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MARCH 2020


03012020 In the early part of this first millenia, Vesuvio was home to one of Italy’s largest wine production centers. Villa Augustea, found at the skirt of Mount Somma, was the meeting-place for pagan farmers. Today, the Vesuvio Wine Protection Consortium has almost 114 members, divided between winemakers, winemakers and bottlers. The Wine That Blew Up Pompeii: Ciro Giordano of Cantine Olivella | Grape Collective
03022020 The Card includes one entry to each of the following sites: Archaeological Park of Herculaneum, Virtual Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum, Villa Campolieto, Great Cone of Vesuvius. A Visitor's Guide to Herculaneum | Ancient History Encyclopedia
03032020 In sparsely populated Furore, centuries-old cliffside terraces holding pergola-trained vineyards, lemon trees, olive groves and tiny family farms drop to the sea about 1,500 feet below. The vista is all blue sea and sky. Salty, breezy: Call it air-oir. Air-oir on the Amalfi Coast | Wine Spectator
03042020 Towering over a rocky outcrop connected to the main island of Ischia by a short causeway, Albergo Il Monastero’s melodramatic exterior belies its tranquil interior (blend of Mediterranean minimalism and bold contemporary artwork). Digital detox holidays | Condé Nast Traveller
03052020 Neapolitan have .a variety of favourite places to partake in their daily ritual. But Gambrinus is that grand cafe from a bygone era still showing us that coffee is a multi sensory experience that should be enjoyed in glorious surroundings. Cafe Life on the Amalfi Coast | The Travel Cocktail
03062020 Every piece of 'Il Disinganno' is carved out of marble, including the carefully crafted knots in the draping net wrapped around the large figure of a fisherman. According to the Sansevero Chapel Museum the net symbolizes sin, in order to emphasize the idea of liberation. 18th-Century Sculpture Has a Delicate Net Carved Out of a Single Block of Marble | My Modern Met
03072020 Tip: Never order a cappuccino after lunchtime otherwise prepare for funny looks! (Italians believe that the milk doesn’t mix well with lunch and that is why they don’t have cappuccinos after 1:00!). 5 Cafes that you must try on the Amalfi Coast | Vegemite Spaghetti
03082020 “You chose the riccia, proof of good Neapolitan blood,” she says with approval, passing the sfogliatella across the marble counter. My grandparents would bring over a string-tied box of them fresh from the Bronx. Finding Your Breakfast Home Halfway Across the World | Roads & Kingdoms
03092020 In Campania, Southern Italy, lies the Telesina Valley, abundant in native strains of wine grape, such as Falanghina grapes. It is Sannio’s natural abundance in grapes which led to the founding of the Sannio Wine Consortium in 1999. Sannio Wines, conceived of the DNA of Campania. | Arte Cibo
03102020 Legendary directors including Roberto Rossellini and Federico Fellini adored filming here. From Capri to Ravello and beyond, the Amalfi Coast is home to some of the most iconic scenes shot in the last century. They are uplifting to watch in their own right and if you are planning a trip to the region, these films certainly set the tone! Amalfi Coast Movie List: 10 Movies to Watch | Sauced & Found
03112020 Fralbo is now spearheaded by two brothers, who are inherently driven by the art of shirtmaking which was all started by their grandmother Mrs Anna Barone. Handmade in Naples, their pale blue Egyptian cotton shirt bears all the profound hallmarks of fine shirting, including a spread collar, rounded single-button-cuffs and chevron-stitched mother-of-pearl buttons. Fralbo: Neapolitan shirtmakers of the highest order | The Rake
03122020 Greco, Falanghina, Aglianico, Fiano, Biancollela, Coda di Volpe, Coda di Pecora, Casavecchia, Asprinio, Pallagrello Bianco, Pallagrello Nero, Piedirosso, Pepella, Tintore, Ginestra, Forastera, Caprettone are just some of the grapes associated with the Campania region. Campania Stories 2019: The Best Wines From The Preview Tasting | The Chosen Table
03132020 On October 27, 1895, the Wine Train was inaugurated. It was built to facilitate the wine trade in the Calore Valley and Taurasi benefitted from it. The town’s long winemaking tradition made it the natural home to the first experiment in the Campania Region of a public winegrowers’ cooperative. The wine railway: Antica Hirpinia | DoctorWine
03142020 Ischia Ponte, as this pleasantly askew little harbor town is called, stood in for Mongibello in both screen adaptations of Highsmith’s novel. (Alain Delon and Matt Damon prowled its narrow cobblestone lanes as Ripley in 1960 and 1999, respectively.) How to Do Ischia Ponte, Capri’s Lesser-Known Neighbor | Departures
03152020 Libero Rillo’s point was well taken at a recent Sannio Wine Consortium tasting event, where elegant Aglianico (“alli-yawn-nico”) and Falanghina, an ancient white varietal, brought the table of exquisite food pairings to life and beyond. U.S. could soon taste bounty of Benevento wines | Boston Herald
03162020 The production areas of the agricultural cooperative "La Misenate" are located in the province of Naples, namely in Frattamaggiore, Caivano, Acerra and Marigliano, and in some areas of the province of Caserta. Campania: green asparagus and purple greenhouse asparagus now available | Fresh Plaza
