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12012013 Naples is the city of coffee. Espresso, ristretto - forget about these: once inside a bar, you'll simply call it caffé. Pay and get your receipt first (each coffee is 90-95 cents), then get your order at the counter. Experienced baristas will quickly serve you an inch of super-concentrated caffeine potion from the best mix of dark-roasted, high-acidity beans. One shot, done. Love it or leave it. Please be careful, some places serve it in a hot cup. Also, if you drink yours without sugar, make sure you ask for it beforehand, as the standard here is sweet. Napoli | Life Love Food
12022013 It wasn’t the last lesson we learned in Naples.  Don’t order a milky coffee after 11am if you want to be taken seriously as a coffee drinker.  And for god’s sake, don’t muck about socialising over your espresso – coffee is a life force, like water, so knock it back and make room for the next person! The Italian Job | Peoples Coffee
12032013 Not content with just creating the world’s most loved pizza, Naples can also lay claim to the cuccumella, a Neapolitan flip coffee pot that led to the invention of the espresso machine. Sip some history at Caffe Gambrinus, which has caffeinated everyone from Oscar Wilde to Mussolini with its namesake espresso and cacao concoction. Espresso | Jetsetter
12042013 So, apart from the real pizza (which in Rome is not bad but hasn’t got the original Neapolitan taste) and apart from a choice of pastries whose quality is definitely unknown in Rome (sfogliatelle, babà, pastiera etc.) where is then the best of the best espressos? It is served in Il Caffè del Professore, 46 piazza Trieste e Trento, in the heart of Naples. There they make their own blend or miscela of a superior quality so they can serve you the best of the best of the best. No tricks. Best Espresso in the World? | Man of Roma
12052013 My cingul’ are pretty good, but they still aren’t what I know they could be. Maybe I need to go to Calitri and find a nonna to give me a lesson. And if I’m going, I will make sure that I’m there for the Cingul’Festival! The Great Cingul’ Experiment | Panini Girl
12062013 We sampled all of Vanulo’s dairy alongside the freshest produce grown on the farm. Crisp butter lettuces and tomatoes just plucked from the garden. Sweet, raw onions like I’d never tasted before. The most sublime ricotta, mozzarella, and yogurt that I had ever tasted, creamy, tangy, and rich. The service (again like something out of a movie), location, and company were magical. This was lunch in Italy. In the middle of the day. "Scraps of memory from Naples and Southern Italy" by R.C. Jennings | Tutta Bella
12072013 I was in Naples the week before last, visiting sites connected with the Roman poet Virgil. As a classical archaeologist and historian, I knew should be taking photos of columns and amphitheatres but my camera kept snapping the amazing graffiti I saw everywhere. On the one hand I feel dismay, that the Italians should so mar their buildings. But on the other hand I admire much of it. I appreciate the beauty of shape, colour and form. Graffiti, Dyslexia & Poetry by Caroline Lawrence | The History Girls
12082013 DigitalGlobe's GeoEye 1 satellite captured this view, looking straight down into the caldera of Italy's snow-covered Mount Vesuvius from a height of 423 miles (681 kilometers), on Feb. 19. The picture is one of DigitalGlobe's top 20 satellite images of 2013. Holiday calendar: Staring down into Mount Vesuvius | NBCNews.com
12092013 For all tourists used to travel to picture-perfect cities the likes of Paris or Venice, Naples is one big nightmare. However, it is because of its authenticity and its personality that Napoli is highly regarded by travellers who prefer to make their journey with the heart and not so much the eyes. Naples is not a place that tries to put on make up or nice clothes to impress visitors, it is a city with a heartbeat, that moves to its frantic (but paused) rythm no matter who’s watching. Naples: The city that doesn’t give a f*ck about you | Traveltooth
12102013 Walk along Via Vergini in one of the most frenetic districts in Naples and look for the amazing Palazzo dello Spagnolo. This historical palace was built in 1738 and the beautiful staircase is a gem of Neapolitan baroque. Just outside of the building there is a 24x7 street market that will blow you away. Pure colors and great energy! The Neapolitan baroque and its hidden gems: Palazzo dello Spagnolo | Afar
12112013 We finally made it to Scaturchio to try the fabled pastiera. We didn’t even know what this was, only that Dominic called it a religious experience. We weren’t sure how exactly we were going to eat it, so we just carried it around in its box for awhile. We visited the nearby Gesù Nuovo, which is very austere and fortress-like on the outside but baroque on the inside. Across the street is Santa Chiara. At this point, our curiosity was getting the better of us. What exactly was this heavenly pastry we were carrying around? We located a shady spot on a wall outside Santa Chiara, fashioned a knife out of part of the box, and began to dig in. Culture, cuisine, cliffs and coastlines: 12 days in Campania | onelittleworld.com
12122013 In Naples and in Campania they prepare as many as eight Christmas sweets; some used to be made by the nuns of the convents and still bear their names. So Paste Reali of San Gregorio Armeno, the sugary treats of Divino Amore, the spicy and soft biscuits of Sapienza, born in the hands of the nuns, have all now become part of the baking tradition of the city. In addition, there are sweets whose origins lie around the Mediterranean, such as Struffoli from the East, Marzipan from the Arabs, and Mostaccioli which here is combined with the drink of the Aztecs: chocolate. Sweet Christmas | Campania Artecard
12132013 In The Great Beauty (La Grande Bellezza), director Paolo Sorrentino’s corrosive satire of Berlusconi-era Rome, out this month, Toni Servillo portrays Jep Gambardella, a dissipated journalist who is elegantly sliding into an existential crisis. Jep is symbolic of modern Italy itself in the film. Servillo, 54, a native of the city of Afragola, is often compared to Marcello Mastroianni, who appeared in six of Fellini’s films, and he is poised to become the only Italian leading man since Mastroianni to ascend to international stardom. Fellini’s Ghost | Vanity Fair
12142013 Francesco Scognamiglio reopens its historic Neapolitan studio and celebrates his hometown with an evening event and with three dresses created for the occasion. Tribute to Napoli | Vogue Italia
12152013 DSquared Milestones: 1996 Runway debut of the beloved "Napoli" collection, inspired by the Neapolitan roots of their father. Dean and Dan Caten | Fashion Television
12162013  The soft shoulder and trimmer jackets paired with slim trousers is the new shape and official tone that the global consumer is demanding. Trending new heights throughout the collection, Neapolitan luxury menswear brand Cesare Attolini, intrinsically keeps its finger on the pulse by adding an approachable ease as well as a rich fabric playfulness -showcasing a clear  understanding of both elegant and effortless style. The Capitalist Touch: Luxury Menswear Renders Business and Comfort: Cesare Attolini | Forbes
12172013 Montepertuso – the “hole in the mountain” – is a bracing, uphill hike from Positano, a good way to work up an appetite for lunch at the excellent Donna Rosa. I last ate there in spring, at a table at the front of the handsome restaurant: there were no porcini, of course, but there were some of the fattest, sweetest mussels I have ever eaten, cooked simply in garlic and white wine, and the first really ripe tomatoes of the season: roughly chopped, anointed with peppery olive oil and piled on bruschetta. Simple, but fabulous. Duchesses of Amalfi | How To Spend It
12182013 The locations chosen for the shoot in Capri were well-considered: the ancient Villa Fersen for the shots of underwear; the bathing establishment "La canzone del mare" for swimwear shots; "I Giardini di Augusto" for the panoramic views and the harbour of Capri for the shots on the boats. However, the island's natural light gave the shoot an unexpected help. The Summer Fashion Dream 'Made in Italy' Continues | Hasselblad Bulletin
12192013 Located in the heart of Capri, the Grand Hotel Quisisana is synonymous with island glitz, having attracted an exclusive crowd since opening in 1860. Originally built in 1845 as a sanatorium (Quisisana means ‘here one heals’), the hotel is steeped in history. The sun-drenched bedrooms are a study in understated elegance, with mostly white walls, floors and furnishings emphasizing the blue ocean views. Dine at acclaimed restaurant RendezVouz, with an entrance directly on the glamorous Via Camerelle, or under the canopy of the charming Quisi restaurant, both offering Italian-inspired cuisine and an excellent wine list. Grand Hotel Quisisana | The Leading Hotels of the World
12202013 The area around La Mandra is a great place to take a walk and there is much to see along the way. One suggested route you could take would be to walk from the castle in Ischia Ponte, along the coastal path towards Ischia Porto. With the castle behind you, walk through the main town area with its shops, bars and restaurants and head straight on up the slope to the top of the town where you see a road that leads right, towards the sea. Good morning Ischia! | Ischia Review's
12212013 The pasta alla Genovese is a typical Neapolitan dish made with onions (which must not be fresh, but "ripe") and usually "poor" meat cuts.There's a mystery about the origin of the name. Some speak of Genoese pub keepers of the harbor district that used to prepare meat with onions, to which Neapolitans would then add pasta. Another theory says that a Monzù (=great chef) from Geneve (not from Genoa therefore) introduced a variant of soupe d'oignons at Court or in some aristocratic mansion; still another tradition is that the recipe was invented by an innkeeper called 'o Genovese because of his stinginess. Pasta alla Genovese | Italian Heritage
12222013 Lina Sastri is a hot, throaty singer who reinterprets Neapolitan songs. Go get her album Maruzzella and play it out the window as you sit outside - at dusk, drinking wine - with a lover. Lina is singing for me today because my husband and I were once stationed in Naples. I’m remembering my man in our favorite local restaurant, the one where they no longer bothered to bring us the menu. Memorial Day | You, madam, are no Sei Shonagon
