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02012020 In the mountains surrounding Laceno, in the municipality of Bagnoli Irpino, lives at an altitude of one thousand, below ground, far from curious eyes and intrusive steps: the black truffle. Hunting for black gold | Trentaremi
02022020 The ancient name given to the neighborhood by the longobardians during a period of revolution (rivolta) between the local farmers and the feudal landowners. Fattoria La Rivolta is considered among the finest quality-minded estates in the Benevento area in the heart of the D.O.C Taburno of Campania. 2017 Fattoria La Rivolta Greco Taburno Sannio, Campania, Italy | The Wine Consultant
02032020 The best place to enjoy Campania’s fruity, acidic reds and complex, seafood-worthy whites is, of course, the region itself. With the hub of production located around 50 miles east of Naples: Avellino, Taurasi. The World’s Top 10 Wine Destinations for 2020 | VinePair
02042020 Petitto feels that the Campania region produces the best and most interesting wines. “Campania has a larger number of native grapes than any other region in Italy. The only region in Italy with a mixed terrain of both sedimentary and igneous soil – the sedimentary soil from the Apennine Mountains, and the igneous soil from Mt. Vesuvius." Montefalcione Winemaker to Visit Total Wine |
02052020 Ischia (pronounced: ‘Is-kyah) is a densely inhabited volcanic island in the Bay of Naples, on the mid-southwestern coast of Italy, some 30km from the Naples mainland. Scattered all over the island are more than 40 eruptive centers. Over 100 craters and vents have been traced. Volcano News, Discussions, Chat and more | Volcano Hotspot
02062020 Gets its name from that storybook island floating languidly in the Bay of Naples (CA-pri, with the accent on the first syllable). It is the height of simplicity: San Marzano tomatoes, fresh leaves of basil, and a bit of olive oil lightly sprinkled over slices of mozzarella di bufala (buffalo milk cheese). Food of Campania | Rick's Rome
02072020 An extraordinary gift to the city of Naples. Thanks to the support of a collector and a businessman, the Flemish artist has created a permanent installation of four sculptures inspired by Caravaggio’s masterpiece The Seven Works of Mercy. Jan Fabre’s coral sculptures for Pio Monte della Misericordia Chapel in Naples | Domus
02082020 “Thank god we only have the music and no longer the practice,” Bartoli says, returning to the subject of the castrati. In Naples, up to 4,000 boys were castrated each year to service church choirs, from which female voices were banned. Cecilia Bartoli on the sound of the castrati: 'There are these amazing moments where time stands still' |
02092020 Mezzatorre, Ischia, Italy - This old neo-Moorish castellated hotel has been transformed into the chicest haunt in Ischia. On the outside, balconies sprouting tulip-shaped Slim Aarons-inspired umbrellas look out over jungly garden and stone jetties made for sunbathing. Travel special: the 27 coolest places to stay (this year) | Magazine | The Times
02102020 Cenatiempo Vini d’Ischia operates on the site of an old Greek vineyard. During tours of its Kalimera plantation, the family-run organic winery provides guests with a selection of their wines (be sure to try the rosato and gran Tifeo bianco), accompanied by fresh food grown in their gardens. Ischia: Italy's Island Starlet | Virtuoso
02112020 The dark, black-ish soil contains over 230 minerals, notably potassium and phosphorus, which contribute to the resulting wines’ deep minerality and freshness, according to the Vesuvio Wine Consorzio, which oversees quality control. The nutrients have also protected the vines against destructive diseases and parasites. The Volcanic Wines of Vesuvio | The Epoch Times
02122020 When we think of the worst thing Mother Nature could do to us, we are likely to think of Vesuvius. Likewise, Pompeii, the hardest hit of the communities lying at the base of the volcano, is, for many people, the world’s most compelling archeological site. The Terror and the Fascination of Pompeii | The New Yorker
02132020 An eighteenth-century villa between Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, just a few steps from the archaeological excavations of Herculaneum: Villa Signorini Hotel & Events welcomes its guests in elegant style. In the large garden is the AFC member restaurant Le Nuvole. Gluten-free Travel: 7 Beautiful Hotels in Italy | La Cucina Italiana
02142020 Spend hours dipping in the infinity pool that appears to teeter into the horizon, or dine in Monastero Santa Rosa in-house restaurant where big Campania flavours are made with organic produce from the gardens. The 7 Most Romantic Getaways for Valentine’s Day | Prestige Online
02152020 Most of Irpinia’s dry and semi-dry white wines come from eight districts. Greco di Tufo grapes are the dominant grape variety (60 to 100 percent) in most of Irpinia’s dry white wine. South Italy's White Wines of Irpinia | ProWein