03172020 Rather than the length of time taken to drink the coffee, Neapolitans are interested in the “conviviality” of the pausa (or break). It’s all about having a chat, smiling and relaxing. Company is not essential: you can also take a minute to unwind on your own. Naples’ coffee scene | Grimaldi Mare Nostrum Magazine
03182020 Pietrasalata is an ancient rock immersed in the sea of Naples, it's the place where my diving adventures took place when I was a young boy. It's the powerful and maternal inspiration for my jewels. Although influenced by antique traditional subjects and expressions, Pirolo's jewels are the result of a modern concepts. Pietrasalata gioielli Napoli |
03192020 The town’s Ferrata water, high in bicarbonate, contains traces of lithium and can treat depression. Saint Vincent Water, rich with sodium chloride can cure chronic diarrhea and dyspepsia. If you suffer from goiters, osteoporosis, renal infection or atrophic gastritis, then a visit to Castellammare’s Aqua della Madonna water fountain is in order. There's Something in the Water in Naples | Culinary Backstreets
03202020 Fields of wonderful fragrant roses adorned the city of Paestum about two thousand years ago. The crops were used to obtain ointments and perfumes. Today, thanks to archaeobotanical studies, the paestana rose has returned to flourish in the archaeological area. The Roses of Paestum | Emiliano's Pompeii and Herculaneum archaeological tours
03212020 Ultras is the story of Angelo and Sandro friendship, of a faith and a love marked by the last few weeks of a football championship, and the inevitable meeting of both with their own destiny. Teaser Trailer For ‘Ultras’ – Coming To Netflix In March | The Hollywood News
03222020 The project - a multimedia installation on stage at the Museum - was made for the Room of Cradle. The word Carosello cames from the Neapolitan dialect. One of the most interesting parts of this work is the relation that we managed to create between the images and the spaces inside the Room, the connection between matter and sight. Insider: Stefano Gargiulo | Tips on Naples
03232020 'To give designers a platform to communicate their work on a larger scale. We wanted to make the fair in Napoli because it really is the cultural capital of the Mediterranean,' Dardi and Petruccelli say. ‘You have the crossover of so many cultures, but at the same time, you have the character of the south. They are so open, so incredibly welcoming in a very deep sense.’  New Naples fair shines light on independent designers | Wallpaper
03242020 The city of Naples, Italy, is known for a great many things. The Kimbell Art Museum’s current exhibit, Flesh and Blood, aims a spotlight at the artists that this port city in Campania was able to attract during the Renaissance and the Baroque eras.  Neapolitans | Forth Worth Weekly
03252020 The Mastroberardino family achieved this restorative transformation by replanting existing vineyards and purchasing the best land they could find to focus on revitalizing Campania’s three ancient varietals of Fiano, Greco, and Aglianico. Mastroberardino | Winebow
03262020 In Pompeii some of the restaurants were of the ”fast food” variety, where a customer could eat in or purchase a meal ”to go.” Some were even designed in such a way that customers could obtain meals without leaving their wagons, the prototype of ”drive-through” service. Were There Drive-Throughs in Ancient Rome? | Truth or Fiction
03272020 Jean-Luc Godard's film, Contempt (Le Mépris) parallels a tragic love between the screenwriter character in the film and his wife, played by Brigitte Bardot. As this film (1963) evokes the Homer's Odyssey, it draws on rich archetypes, smartly modernized. World and Time perspective | bhakti yoga cave
03282020 Curzio looked like a movie star, he was a dandy, wore bespoke suits and shaved his legs, armpits and even the back of his hands. In Casa Malaparte he conceived a special room, separate from his, for his female lovers. His house is Capri was a sanctuary, open to the sea, surrounded by nature. The House That Curzio Built | Babyshark's Minority Report
03292020 The small town of Taurasi and its DOCG area is the source of Campania’s flagship red. Based on the late-ripening, highly tannic Aglianico grape, these bottlings are notable for their impressive ageability. Ripe black cherry, plum and wild herb flavors, as well as the tarry minerality imparted by the area’s volcanic soils. Naples & Campania | Wine Spectator
03302020 Despite the challenges of Covid-19, Naples is battling on, with citizens supporting each other through the crisis and pulling together to protect the most vulnerable. Life In Lockdown: Lessons For The UK From Italy | Esquire
03312020 Navy officials urged service members and their families in southern Italy to keep calm. NSA Naples commander Capt. Todd Abrahamson said service members and their families should “keep shopping at your normal levels” in the commissary, which was open for business. But he reminded people to maintain “social distancing”. Don’t panic, says Naples-based admiral as Italy shuts down over coronavirus | Stars and Stripes