12232013 After that I went to Naples/Pompeii and I had eaten a whole octopus in a restaurant by the coast ...hence the octopus in the background :) From Florence to Pompeii | They Draw and Travel
12242013 The presence of walnut trees, for centuries, characterised the hilly Sorrentine landscape and at one time was the one of the few produce the farmers from mountain areas could rely on during the winter months. The characteristics that distinguish the walnut of Sorrento are the scarcity of oiliness, the strong taste and the ease of extracting the nut kernel from the husk. Of variable dimensions, but generally medium-small, it has an oval or round form; light brown shell and kernel; delicate aroma and a pleasantly bitter taste. Walnuts of Sorrento | Sorrento Dreaming
12252013 In Naples and in Campania they prepare as many as eight Christmas sweets; some used to be made by the nuns of the convents and still bear their names. So Paste Reali of San Gregorio Armeno, the sugary treats of Divino Amore, the spicy and soft biscuits of Sapienza, born in the hands of the nuns, have all now become part of the baking tradition of the city. In addition, there are sweets whose origins lie around the Mediterranean, such as Struffoli from the East, Marzipan from the Arabs, and Mostaccioli which here is combined with the drink of the Aztecs: chocolate. Sweet Christmas | Campania Artecard
12262013 Caruso, for Enrico Caruso (Naples 1873-1921), an Italian tenor who sang to great acclaim at the major opera houses of Europe and the Americas and appeared in a wide variety of roles from the Italian and French repertoires that ranged from the lyric to the dramatic. Beatles Legend John Lennon Among Those Honored with Mercury Craters | NASA
12272013 For lunch I was invited to have pizza with representatives of Rago from Battipaglia, one of the regions leading salad growing companies. They showed me their facility which was very professional and impressive. It reminded me how far the food industry has come compared to the artisan processes the region is famous for and which are now making a comeback as part of the slow food revolution. Exploration of Campanias finest produce | wearethesauce
12282013 The nymphaeum, of the Julius-Claudius age (50-55 B.C.), is one of the most representative of the genre and the best preserved in the whole Campania region. It is similar to those belonging to luxurious villas, consecrated to otium by the roman emperors all over the gulf of Naples, the villa to which the nymphaeum belongs is situated facing the isle of Capri, between Capo Massa and Punta Campanella. The extraordinariness of the nymphaeum is given both by the great scenographic articulation of its architectural structure and also by the fully mosaic dressed wall decorations. Nymphaeum of the Villa di Pipiano | massalubrense.it
12292013 Located high above the coast in Ravello, lovely Trattoria da Lorenzo will knock your socks off! We sat on the terrace admiring the view all around and dining al fresco. The simple family-run establishment will make you feel like you’re part of their extended family within minutes of walking in the door. Da Lorenzo specializes in seafood and their antipasti list is quite impressive! If you’re having a hard time choosing, do as we did and let the kitchen send you wave after wave of whatever delicacies they deem necessary for you to taste. La Dolce Vita: 9 things to do on the Amalfi Coast | Will Travel for Food
12302013 What a beautiful day to have a hike on the path of the gods before New Year! December on the Path of the Gods | Zia Lucy
12312013 In Corricella, even the restaurants remain true to the village’s character, serving an almost exclusively seafood menu – usually from fish brought right from the boats. Look for pezzogna, a sea bream common in this part of the Mediterranean, at dockside spots like Caracale’. Idyllic island life off the coast of Italy | BBC Travel

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11012013 In its heyday, the Classical Roman city of Baia was the hedonist Las Vegas of the time, but now its remains are partying beneath the waves. A prominent resort city for centuries, Baia catered to the recreational whims of the rich and powerful among the Roman elite. Today the ancient remains of Baia can be visited in one of the world's few underwater archeological parks. The Sunken City of Baia | Atlas Obscura
11022013 Everything, down to the plants growing at the widely visited excavation and preservation site are authentic to Pompeii as it was 2000 years ago because of the ash that encased the city. Casts created from some of the victims are on display and offer a striking view of death. The preserved and stone-like deceased offer a vivid and tangible look at the circumstances engulfing them. Each seems frozen in time, retaining their expressions and poses. Pompeii’s Preserved Perfection | 303 Magazine
11032013 “The Treasure of Naples”, displayed outside the southern Italian city for the first time, boasts among other things a diamond, ruby and emerald-encrusted bishop’s Mitre and a large necklace made up of jewel-studded crosses dating back to 1679. The collection “is of incalculable worth, both historically and artistically, greater than that of the British crown jewels or the Russian imperial crown. Italy unveils treasure ‘worth more than British crown jewels’ | Gulf News
11042013 Imagine a magnificent historic Italian city, in the shadow of a spectacular mountain, stretched along a blissful shoreline, with fantastic food – yet unpopulated by tourists. Impossible, right? Wrong. Thanks to its edgy reputation (no longer justifiable), Naples gets oddly few visitors. Yet, it’s not only lovely, it’s one of the safest cities in Europe. Go now, before everyone else wises up. Instant Escapes: Naples for novices | Sunday Times
11052013 Ancient buildings, the voices of the fishermen, the streets that intersect, revealing secrets and surprises. An imposing landscape, the majestic scenery of the mountain, on the side more rocky and the Mediterranean flora falling headlong out of coves that are chests of pure water, while the sun's rays are reflected in a crystal stone on the island of Ischia, offering an unforgettable sight. A Magical Island | Express Yourself
11062013 The name falanghina comes from the same Latin origin as phalanx, or phalanges - referring to the poles used to train the vines - then and now. Using this Nicola Venditti regional grape that thrives in the volcanic hills surrounding Napoli, Antica Masseria Venditti produces complex and refreshing unoaked wine. This falanghina is a fresh, clean and vibrant wine with beautiful fruits of fresh pineapple, green apple and creamy lemon leading to a long finish. Venditti Falanghina | The Natural Wine Company
11072013 Terminio Mount is a impressive, chalky top located nearby Montella and Volturata Irpinia municipalities. Differently from other Campania tops, the Terminio Mount one is the only having a spontaneous vegetation over 1700m Once reached the top, about an altitude of 1786m, Mount Terminio shows a spectacular and panoramic view at 360° between Tirreno Sea and campanian Appenines. Terminio Mount | Avellino Travel
11082013 How are you adapting to life in Naples? It is an incredible place to work and because of the job we have had to do, it has taken time to get to see some of the ‘other’ Napoli, beyond the crazy football city. I visited Pompeii last week when my family came over to visit which was amazing, as any visitor to the ancient City in the shadow of Vesuvius will tell you. Since I last wrote, I have also paid a visit to Reggia di Caserta and the Teatro di San Carlos, next to the central Piazza del Plebiscito here. Another incredible experience at an auditorium where there has been such an incredible history of Italian opera. To any of you unfamiliar with Napoli, I recommend you get organised for a visit. The Rafael Benitez column | The Independent
11092013 The island at night lights has a magic square, I sipped an aperitif in the Bar Tiberio in the middle of the famous Piazzetta doing my favorite activity, watch the world stroll! How many characters, from the most bizarre to hyper-accessorized woman Capri is a luxurious and shiny place! A glamorous week-end in Capri | Fashion Noodles
11102013 My home is at the top of Anacapri. It was built in 1378 by monks of the Certosa di San Giacomo and has my favourite view on the whole island, which is the one from my terrace. In the mornings, I leave early to walk one of the many paths. Capri is full of walks – once you know the place well, you can go day after day and not repeat the same route. The one I like best is La Migliera – it’s fairly well known and winds up and around the mountain at Anacapri. And then there’s a path that goes from the Piazzetta to the Arco Naturale and then on to the Villa Jovis. Peninsular pleasures | How To Spend It, Financial Times
11112013 The historical vesuvian villa, which was the home of Joachim Murat’s grandson, is one of the most important buildings of the eighteenth century in the Vesuvian Area. The park restoration completes the renovation of the historical path which goes from the center of the city to Villa Bruno. The executive project of restoration included: restoration and reconstruction of the central fountain, green system with arrangement of paths and fences; park lighting system, irrigation system, outdoor theater. Restoration of Villa Vannucchi - San Giorgio a Cremano | saabarchitettura.com
11122013 Italy is on the boundary between two of these tectonic plates - the African and the Eurasian.  As you can see, the floor of the Adriatic Sea is African plate and it's subducting beneath Italy. This subduction generates magma which feeds volcanoes in an arc from Sicily up to Vesuvius (in detail, this is far more complex - a slab has actually detached from the subducting plate creating a window which makes the geochemistry of the magma erupting from Vesuvius a bit different from other Italian volcanoes). While the Vesuvius region has been volcanic for at least half a million year, the mountain of Vesuvius began forming around 25,000 years ago. Vesuvius - Part III | Hudson Valley Geologist
11132013 This was the view out the International Space Station’s cupola on Jan. 1, 2013, around 09:37 UTC, looking nearly straight down the gullet of Italy’s Mt. Vesuvius. I have to admit, the ISS photo makes it clear how incredibly beautiful that area is and how wonderful it must be to live there. And, not to coin a cliché, I’ll admit: I’d love to visit, but I’d certainly not want to live there. A Sleeping Giant | Slate.com