02162020 The ancient city of Herculaneum continue to produce spectacular finds. Join experts in the field as they share their latest research from the region including the discovery of rare wood and ivory objects, a "new" buried luxury villa. From the Ashes: New Discoveries from Herculaneum and the Bay of Naples | Getty
02172020 The 17-square-mile volcanic island of Ischia, known for its thermal spas, beaches and rustic cuisine, was a different world 60 years ago for Elena, the narrator of Elena Ferrante’s popular four-book series detailing the lifelong friendship of two women. Ischia, the setting for ‘My Brilliant Friend,’ is also a brilliant choice for a respite | Los Angeles Times
02182020 The first Italian Book&Bed, called Mooks, has opened on top of a bookstore in the Neapolitan quartier of Vomero. The project means to bring over to the Bel Paese the same Japanese concept, but with a Mediterranean twist. Naples has its first book hotel, where you can sleep in a suite surrounded by books | Lonely Planet
02192020 The domus, considered to be among the jewels of the ancient city, was discovered in 1933 with its second floor and decorations almost completely preserved. Restoration work inside Pompeii's House of Lovers – in pictures | The Guardian
02202020 I came for tomatoes - even though it wasn't tomato season.  You see, that is the beauty of these piennolo tomatoes from Vesuvius.  Though harvested in the summer, they are conserved in a special way - on braided twine - they can be consumed well into the spring. Country Rich - Officina Vesuviana, Somma Vesuviana (Na) | andiamotrips
02212020 Emerging from the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Aragonese Castle of Ischia stands magnificently as a veritable fort-city. The third generation of the Mattera family now calls the castle home, offering public access all year round and keeping the castle alive with cultural events. 10 of the Most Incredible Castles around the World | Architectural Digest India
02222020 It may be a little on the costly side, but with its potted palms, polished marble floors and black-and-white photographs of the glitterati who have stayed at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, it’s worth the splurge for a taste of a bygone travel era. Base yourself in Sorrento to explore three of Italy's most romantic and starry islands | Daily Mail
02232020 The Alois winery is known for its straightforward wines. Similar to Gianna’s mission of preserving the integrity of the ingredients we use, Alois is loyal to preserving the identity of the fruit creating fresh wines that are pleasing to the palate. Italian winemaker teams up with Gianna for a special wine lunch | WGNO
02242020 On our way to the dazzling site, we stopped at Masseria Lupata, where Raffaele Barlotti produces the best mozzarella di bufala in town. The Masseria is in an atmospheric spot built in 1670 inside the ancient walls for the King of the Two Sicilies, just 10 meters from Porta Marina, the main gateway on the Paestum seaside. Cilento: Ancient, artisanal and authentic | L'Italoamericano
02252020 Prior to Real Madrid in El Clasico come Napoli, at the fortress that is the Stadio San Paolo - the house that Diego Maradona built and a ground they have never played at before in this competition. Leaving Barça in 1984, the Argentine World Cup winner is a deity to this day in Naples and there will be ubndeniably strong symbolism on show when captain Lionel Messi - his natural successor - takes to the pitch around 21.00 CET/15.00. ET. FC Barcelona Versus Napoli Champions League Preview: Barcelona Team News And Starting Lineup | Forbes
02262020 “Diego left an indelible mark on the history of this city — in terms of both soccer and beyond soccer. The player whose figurine Ferrigno sells the most these days is that of Cristiano Ronaldo. “There are a lot of Juventus fans around here,” Ferrigno said. Among current Napoli players, the best seller is Mertens, the crafty Belgium forward known locally as “Ciro” — the most popular of Neapolitan names. For Napoli Fans, the Team Is a Religion and Maradona Is God | The New York Times
02272020 Surrounding the Golfo di Napoli are ominous sights, smells, and sounds that show the impact of past volcanic events. Here you can see smoky, bubbly, and spitting activity amid a changing landscape pockmarked by numerous craters and thermal vents. How to Experience the Wonder and Fury of Italy’s Most Famous Volcanoes | Fodor's Travel
02282020 Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte hosted French President Emmanuel Macron during Italy-France Summit in Naples on a visit to symbolic places in the historic heart of Naples on Thursday. Italy: Conte hosts Macron in Naples for Italy-France |
02292020 The area contains several steaming fumaroles, craters and thermal springs. Thanks to the area’s volcanic soil, phylloxera grape pests have never affected the vines, which keep growing ungrafted. Spaghetti with clams and Campi Flegrei white is a match made in heaven. Unusual wines, part five: Campi Flegrei, Campania, Italy | imbibe