolling along the docks at the island coastline, where several small vessels were docked and a lady was selling fish. Men In Black spinoff in Italy | Daily Mail
01192020 It has to be cooked for many hours to reach that characteristic solidity and strong taste, it has to “pippiare” how the Neapolitans say. In fact, tradionally the Ragù is prepared during saturday night to be ready for the lunch of Sunday. The Neapolitan Ragù | Interno16HolidayHome
01202020 Hats off for Sabino Loffredo, the owner and winemaker at Pietracupa for his excellent wines! Greco di Tufo from Irpinia, Italy’s forgotten treasure | BKWineMagazine
01212020 Try the Michelin-starred Ristorante La Caravella, where Chef Antonio Dipino creates new spins on local cuisine like squid-stuffed pasta and lemon soufflé. The restaurant also features one of Italy’s most legendary wine lists, a collection that includes rare bottlings and vintages from around the world. Where to Eat and Drink on the Amalfi Coast | Wine Enthusiast
01222020 “During a holiday on Ischia, the two friends meet up with old childhood friend Nino Sarratore once again, who has since become a promising university student. The seemingly casual encounter changes the nature of their bond forever,” according to the HBO synopsis. Second Season of RAI/HBO Elena Ferrante Series ‘My Brilliant Friend’ Unveiled | Variety
01232020 "India?" I nodded. "Not many Indians come to Amalfi Coast, you will like it," said the one with the dark glass and an Italian cap. I said, it is my second visit to Naples, though I have not gone beyond. Postcard from Positano | Millenium Post
01242020 It's hard to pinpoint what makes this island so magical because everything from the smell to the limestone walls to the houses built into the cliffs makes Capri a poet's dream. 10 Facts About The Isle Of Capri | The Travel
01252020 As the January sun sets, just as the days begin to lengthen, Neapolitan men light small bonfires in the dark alleys and decadent piazzas that lurk beyond Via Foria, the ancient boulevard that slices through the town’s Forcella and Rione Sanità quarters. In Naples, A Taste for Fire | Culinary Backstreets
01262020 Approximately 81 footprints from at least five individuals can be seen etched in the solid lava. The Roccamonfina is a stratovolcano with a radius of about six pmiles and is located along the northern Campania coast. Fossilized 'devils trail' along italian volcano was made by Neanderthals | Daily Mail
01272020 Naples has the energy of Marrakech or Bangkok, with the shabby beauty of Havana and the drama of Athens, all held together by a spaghetti jumble of washing-lined tiny streets and lanes. Palermo and Rome are close runners-up but none have Naples’ electricity. Great cities, great food: seven places for a gourmet getaway | The Irish Times
01282020 It was inevitable that the reopening of Mezzatorre would make Ischia the ultimate beach hotspot of the year. In only four months the visionary hotel maven Marie-Louise Scio worked her magic on her latest Italian dream hotel, a turreted beauty on the same estate on the north side of the island. Introducing the Tatler Travel Awards 2020 | Tatler
01292020 With its calming, clear waters and bright blue skies, the boat ride from Naples to the volcanic island of Ischia is the perfect way to arrive and take in the mountain views. Garden & Villas Resort, Ischia | Harper's Bazaar
01302020 The coastline, specifically the Sorrento Peninsula, is striking and attractive. Out at sea lie more significant beauties which are the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida. Travel review: Echoes of the Past along the Amalfi Coast | Bristol.Live
01312020 We’d spent the morning interrogating the owner of the Nettuno company in the village of Cetara and tasted his colatura’s use in a range of different dishes prepared by Pasquale Torrente in his restaurant Al Convento. Meet the Woman Who Brings You the Best Food Italy Has to Offer |