11142013 There was a local Aminaean grape varietal grown on Mt. Vesuvius whose wine was sometimes called Pompeiana, coming from the rich volcanic slopes of Vesuvius. This wine grown even on the fateful mountain just above Pompeii was a great source of local income until AD 79 when all the liquid assets went up in smoke like everything else in the vicinity. Prior to the cataclysmic volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, vintners of Pompeiana, like their modern counterparts, could obtain bank loans on the future strength of an upcoming vintage if Roman banking practices are any indication. Wine in Antiquity: In Praise of Old Roman Wine | Philolog
11152013 The 2009 Terredora DiPaolo is bottled under the Irpinia DOC, which is located in central Campania near the town of Avellino, home of our old friend Fiano di Avellino. In the glass, the wine was a medium lemon-gold color with a moderately open nose of pineapple, pear and a little peach. On the palate, the wine was medium bodied with medium acidity. There were flavors of creamy pear and ripe apple with a very ripe pineapple/tropical fruit character to them. The texture in the mouth was pretty creamy and the acidity was definitely muted. Falanghina - Irpinia, Campania, Italy | Fringe Wine
11162013 Most of the wines came from Campania, which has a range of aglianico appellations. Taurasi is the most famous and prestigious, perhaps rightfully so — three of our top four wines were Taurasis. Our No. 1 wine was the 2008 Macchia dei Goti Taurasi from Antonio Caggiano, beautifully balanced and lovely to drink right now but with the potential to age. Aglianico Emerges From the Bottom of Italy’s Boot | The New York Times
11172013 The dish begins with homemade ravioli that the family prepares using durum wheat flour, eggs and water. A little lemon and lime peel from the gardens of Massa Lubrense are added to give flavor, aroma, and color to the dough. The filling is made with a leggera, light, sheep milk ricotta from Agerola, Parmiggiano Reggiano, buffalo mozzarella, and a touch of lemon. After the ravioli is cooked, it is tossed with a simple summer sauce of clams and lightly fried zucchini. De Gregorio serves it with a touch of lemon peel grated on top. Lo Stuzzichino, Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi (Na) | andiamotrips
11182013 A line forms for rubdowns as jazz piano tinkles out of the speakers. Some of the best buffalo mozzarella in the world starts with in-stable VIP treatment. Ducky, Sweety and Lady lumber toward the sound system, attracted to the smooth Keith Jarrett licks at the exclusive Tenuta Vannulo dairy in southern Italy. Top Italian cheese-maker gives VIP treatment to its animals | The Japan Times
11192013 The clip, a little under two minutes, begins with an ominous voiceover and a shot of ash slowly drifting down through the air. It then pans out to show a field of ash-covered bodies. But for "Game of Thrones" fans, the most exciting part of the trailer is in the final 40 seconds, when Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on the HBO series, appears in gladiator gear. 'Pompeii' trailer revealed: Kit Harington's race against Vesuvius | NYDailyNews.com
11202013 In October 1971, the band set up their gear in the middle of the Ampitheatre of Pompeii and blasted three songs out into the antiquity surrounding them: “Echoes,” “A Saucerful of Secrets,” and “One of These Days.” They played not to a live audience, but to an array of studio-quality recording equipment designed to faithfully capture every layer of their sound for theatrical reproduction. You can see and hear all the then-highest-of-the-high-tech musical equipment used to produce then-thoroughly modern rock music in this nearly alien-looking geometric setting of time-worn stone and encroaching grass in Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii, now free to watch on YouTube. Watch Pink Floyd Play Live in the Ruins of Pompeii (1972) | Open Culture
11212013 A meeting point for artisans, artists, architects, operators and cultural institutions already operating in the urban reality of Naples, who is always able to steer the project to the maturation of the human potential in its limitless expressions. Made in Cloister chooses to emphasize the protection and especially the artisan culture of innovation. Crowdfunding on Kickstarter | Made in Cloister
11222013 Foja is a young Napolitan band that plays like folk-country rock or Neapolitan folk music. They just created their recent album that I produced for them. The leader, Dario Sansone, was one of the assistant directors of L’Arte della Felicità, so this film is really a production of very creative people from Napoli. When I look at my city, Napoli , from afar, I surrender just for a moment to its beauty. The battles and anger, discomfort or injustice have nothing to do with the beauty of a city. Antonio Fresa’s Ode to Napoli | Wall Street International Magazine
11232013 In the beginning scene of Questi fantasmi Sofia Loren shows the secrets of Neapolitan coffee-making. Neapolitan coffee-making | ItalyHeritage
11242013 To accompany the fine fish, Procida has one of the most unique dishes I have ever tasted. Lemon salad. Yes, you hear me right, but not just any lemon. The Procida lemons are called “limoni pane” or bread lemons because of their abundant pith. They are also sweeter than a regular lemon. Procida: Picture Perfect | Napoli Unplugged
11252013 As I gazed over the cliff from the driver seat of my Citroen car I could feel the breeze pulling my hair and smell the salty sea air through the open window. Amalfi Coast may have been a challenge, but it certainly was a challenge I was glad I accepted. Save Big Dollars With Car Leasing In Europe | Travel with Bender
11262013 Honestly, I think Positano has always felt like home. I've always felt comfortable here and I think having been around since I was little, having childhood memories here helps. Although I have never stopped thinking of England as home either, I love going back to visit and actually dream about living there again one day! I dream about returning to England one day | The Local Italy
11272013 These "pretty" islands in the Gulf of Naples scored highest for their scenery and atmosphere. Our readers call them "hidden gems" that are "still very old-style Italian." "Not the glitz and glamor of Capri," says one, "but many more activities are available." "The hot springs are great," and our readers found "much better beaches than Capri." Top 10 Islands in Europe - Ischia and the Phlegraean Islands | Conde Nast Traveler
11282013 Island Secrets: Welcome to possibly the most relaxing spot on Ischia, Albergo San Montano. Albergo San Montano, Ischia | The Travel Channel
11282013 In Sorrento I savoured the Neapolitan rhythm. By now, I had seen more beauty than I could have imagined and I had fallen in love every day. "Torna a Surriento" is a Neapolitan song said to have been composed in 1902 by Ernesto De Curtis to words by his brother, Giambattista. The song has since become wildly popular, and has been sung by performers as diverse as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, and Luciano Pavarotti. Eat. Love. Eat. | Panoram Italia Magazine
11292013 The world's most beautiful city, the most inspiring cultural treasures, and magnificent scenery. Nowhere else in the world will you find a bigger concentration of beauty. Then there's the perfect naturalist painting that is the Amalfi Coast. Most Beatiful Countries In The World | UCityGuides.com
11302013 Filmed over the course of a week on the Amalfi Coast (all of which Hopper documented in pictures), the cast originally included three women to play Hepburn - their mouth, eyes and body to be fused by the wonders of CGI to bring a 1953 version of her to life - but the final cut only includes two: Jenny Ishammar and Lou-Helene Barbry. Audrey Hepburn’s Dream Man | Vogue

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10012013 Our roving New York contributor, Robyn Lea went on a sojourn to the isle of Capri to shoot a stunning villa frequented by the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z (shh… don’t tell them we told you!)… Capri the land of milk and honey | Est magazine
10022013 We’re on our way: Beyonce and Jay-Z make their way to Blue Grotto, a popular tourist destination on the island of Capri, on Friday. Beyonce and Jay-Z trade their luxury yacht for a humble rowing boat as they set off for Capri | BBB-News
10032013 The love of the sea is a family passion. Since the 1950's Cassiopea has been renting boats, offering excursions, and providing transfers from the beach of Positano to a treasure trove of the most enchanting locations along the Amalfi Coast, the Sorrentine Peninsula, and the bay of Naples. Cassiopea is located in the beautiful town of Positano, on the main beach, "Spiaggia Grande". Just look out for our distinctive orange umbrella. About Us & Positano | Cassiopea
10042013 Vietri sul Mare ("Vietri on the Sea") is a popular tourist destination because it is a convenient place to start the Amalfi Coast drive. This town it is the last or first town on the Amalfi Coast and inhabitants like to call it “The First Pearl of the Amalfi,” claiming that the Amalfi begins at Vietri, which is just west of Salerno. Pictures of the day | L'Italo-Americano Newspaper
10052013 Little did I know, however, that nearly fifteen years later, those memories of poignant Pompeii, the astonishingly stunning Amalfi Coast and the beautiful, edgy chaos of Naples would provide the backdrop for another very special story; my first self-published short story. After writing fiction for an audience of one (me) for most of my life I decided to make 2013 the year I self-publish a collection of fictional short stories inspired by travel. See the Amalfi Coast: A Short Story (free download) | Travelettes
10062013 Getting to our hotel was epic (hotels on streets called Sopramontagna (over the mountain) should be avoided by cyclists, but the centre of the town of Capri is in the middle of the island, and that means on a high saddle between the two sides. The centre of town itself had "streets" so narrow that they only allow pedestrians or special narrow electric cars along them. The police even want cyclists to walk through the centre of the town. Kate and Greg bike from Rome to Naples and South. | Orthogonal Endeavours Ltd.
10072013 We quickly fell into a vacation routine. During the day, we would hike down the cliffs to a beach club (either Da Luigi or La Fontelina), where you can rent a chair and umbrella for the day. Here's a photo of Da Luigi. How gorgeous is that?! Vacation photos: Capri | A Cup of Jo
10082013 The cliff-top pool views are hard to beat in Capri, Italy. World's Best Islands | Travel + Leisure
10092013 Toni Servillo, who was born in Naples in 1959, has forgone Rome and Hollywood to live in the gritty Neapolitan suburb of Caserta, where he runs a theater company called Teatri Uniti, which, over the years, has served as an incubator for some of the best actors on the national stage. The Chicago Sun-Times called Servillo a “sublime leading actor and director,” and the Chicago Tribune described him as an “extraordinary actor” and a “cross between Beckett, Chaplin, and Peter Sellers.” Servillo is said to be the quintessential Neapolitan. And some even believe that this geography accounts for his charm and theatrical talents. The Italian Idol | Newsweek
10102013 I adored the beautiful gallery in Naples with its 19th century architecture but it was an added bonus an elegant man decided to read the newspaper in front of a beautiful detail. Travel Means People | Carla Loves Photography
10112013 Layer upon layer of history… Napoli – Italy | Tales and Travels of the Tin Man
10122013 Teatro di San Carlo, Naples. Beauty and Grandeur of Opera Houses (12 total) | My Modern Metropolis
10132013 Climbing higher, the terrain became tougher underfoot but the views even more spectacular. Upon reaching the highest point of the trek, the secluded coves below were an inviting sight to my exhausted, heavily perspiring body! On the welcome descent we walked through rural splendour; through lush lemon groves where air was still and heavy with scents and the local loggers used mules rather than tractors. The walk culminated in Positano, a quaint seaside town with shady winding streets crammed with elegant shops. Heavens above! | Exodus Travels
10142013 As a guest here, you soon appreciate what Casa Privata stands for – cultivated privacy – elegantly alluding to the privilege of having this breathtaking piece of Amalfi coastline all to yourself. Accessed by a series of limestone steps at the bottom of the garden, the stunning cliff-face has been calved out to facilitate several sun bed platforms, enticing you to dive into the twinkling aqua water below. Ca’P’a – Casa Privata | Trendland
10152013 The phrase of this leg of our vacation was – “no seriously – people actually live here!” It blew our mind that this is normal. This is a normal, every day sight for the people that live on the Amalfi Coast. I can’t imagine growing up with this kind of natural, breathtaking beauty in my backyard. The houses and villages in this area are literally perched and built into the cliffs of the coast. Life On the Mediterranean Coast! | Iowa Girl Eats
10162013 I came back home the day before yesterday from a wonderful week spent on the Amalfi Coast. Everything was even better than I expected, I saw wonderful places to take your breath away. My country is rich in beauty and every time I think it I feel proud to be Italian. But in addition to admire the natural beauty that these places in southern Italy have to offer, what I really learned from this trip is the ability to smile and enjoy life. I saw people from all over the world gathered in the towns of the Amalfi Coast, get there with the spirit of fun, enjoy good meals, the beautiful sea and the sun. I've seen so many smiles from everyone I talked to and so many people have given me happiness and joy of living. # Campaniatour photo diary part 1 | lost in Daydreams
10172013 Tiffany and Mike were married in a very romantic ceremony on the Amalfi coast. Wedding in Amalfi | Kelly Hayes Wedding Design
10182013 Tracy is just so lively and interesting in person, I just knew she'd have some amazing summer vacation planned. I mean, look at her chillaxing on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast with some hot young thing ferrying her around. That's the life! Tracy Reese's Summer Travel Wardrobe Staples | Glamour
10192013 The cloister, among the most spacious in Europe, is about 12,000 square meters and is encircled by a tiara of 84 columns; the kitchen is where, according to legend, a giant omelette of over one thousand eggs was prepared for Charles V, on whose vast empire “the sun never set”; the cellars were full of huge barrels of the wine produced by the monks; and finally the library, accessed by climbing an expansive spiral staircase… The Padula Charterhouse | Italian Ways
10202013 It is easy to imagine that this fresco, made of charming and clashing shapes and colours would be the home of a very special place...Tenuta Seliano... the former home of Baroness Cecilia Baratta and her family. Seliano is only 5 kilometres from the archaeological site of Paestum and the sea and has been converted into one of the best agritourismos in the country. We travelled along increasingly narrow roads that snaked through olive groves and over streams in the flatlands of the Sele and Alento rivers, which are a natural habitat for water buffalo that thrive in this temperate climate. The Great Mozzarella in Carrozza Experiment While Visiting a Buffalo Mozzarella Farm in the Cilento | More Than Burnt Toast
10212013 Lunch on the terrace of Relais Blu. A lunch prepared by Chef Allocca and his staff who had two options. They could prepare a menu that would try its hardest to compete with the scenery. A wine list full of Campania, particularly rich in Fiano di Avellino that pair wonderfully with the seafood dishes that exit from the kitchen. I had a glass or two Apianum Fiano di Avellino 2011 from Salvatore Molletieri. Into the Blu - Relais Blu, Massa Lubrense (Na) | andiamotrips
10222013 Tenuta San Francesco Costa d’Amalfi Rosso “Tramonti” 2010. Magenta-tinted deep garnet color. Big and sensual nose of smoky black cherry fruit closely backed by strong notes of blood orange juice and strawberry preserves supported by aromas of woody spices, lilies and roses, toasted grain, and barnyard. Very long and dry plum butter finish. A wine that defines “elegant rusticity”. Costa D'Amalfi A wine from a mediterranean paradise | Tom Ciocco
10232013 I was ever happier when i’ve found the wines made by “Azienda San Salvatore 1988″… it’s a quite small and interesting wine producer from Giungano in Campania (south of Italy); i’ve met the owner a couple of months ago during a wine fair (a man deeply in love with his land, his wine and in charge of every single details connected to his wine, from the production to the label design). Wine Shopping of the day with Aglianico by San Salvatore | Followmu
10242013 Rural Southern Italian society is inextricably connected to the land and Riccio masterfully catches the majesty of the landscape with his lens. One of my favorites is his shot of Monte Taburno, in Campania. With a cloud casting an ominous shadow on the mountain's peak, the artist captured a moment virtually out of local lore. A Look at Anthony Riccio's 'From Italy to America' | Magna Grece
10252013 Sausages, typical cheese like mozzarella and caciocavallo silano, but also truffles and mushrooms directly raised in the nearby woods, and then sheep and pork meats, vegetables and desserts such as the “bombe” with nuts, torrone, frittelle with nuts and the migliaccio, a traditional farmers cake, all these are the perfect ingredients of the culinary offer of the village restaurant. All accompanied with the excellent wines of the area, like Greco di Tufo, Taurasi and the Fiano di Avellino. Simple and poor ingredients, but rich in taste. Albergo Diffuso #45: Castelvetere sul Calore | BoBos
10262013 A few days into our tour we arrived in Sorrento; the city of lemons. Our first visit was to a farm where we learnt how olive oil is made and saw a cheese-making demonstration by a lady, nicknamed Maria Mozzarella. It was interesting learning how to make ricotta and mozzarella (there are two forms; the dried one which lasts for a few weeks and the fresh one which lasts for a few days). Reminiscing: Limoncello in the City of Lemons (Sorrento) | Phuoc'n Delicious
10272013 This is the best Gelateria in Sorrento, without a doubt! The shop is run by a family and has been in operation since 1860! The staff at the shop were very friendly indeed, especially Mama, who is 71, and her son who is very cheeky! As you pass for the first time they offer you a free sample, and thats how it starts, after that, you're hooked! Gelateria Zini, il Gelato Artigianale-Sorrento | Davlynm Italy
10282013 We ended up going to Brandi, the oldest pizzeria in Naples, aka, the oldest pizzeria in the world! The best part? Since we got our pizza's to go, they were only 3.50 Euros each, plus, we got to stand and watch them make the pizzas right in front of us! Definitely the best deal I've gotten in Italy! I just got the margherita pizza, but it was to die for. The crust had that perfect balance of being a little crispy but still doughy and fluffy, being thin on the inside and thick on the outside, and there was just enough cheese. Naples | Eat Well, Travel Often.
10292013 Try the Pizza Al Metro restaurant in Vico Equense who claim to make the biggest pizzas in the world! An active volcano, crystal sea and the world's biggest pizza: 10 reasons to visit Naples | Daily Express
10302013 The famous scholar Jake Barnes said that the Ristorante Sigilgaida in Ravello "has the best ambiance in the world" -- piano playing (itself) quietly in the background, host with white dinner jacket, subservient wait staff, and a great view from a shaded terrace. And these are all guys who have been around! Ah, Ravello | Venturing Forth
10312013 Nearby are the gardens of the Villa Rufolo in Ravello. Richard Wagner once said he would never have composed Parsifal had he not been inspired by its beauty. Spa baths and sonatas on Italy's Amalfi coast | The Australian

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09012013 The most beautiful part of Capri is Anacapri, which is located at the top of the island and looks like a village straight out of a fairytale. You can get to Anacapri through a number of ways. The island has been built mainly for pedestrians so you can walk for a few hours as you soak in the views. You can also take a funicular chairlift, bus or taxi. Take a boat tour to the Isle of Capri and take a walk around the charming village of Anacapri. | Part of my World
09022013 The footpath, which hugs the precipitous coastline, offers at every turn a succession of quite amazing views of the sea, the Sorrentine peninsula and another of the island’s iconic natural wonders – the Faraglioni. I met only the occasional walker as I made my way along the spectacular path, taking in views of the sea and cliffs, and absorbing the scents of pine and wild flowers and birdsong in near solitude. Walking Capri: ‘a tiny morsel of an island but exquisite’ | That's How The Light Gets In
09032013 Images of Italy taken by ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano from the International Space Station, June 2013. One of the most famous coastlines in the world and one of the most infamous volcanoes, Vesuvius | European Space Agency
09042013 Formed as a result of the collision between the African and Eurasian tectonic plates, Mount Vesuvius is featured just inland from the bay overlooking the city of Naples. Further signs of volcanism can be seen at the western end of the bay where the Phlegraean Fields lie. This complex structure, most of which is below sea level, is constantly on the move due to subsidence and uplift. Earth from Space: Bay of Naples | European Space Agency
09052013 The Cervati mountain, covered by perennial snows for at least six months a year, world patrimony of humanity and reserve of Biosphere recognized by UNESCO, as well as highest peak of Campania, represents a site of biodiversity of extraordinary value in Europe; the floristic beauty, the fields of lavender and a breathtaking landscape make it an absolutely unique place, where it is possible to visit the most important Karst hollow of southern Italy, "the Affunnaturo king of Vaddivona". Sanza | Seguendo Ulisse
09062013 But I was in Pisciotta on an anchovy mission, looking for the town’s specialty, alici di menaica, caught in a special net, decapitated, cleaned and then salted. Everyone told me to look for Donatella, the only official producer. Her husband Vittorio is a fisherman and supplies her with fresh anchovies. I Love Campania, Part 2 | La Cucina Italiana
09072013 The wine has a clear connection to our trip as we have visiting southern Italy's top wine producer Mastroberardino from the village Atripalda. This rosé is made of 100% of Aglianico grape from Campania IGT and grown in chalky-clay soil which is based on average 400 meters above sea level. This means that the grapes get the best conditions, with warm days and slightly cooler nights. The scent is deliciously fruity with hints of lavender, peach, red currant and minerals. The taste is just soooooo good with delicious fresh flavors of grapefruit, strawberries, rowan-berries, delicate minerals and a slight touch of spiciness. Best rosé wine this year by a true maestro! | Wineblogg
09082013 Nusco is a town and comune in the province of Avellino east of Naples situated in the mountains between the valleys of the Calore lucano and Ofanto Rivers. Nusco | Made in south italy
09092013  The buildings you can see today include a flour mill (which dates back to the 10th century), a saw mill, and a public washhouse. The area was deeemed unsuitable for living and working in the late 1800s, after the construction of the Piazza Tasso up above cut off the main access point for people (as well as the sea) to and from the valley, and so the mills were eventually abandoned. Because of the damp conditions that soon developed when the valley no longer had an outlet to the sea, the buildings were rapidly overtaken by plant life, giving them the appearance of having been unused for centuries rather than decades. The Valley of the Mills in Sorrento | Naples and the Amalfi Coast Things to Do - Viator
09102013 Although Positano had numerous sites to check out, for the love of water, I spent most of the day on the black sand beach, Spiaggia Grande. With cold on my feet sending chills up my body, I kept inching my way into the water. The tiny black pebbles on the shoreline massaged my feet as I slowly sunk into the sand. One step at a time I tiptoed until the pebbles got bigger and turned into stones. Water now at my waist, I submerged myself, rose, and inhaled the freshest air. Student's visit to Amalfi Coast helps her realize goals | themonitor.com
09112013 100% dried oregano from Alburni Mountains, also known as the Dolomites bells, cultivated according to peasant tradition. Oregano from Alburni mountain | Nifeislife.com
09122013 Mozzarella is one of the world’s favorite cheeses, but unlike many others, its name has not been adequately protected. The first thing you need to do is look for the protected name: Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP from Italy. In order to use this name, producers need to be in the Campania region and follow strict procedures, for example, they are not allowed to have any cows on their farm to avoid potential addition of cow milk. Buying Mozzarella: Tips and Tricks | Slow Food International
09132013 San Marzano tomatoes are grown on the rich volcanic soil of the Campania region of Italy and are prized for their superb flavor and low acidity. The choice of which San Marzano tomatoes to buy can be fraught. There are San Marzano tomatoes grown in this country, there are Italian plum tomatoes in juice and in purée, there are “certified” San Marzano tomatoes and even “D.O.P.” or Denominazione d’Origine Protetta San Marzano tomatoes. My advice is to try a couple and see which one speaks to you most clearly of the essence of Italian sunshine. Grab a can of tomatoes and you’re on your way to dinner | Clare's Kitchen
09142013 Her name was Amica, and her name and footprint are embedded in a terra cotta tile belonging to an ancient Roman temple. The signed tile is a rare find because Amica was a Roman slave, and her footprint survives. For the most part, the slaves of the well-preserved city of Pompeii still remain largely "invisible" in history, according to the University of Delaware's Lauren Hackworth Petersen. Who were these slaves? Roman slaveholders got them from many places. Some were Greeks, some were Africans, some were bred in the country specifically for the role, according to Petersen. A Slave's Life in Ancient Pompeii | ScienceDaily
09152013 Scaturchio. Lovely pastry shop with table service and gelato. Naples food guide: Where to find the best local dishes | CNN Travel
09162013 Naples is a whore with a heart of gold. This glorious, flamboyant city is the real deal: the deep, dark heart of Italy. Italia verace; Italy DOC. It's the Auntie Mame of Italian capitals; a bohemian rhapsody set in the most gorgeous bay on earth, watched over by a killer volcano as inscrutable as a reclining Buddha. I died and went to Naples | Letters from Florence
09172013 From Ischia’s harbour, it was only a short bus ride to the two-hectare garden that occupies a ravine. The garden is considered one of the most enchanting in Italy. The Waltons began on the garden in 1956 and quickly looked for help from esteemed gardening designer, Russell Page. His instructions, written out in three days, were to keep the Waltons busy for the next 10 years. La Mortella: Ischia’s tropical garden paradise | The Vancouver Sun
09182013 These pictures have been taken at the “La Mortella” gardens in Forio, Ischia. It is a huge botanical oasis created by an English couple, who brought there thousands of plants and flowers from all over the world. Could I miss this opportunity and not take pictures to post here? Of course not. Talking about the outfit, I chose to wear exclusively silk, since I love its feeling on the skin during the summer days: it almost feels like sea breeze. Brushing Silk – outfit from “La Mortella” gardens, Ischia | Nymphashion
09192013 Negombo is a spa and thermal pool park with botanical gardens set on the beautiful island of Ischia. It’s set on a beautiful sandy beach with brilliant blue water. The thermal pools (heated by volcanic activity) are all of varying temperatures. Some are very cold on one side and very hot on the other. You definitely get a tingling sensation in your legs and feet when going from one to the other. The gardens are lush and fragrant. Their full service spa offers many beauty treatments and massages to choose from. I got the “Envy of the Gods Green Tea Oil Relaxing Massage” and my friend got the “Anti-Stress Massage”. Negombo | Have Tote Will Travel
09202013 The gardens at La Mortella as we see them today were a labour of love for the charismatic Susana Walton who opened their doors to the public in 1991. By now, the gardens represent more than 50 years of passion, dedication and care given to her life’s work and creation. With La Mortella split into various levels, it is on the highest part of the garden that the open-air Greek theatre resides. Throughout the summer, audiences are able to enjoy the Youth Orchestra concerts while surrounded by China roses and aromatic herbs, and the visual backdrop of the bay of Forio behind the performers. La Mortella Garden | Ischia Review
09212013 One of Italy's most historic opera companies is taking some of the country's most beloved operas – as well as some Italian culture – to the Middle East, Russia and the United States. The Teatro di San Carlo, which was founded in Naples in 1737 and is Europe's oldest, continuously active venue for public opera, begins its worldwide tour in the Sultanate of Oman, one of the first times the opera company has travelled to the Middle East. From there, San Carlo will travel to the Russian city of St. Petersburg before flying on to the West Coast of the United States for performances in San Francisco. Naples' San Carlo Theatre Co. embarks on world tour | Gazzetta del Sud Online
09222013 There is a lively discussion about household dogs in Roman society. An amazing mosaic from the entry floor of a home in Pompeii is juxtaposed in the exhibition with one of the mummified dog casts that can also be seen when visiting the archeological site that is Pompeii. The museum experts point out in grim detail how you can see the way this dog was tethered, and hence unable to escape the blanket of volcanic ash that entombed the city in just 24 hours. 'Pompeii From the British Museum' to Show One Night Only | The Hollywood Reporter
09232013 Gorgeous location filming on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Kate Bosworth is a blocked writer whose marriage to an uptight British viola player (Iddo Goldberg) is on the skids after a miscarriage. While he’s preoccupied with rehearsals and complaining about Italian food, she flees to a picturesque island where an affair with a hunky, free-spirited American teenager (Jamie Blackley) chases the blues away. Scenery highlights ‘And While We Were Here’ | New York Post
09242013 After dinner, we were invited on a tour of the wine cellar. The staircase, I'm told, is an old Etruscan passageway carved from tufo, the rock that is the foundation of the Campania region. The stairs are smooth and strong, and I instantly imagine toga-clad proto-Italians carrying anfora filled with proto-falanghina thousands of years earlier. The deeper we descend, the more valuable the wines in Don Alfonso's impressive collection. There are 25,000 bottles down here, each carefully documented and wrapped in cellophane to protect the labels. I Left My Heart at Don Alfonso | Fathom
09252013 We decided to save a few euros by buying the Campania Artecard. This card is available in many Italian cities and combines public transit with entry fees for a fixed price. It allowed us to use Naples' handy metro and funicular system for a period of three consecutive days from the day of validation and access to two sites, with discounts to the rest. You can pick up the card from any participating site; we got ours from the Royal Palace in the Piazza del Plebiscito and used it to get a discount on our bus tour. Beyond pizza and pompeii | China Daily
09262013 Did someone say holidays? Aaaah, just dreaming of the Amalfi Coast... Perfect Time For A Holiday... Amalfi Coast | The Style Schedule
09272013 Our next stop was Praiano, a 20 minute car ride from Positano. In this little village is the Church of San Luca Evangelista, with its dome decorated with the local Vietri multicolored Majolica tiles and an elaborate painted tile floor. An Esthetic Feast | love quimper
09282013 There was a small tower that resembled a lighthouse down near the water. We would later learn from a girl in Positano that these were actually military forts in the old days to protect from attackers by sea. This particular fort, or Torre a Mare, now housed an artist named Paolo Sandulli, who was a very kind gentleman we spent some time chatting with as we browsed his work. His art was very fun and had a strong local theme to it. Day Four - Praiano | Vince Hanks
09292013 Discover a stunning coastline and lounge on a private beach or sun deck against a backdrop of dramatic cliff sides and verdant green mountain peaks at Il San Pietro Di Positano. Top 5 Most Popular Things to do in the Amalfi Coast | Hauteoc Traveler
09302013 Located in Italy's Campania region, the Amalfi Coast begins some thirty miles south of Naples, on the southern side of the Sorrentine peninsula. This is a place where land, sea and sky strike such a note of such otherworldly perfection that the region is best approached by boat in order to take in the panorama. Seven Days in Italy's Seaside Paradise | The Leading Hotels of the World

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08012013 The most charming places? The village of Marina Grande, Terra Murata, the fishing village of Corricella (beautiful!) and the port of Marina Chiaiolella. After admiring the architecture, you can go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of the island. I recommend the beach "Pozzo Vecchio", where they were shot some scenes of "Il Postino", the Chiaolella beach, the Chiaia beach overlooking the Corricella and Terra Murata. Procida: la bella Italia! | The Travel Passion
08022013 Style – ‘Quirky Nautical’ Setting – ‘Neapolitan Cliffhanger So says the luxury boutique hotel bible ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’. We are talking about Maison la Minervetta, a little haven requiring the sacrifice of one’s  first born to afford but luxury well deserved, after all, how often do we just ‘pop over’ to Sorrento, Italy for the weekend huh? Amalfi Coast…Maison la Minervetta | Indulge Divulge
08032013 As a New Yorker, I have been under the misapprehension that I walk a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the walking the hardy Caprese do. Young, old, disabled (!), it appears they walk miles on a daily basis without a thought—uphill, up cliffs! Of course, they have cars, too, and they surely have the best driving skills in the world to maneuver the extremely narrow roads and the hairpin turns. One of the tricks, I think, must be not to look out at the view because the vertigo would surely send you over the edge. Another trick must be patience. These Caprese were made for walking… | Oink and Away!
08042013 The magic of Capri is undeniable, and I can’t imagine a more perfect place to soak up the dreamy atmosphere of this deluxe island resort than the intimate Hotel Luna. From your private terrace, the brooding beauty of the Faraglioni Rocks are front and centre inviting your eyes to linger and your mind to cease the endless worrying about the trappings of everyday life. The Hotel Luna | New Jetsetters
08052013 On a hot summer day, who doesn't crave a cocktail that is cold, fresh, and lemony? Well, it is damned hot here in Capri, and this island is covered with hearty citrus dripping with huge lemons so Limoncello it is! Limoncello On Capri | yummy supper
08062013 The little time we had in Napoli we spent eating Pizza, Baba Rum and drinking Cafe Freddo and enjoyed our stay at the NH Ambassador Hotel, which is set in the historic centre of Naples, near the Royal Palace and San Carlo Theatre. It might not have the very italian touch from its outer appearance, but we were positivly surprised from the inside of this place, because it looks much nicer than the pictures we saw and it’s super clean! Hotel Review – NH Ambassador Naples | StyleCartel
08072013 Italy Destinations offers an unbelievably exciting adventure right in the heart of Naples. How does spending an extravagant evening in the San Carlo Theater, the oldest working theatre in Europe, sound? While enjoying the ambience, you sip cocktails while listening to classical operatic masterpieces of incredible beauty. Naples, from Egg Castle to Underground Pizza | Timeless Italy
08092013 Paolo Esposito is known in Sorrento for his dedication in the gastronomic field and his keen interest in the great tenor Enrico Caruso. Owner of the restaurant since 1987, he named it “ Caruso”, with the intention of combining the name of the tenor to that of the excellence of Neapolitan and international cuisine. Thanks to the donation of numerous heirlooms on display on the premises, it is now called Ristorante  Museo Caruso. Grand Tour of Italy | Italian Talks
08102013 Pizza della Masardona has been a Naples institution in its own right, since opening in 1945. The pizzeria offers some of the best fried pizza varieties in town, stuffed with a creative mixture of peppers, suet, raisins, romano cheese and pork fat, and baked in small wheels. In addition to its signature fried pizzas, Pizza della Masardona also offers potato croquettes, pancakes and handmade rice croquettes every Saturday night. Always busy and crowded, Pizza della Masardona offers one of the most authentic (and affordable) dining experiences in Naples. Fried pizza, anyone? | Stay.com
08112013 Maida Farm is located in Campania near the Cilento National Park and the archaeological ruins at Paestum. Francesco Vastola, its owner, grows vegetables of the highest quality. With a mixture of innovation and tradition, he takes his just-picked vegetables and turns them into sott’olio using the excellent extra virgin olive oil from Cilento. Maida’s sun dried tomatoes are made from perfectly ripe sun drenched tomatoes. They are sprinkled with salt and spread out in the fields to dry. Wine vinegar, oregano, capers, and chili peppers add the extra punch of flavor. Sun Dried Tomatoes in EV Olive Oil Maida Farm – Campania | Gustiamo
08122013 Capri: the perfect summer jaunt. #Capri #summer #photography #guide #W Magazine #August 2013 | W Magazine
08132013 Vico Equense is part of the greater Bay of Naples metropolitan area and is a popular destination for tourists. Located on a high cliff, it is relatively close to the ferry to the island of Capri, Vesuvius, the Monte Faito and the ancient town of Pompeii. the amalfi coast, again | Splenderosa
08142013 Hotel Santa Lucia in Minori: if you are traveling with the kids and looking for somewhere more budget-friendly; also located close to the beach. Planning your trip to the Bel Paese: First-timers’ guide to Italy | Panoram Italia Magazine
08152013 After a long day of basking in the sun we rewarded ourselves with the best panino ever. I always say that about the food here. It’s all soooo good. I think Positano was my favorite because of all the different activities that we did. I love these beach towns and I love how clear and blue the water is. The Amalfi Coast | Saylre's Silly Stories
08162013 I credit Positano and its 1000′s of steps, turquoise waters and gorgeous, chilled vibe for reigniting that flame o’ inspiration in me. Travelling in Positano: Tales From Our Trip Part 2 | In Spaces Between
08172013 Sadly I did not see inside the ancient churches that are Atrani’s pride. My two days there were mostly spent looking around Positano and Amalfi, yet it is Atrani that stays on my mind and will one day lure me back to that region. I have a few more photos to share of the walk into Atrani and also some of the cobbled laneways found there, but the Church pictured here [The Church of Saint Mary Magdalene] is my favourite and best viewed alone .. in Sepia. Amalfi Coast: On the Road to Atrani | Being Ruby
08182013 Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes it's hard to keep that romantic flame burning. But a trip to the Amalfi Coast is sure to help. Like most of Italy, the wine, the food and the atmosphere leave one yearning for a more permanent Italian residence - and Positano has that and more. Weave in and out of the picturesque hillside village, sipping limoncello and taking in the old fishing-village culture. The beaches are a must-see. Be sure to check out the Santa Maria Assunta church, which houses artifacts from the 13th century. For the couple seeking a romantic escape...Positano, Italy | Chicago Tribune
08192013 Now in its fourth generation of Gambardella family management, this 1904 looker still reigns in Belle Époque splendor. Rooms are spread across the main building, two villas, and a triplet of honeymoon cottages and decorated with local antiques. An elevator descends to a private beach, saltwater pool, fitness center, and thatched-roof pizzeria and fish grill. As you stroll through the secluded terraced gardens and citrus orchards, it’s obvious why Liz Taylor and Richard Burton chose to hide out here. World's Best Beach Hotels - No. 4 Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi, Italy | Travel + Leisure
08202013 Sigmund Freud once compared the human mind to the city of Rome but he could also just as easily have used Herculaneum. He was talking about its intriguing series of layers and just as the human psyche has a build-up of memories, Herculaneum has a history that goes down and down, deeper and deeper: every modern building is on top of a renaissance one, and under that there are medieval buildings, and then a footprint of ancient Rome itself. A Life in Ruins – Herculaneum, Italy | Andrew Petcher
08212013 “Mav” is an archaeological and virtual museum maid to discover the historical reality of Pompei and Ercolano before Vesuvio’s eruption in 79 C.E. The tour starts when visitors enter in the garden of Villa dei Papiri where were found the Epicuro’s text. The passage trough a burning cloud forwards the discover of buildings and monuments of the ancient Vesuvian town. Over seventy multimedia installations life and splendor returned to the main archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum, the Bay, Stabiae and Capri. Through reconstructions, visual interfaces and holograms, the visitor is conducted in the virtual world, where experience in a fun and interactive new media opportunities that technology offers to the fruition of the archaeological heritage. Mav: archaeological and virtual museum in Ercolano | Comenius
08222013 The ancient Romans made frequent stops on Ischia in search of the island’s famous healing waters. If that’s not reason enough to visit Terme Manzi, you can also count on amazing service, incredible views and a first-rate spa that knows just how to harness the regenerative power of those mineral springs. There is a 17,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art spa, a lush green courtyard garden, an indoor pool filled with water from the spring and an ornately tiled rooftop pool. Hand-decorated majolica tiles dot the rooms, mirroring the colors in the bedspreads and curtains. Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa | Jetsetter
08232013 More formal - and expensive - is dinner at the Terme Manzi Hotel and Spa's two-star Michelin restaurant, Il Mosaico. The courses have more special effects than a Hollywood blockbuster - even the petit fours come in miniature glass cabinets. After a good night's sleep in a room above the elegant courtyard, try the hotel's spa. It is right above the island's Gurgitiello hot springs, where Garibaldi took the waters. Dolce vita days on an incredible Italian island: An escape from it all on idyllic Ischia | Daily Mail
08242013 Vaco 'e Pressa is easily the best Pizzeria in Salerno, and it is always insanely full. Fosca on the Amalfi Coast | People Who Always Eat
08252013 White sand, surrounded by wide vegetation, set in the Cilento coast, just south of Naples: Cala Bianca di Camerota is the 2013 queen of Italian beaches. Nominated by Internet users questioned by survey ‘Più bella sei tu’ launched by Italian environmental association Legambiente. It is a small and uncontaminated beach surrounded by suggestive caves that can be reached by sea only. Place of strong contrasts: the pure white beach, the green vegetation and the intense blue colour of waters. Queen Cala Bianca | Lifestyle43White sand, surrounded by wide vegetation, set in the Cilento coast, just south of Naples: Cala Bianca di Camerota is the 2013 queen of Italian beaches. Nominated by Internet users questioned by survey ‘Più bella sei tu’ launched by Italian environmental association Legambiente. It is a small and uncontaminated beach surrounded by suggestive caves that can be reached by sea only. Place of strong contrasts: the pure white beach, the green vegetation and the intense blue colour of waters. Queen Cala Bianca | Lifestyle43
08262013 The town, Castellabate, is high above the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has stunning views up and down the coast, as did the tiny, square apartment we stayed in. From the veranda which was equal in size to the apartment, we could see for miles. The city walls of the old village were right across the street. Narrow brick staircases led up to the small town square where one went to buy espresso and gelato. All of this glorious beauty complemented by the buzzy comings and goings of the local youth. They went up the street, right under our open windows, then back down the street, right under our open windows, and then back up again. Beautiful Italian teenagers, boys and girls, riding their inexpensive modes of transportation. At the top, our street merged into the tiny, cobbled streets of the ancient village; where the road ended, and the cobbled streets began the moped-riding youth stopped to gossip, smoke, and flirt. When boredom set in, back down the hill, loudly buzzing once again right under our windows. By week’s end, I’d grown used to the sound. It had become a part of the local color, and, ultimately, a good memory of our very Italian stay. Cultural Noise — Soundscape on the Cilento Coast of Italy | 2Paragraphs
08272013 Ancient Silarus. Between legend and truth, the river that petrifies wood and leaves. It cures, heals. Spectator of the battle of Spartacus, the slave who rebelled against Rome. Keeper of three amphitheaters discovered in 1762, it becomes a leg of the Grand Tour took by the aristocrat, writers, artists during the 18th century after the rediscovery of ancient Paestum originated just after finding the three amphitheaters. Generous it runs of water through the fertile Plain that has its name. Slow down it follows the meanders of the Oasis of Persano, the large expanse along its blanks where the artificial lake, created when the dam was built on its waters, is the heart. Surrounded by flora brightened by daffodils, water-lilies and populated with rich and rare fauna, including the lamprey in its green waters. the Sele | Selepack
08282013 Oenosthesia is a ground breaking multi-sensory sound and taste installation created by sound artist and wine writer, Jo Burzynska (aka Stanier Black-Five). This soundscape using her recordings of the vineyards and wineries of Irpinia in Italy, explores the significant way that sound influences the perception of taste through the combination of the changing timbres and frequencies in the piece with a selection of different wines from the region. The work was created last year during Burzynska’s residency in Southern Italy, and is possibly the first piece of gustatory/sound art created both from and including wine. It was premiered at the Interferenze New Art Festival’s Factory of Art Rurality and Media 2012 (FARM2012) in Tufo, Italy and this programme is the first time the installation has been presented in New Zealand. Oenosthesia Sound And Wine Presentation | UnderTheRadar.co.nz
08292013 I have vivid memories of the brief trip we made to this small town perched high above the distant sea below. We had spent the morning getting to Amalfi by boat so by the time we arrived at 12:45pm the shops had closed for lunch. It was 2:30 before we boarded a small bus that took us up the rather perilous road to Ravello. I quickly found this iconic view of the tree in the beautiful gardens of Villa Rufolo which is often a venue for wedding photographs. Indeed, we actually saw a newly wed couple being photographed in the grounds. Ravello | Alan Reed's Painting Blog
08302013 Villa Verde - outside, lively, and fun. Make sure to get a sgroppino, a lethal frothy lemon sorbet–vodka after-dinner drink. Italian Holiday - Beth Buccini's Capri | Harper's Bazaar

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

JULY 2013

07012013 A kitchen full of co-ordinated cooks is also a joy and a frequent thing on the Amalfi Coast. They are crisp, perfect and special – I love them all. The Great Cooks of the Amalfi Coast! | My Amalfi Coast
07022013 Pleasure yachts from Capri and Positano drop anchor for lunch perched over the Mediterranean. Lo Scoglio da Tommaso, Amalfi Coast, Italy | Travel + Leisure
07032013 Positano is also famous for its appearance in TV and movies, like Nine, Under the Tuscan Sun (although, ironically, it’s in Campania, which is much farther south than Tuscany), and the show Entourage. Positano is pretty much representative of the classic image of southern coastal Italy, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s absolutely gorgeous! Sole e mare in Costiera Amalfitana | Buongiorno, Firenze!
07042013 Ettore suggested an early morning wander through Anacapri and then onto the swanky beach club Il Faro. Directly under the Punta Carena lighthouse, perched on the rocks above what was an unusual crashing sea, We lounged, swam in the saltwater pool, dined, cocktailed and lounged some more. We were Exceptionally well taken care of by Alessando for the entire, luxurious day. The restaurant menu was a mix of traditional local cuisine and contemporary twists. I had a plate of seafood crudo with Gambero Rosso and blackberries, ricciola with wasabi & raspberries and scampi with soy sauce. Pastas were more traditional with spaghetti alle vongole and pacheri con moscardini. Later in the afternoon there were gin and tonics delivered to our chairs while we watched the sun set over the Mediterranean. Celebrating {Capri} | gillian's lists
07052013 Mariah Carey and Miguel head to the sunny island of Capri, Italy for the new video to the Spanglish version of their hit single “‪Beautiful‬” aka “‪Hermosa‬.” Mimi dances through the streets, before she links up with the singer/songwriter and takes a speed boat ride to tour the famed ocean caves. The Pop superstar shows off her wedding ring and toned bikini body in the retro style video, which was shot to look like an old home movie. Video: Mariah Carey feat. Miguel - Hermosa | ThisIsRnB.com
07062013 The beach of Trentova, Agropoli, like most other beaches in the Cilento National Park, is awarded year after year the "Blue Flag" award for clean waters and all around natural setting. The bay is named after the big rock that closes it to the right, called scoglio di Trentova (rock of the thirty eggs) because, according to the legend, in times now forgotten the locals found 30 sea-turtle eggs in the grotto beneath the rock itself. Trentova Beach | Summer In Italy
07072013 Sorgeto hot springs allow you to bathe in rock pools with warm and hot water of different temperatures. The natural phenomenon is caused by Ischia's underground volcanic activity. Natural Springs of Ischia | Ischia Review
07082013 Imagine a light Mediterranean breeze wafting through your veil at Ischia’s Hotel Mezzatorre. In addition to stunning views, this hotel has one of the country’s most respected spas onsite - just in case you want to indulge in some extra pampering to prepare for your big day. Palaces, Castles, Resorts: The 14 Best Wedding Venues in Italy | Made in Italy
07092013 Glamorous, colourful and dramatic, Capri is an innately cinematic location. Le Mépris – made in 1963 by the Nouvelle Vague master Jean Luc Godard and starring Brigitte Bardot. Hot on Brigitte’s heels, Julie Christie did some sunbathing and met a prince on the island in Darling, an unsettling film made with Dirk Bogarde in 1965. Various movies employed Cápri as an backdrop in succeeding decades, the most recent being the heartwarming 2007 German film, Cápri, You Love?. The Cinema Isles | where-to-go-in-italy
07102013 Ettore suggested an early morning wander through Anacapri and then onto the swanky beach club Il Faro. Directly under the Punta Carena lighthouse, perched on the rocks above what was an unusual crashing sea, we lounged, swam in the saltwater pool, dined, cocktailed and lounged some more. We were Exceptionally well taken care of by Alessando for the entire, luxurious day. The restaurant menu was a mix of traditional local cuisine and contemporary twists. I had a plate of seafood crudo with gambero rosso and blackberries, ricciola with wasabi & raspberries and scampi with soy sauce. Pastas were more traditional with spaghetti alle vongole and paccheri con moscardini. Later in the afternoon there were gin and tonics delivered to our chairs while we watched the sun set over the Mediterranean. Celebrating {Capri} | gillian's lists
07112013 Mariah Carey and Miguel head to the sunny island of Capri, Italy for the new video to the Spanglish version of their hit single “#Beautiful” aka “#Hermosa.” Mimi dances through the streets, before she links up with the singer/songwriter and takes a speed boat ride to tour the famed ocean caves. The Pop superstar shows off her wedding ring and toned bikini body in the retro style video, which was shot to look like an old home movie. Video: Mariah Carey feat. Miguel - #Hermosa | ThisIsRnB.com
07122013 In contrast with the lively city of Naples, Palazzo Caracciolo, with over 800 years of history, is a heaven of privacy. The elegant decorations of this charming hotel's 139 rooms perfectly combine historical details and modern comfort. The tea room, which is a historic salon from the Angevin period, provides an intimate, relaxing setting. The "La Cucina" restaurant allows guests to discover local products, used as the basis for traditional recipes. In the "La Cantina" bar, visitors can enjoy real Neapolitan coffee, as well as a wide selection of traditional cakes and pastries. An historical heaven of privacy | MGallery
07132013 I’m in Italy this week on a fabulous family tour around the Bay of Naples with my teen. The eldest told me about a great ice cream shop she went to in Sorrento and I was amazed when she led me through a warren of streets to find it from memory. The Antica Gelateria Sorrentina is definitely worth the trip. It’s been going since 1860, they make all of their ice cream in the shop and even offer ice cream making lessons. The friendly staff claimed they remembered the eldest from last year, but I’m not sure if I believe them. Sorrento and Ravello | Mums do travel: a family travel site
07142013 Since the Roman times, Sorrento has been able to count on the defence granted to the town centre by a solid circle of walls. Yet, only in more recent times the urban walls achieved the aspect partially preserved today. Being exposed to the risk of Saracen incursions which, above all in the course of the Sixteenth century, destroyed a great part of the sea resorts in Southern Italy, the town – during the period of the Spanish Viceroyalty – was interested by an intense activity to grant a massive system of defence of the town centre. Sorrento’s ancient walls | Sorrento Info
07152013 My Dear Friends, I am so happy to announce my “Sorrento with Rossella” Culinary Tours which will be during the weeks of: Sept. 7-14 and Sept. 14-21. See for yourself why Campania was regarded as a place of culture by the Roman emperors.  As we travel  around the Amalfi Coast, you will experience the ruins left behind by the ancient Greeks and Romans. We have designed an incredible week for you to capture all the natural beauties and marvels that the Amalfi Coast has to offer. Sorrento with Rossella Culinary Tour | Cooking with Nonna
07162013 In Naples, I was confronted by an unfamiliar goodie: fried pasta. My first experience with pasta fritta was at Il Presidente. (In Italy, it’s common to start off a meal at a pizzaria with a fried appetizer, followed by each person scarfing down their very own full sized pizza). Pasta Fritta: Frittatine in Napoli | An American in Rome
07172013 The pizzeria Oliva – Concettina ai Tre Santi is an active supporter of the historical and artistic heritage of the Sanità district: consulting our blog you can keep informed about the conventions that our pizzeria has both with the cultural association Celanapoli ant and with the cooperative La Paranza, such as fixed lunches and dinners to enjoy before or after some guided tours. The pizzeria Oliva – Concettina ai Tre Santi is situated in the Sanità district, Naples, since 1951 | Pizzeria Oliva
07182013 Liberty of the Seas will be one of four Royal Caribbean ships to call on Naples this year. In 2014, Naples will be a port of call when Oasis of the Seas arrives for a short European cruise season as well. All of this is "a great opportunity for the city in terms of economic return and tourism development." Royal Caribbean using Naples as Mediterranean home port | Royal Caribbean Blog
07192013 Etica Ethical Pizzeria e Mozzarella Bar in Gilles St has become Adelaide's first Naples-accredited pizzeria and joins just six others from Australia. The accreditation from Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (the Association of True Neapolitan Pizza, AVPN) recognises Etica's dedication to creating pizza in the true tradition from Naples. City pizza bar Etica Ethical Pizzeria e Mozzarella Bar gets accreditation from Naples | The Advertiser
07202013 But in Naples, the pizza isn't just a technical achievement—it's an art form, a sacrament, a birthright. Here is where the fine, protein-rich Caputo "00" flour, the obsession of Italian pizza makers, called pizzaioli (or in the Neapolitan dialect, pizzaiuoli), is made right downtown at a nearly century-old family-owned mill. Here is where tomatoes flourish in volcanic soil beneath the warm Mediterranean sun, developing sweet, concentrated flavor. Here is where the water buffalo that provide the milk for moist, grassy mozzarella di bufala graze on marshy farmland. And here is where those iconic wood-fired ovens, whose blazing heat pulls these ingredients together to create the perfect pizza, are constructed by artisans out of brick and mortar. The Gold of Naples | Saveur
07212013 The cheeky 36-year-old Italian is back on our screens next week hosting ITV daytime cookery show Let’s Do Lunch with Gino & Mel, alongside Melanie Sykes. Gino was born in Naples and grew up on a farm. He was inspired to cook by his grandfather, who was head chef for Costa Cruises. He moved to London in 1995, aged 20, to work as a chef himself. He says: “The idea of Italian food at its best is very simple – there are few ingredients, you make sure they are in season because they’ll be cheaper and you don’t cook them for long.” Gino D’Acampo’s on a mission to reconnect us with our culinary past | Birmingham Mail
07222013 Irpinia, like most of Campania, has been an important wine producer at least since the area was colonized by the ancient Greeks (starting approximately 800 BCE), and maybe before – some historians believe it was the quality of Campania’s wine that attracted the Greeks to it. But like most of the Italian south, Campania’s economy and prestige declined in modern times – most precipitously after Italian unification. Under the leadership of the Mastroberardino family, headed by brothers Antonio (now proprietor of the Mastroberardino name and winery in Atripalda) and Walter (now proprietor of some of the family’s best vineyards and the Terredora winery in Montefusco), ancient varieties were resurrected, prestige rose, and young people with whole new attitudes started returning to the land. One young winemaker, nodding at it, said to me: “That’s the church, the Vatican. Without Mastroberardino, none of us exists.” Irpinia in the Crystal Ball | Tom's Wine Line
07232013 Imagining Italian screen goddess Sophia Loren as a teller of poignant World War II stories seems unlikely at best. Yet she can be just that and more. Six decades later, many of Loren's most compelling memories still reflect the Nazi occupation. "[W]hen I was six," recalls Loren, "war came to Pozzuoli. It seemed that overnight German soldiers were everywhere." The last-ditch German effort to secure Naples suddenly became a part of her everyday life. Now 78, Loren endures not only as a groundbreaking sex symbol and an international style icon but also as the reigning paragon of ageless, European beauty. At the red carpet launch of the exclusive Pirelli calendar in Rio de Janeiro in November, Loren — anointed as the company's calendar girl in 2007 at age 72 — stole the show from twenty-something supermodels. Two women | The American | In Italia
07242013 She's still regarded as Italy's most famous actress after more than six decades in the industry. The 78-year-old screen siren was shooting scenes for Edoardo Ponti's La Voce Umana (The Human Voice) in Naples on Monday, looking chic in a cream suit. Her big return: Sophia Loren shoots scenes for son's new feature film in first big screen leading role for a decade | Daily Mail
07252013 Many famous customers have appreciated Canfora’s creations, among these the unforgettable Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. More than once late at night Amedeo opened the shop just for the first lady, letting her choose her favourite sandals, he made even one exclusively for her called “K”. Canfora – Capri Sandals | q8concierge
07262013 Our first stop was the Garden & Villas Resort in the hills above the town of Lacco Ameno. This rustic gem is mid-range in price — rooms will set you back at least 150 euros a night — but the tranquil gardens, jaw-dropping views and warm sea water pool are so worth it. It is a ten-minute walk into town — downhill — but the stroll is sensational, and a good tip would be to do it at sunset to make the most of those views. Then reward yourself with a glass of wine or a cold beer in the pastel-coloured central square as the sun goes down and the music strikes up at the bandstand. It’s all too del-lsch-ious | The Sun
07272013 Nerano is the most famous for the restaurants situated along all beach with the evocative view on the sea and the culinary specialty based on fresh fish and vegetables of season. Don’t miss the famous and delicious “Spaghetti of Nerano” (with the zucchini-courgettes ), made according to an ancient recipe that is handed on from generations. The Bay of Nerano | Olga's Resort
07282013 The pizzeria Oliva – Concettina ai Tre Santi is an active supporter of the historical and artistic heritage of the Sanità district: consulting our blog you can keep informed about the conventions that our pizzeria has both with the cultural association Celanapoli ant and with the cooperative La Paranza, such as fixed lunches and dinners to enjoy before or after some guided tours. The pizzeria Oliva – Concettina ai Tre Santi is situated in the Sanità district, Naples, since 1951 | Pizzeria Oliva
07292013 Anyways, since moving to Rome, I’ve become much more open to eating fried flowers stuffed with anchioves and whatnot. But in Naples, I was confronted by an unfamiliar goodie: fried pasta. My first experience with pasta fritta was at Il Presidente. (In Italy, it’s common to start off a meal at a pizzaria with a fried appetizer, followed by each person scarfing down their very own full sized pizza). Pasta Fritta: Frittatine in Napoli | An American in Rome
07302013 Between the Fontanelle cemetery and catacombs of San Gaudioso born “Cantina del Gallo” that for nearly two centuries, it keeps alive an authentic interpretation of popular Neapolitan cuisine. The current manager, Rosario Silvestri, assisted by the whole family, offers well-made pizzas for everyone, but also “pizzicotti” (small pizza dough stuffed with eggplant and provola or “friarielli” and sausage, ricotta and cicoli, ham and mozzarella), croquettes of potato, croquettes of rice and some dishes like bean soup, fried cod or “cassuola”, pasta and potatoes with “provola”, penne alla Sorrentina. Trattoria Pizzeria "Cantina del Gallo" | travelitalia
07312013 Naples is theatre of the best kind. It wears its colours with bravado and offers life of every sort on its streets. Happily in Napoli: Exploring Italy's unloved 'anthill of humanity' on a summer weekend | DailyMail